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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive)


Noun jog has 3 senses

Verb jog has 6 senses


jogv. t. [OE. joggen; cf. W. gogi to shake, and also E. shog, shock, v.].
  •  To push or shake with the elbow or hand; to jostle; esp., to push or touch, in order to give notice, to excite one's attention, or to warn.  [1913 Webster]
    "Now leaps he upright, jogs me, and cries: Do you see
    Yonder well-favored youth?
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "Sudden I jogged Ulysses, who was laid
    Fast by my side.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To suggest to; to notify; to remind; to call the attention of; as, to jog the memory.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To cause to jog; to drive at a jog, as a horse. See Jog, v. i.  [1913 Webster]
jogv. i. 
  •  To move by jogs or small shocks, like those of a slow trot; to move slowly, leisurely, or monotonously; -- usually with on, sometimes with over.  [1913 Webster]
    "Jog on, jog on, the footpath way."  [1913 Webster]
    "So hung his destiny, never to rot,
    While he might still jog on and keep his trot.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "The good old ways our sires jogged safely over."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To run at less than maximum speed; to move on foot at a pace between a walk and a run; to run at a moderate pace so as to be able to continue for some time; -- performed by people, mostly for exercise.  [PJC]
  •  A slight shake; a shake or push intended to give notice or awaken attention; a push; a jolt.  [1913 Webster]
    "To give them by turns an invisible jog."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A rub; a slight stop; an obstruction; hence, an irregularity in motion of from; a hitch; a break in the direction of a line or the surface of a plane.  Glanvill.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A liesurely running pace. See jog{2}, v. i.  [PJC]
Jog trot, a slow, regular, jolting gait; hence, a routine habit or method, persistently adhered to. T. Hook.


jog, v. & n.
--v. (jogged, jogging)
1 intr. run at a slow pace, esp. as physical exercise.
2 intr. (of a horse) move at a jogtrot.
3 intr. (often foll. by on, along) proceed laboriously; trudge.
4 intr. go on one's way.
5 intr. proceed; get through the time (we must jog on somehow).
6 intr. move up and down with an unsteady motion.
7 tr. nudge (a person), esp. to arouse attention.
8 tr. shake with a push or jerk.
9 tr. stimulate (a person's or one's own memory).
1 a shake, push, or nudge.
2 a slow walk or trot.

ME: app. imit.



agitate, amble, andante, assault, barge, bear, bear upon, bearing, bilge, blain, blaze, bleb, blister, blob, bob, bobble, boost, boss, bounce, bow, bowl along, bubble, buck, bulb, bulge, bull, bulla, bulldoze, bump, bump against, bunch, bundle, bunt, burl, butt, butt against, button, cahot, chatter, chine, claudication, cleft, clump, condyle, convex, cram, crawl, creep, crena, crowd, cut, dead march, depression, didder, dig, dither, dogtrot, dowel, drag, drive, droop, ear, elbow, falter, flange, flap, flick, flip, flirt, flounce, foot, footpace, footslog, force, funeral march, gait, gall, gallop, gash, gnarl, goad, grimace, hack, halt, handle, have an ague, head, hill, hippety-hop, hitch, hobble, hop, hump, hunch, hurtle, hustle, incision, indentation, jab, jactitate, jag, jam, jar, jerk, jig, jigger, jigget, jiggle, jog trot, joggle, jolt, jostle, jounce, jump, kerf, knob, knot, knur, knurl, leisurely gait, limp, lip, lock step, loop, lumber, lumbering pace, lump, lunge, lurch, mince, mincing steps, mole, mountain, nevus, nick, nock, notch, nub, nubbin, nubble, nudge, pace, paddle, papilloma, peg, piaffe, piaffer, pile drive, plod, pluck, poke, prance, press, pressure, prod, punch, push, quake, quaver, quiver, rack, ram, ram down, rattle, rib, rictus, ridge, ring, roll, run, run against, sashay, saunter, score, scotch, scuff, scuffle, scuttle, shake, shamble, shiver, shock, shoulder, shove, shudder, shuffle, sidle, single-foot, skip, slink, slither, slog, slouch, slow march, slow motion, slowness, snake, snatch, spine, stagger, stalk, stamp, start, step, stomp, straddle, straggle, stress, stride, stroll, strolling gait, strut, stud, stump, style, sudden pull, swagger, swing, tab, tamp, thrust, tic, tittup, toddle, totter, traipse, tread, tremble, tremor, trip, trot, trudge, tubercle, tubercule, tweak, twitch, twitter, velocity, verruca, vesicle, vibrate, waddle, wale, walk, wamble, wart, welt, wiggle, wobble, wrench, yank, yerk




N habit, habitude, assuetude, assuefaction, wont, run, way, common state of things, general state of things, natural state of things, ordinary state of things, ordinary course of things, ordinary run of things, matter of course, beaten path, beaten track, beaten ground, prescription, custom, use, usage, immemorial usage, practice, prevalence, observance, conventionalism, conventionality, mode, fashion, vogue, etiquette, order of the day, cry, conformity, consuetude, dustoor, one's old way, old school, veteris vestigia flammae, laudator temporis acti, rule, standing order, precedent, routine, red-tape, red-tapism, pipe clay, rut, groove, cacoethes, bad habit, confirmed habit, inveterate habit, intrinsic habit, addiction, trick, training, seasoning, second nature, acclimatization, knack, habitual, accustomary, prescriptive, accustomed, of daily occurrence, of everyday occurrence, consuetudinary, wonted, usual, general, ordinary, common, frequent, everyday, household, garden variety, jog, trot, well-trodden, well-known, familiar, vernacular, trite, commonplace, conventional, regular, set, stock, established, stereotyped, prevailing, prevalent, current, received, acknowledged, recognized, accredited, of course, admitted, understood, conformable, according to use, according to custom, according to routine, in vogue, in fashion, in, with it, fashionable, wont, used to, given to, addicted to, attuned to, habituated, in the habit of, habitue, at home in, seasoned, imbued with, devoted to, wedded to, hackneyed, fixed, rooted, deep-rooted, ingrafted, permanent, inveterate, besetting, naturalized, ingrained, habitually, always, as usual, as is one's wont, as things go, as the world goes, as the sparks fly upwards, more suo, more solito, ex more, as a rule, for the most part, usually, generally, typically, most often, most frequently, cela s'entend, abeunt studia in mores, adeo in teneris consuescere multum est, consuetudo quasi altera natura, hoc erat in more majorum, How use doth breed a habit in a man!, magna est vis consuetudinis, morent fecerat usus.


N impulse, sudden thought, impromptu, improvisation, inspiration, flash, spurt, improvisatore, creature of impulse, extemporaneous, impulsive, indeliberate, snap, improvised, improvisate, improvisatory, unpremeditated, unmeditated, improvise, unprompted, unguided, natural, unguarded, spontaneous, instinctive, extempore, extemporaneously, offhand, impromptu, a limproviste, improviso, on the spur of the moment, on the spur of the occasion, impulse, impulsion, impetus, momentum, push, pulsion, thrust, shove, jog, jolt, brunt, booming, boost, throw, explosion, propulsion, percussion, concussion, collision, occursion, clash, encounter, cannon, carambole, appulse, shock, crash, bump, impact, elan, charge, beating, blow, dint, stroke, knock, tap, rap, slap, smack, pat, dab, fillip, slam, bang, hit, whack, thwack, cuff, squash, dowse, swap, whap, punch, thump, pelt, kick, punce, calcitration, ruade, arietation, cut, thrust, lunge, yerk, carom, carrom, clip, jab, plug, sidewinder, sidewipe, sideswipe, hammer, sledge hammer, mall, maul, mallet, flail, ram, rammer, battering ram, monkey, pile-driving engine, punch, bat, cant hook, cudgel, ax, dynamics, seismometer, accelerometer, earthquake detector, impelling, impulsive, impellent, booming, dynamic, dynamical, impelled, a hit, a very palpable hit.

VB flash on the mind, say what comes uppermost, improvise, extemporize, give an impetus, impel, push, start, give a start to, set going, drive, urge, boom, thrust, prod, foin, cant, elbow, shoulder, jostle, justle, hustle, hurtle, shove, jog, jolt, encounter, run against, bump against, butt against, knock one's head against, run one's head against, impinge, boost, bunt, carom, clip y, fan, fan out, jab, plug, strike, knock, hit, tap, rap, slap, flap, dab, pat, thump, beat, blow, bang, slam, dash, punch, thwack, whack, hit hard, strike hard, swap, batter, dowse, baste, pelt, patter, buffet, belabor, fetch one a blow, poke at, pink, lunge, yerk, kick, calcitrate, butt, strike at, whip, come into a collision, enter into collision, collide, sideswipe, foul, fall foul of, run foul of, telescope, throw.


N agitation, stir, tremor, shake, ripple, jog, jolt, jar, jerk, shock, succussion, trepidation, quiver, quaver, dance, jactitation, quassation, shuffling, twitter, flicker, flutter, turbulence, perturbation, commotion, turmoil, disquiet, tumult, tumultuation, hubbub, rout, bustle, fuss, racket, subsultus, staggers, megrims, epilepsy, fits, carphology, chorea, floccillation, the jerks, St. Vitus's dance, tilmus, spasm, throe, throb, palpitation, convulsion, disturbance, chaos, restlessness, ferment, fermentation, ebullition, effervescence, hurly-burly, cahotage, tempest, storm, ground swell, heavy sea, whirlpool, vortex, whirlwind, shaking, agitated tremulous, desultory, subsultory, saltatoric, quasative, shambling, giddy-paced, saltatory, convulsive, unquiet, restless, all of a twitter, by fits and starts, subsultorily, per saltum, hop skip and jump, in convulsions, in fits, tempete dans un verre d'eau.

VB be agitated, shake, tremble, tremble like an aspen leaf, quiver, quaver, quake, shiver, twitter, twire, writhe, toss, shuffle, tumble, stagger, bob, reel, sway, wag, waggle, wriggle, wriggle like an eel, dance, stumble, shamble, flounder, totter, flounce, flop, curvet, prance, cavort, squirm, throb, pulsate, beat, palpitate, go pitapat, flutter, flitter, flicker, bicker, bustle, ferment, effervesce, foam, boil, boil over, bubble up, simmer, toss about, jump about, jump like a parched pea, shake like an aspen leaf, shake to its center, shake to its foundations, be the sport of the winds and waves, reel to and fro like a drunken man, move from post to pillar and from pillar to post, drive from post to pillar and from pillar to post, keep between hawk and buzzard, agitate, shake, convulse, toss, tumble, bandy, wield, brandish, flap, flourish, whisk, jerk, hitch, jolt, jog, joggle, jostle, buffet, hustle, disturb, stir, shake up, churn, jounce, wallop, whip, vellicate.

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