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get through


Verb (usu participle), Verb (intransitive)


Verb get through has 5 senses


get through

KO, assail the ear, be heard, bring about, bring off, bring to effect, bring to pass, button up, call off, cancel, cap, caress the ear, carry into effect, carry into execution, carry off, carry out, carry through, carry to completion, clean up, climax, close out, close up, come through, come through with, complete, conclude, contact, crown, culminate, delete, dispose of, drop the curtain, end, end off, expunge, extinguish, finalize, finish, finish off, finish up, fold up, fulfill, gain a hearing, gain entree, get across, get done, get into, get it over, get over with, get through to, get through with, get to, give the quietus, go through, implement, interpenetrate, kayo, kibosh, kill, knock out, make an entrance, make an impression, make oneself heard, make way into, mop up, pass through, penetrate, perfect, pierce, polish off, pull off, put across, put in practice, put into effect, put into practice, put over, put paid to, put through, reach, reach the ear, register, round out, scrag, shoot down, terminate, top off, top out, translate into action, wind up, wipe out, work out, wrap up, zap


get through


VB end, close, finish, terminate, conclude, be all over, expire, die, come-, draw-to-a-close, have run its course, run out, pass away, bring to an end, put an end to, make an end of, determine, get through, achieve, stop, shut up shop, hang up one's fiddle.


VB transact, execute, despatch, dispatch, proceed with, discharge, carry on, carry through, carry out, carry into effect, put into effect, work out, go through, get through, enact, put into practice, do, officiate, bear oneself, behave oneself, comport oneself, demean oneself, carry oneself, conduct oneself, acquit oneself, run a race, lead a life, play a game, take a course, adopt a course, steer one's course, shape one's course, play one's paint, play one's cards, shift for oneself, paddle one's own canoe, bail one's own boat, conduct, manage, supervise, participate, deal with, have to do with, treat, handle a case, take steps, take measures.


VB effect, effectuate, accomplish, achieve, compass, consummate, hammer out, bring to maturity, bring to perfection, perfect, complete, elaborate, do, execute, make, go through, get through, work out, enact, bring about, bring to bear, bring to pass, bring through, bring to a head, despatch, dispatch, knock off, finish off, polish off, make short work of, dispose of, set at rest, perform, discharge, fulfill, realize, put in practice, put in force, carry out, carry into effect, carry into execution, make good, be as good as one's word, do thoroughly, not do by halves, go the whole hog, drive home, be in at the death, carry through, play out, exhaust, fill the bill, finish, bring to a close, wind up, stamp, clinch, seal, set the seal on, put the seal, give the final touch, to, put the last, put the finishing hand to, put the finishing touches on, crown, crown all, cap, ripen, culminate, come to a head, come to a crisis, come to its end, die a natural death, die of old age, run its course, run one's race, touch the goal, reach the goal, attain the goal, reach, get in the harvest.


VB expend, spend, run through, get through, pay, disburse, ante, ante up, pony up, open the purse strings, loose the purse strings, untie the purse strings, lay out, shell out, fork out, fork over, bleed, make up a sum, invest, sink money, run up debts, run up bills (debt), fee, pay one's way, subscribe, subsidize.

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