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Noun, Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive)


Noun swash has 1 sense

Verb swash has 4 senses


swashn. [Cf. Swash, v. i., Squash, v. t.].
     An oval figure, whose moldings are oblique to the axis of the work.  Moxon.  [1913 Webster]
Swash plate (Mach.), a revolving circular plate, set obliquely on its shaft, and acting as a cam to give a reciprocating motion to a rod in a direction parallel to the shaft.
swasha. [Cf. Swash, v. i., Squash, v. t.].
     Soft, like fruit too ripe; swashy.  Pegge.  [1913 Webster]
swashv. i. [Probably of imitative origin; cf. Sw. svasska to splash, and, for sense 3, Sw. svassa to bully, to rodomontade.].
  •  To dash or flow noisily, as water; to splash; as, water swashing on a shallow place.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To fall violently or noisily.  Holinshed.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To bluster; to make a great noise; to vapor or brag.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Impulse of water flowing with violence; a dashing or splashing of water.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A narrow sound or channel of water lying within a sand bank, or between a sand bank and the shore, or a bar over which the sea washes.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Liquid filth; wash; hog mash.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A blustering noise; a swaggering behavior.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A swaggering fellow; a swasher.  [1913 Webster]


swash, v. & n.
1 intr. (of water etc.) wash about; make the sound of washing or rising and falling.
2 tr. archaic strike violently.
3 intr. archaic swagger.
--n. the motion or sound of swashing water.

swash, adj.
1 inclined obliquely.
2 (of a letter) having a flourished stroke or strokes.

swash-plate an inclined disc revolving on an axle and giving reciprocating motion to a part in contact with it.
17th c.: orig. unkn.



aqueduct, arroyo, asperge, babble, bed, bedew, bespatter, besprinkle, bounce, brave show, bubble, burble, canal, creek bed, culvert, dabble, damp, dampen, dash, dew, donga, douche, douse, dry bed, flume, foam, froth, guggle, gulch, gully, gullyhole, gurgle, headrace, hose, hose down, humect, humectate, humidify, irrigate, irrigation ditch, lap, lapping, miles gloriosus, moisten, nullah, paddle, peacock, peacockery, peacockishness, plash, prance, purl, race, ripple, river bed, riverway, runnel, shower, slobber, slop, slosh, sluice, sparge, spatter, spillbox, spillway, spindrift, splash, splatter, splosh, splurge, sponge, spray, sprinkle, spume, spurtle, stalk, stream bed, streamway, strut, strutter, strutting, swagger, swaggerer, swaggering, swank, swanker, swash channel, swashbuckle, swashbuckler, swashbucklering, swashbucklery, swashbuckling, swasher, swish, syringe, tailrace, trill, wadi, wash, washing, water, water carrier, water channel, water furrow, water gap, water gate, watercourse, waterway, waterworks, wet, wet down




VB be watery, reek, add water, water, wet, moisten, dilute, dip, immerse, merge, immerge, submerge, plunge, souse, duck, drown, soak, steep, macerate, pickle, wash, sprinkle, lave, bathe, affuse, splash, swash, douse, drench, dabble, slop, slobber, irrigate, inundate, deluge, syringe, inject, gargle.


N river, running water, jet, spirt, spurt, squirt, spout, spray, splash, rush, gush, jet d'eau, sluice, water spout, water fall, cascade, force, foss, lin, linn, ghyll, Niagara, cataract, rapids, white water, catadupe, cataclysm, debacle, inundation, deluge, chute, washout, rain, rainfall, serein, shower, scud, downpour, driving rain, drenching rain, cloudburst, hyetology, hyetography, predominance of Aquarius, reign of St. Swithin, mizzle, drizzle, stillicidum, plash, dropping, falling weather, northeaster, hurricane, typhoon, stream, course, flux, flow, profluence, effluence, defluxion, flowing, current, tide, race, coulee, spring, artesian well, fount, fountain, rill, rivulet, gill, gullet, rillet, streamlet, brooklet, branch, runnel, sike, burn, beck, creek, brook, bayou, stream, river, reach, tributary, geyser, spout, waterspout, body of water, torrent, rapids, flush, flood, swash, spring tide, high tide, full tide, bore, tidal bore, eagre, hygre, fresh, freshet, indraught, reflux, undercurrent, eddy, vortex, gurge, whirlpool, Maelstrom, regurgitation, overflow, confluence, corrivation, wave, billow, surge, swell, ripple, anerythmon gelasma, beach comber, riffle, rollers, ground swell, surf, breakers, white horses, whitecaps, rough sea, heavy sea, high seas, cross sea, long sea, short sea, chopping sea, hydrodynamics, hydraulics, hydraulicostatics, rain gauge, flowmeter, pegology, irrigation, pump, watering pot, watering cart, hydrant, syringe, garden hose, lawn spray, bhisti, mussuk, fluent, diffluent, profluent, affluent, tidal, flowing, meandering, meandry, meandrous, fluvial, fluviatile, streamy, showery, rainy, pluvial, stillicidous, stillatitious, for men may come and men may go but I go on foreve, that old man river, he just keeps rolling along.

VB flow, run, meander, gush, pour, spout, roll, jet, well, issue, drop, drip, dribble, plash, spirtle, trill, trickle, distill, percolate, stream, overflow, inundate, deluge, flow over, splash, swash, guggle, murmur, babble, bubble, purl, gurgle, sputter, spurt, spray, regurgitate, ooze, flow out, rain hard, rain in torrents, rain cats and dogs, rain pitchforks, pour with rain, drizzle, spit, set in, mizzle, flow into, fall into, open into, drain into, discharge itself, disembogue, pour, pour out, shower down, irrigate, drench, spill, splash, stanch, dam, up, obstruct.

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