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Verb (intransitive)


Verb succeed has 2 senses


succeedv. t. [L. succedere, successum; sub under + cedere to go, to go along, approach, follow, succeed: cf. F. succéder. See Cede, and cf. Success.].
  •  To follow in order; to come next after; hence, to take the place of; as, the king's eldest son succeeds his father on the throne; autumn succeeds summer.  [1913 Webster]
    "As he saw him nigh succeed."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To fall heir to; to inherit.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To come after; to be subsequent or consequent to; to follow; to pursue.  [1913 Webster]
    "Destructive effects . . . succeeded the curse."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To support; to prosper; to promote.  [1913 Webster]
    "Succeed my wish and second my design."  [1913 Webster]
succeedv. i. 
  •  To come in the place of another person, thing, or event; to come next in the usual, natural, or prescribed course of things; to follow; hence, to come next in the possession of anything; -- often with to.  [1913 Webster]
    "If the father left only daughters, they equally succeeded to him in copartnership."  [1913 Webster]
    "Enjoy till I return
    Short pleasures; for long woes are to succeed!
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To ascend the throne after the removal the death of the occupant.  [1913 Webster]
    "No woman shall succeed in Salique land."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To descend, as an estate or an heirloom, in the same family; to devolve.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To obtain the object desired; to accomplish what is attempted or intended; to have a prosperous issue or termination; to be successful; as, he succeeded in his plans; his plans succeeded.  [1913 Webster]
    "It is almost impossible for poets to succeed without ambition."  [1913 Webster]
    "Spenser endeavored it in Shepherd's Kalendar; but neither will it succeed in English."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To go under cover.  [1913 Webster]
    "Will you to the cooler cave succeed!"  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To follow; pursue. See Follow.


succeed, v.
1 intr. a (often foll. by in) accomplish one's purpose; have success; prosper (succeeded in his ambition). b (of a plan etc.) be successful.
2 a tr. follow in order; come next after (night succeeded day). b intr. (foll. by to) come next, be subsequent.
3 intr. (often foll. by to) come by an inheritance, office, title, or property (succeeded to the throne).
4 tr. take over an office, property, inheritance, etc. from (succeeded his father; succeeded the manager).

nothing succeeds like success one success leads to others.
succeeder n.
ME f. OF succeder or L succedere (as SUB-, cedere cess- go)



accomplish, achieve, act for, advance, arrive, attain, attend, be a gas, be a hit, be a success, be blooded, be successful, be victorious, bill, bomb, boom, break the record, bring off, bring through, c, carry off, catch on, change hands, change ownership, change places with, clear, clear the hurdle, click, come after, come along, come by, come in for, come into, come off, come on, compass, connect, conquer, consummate, contrive, crowd out, crown with success, cut out, cut the mustard, deal with, descend, devolve, discharge, dispatch, displace, dispose of, do, do the job, do the trick, do well, double for, dow, dramatize, effect, effectuate, emanate, enact, engineer, enjoy prosperity, ensue, execute, fail, farewell, feature, fetch, fill in for, flop, flourish, follow, follow after, follow up, fulfill, gain, get ahead, get along, get by, get on, get on swimmingly, get on well, ghost, ghostwrite, go, go after, go great guns, go off, go on, go over, go over big, go to town, go well, graduate, hack it, headline, heir, hit the mark, inherit, issue, knock off, make, make a hit, make good, make headway, make it, make out, make progress, make the grade, manage, manage somehow, meet with success, melodramatize, mount, muddle through, negotiate, open, open a show, overtake, pan out, pass, pass on, perform, pinch-hit, polish off, premiere, present, prevail, preview, produce, progress, prosper, prove out, pull off, put across, put away, put on, put over, put through, qualify, reach, realize, relieve, replace, represent, result, scenarize, score, scrape along, set the stage, spell, spell off, stage, stand in for, star, subrogate, substitute for, succeed in, succeed to, supersede, supervene, supplant, swap places with, swing, swing the deal, take, take care of, theatricalize, thrive, track, trail, triumph, try out, turn out well, turn the trick, understudy for, win, win out, work, work out, work well, work wonders, worry along




VB succeed, come after, come on, come next, follow, ensue, step into the shoes of, alternate, place after, suffix, append, follow, pursue, go after, fly after, attend, beset, dance attendance on, dog, tread in the steps of, tread close upon, be in the wake of, be in the trail of, be in the rear of, go in the wake of, go in the trail of, go in the rear of, follow in the wake of, follow in the trail of, follow in the rear of, follow as a shadow, hang on the skirts of, tread on the heels of, follow on the heels of, camp on the trail.


VB succeed, be successful, gain one's end, gain one's ends, crown with success, gain a point, attain a point, carry a point, secure a point, win a point, win an object, get there, manage to, contrive to, accomplish, do wonders, work wonders, make a go of it, come off well, come off successful, come off with flying colors, make short work of, take by storm, carry by storm, bear away the bell, win one's wings, win one's spurs, win the battle, win the day, carry the day, gain the day, gain the prize, gain the palm, have the best of it, have it all one's own way, have the game in one's owns hands, have the ball at one's feet, have one on the hop, walk over the course, carry all before one, remain in possession of the field, score a success, speed, make progress, win one's way, make one's way, work one's way, find one's way, strive to some purpose, prosper, drive a roaring trade, make profit, reap the fruits, gather the fruits, reap the benefit of, reap the harvest, strike oil, gain a windfall, make one's fortune, get in the harvest, turn to good account, turn to account, triumph, be triumphant, gain a victory, obtain a victory, gain an advantage, chain victory to one's car, nail a coonskin to the wall, surmount a difficulty, overcome a difficulty, get over a difficulty, get over an obstacle, se tirer d'affaire, make head against, stem the torrent, stem the tide, stem the current, weather the storm, weather a point, turn a corner, keep one's head above water, tide over, master, get the better of, have the better of, gain the better of, gain the best of, gain the upper hand, gain the ascendancy, gain the whip hand, gain the start of, distance, surpass, defeat, conquer, vanquish, discomfit, euchre, overcome, overthrow, overpower, overmaster, overmatch, overset, override, overreach, outwit, outdo, outflank, outmaneuver, outgeneral, outvote, take the wind out of one's adversary's sails, beat, beat hollow, rout, lick, drub, floor, worst, put down, put to flight, put to the rout, put hors de combat, put out of court, silence, quell, nonsuit, checkmate, upset, confound, nonplus, stalemate, trump, baffle, circumvent, elude, trip up, trip up the heels of, drive into a corner, drive to the wall, run hard, put one's nose out of joint, settle, do for, break the neck of, break the back of, capsize, sink, shipwreck, drown, swamp, subdue, subjugate, reduce, make the enemy bite the dust, victimize, roll in the dust, trample under foot, put an extinguisher upon, answer, answer the purpose, avail, prevail, take effect, do, turn out well, work well, take, tell, bear fruit, hit it, hit the mark, hit the right nail on the head, nick it, turn up trumps, make a hit, find one's account in.


VB follow after, come after, go after, succeed, supervene, ensue, occur, step into the shoes of.


VB transfer, convey, alienate, alien, assign, grant, consign, make over, hand over, pass, hand, transmit, negotiate, hand down, exchange, change hands, change hands from one to another, devolve, succeed, come into possession, abalienate, disinherit, dispossess, substitute.

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