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Noun, Verb (transitive)


Noun entrance has 3 senses

Verb entrance has 2 senses


entrancen. [OF. entrance, fr. OF. & F. entrant, p. pr. of entrer to enter. See Enter.].
  •  The act of entering or going into; ingress; as, the entrance of a person into a house or an apartment; hence, the act of taking possession, as of property, or of office; as, the entrance of an heir upon his inheritance, or of a magistrate into office.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Liberty, power, or permission to enter; as, to give entrance to friends.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The passage, door, or gate, for entering.  [1913 Webster]
    "Show us, we pray thee, the entrance into the city."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The entering upon; the beginning, or that with which the beginning is made; the commencement; initiation; as, a difficult entrance into business.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
    "St. Augustine, in the entrance of one of his discourses, makes a kind of apology."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The causing to be entered upon a register, as a ship or goods, at a customhouse; an entering; as, his entrance of the arrival was made the same day.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The angle which the bow of a vessel makes with the water at the water line.  Totten.  [1913 Webster]
entrancev. t. [Pref. en- + trance.].
  •  To put into a trance; to make insensible to present objects.  [1913 Webster]
    "Him, still entranced and in a litter laid,
    They bore from field and to the bed conveyed.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To put into an ecstasy; to ravish with delight or wonder; to enrapture; to charm.  [1913 Webster]
    "And I so ravished with her heavenly note,
    I stood entranced, and had no room for thought.
    "  [1913 Webster]


entrance, n.
1 the act or an instance of going or coming in.
2 a door, passage, etc., by which one enters.
3 right of admission.
4 the coming of an actor on stage.
5 Mus. = ENTRY 8.
6 (foll. by into, upon) entering into office etc.
7 (in full entrance fee) a fee paid for admission to a society, club, exhibition, etc.

entrance, v.tr.
1 enchant, delight.
2 put into a trance.
3 (often foll. by with) overwhelm with strong feeling.

entrancement n. entrancing adj. entrancingly adv.



access, adit, admission, admittance, air lock, anesthetize, aperture, appearance, approach, arrival, attract, becharm, beginning, beguile, bewitch, captivate, carry away, cast a spell, channel, charm, coming, coming in, commencement, conduit, corridor, course, delectate, delight, ditch, door, doorway, dope, drug, duct, egress, embedment, enchant, encroachment, enrapture, enravish, enthrall, entrance hall, entranceway, entree, entrenchment, entry, entryway, exit, fascinate, foyer, freak out, galilee, gangplank, gangway, gate, gladden, graft, grafting, hall, hypnotize, impaction, impactment, imparadise, impingement, implantation, import, importation, importing, imposition, in, income, incoming, incursion, infatuate, infiltration, infixion, influx, infringement, infusion, ingoing, ingress, ingression, injection, inlet, inoculation, input, inroad, insertion, insinuation, intake, interference, interjection, interloping, interpenetration, interpolation, interposition, interposure, interruption, intervention, intrigue, introduction, introgression, intromission, intrusion, invasion, irruption, knock dead, knock out, leakage, lobby, lull to sleep, magnetize, means of access, mesmerize, narcotize, narthex, obtrusion, open arms, open door, opening, overpower, passage, passageway, penetration, percolation, perfusion, please, portal, portico, propylaeum, put to sleep, put under, ravish, reception, rejoice, right of entry, rock to sleep, sedate, seepage, send, slay, spell, spellbind, start, stoa, tessellation, threshold, thrill, tickle, tickle pink, titillate, trance, transplant, transplantation, transport, trench, trespass, trespassing, trough, troughing, troughway, tunnel, unlawful entry, vamp, vestibule, way, way in, witch, wow




N beginning, commencement, opening, outset, incipience, inception, inchoation, introduction, alpha, initial, inauguration, debut, le premier pas, embarcation, rising of the curtain, maiden speech, outbreak, onset, brunt, initiative, move, first move, narrow end of the wedge, thin end of the wedge, fresh start, new departure, origin, source, rise, bud, germ, egg, rudiment, genesis, primogenesis, birth, nativity, cradle, infancy, start, inception, creation, starting point, dawn, evolution, title-page, head, heading, van, caption, fatihah, entrance, entry, inlet, orifice, mouth, chops, lips, porch, portal, portico, propylon, door, gate, gateway, postern, wicket, threshold, vestibule, propylaeum, skirts, border, first stage, first blush, first glance, first impression, first sight, rudiments, elements, outlines, grammar, alphabet, ABC, beginning, initial, initiatory, initiative, inceptive, introductory, incipient, proemial, inaugural, inchoate, inchoative, embryonic, rudimental, primogenial, primeval, primitive, primordial, aboriginal, natal, nascent, first, foremost, leading, maiden, begun, just begun, at the beginning, in the beginning first, in the first place, imprimis, first and foremost, in limine, in the bud, in embryo, in its infancy, from the beginning, from its birth, ab initio, ab ovo, ab incunabilis, ab origine, let's get going!, let's get this show on the road!, up and at 'em!, aller Anfang ist schwer, dimidium facti qui coepit habet, omnium rerum principia parva sunt.


VB cause pleasure, produce pleasure, create pleasure, give pleasure, afford pleasure, procure pleasure, offer pleasure, present pleasure, yield pleasure, please, charm, delight, becharm, imparadise, gladden, take, captivate, fascinate, enchant, entrance, enrapture, transport, bewitch, enravish, bless, beatify, satisfy, gratify, desire, slake, satiate, quench, indulge, humor, flatter, tickle, tickle the palate, regale, refresh, enliven, treat, amuse, take one's fancy, tickle one's fancy, hit one's fancy, meet one's wishes, win the heart, gladden the heart, rejoice the heart, warm the cockles of the heart, do one's heart good, attract, allure, stimulate, interest, make things pleasant, popularize, gild the pill, sugar-coat the pill, sweeten.


VB practice sorcery, cast a nativity, conjure, exorcise, charm, enchant, bewitch, bedevil, hoodoo, voodoo, entrance, mesmerize, magnetize, fascinate, taboo, wave a wand, rub the ring, rub the lamp, cast a spell, call up spirits, call up spirits from the vasty deep, raise spirits from the dead.


N ingress, entrance, entry, introgression, influx, intrusion, inroad, incursion, invasion, irruption, ingression, penetration, interpenetration, illapse, import, infiltration, immigration, admission, insinuation, insertion, inlet, way in, mouth, door, barway, path, conduit, immigrant, incoming.

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