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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Noun travel has 3 senses

Verb travel has 6 senses


travelv. i. [Properly, to labor, and the same word as travail.].
  •  To labor; to travail.  Hooker.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To go or march on foot; to walk; as, to travel over the city, or through the streets.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To pass by riding, or in any manner, to a distant place, or to many places; to journey; as, a man travels for his health; he is traveling in California.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To pass; to go; to move.  [1913 Webster]
    "Time travels in divers paces with divers persons."  [1913 Webster]
travelv. t. 
  •  To journey over; to traverse; as, to travel the continent.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To force to journey.  [1913 Webster]
    "They shall not be traveled forth of their own franchises."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The act of traveling, or journeying from place to place; a journey.  [1913 Webster]
    "With long travel I am stiff and weary."  [1913 Webster]
    "His travels ended at his country seat."  [1913 Webster]
  •  An account, by a traveler, of occurrences and observations during a journey; as, a book of travels; -- often used as the title of a book; as, Travels in Italy.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The length of stroke of a reciprocating piece; as, the travel of a slide valve.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Labor; parturition; travail.  [1913 Webster]


travel, v. & n.
--v.intr. & tr. (travelled, travelling; US traveled, traveling)
1 intr. go from one place to another; make a journey esp. of some length or abroad.
2 tr. a journey along or through (a country). b cover (a distance) in travelling.
3 intr. colloq. withstand a long journey (wines that do not travel).
4 intr. go from place to place as a salesman.
5 intr. move or proceed in a specified manner or at a specified rate (light travels faster than sound).
6 intr. colloq. move quickly.
7 intr. pass esp. in a deliberate or systematic manner from point to point (the photographer's eye travelled over the scene).
8 intr. (of a machine or part) move or operate in a specified way.
9 intr. (of deer etc.) move onwards in feeding.
1 a the act of travelling, esp. in foreign countries. b (often in pl.) a spell of this (have returned from their travels).
2 the range, rate, or mode of motion of a part in machinery.

travel agency (or bureau) an agency that makes the necessary arrangements for travellers. travel agent a person or firm acting as a travel agency. travelling crane a crane able to move on rails, esp. along an overhead support. travelling-rug a rug used for warmth on a journey. travelling wave Physics a wave in which the medium moves in the direction of propagation. travel-sick suffering from nausea caused by motion in travelling. travel-sickness the condition of being travel-sick.
ME, orig. = TRAVAIL



advance, advancement, advancing, ascend, associate, back, back up, budge, career, change, change place, circle, climb, clip, come along, come on, communication, commute, conduction, contagion, convection, course, cover, cover ground, cross, delivery, deportation, descend, diapedesis, diffusion, dissemination, do, ebb, excursions, expedition, expeditions, explore, export, exportation, expulsion, extradition, fare, fare forth, fetch, flit, flow, forward motion, forwardal, forwarding, fraternize, furtherance, furthering, gain ground, gait, gang, gather head, gather way, get ahead, get along, get over, globe-trotting, go, go ahead, go along, go around, go fast, go forward, go on, go over, go round, go sideways, go-ahead, gyrate, hang about, hang around, headway, hie, import, importation, interchange, journey, journeyings, journeys, junkets, lick, make good time, make head against, make headway, make progress, make progress against, make strides, make up leeway, march, measure, metastasis, metathesis, metempsychosis, migration, mount, move, move along, move forward, move on, move over, mutual transfer, odyssey, ongoing, onward course, osmosis, overpass, pace, pass, pass along, pass on, pass over, pass through, passage, passing over, patrol, perambulate, peregrinate, peregrinations, pererrate, perfusion, peripatetics, plunge, ply, proceed, process, progress, progression, progressiveness, promotion, push on, range, range over, rate, reconnoiter, regress, repair, retrogress, rise, roam, roll, roll on, rolling, rolling on, rotate, rove, run, sashay, scour, scour the country, scout, shift, sink, soar, socialize, spin, spread, spreading, stem, step, step forward, stir, stream, stride, subside, sweep, tour, touring, tourism, tours, track, transduction, transfer, transfer of property, transference, transfusion, transit, transition, translation, translocation, transmigration, transmigration of souls, transmission, transmittal, transmittance, transplacement, transplantation, transposal, transposition, travel over, travel through, travels, traverse, tread, trek, trekking, treks, trip, trips, voyage, voyagings, wanderings, wane, way, wayfare, wend, whirl




N journey, travel, traveling, wayfaring, campaigning, journey, excursion, expedition, tour, trip, grand tour, circuit, peregrination, discursion, ramble, pilgrimage, hajj, trek, course, ambulation, march, walk, promenade, constitutional, stroll, saunter, tramp, jog trot, turn, stalk, perambulation, noctambulation, noctambulism, somnambulism, outing, ride, drive, airing, jaunt, equitation, horsemanship, riding, manege, ride and tie, basophobia, roving, vagrancy, pererration, marching and countermarching, nomadism, vagabondism, vagabondage, hoboism, gadding, flit, flitting, migration, emigration, immigration, demigration, intermigration, wanderlust, plan, itinerary, guide, handbook, guidebook, road book, Baedeker, Bradshaw, Murray, map, road map, transportation guide, subway map, procession, cavalcade, caravan, file, cortege, column, vehicle, automobile, train, bus, airplane, plane, autobus, omnibus, subway, motorbike, dirt bike, off-road vehicle, van, minivan, motor scooter, trolley, locomotive, legs, feet, pegs, pins, trotters, traveler, depot, railway station, station, traveling, ambulatory, itinerant, peripatetic, roving, rambling, gadding, discursive, vagrant, migratory, monadic, circumforanean, circumforaneous, noctivagrant, mundivagrant, locomotive, wayfaring, wayworn, travel-stained, on foot, on horseback, on Shanks's mare, by the Marrowbone stage: in transitu, en route, Int, come along!.

VB travel, journey, course, take a journey, go a journey, take a walk, go out for walk, have a run, take the air, flit, take wing, migrate, emigrate, trek, rove, prowl, roam, range, patrol, pace up and down, traverse, scour the country, traverse the country, peragrate, circumambulate, perambulate, nomadize, wander, ramble, stroll, saunter, hover, go one's rounds, straggle, gad, gad about, expatiate, walk, march, step, tread, pace, plod, wend, go by shank's mare, promenade, trudge, tramp, stalk, stride, straddle, strut, foot it, hoof it, stump, bundle, bowl along, toddle, paddle, tread a path, take horse, ride, drive, trot, amble, canter, prance, fisk, frisk, caracoler, caracole, gallop, embark, board, set out, hit the road, get going, get underway, peg on, jog on, wag on, shuffle on, stir one's stumps, bend one's steps, bend one's course, make one's way, find one's way, wend one's way, pick one's way, pick one's way, thread one's way, plow one's way, slide, glide, coast, skim, skate, march in procession, file on, defile, go to, repair to, resort to, hie to, betake oneself to.

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