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go on


Interjection, Verb (intransitive)


Verb go on has 5 senses


go on

abide, acquit, act, advance, assault, attack, babble, barbarize, batter, be getting along, be livid, be pissed, be so, be such, bear, behave, bide, blab, blabber, blather, blether, bluster, boil, browned off, brutalize, burn, butcher, buzz off, carry, carry on, cease not, chafe, chat, chatter, clack, clatter, clear, clear the hurdle, come along, come away, come on, come out, come through, comport, conduct, continue, continue to be, contrive, cover ground, crawl, creep, cut the mustard, cut up, cut up rough, defeat time, defy time, demean, depart, deport, destroy, dither, do, drag, drag along, drag on, dwell, elapse, endure, engineer, exist, exit, expire, extend, fare, flit, flow, flow on, fly, fret, fume, gab, gabble, gain ground, gang along, gas, gather head, gather way, get ahead, get along, get away, get by, get off, get on, get under way, gibber, gibble-gabble, glide, go, go ahead, go along, go away, go by, go fast, go forward, go off, go on with, gossip, gush, hack it, hammer, hang in, hang on, hang tough, have a conniption, haver, hell around, hold, hold on, hold out, hold steady, horse around, jabber, jaw, jog on, keep, keep at, keep at it, keep driving, keep going, keep on, keep trying, keep up, lapse, last, last long, last out, lay waste, leave, linger, linger on, live, live on, live through, loot, maffick, maintain, make good time, make head against, make headway, make it, make out, make progress, make progress against, make strides, make the grade, make up leeway, manage, manage somehow, march off, maul, misbehave, mosey, move, move away, move forward, move off, move out, muddle through, mug, natter, negotiate, never cease, never say die, not accept compromise, palaver, pass, pass along, pass by, pass on, patter, perdure, perennate, persevere, persist, pillage, pissed off, pour forth, prate, prattle, press on, prevail, proceed, progress, pull out, put over, put through, quit, rage, raise Cain, raise hell, raise sand, raise the deuce, raise the devil, raise the roof, ramble on, ramp, rampage, rant, rant and rave, rape, rattle, rattle on, rave, reel off, remain, riot, roar, roll, roll on, roughhouse, ruin, run, run its course, run on, run out, sack, sashay, sashay off, savage, scrape along, see it through, seethe, shape up, simmer, sizzle, slaughter, slide, slip, slog on, smoke, smolder, sow chaos, spout, spout off, stack up, stagger along, stagger on, stand, stay, stay on, stem, step forward, stew, stick it out, stick to it, storm, subsist, succeed in, survive, sustain, swing, swing the deal, take flight, take on, take wing, talk away, talk nonsense, talk on, tarry, tear, tear around, terrorize, throw a fit, tide over, tittle-tattle, toddle along, travel, turn out, twaddle, twattle, up and go, vandalize, violate, waffle, wear, wear on, wear well, whoop it up, wing it, worry along, wreck, yak, yakkety-yak


go on


VB continue last endure, go on, remain, persist, intervene, elapse, hold out, take time, take up time, fill time, occupy time, pass time, pass away time, spend time, while away time, consume time, talk against time, tide over, use time, employ time, seize an opportunity, waste time.

Continuance in action

VB continue, persist, go on, jog on, keep on, run on, hold on, abide, keep, pursue, stick to its course, take its course, maintain its course, carry on, keep up, sustain, uphold, hold up, keep on foot, follow up, perpetuate, maintain, preserve, harp upon, keep going, keep alive, keep the pot boiling, keep up the ball, keep up the good work, die in harness, die with one's boots on, hold on the even tenor of one's way, pursue the even tenor of one's way, let be, stare super antiquas vias, quieta non movere, let things take their course, stare decisis (Jurisprudence).


VB advance, proceed, progress, get on, get along, get over the ground, gain ground, forge ahead, jog on, rub on, wag on, go with the stream, keep one's course, hold on one's course, go on, move on, come one, get on, pass on, push on, press on, go forward, move forward, come forward, get forward, pass forward, push forward, press forward, go forwards, move forwards, come forwards, get forwards, pass forwards, push forwards, press forwards, go ahead, move ahead, come ahead, get ahead, pass ahead, push ahead, press ahead, make one's way, work one's way, carve one's way, push one's way, force one's way, edge one's way, elbow one's way, make progress, make head, make way, make headway, make advances, make strides, make rapid strides, go ahead, shoot ahead, distance, make up leeway.

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