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Noun, Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive)


Noun reach has 4 senses

Verb reach has 9 senses


reachv. i. 
     To retch.  Cheyne.  [1913 Webster]
     An effort to vomit.  [1913 Webster]
reachv. t. [OE. rechen, AS. r, r, to extend, stretch out; akin to D. reiken, G. reichen, and possibly to AS. rīce powerful, rich, E. rich.
  •  To extend; to stretch; to thrust out; to put forth, as a limb, a member, something held, or the like.  [1913 Webster]
    "Her tresses yellow, and long straughten,
    Unto her heeles down they raughten.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "Reach hither thy hand and thrust it into my side."  [1913 Webster]
    "Fruit trees, over woody, reached too far
    Their pampered boughs.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Hence, to deliver by stretching out a member, especially the hand; to give with the hand; to pass to another; to hand over; as, to reach one a book.  [1913 Webster]
    "He reached me a full cup."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To attain or obtain by stretching forth the hand; to extend some part of the body, or something held by one, so as to touch, strike, grasp, or the like; as, to reach an object with the hand, or with a spear.  [1913 Webster]
    "O patron power, . . . thy present aid afford,
    Than I may reach the beast.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To strike, hit, or touch with a missile; as, to reach an object with an arrow, a bullet, or a shell.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Hence, to extend an action, effort, or influence to; to penetrate to; to pierce, or cut, as far as.  [1913 Webster]
    "If these examples of grown men reach not the case of children, let them examine."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To extend to; to stretch out as far as; to touch by virtue of extent; as, his land reaches the river.  [1913 Webster]
    "Thy desire . . . leads to no excess
    That reaches blame.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To arrive at; to come to; to get as far as.  [1913 Webster]
    "Before this letter reaches your hands."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To arrive at by effort of any kind; to attain to; to gain; to be advanced to.  [1913 Webster]
    "The best account of the appearances of nature which human penetration can reach, comes short of its reality."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To understand; to comprehend.  [1913 Webster]
    "Do what, sir? I reach you not."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To overreach; to deceive.  South.  [1913 Webster]
reachv. i. 
  •  To stretch out the hand.  [1913 Webster]
    "Goddess humane, reach, then, and freely taste!"  [1913 Webster]
  •  To strain after something; to make efforts.  [1913 Webster]
    "Reaching above our nature does no good."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To extend in dimension, time, amount, action, influence, etc., so as to touch, attain to, or be equal to, something.  [1913 Webster]
    "And behold, a ladder set upon the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven."  [1913 Webster]
    "The new world reaches quite across the torrid zone."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To sail on the wind, as from one point of tacking to another, or with the wind nearly abeam.  [1913 Webster]
    "He would be in the posture of the mind reaching after a positive idea of infinity."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The act of stretching or extending; extension; power of reaching or touching with the person, or a limb, or something held or thrown; as, the fruit is beyond my reach; to be within reach of cannon shot.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The power of stretching out or extending action, influence, or the like; power of attainment or management; extent of force or capacity.  [1913 Webster]
    "Drawn by others who had deeper reaches than themselves to matters which they least intended."  [1913 Webster]
    "Be sure yourself and your own reach to know."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Extent; stretch; expanse; hence, application; influence; result; scope.  [1913 Webster]
    "And on the left hand, hell,
    With long reach, interposed.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "I am to pray you not to strain my speech
    To grosser issues, nor to larger reach
    Than to suspicion.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  An extended portion of land or water; a stretch; a straight portion of a stream or river, as from one turn to another; a level stretch, as between locks in a canal; an arm of the sea extending up into the land.  Tennyson.  [1913 Webster]
    "The coast . . . is very full of creeks and reaches."  [1913 Webster]
  •  An artifice to obtain an advantage.  [1913 Webster]
    "The Duke of Parma had particular reaches and ends of his own underhand to cross the design."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The pole or rod which connects the hind axle with the forward bolster of a wagon.  [1913 Webster]


reach, v. & n.
1 intr. & tr. (often foll. by out) stretch out; extend.
2 intr. stretch out a limb, the hand, etc.; make a reaching motion or effort.
3 intr. (often foll. by for) make a motion or effort to touch or get hold of, or to attain (reached for his pipe).
4 tr. get as far as; arrive at (reached Lincoln at lunch-time; your letter reached me today).
5 tr. get to or attain (a specified point) on a scale (the temperature reached 90°; the number of applications reached 100).
6 intr. (foll. by to) attain to; be adequate for (my income will not reach to it).
7 tr. succeed in achieving; attain (have reached agreement).
8 tr. make contact with the hand etc., or by telephone etc. (was out all day and could not be reached).
9 tr. succeed in influencing or having the required effect on (could not manage to reach their audience).
10 tr. hand, pass (reach me that book).
11 tr. take with an outstretched hand.
12 intr. Naut. sail with the wind abeam or abaft the beam.
1 the extent to which a hand etc. can be reached out, influence exerted, motion carried out, or mental powers used.
2 an act of reaching out.
3 a continuous extent, esp. a stretch of river between two bends, or the part of a canal between locks.
4 Naut. a distance traversed in reaching.

out of reach not able to be reached or attained. reach-me-down ready-made.
reachable adj. reacher n.
OE r{aelig}can f. WG



n. The radius of action of the human hand. The area within which it is possible (and customary) to gratify directly the propensity to provide.

This is a truth, as old as the hills,
That life and experience teach:
The poor man suffers that keenest of ills,
An impediment of his reach.



accomplish, achieve, aesthetic distance, affect, ambit, amount, amount to, amplitude, answer, approach, approach anchorage, area, arm, armlet, arrive, arrive at, arrive in, arrive upon, assail the ear, attain, attain to, auditory range, avail, balance, bay, bayou, be equal to, be heard, be received, bear, bear down on, bear down upon, bear up for, bear up to, belt, bight, bigness, blow in, bob up, boca, body, breadth, break even, bribe, buck, bulk, buy, buy off, caliber, capability, capacity, caress the ear, carry, carry to, carrying distance, check in, circulate, clearance, clip off, clock in, close with, come, come across with, come at, come in, come to, come to hand, come up to, come upon, communicate with, compass, contact, correspond, corrupt, cove, cover, coverage, creek, cut, deep space, degree, deliver, deliver over, depth, depths of space, diameter, diapason, dimension, dimensions, distance, distribute, ditto, divergence, do, do it, draw, earreach, earshot, encompass, environ, equal, establish connection, estuary, euripus, even, even off, expanse, expansion, extend, extend to, extension, extent, fall upon, farness, fetch, fetch up at, fill the bill, find, fix, fjord, fork over, forward, frith, fulfill, gain, gain a hearing, gamut, gauge, get, get across, get at, get by, get in, get there, get through to, get to, girth, give in, give out, give over, go, go aboard, go alongside, go around, go at, go out, go to, grade, grease, grease the palm, greatness, grieve, gulf, gut, hack it, hand, hand in, hand out, hand over, harbor, hearing, height, hit, hit town, hit upon, hold, hold out, horizon, impress, infinity, influence, inlet, interrogate, interval, just do, keep pace with, ken, knot, kyle, largeness, lay aboard, lay for, lay in, lead to, leap, leeway, length, lengthiness, level, lie, lie in, light upon, light-years, linear measures, loch, long time, longitude, longness, magnitude, maintain connection, make, make advances, make an impression, make at, make contact with, make for, make it, make oneself heard, make overtures, make the grade, make up to, margin, mark, mass, match, match up with, measure, measure up to, measurement, meet, meet requirements, melt, melt the heart, mileage, mouth, move, narrow, narrow seas, narrows, natural harbor, notch, nuance, orbit, outreach, outstretch, overall length, parallel, parsecs, pas, pass, pass muster, pass out, pass over, pay off, peg, period, perpetuity, perspective, piece, pitch, pitch upon, plane, plateau, point, pop up, proportion, proportions, pull in, punch in, purchase, purview, put away for, put in, put into port, qualify, question, radius, raise, range, ratio, reach out, reach the ear, reach to, realize, register, register with, relate to, remoteness, remove, render, reply to, resign, respond to, ring in, rival, road, roads, roadstead, roll in, round, run, run abreast, run for, run to, rung, sadden, sail for, satisfy, scale, scope, score, separation, serve, serve the purpose, shade, shadow, shoot, show, show up, sign in, size, soften, sound, space, span, spectrum, sphere, spread, stack up with, stair, stand, stand for, stand up, standard, steer toward, step, stick out, stint, stir, straddle, strait, straits, stretch, stretch away to, stretch out, stretch to, stride, strike upon, stumble on, stumble upon, suborn, suffice, surrender, surround, sway, sweep, take care of, take in, take it, tamper with, territory, thrust out, tickle the palm, tie, time in, touch, transfer, tread, turn over, turn up, volume, way, ways, width, win, work, yardage




N degree, grade, extent, measure, amount, ratio, stint, standard, height, pitch, reach, amplitude, range, scope, caliber, gradation, shade, tenor, compass, sphere, station, rank, standing, rate, way, sort, point, mark, stage, intensity, strength, comparative, gradual, shading off, within the bounds, by degrees, gradually, inasmuch, pro tanto, however, howsoever, step by step, bit by bit, little by little, inch by inch, drop by drop, a little at a time, by inches, by slow degrees, by degrees, by little and little, in some degree, in some measure, to some extent, di grado in grado.


VB be equal, equal, match, reach, keep pace with, run abreast, come to, amount to, come up to, be on a level with, lie on a level with, balance, cope with, come to the same thing, render equal, equalize level, dress, balance, equate, handicap, give points, spot points, handicap, trim, adjust, poise, fit, accommodate, adapt, strike a balance, establish equality, restore equality, restore equilibrium, readjust, stretch on the bed of Procrustes.


VB effect, effectuate, accomplish, achieve, compass, consummate, hammer out, bring to maturity, bring to perfection, perfect, complete, elaborate, do, execute, make, go through, get through, work out, enact, bring about, bring to bear, bring to pass, bring through, bring to a head, despatch, dispatch, knock off, finish off, polish off, make short work of, dispose of, set at rest, perform, discharge, fulfill, realize, put in practice, put in force, carry out, carry into effect, carry into execution, make good, be as good as one's word, do thoroughly, not do by halves, go the whole hog, drive home, be in at the death, carry through, play out, exhaust, fill the bill, finish, bring to a close, wind up, stamp, clinch, seal, set the seal on, put the seal, give the final touch, to, put the last, put the finishing hand to, put the finishing touches on, crown, crown all, cap, ripen, culminate, come to a head, come to a crisis, come to its end, die a natural death, die of old age, run its course, run one's race, touch the goal, reach the goal, attain the goal, reach, get in the harvest.


N authority, influence, patronage, power, preponderance, credit, prestige, prerogative, jurisdiction, right, direction, government, divine right, dynastic rights, authoritativeness, absoluteness, absolutism, despotism, jus nocendi, jus divinum, mastery, mastership, masterdom, dictation, control, hold, grasp, grip, gripe, reach, iron sway, fangs, clutches, talons, rod of empire, commission, deputy, permission, at the head, dominant, paramount, supreme, predominant, preponderant, in the ascendant, influential, arbitrary, compulsory, stringent, at one's command, in one's power, in one's grasp, under control, in the name of, by the authority of, de par le Roi, in virtue of, under the auspices of, in the hands of, at one's pleasure, by a dash if the pen, by a stroke of the pen, ex mero motu, ex cathedra, from the chair, the gray mare the better horse, every inch a king.


VB take, catch, hook, nab, bag, sack, pocket, put into one's pocket, receive, accept, reap, crop, cull, pluck, gather, draw, appropriate, expropriate, impropriate, assume, possess oneself of, take possession of, commandeer, lay one's hands on, clap one's hands on, help oneself to, make free with, dip one's hands into, lay under contribution, intercept, scramble for, deprive of, take away, carry away, bear away, take off, carry off, bear off, adeem, abstract, hurry off with, run away with, abduct, steal, ravish, seize, pounce upon, spring upon, swoop to, swoop down upon, take by storm, take by assault, snatch, reave, snap up, nip up, whip up, catch up, kidnap, crimp, capture, lay violent hands on, get hold of, lay hold of, take hold of, catch hold of, lay fast hold of, take firm hold of, lay by the heels, take prisoner, fasten upon, grip, grapple, embrace, gripe, clasp, grab, clutch, collar, throttle, take by the throat, claw, clinch, clench, make sure of, catch at, jump at, make a grab at, snap at, snatch at, reach, make a long arm, stretch forth one's hand, take from, take away from, disseize, deduct, retrench, dispossess, ease one of, snatch from one's grasp, tear from, tear away from, wrench from, wrest from, wring from, extort, deprive of, bereave, disinherit, cut off with a shilling, oust, divest, levy, distrain, confiscate, sequester, sequestrate, accroach, usurp, despoil, strip, fleece, shear, displume, impoverish, eat out of house and home, drain, drain to the dregs, gut, dry, exhaust, swallow up, absorb, draw off, suck the blood of, suck like a leech, retake, resume, recover.


N distance, space, remoteness, farness, far- cry to, longinquity, elongation, offing, background, remote region, removedness, parallax, reach, span, stride, outpost, outskirt, horizon, aphelion, foreign parts, ultima Thule, ne plus ultra, antipodes, long range, giant's stride, dispersion, length, cosmic distance, light-years, distant, far off, far away, remote, telescopic, distal, wide of, stretching to, yon, yonder, ulterior, transmarine, transpontine, transatlantic, transalpine, tramontane, ultramontane, ultramundane, hyperborean, antipodean, inaccessible, out of the way, unapproached, unapproachable, incontiguous, far off, far away, afar, afar off, off, away, a long way off, a great way off, a good way off, wide away, aloof, wide of, clear of, out of the way, out of reach, abroad, yonder, farther, further, beyond, outre mer, over the border, far and wide, over the hills and far away, from pole to pole, to the uttermost parts, to the ends of the earth, out of hearing, nobody knows where, a perte de vue, out of the sphere of, wide of the mark, a far cry to, apart, asunder, wide apart, wide asunder, longo intervallo, at arm's length, distance lends enchantment, it's a long long way to Tipperary, out of sight, out of mind.


VB transfer, transmit, transport, transplace, transplant, translocate, convey, carry, bear, fetch and carry, carry over, ferry over, hand pass, forward, shift, conduct, convoy, bring, fetch, reach, tote, port, import, export, send, delegate, consign, relegate, turn over to, deliver, ship, embark, waft, shunt, transpose, displace, throw, drag, mail, post, shovel, ladle, decant, draft off, transfuse, infuse, siphon.


VB arrive, get to, come to, come, reach, attain, come up with, come up to, overtake, make, fetch, complete, join, rejoin, light, alight, dismount, land, go ashore, debark, disembark, put in, put into, visit, cast anchor, pitch one's tent, sit down, get to one's journey's end, make the land, be in at the death, come back, get back, come home, get home, return, come in, make one's appearance, drop in, detrain, deplane, outspan, de-orbit, come to hand, come at, come across, hit, come upon, light upon, pop upon, bounce upon, plump upon, burst upon, pitch upon, meet, encounter, rencounter, come in contact.


N river, running water, jet, spirt, spurt, squirt, spout, spray, splash, rush, gush, jet d'eau, sluice, water spout, water fall, cascade, force, foss, lin, linn, ghyll, Niagara, cataract, rapids, white water, catadupe, cataclysm, debacle, inundation, deluge, chute, washout, rain, rainfall, serein, shower, scud, downpour, driving rain, drenching rain, cloudburst, hyetology, hyetography, predominance of Aquarius, reign of St. Swithin, mizzle, drizzle, stillicidum, plash, dropping, falling weather, northeaster, hurricane, typhoon, stream, course, flux, flow, profluence, effluence, defluxion, flowing, current, tide, race, coulee, spring, artesian well, fount, fountain, rill, rivulet, gill, gullet, rillet, streamlet, brooklet, branch, runnel, sike, burn, beck, creek, brook, bayou, stream, river, reach, tributary, geyser, spout, waterspout, body of water, torrent, rapids, flush, flood, swash, spring tide, high tide, full tide, bore, tidal bore, eagre, hygre, fresh, freshet, indraught, reflux, undercurrent, eddy, vortex, gurge, whirlpool, Maelstrom, regurgitation, overflow, confluence, corrivation, wave, billow, surge, swell, ripple, anerythmon gelasma, beach comber, riffle, rollers, ground swell, surf, breakers, white horses, whitecaps, rough sea, heavy sea, high seas, cross sea, long sea, short sea, chopping sea, hydrodynamics, hydraulics, hydraulicostatics, rain gauge, flowmeter, pegology, irrigation, pump, watering pot, watering cart, hydrant, syringe, garden hose, lawn spray, bhisti, mussuk, fluent, diffluent, profluent, affluent, tidal, flowing, meandering, meandry, meandrous, fluvial, fluviatile, streamy, showery, rainy, pluvial, stillicidous, stillatitious, for men may come and men may go but I go on foreve, that old man river, he just keeps rolling along.


N deception, falseness, untruth, imposition, imposture, fraud, deceit, guile, fraudulence, fraudulency, covin, knavery, misrepresentation, bluff, straw-bail, straw bid, spoof, delusion, gullery, juggling, jugglery, slight of hand, legerdemain, prestigiation, prestidigitation, magic, conjuring, conjuration, hocus-pocus, escamoterie, jockeyship, trickery, coggery, chicanery, supercherie, cozenage, circumvention, ingannation, collusion, treachery, practical joke, trick, cheat, wile, blind, feint, plant, bubble, fetch, catch, chicane, juggle, reach, hocus, bite, card sharping, stacked deck, loaded dice, quick shuffle, double dealing, dealing seconds, dealing from the bottom of the deck, artful dodge, swindle, tricks upon travelers, stratagem, confidence trick, fake, hoax, theft, ballot-box stuffing, barney, brace game, bunko game, drop game, gum game, panel game, shell game, thimblerig, skin game, snare, trap, pitfall, decoy, gin, springe, springle, noose, hoot, bait, decoy-duck, tub to the whale, baited trap, guet-a-pens, cobweb, net, meshes, toils, mouse trap, birdlime, dionaea, Venus's flytrap, ambush, trapdoor, sliding panel, false bottom, spring-net, spring net, spring gun, mask, masked battery, mine, flytrap, green goods, panel house, Cornish hug, wolf in sheep's clothing, disguise, disguisement, false colors, masquerade, mummery, borrowed plumes, pattes de velours, mockery, copy, counterfeit, sham, make- believe, forgery, fraud, lie, a delusion a mockery and a snare, hollow mockery, whited sepulcher, painted sepulcher, tinsel, paste, junk jewelry, costume jewelry, false jewelry, synthetic jewels, scagliola, ormolu, German silver, albata, paktong, white metal, Britannia metal, paint, veneer, jerry building, man of straw, illusion, ignis fatuus, mirage, deceived, deceiving, cunning, prestigious, prestigiatory, deceptive, deceptious, deceitful, covinous, delusive, delusory, illusive, illusory, elusive, insidious, ad captandum vulgus, untrue, mock, sham, make-believe, counterfeit, snide, pseudo, spurious, supposititious, so-called, pretended, feigned, trumped up, bogus, scamped, fraudulent, tricky, factitious bastard, surreptitious, illegitimate, contraband, adulterated, sophisticated, unsound, rotten at the core, colorable, disguised, meretricious, tinsel, pinchbeck, plated, catchpenny, Brummagem, artificial, synthetic, ersatz, simulated, under false colors, under the garb of, under cover of, over the left, keep the word of promise to the ear and break it t, fronti nulla fides, ah that deceit should steal such gentle shapes, a quicksand of deceit, decipimur specie recti, falsi crimen, fraus est celare fraudem, lupus in fabula, so smooth, he daubed his vice with show of virtue.

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     Once.  Chaucer.  [1913 Webster]




Noun nostril has 1 sense


nostriln. [OE. nosethril, nosethirl, AS. nos; nos for nosu nose + opening, hole, from pierced, for , fr. purh through. Nose, and Through, and cf. Thrill.].
  •  One of the external openings of the nose, which give passage to the air breathed and to secretions from the nose and eyes; one of the anterior nares.  [1913 Webster]
    " In sperm whales, porpoises, and allied animals, there is only one nostril, which is situated on the top of the head and called a spiracle."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Perception; insight; acuteness.  [1913 Webster]
    "Methinks a man
    Of your sagacity and clear nostril should
    Have made another choice.
    "  [1913 Webster]


nostril, n. either of two external openings of the nasal cavity in vertebrates that admit air to the lungs and smells to the olfactory nerves.

nostrilled adj. (also in comb.).
OE nosthyrl, nosterl f. nosu NOSE + thyr(e)l hole: cf. THRILL



air duct, air hole, air passage, air shaft, air tube, airway, antlia, beak, beezer, bill, blowhole, breathing hole, bugle, conk, louver, louverwork, muffle, muzzle, nares, naris, neb, nib, nose, nostrils, nozzle, olfactories, olfactory area, olfactory cell, olfactory nerves, olfactory organ, olfactory pit, pecker, proboscis, rhinarium, rostrum, schnozzle, shaft, smeller, snoot, snout, spilehole, spiracle, touchhole, transom, trunk, vent, ventage, venthole, ventiduct, ventilating shaft, ventilator, wind tunnel




N airpipe, air pipe, air tube, airhole, blowhole, breathinghole, venthole, shaft, flue, chimney, funnel, vent, nostril, nozzle, throat, weasand, trachea, bronchus, bronchia, larynx, tonsils, windpipe, spiracle, ventiduct, ventilator, louvre, jalousie, Venetian blinds, blowpipe, pipe, jhilmil, smokestack, screen, window screen, ' artificial lung, iron lung, heart and lung machine.

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