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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive), Adverb, Interjection


Noun snap has 13 senses

Verb snap has 13 senses


snapv. t. [LG. or D. snappen to snap up, to snatch; akin to G. schnappen, MHG. snaben, Dan. snappe, and to D. snavel beak, bill. Cf. Neb, Snaffle, n.].
  •  To break at once; to break short, as substances that are brittle.  [1913 Webster]
    "Breaks the doors open, snaps the locks."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To strike, to hit, or to shut, with a sharp sound.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To bite or seize suddenly, especially with the teeth.  [1913 Webster]
    "He, by playing too often at the mouth of death, has been snapped by it at last."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To break upon suddenly with sharp, angry words; to treat snappishly; -- usually with up.  Granville.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To crack; to cause to make a sharp, cracking noise; as, to snap a whip.  [1913 Webster]
    "MacMorian snapped his fingers repeatedly."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To project with a snap.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To catch out sharply (a batsman who has just snicked a bowled ball).  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]
To snap back (Football), to roll the ball back with the foot; -- done only by the center rush, who thus delivers the ball to the quarter back on his own side when both sides are ranged in line.<-- now passed back with the hands, but still called "snap" --> -- To snap off. (a) To break suddenly. (b) To bite off suddenly.
snapv. i. 
  •  To break short, or at once; to part asunder suddenly; as, a mast snaps; a needle snaps.  [1913 Webster]
    "But this weapon will snap short, unfaithful to the hand that employs it."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To give forth, or produce, a sharp, cracking noise; to crack; as, blazing firewood snaps.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To make an effort to bite; to aim to seize with the teeth; to catch eagerly (at anything); -- often with at; as, a dog snapsat a passenger; a fish snaps at the bait.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To utter sharp, harsh, angry words; -- often with at; as, to snap at a child.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To miss fire; as, the gun snapped.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Of the eyes, to emit sudden, brief sparkles like those of a snapping fire, as sometimes in anger.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]
snapn. [Cf. D. snap a snatching. See Snap, v. t.].
  •  A sudden breaking or rupture of any substance.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A sudden, eager bite; a sudden seizing, or effort to seize, as with the teeth.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A sudden, sharp motion or blow, as with the finger sprung from the thumb, or the thumb from the finger.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A sharp, abrupt sound, as that made by the crack of a whip; as, the snap of the trigger of a gun.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A greedy fellow.  L'Estrange.  [1913 Webster]
  •  That which is, or may be, snapped up; something bitten off, seized, or obtained by a single quick movement; hence, a bite, morsel, or fragment; a scrap.  [1913 Webster]
    "He's a nimble fellow,
    And alike skilled in every liberal science,
    As having certain snaps of all.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  A sudden severe interval or spell; -- applied to the weather; as, a cold snap.  Lowell.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A small catch or fastening held or closed by means of a spring, or one which closes with a snapping sound, as the catch of a bracelet, necklace, clasp of a book, etc.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A snap beetle.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A thin, crisp cake, usually small, and flavored with ginger; -- used chiefly in the plural.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Briskness; vigor; energy; decision.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Any circumstance out of which money may be made or an advantage gained.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Any task, labor, set of circumstances, or the like, that yields satisfactory results or gives pleasure with little trouble or effort, as an easy course of study, a job where work is light, a bargain, etc.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]
  •  A snap shot with a firearm.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]
  •  A snapshot.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]
  •  Something of no value; as, not worth a snap.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]
  •  The action of snapping the ball back, from the center usu. to the quarterback, which commences the play (down), and, if the clock had stopped, restarts the timer clock; a snap back.  [PJC]
Snap back (Football), the act of snapping back the ball. -- Snap beetle, or Snap bug (Zoöl.), any beetle of the family Elateridæ, which, when laid on its back, is able to leap to a considerable height by means of a thoracic spring; -- called also snapping beetle. -- Snap flask (Molding), a flask for small work, having its sides separable and held together by latches, so that the flask may be removed from around the sand mold. -- Snap judgment, a judgment formed on the instant without deliberation. -- Snap lock, a lock shutting with a catch or snap. -- Snap riveting, riveting in which the rivets have snapheads formed by a die or swaging tool. -- Snap shot, a quick offhand shot, without deliberately taking aim.
     Done, performed, made, executed, carried through, or the like, quickly and without deliberation; as, a snap judgment or decision; a snap political convention.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]


snap, v., n., adv., & adj.
--v. (snapped, snapping)
1 intr. & tr. break suddenly or with a snap.
2 intr. & tr. emit or cause to emit a sudden sharp sound or crack.
3 intr. & tr. open or close with a snapping sound (the bag snapped shut).
4 a intr. (often foll. by at) speak irritably or spitefully (to a person) (did not mean to snap at you). b tr. say irritably or spitefully.
5 intr. (often foll. by at) (esp. of a dog etc.) make a sudden audible bite.
6 tr. & intr. move quickly (snap into action).
7 tr. take a snapshot of.
8 tr. Amer. Football put (the ball) into play on the ground by a quick backward movement.
1 an act or sound of snapping.
2 a crisp biscuit or cake (brandy snap; ginger snap).
3 a snapshot.
4 (in full cold snap) a sudden brief spell of cold weather.
5 Brit. a a card-game in which players call 'snap' when two similar cards are exposed. b (as int.) on noticing the (often unexpected) similarity of two things.
6 crispness of style; fresh vigour or liveliness in action; zest; dash; spring.
7 US sl. an easy task (it was a snap).
--adv. with the sound of a snap (heard it go snap).
--adj. done or taken on the spur of the moment, unexpectedly, or without notice (snap decision).

snap at accept (bait, a chance, etc.) eagerly (see also senses 4a and 5 of v.). snap bean US a bean grown for its pods which are broken into pieces and eaten. snap-bolt (or -lock) a bolt etc. which locks automatically when a door or window closes. snap-brim (of a hat) with a brim that can be turned up and down at opposite sides. snap-fastener = press-stud (see PRESS(1)). snap one's fingers
1 make an audible fillip, esp. in rhythm to music etc.
2 (often foll. by at) defy; show contempt for. snap-hook (or -link) a hook or link with a spring allowing the entrance but barring the escape of a cord, link, etc. snap off break off or bite off. snap off a person's head address a person angrily or rudely. snap out say irritably. snap out of sl. get rid of (a mood, habit, etc.) by a sudden effort. snapping turtle any large American freshwater turtle of the family Chelydridae which seizes prey with a snap of its jaws.
snap up
1 accept (an offer, a bargain) quickly or eagerly.
2 pick up or catch hastily or smartly.
3 interrupt (another person) before he or she has finished speaking.
snappable adj. snappingly adv.
prob. f. MDu. or MLG snappen, partly imit.



Photostat, Telephoto, Wirephoto, X-ray, Xerox, a continental, a curse, a damn, a darn, a hoot, abrupt, ad-lib, adaptability, aerial photograph, aggressiveness, alertness, animation, articulate, attack, automatic, awaken, bagatelle, bang, bar, bark, bark at, barricade, bash, bat, batten, batten down, bauble, bawl, beak, bean, bellow, belt, bibelot, biff, bit, bite, bitter weather, black-and-white photograph, blare, blat, bleak weather, blubber, bolt, bolus, bonk, boom, bounce, bounciness, bowl, brass farthing, bray, breach, break, break off, break open, break up, breathe, breeze, briskness, brush, buckle, bunt, buoyance, buoyancy, burst, bust, butt, button, button up, buzz, cackle, calotype, candid photograph, capture, capture on film, cast, casual, catapult, catch, caught napping, caught off balance, caught short, cent, champ, chant, chaw, check, cheer up, cheesecake, chew, chip, chirp, choke, choke off, chomp, chronophotograph, chuck, chunk, cinch, clack, clap, clasp, cleat, cleave, click, clip, clobber, close, close up, clout, clump, clutch, cold snap, cold wave, cold weather, coldcock, color, color photograph, color print, come apart, come around, come round, come unstuck, constrict, contain, contemn, contract, coo, cover, crack, cracking, crackle, crackling, crepitate, crepitation, crow, cud, curio, cursory, cut, dab, dart, dash, deal, deal a blow, deck, decrepitate, decrepitation, defy, depth of winter, deride, diapositive, disdain, disintegrate, dismiss, disregard, dovetail, drawl, drive, easy target, easy thing, elan, elasticity, energy, enterprise, exclaim, exfoliate, expeditious, extemporaneous, extemporized, extensibility, fall to pieces, farce, farthing, fasten, fastening, feather, festinate, fetch, fetch a blow, feverish, fig, fillip, film, fire, fissure, fleabite, flexibility, flick, fling, flip, flirt, flout, flush, flute, flying, fold, fold up, folderol, fork, fracture, freeze, freezing weather, fribble, frippery, frost, frown, furious, gasp, gaud, get, get-up-and-go, gewgaw, gimcrack, ginger, give, give away, give way, glare, glower, gnarl, gnash, gob, grab, grasp, graze, growl, grumble, grunt, gut, guts, hair, halfpenny, haphazard, hard winter, hasp, hasty, heave, heliochrome, heliograph, hill of beans, hinge, hiss, hit, hit a clip, hitch, hook, hotness, hurl, hurried, hurtle, ignore, ill-advised, ill-considered, ill-devised, immediate, impromptu, improvised, inadvertent, incautious, indeliberate, initiative, instant, instantaneous, interval, involuntary, jab, jam, jerk, jest, joint, joke, keen, key, kick, kickshaw, knickknack, knickknackery, knock, knock cold, knock down, knock out, lance, lash out at, last-minute, latch, launch, let fly, let have it, lilt, liveliness, lob, lock, lock out, lock up, look daggers, lower, lug, lunge at, lurch, make off with, makeshift, mantle, microfilm, minikin, miter, mock, mockery, molehill, montage, morsel, mortise, mouthful, mug, mug shot, mumble, munch, murmur, mutter, nail, nibble, nip, nippiness, occlude, on the spot, padlock, pan, pant, part, pass, passing, paste, pat, peck, peg, pelt, pep, pepper, peppercorn, pepperiness, period, perk up, photo, photobiography, photochronograph, photograph, photomap, photomicrograph, photomontage, photomural, picayune, pick, picnic, picture, pie, piece of cake, pin, pinch of snuff, pinprick, pinup, pipe, piss and vinegar, pitch, pitchfork, pizzazz, pluck, plumb, plunk, poke, poop, pop, portrait, pounce on, pounce upon, precipitate, prompt, punch, push, pushover, put, put the shot, quick, quid, rabbet, raciness, radiograph, rap, rash, raw weather, rebound, recover, red cent, redden, reflex, reflexive, relish, resilience, resiliency, responsiveness, revive, rivet, roar, roentgenograph, rough-and-ready, row of pins, rumble, rupture, rush, scale, scarf, scorn, scowl, scream, screech, screw, seal, seal off, seal up, secure, seize, separate, serve, setup, sew, shit, shoot, shot, shriek, shut, shut the door, shut up, shy, sibilate, sigh, sinecure, sing, sitting duck, sizzling, skewer, slam, slap-bang, slapdash, slide, sling, slog, slug, smack, smite, snap at, snappiness, snapping, snapshoot, snapshot, snarl, snatch, snatch at, sneeshing, snip, snort, soak, sob, sock, soft, soft touch, sou, sparkle, speedy, spell, spice, spiciness, spit, spitting, split, spontaneous, sprightliness, spring, spring a leak, springiness, spunk, squall, squawk, squeal, squeeze shut, staple, starch, start, stick, still, still photograph, stitch, strangle, straw, stretch, stretchability, stretchiness, strike, strike at, subzero weather, sudden, superficial, surprised, swallow, swat, swift, swipe, tack, take a photograph, take away, taken aback, taken by surprise, taken unawares, talbotype, tang, tanginess, tap, telephotograph, throw, thrust, thump, thunder, thwack, tickle, tilt, tip, toggle, tone, tonicity, tonus, toss, touch, toy, transparency, trifle, trinket, tripped up, triviality, trumpet, tuppence, twang, twitch, two cents, twopence, unadvised, unarranged, unbegun, uncalculated, unconcocted, unconscious, unconsidered, uncontrived, undeliberate, undeliberated, undesigned, undevised, unhatched, unintended, unintentional, unmade, unmanufactured, unmeditated, unorganized, unplanned, unpremeditated, unprepared, unprimed, unready, unstudied, unwilled, urgent, vellicate, velvet, verve, vigor, vim, vitality, wail, wake up, wallop, warble, wave, wedge, whack, wham, whim-wham, whine, whisk, whisper, whop, winter, wintry weather, wintry wind, yank, yap, yawp, yell, yelp, yerk, zero weather, zest, zestfulness, zing, zip, zip up, zipper




N impulse, sudden thought, impromptu, improvisation, inspiration, flash, spurt, improvisatore, creature of impulse, extemporaneous, impulsive, indeliberate, snap, improvised, improvisate, improvisatory, unpremeditated, unmeditated, improvise, unprompted, unguided, natural, unguarded, spontaneous, instinctive, extempore, extemporaneously, offhand, impromptu, a limproviste, improviso, on the spur of the moment, on the spur of the occasion, impulse, impulsion, impetus, momentum, push, pulsion, thrust, shove, jog, jolt, brunt, booming, boost, throw, explosion, propulsion, percussion, concussion, collision, occursion, clash, encounter, cannon, carambole, appulse, shock, crash, bump, impact, elan, charge, beating, blow, dint, stroke, knock, tap, rap, slap, smack, pat, dab, fillip, slam, bang, hit, whack, thwack, cuff, squash, dowse, swap, whap, punch, thump, pelt, kick, punce, calcitration, ruade, arietation, cut, thrust, lunge, yerk, carom, carrom, clip, jab, plug, sidewinder, sidewipe, sideswipe, hammer, sledge hammer, mall, maul, mallet, flail, ram, rammer, battering ram, monkey, pile-driving engine, punch, bat, cant hook, cudgel, ax, dynamics, seismometer, accelerometer, earthquake detector, impelling, impulsive, impellent, booming, dynamic, dynamical, impelled, a hit, a very palpable hit.


VB be disjoined, come off, fall off, come to pieces, fall to pieces, peel off, get loose, disjoin, disconnect, disengage, disunite, dissociate, dispair, divorce, part, dispart, detach, separate, cut off, rescind, segregate, set apart, keep apart, insulate, isolate, throw out of gear, cut adrift, loose, unloose, undo, unbind, unchain, unlock, unpack, unravel, disentangle, set free, sunder, divide, subdivide, sever, dissever, abscind, circumcise, cut, incide, incise, saw, snip, nib, nip, cleave, rive, rend, slit, split, splinter, chip, crack, snap, break, tear, burst, rend, rend asunder, rend in twain, wrench, rupture, shatter, shiver, cranch, crunch, craunch, chop, cut up, rip up, hack, hew, slash, whittle, haggle, hackle, discind, lacerate, scamble, mangle, gash, hash, slice, cut up, carve, dissect, anatomize, dislimb, take to pieces, pull to pieces, pick to pieces, tear to pieces, tear to tatters, tear piecemeal, tear limb from limb, divellicate, skin, disintegrate, dismember, disbranch, disband, disperse, dislocate, disjoint, break up, mince, comminute, apportion, part, part company, separate, leave.


N activity, briskness, liveliness, animation, life, vivacity, spirit, dash, energy, snap, vim, nimbleness, agility, smartness, quickness, velocity, alacrity, promptitude, despatch, dispatch, expedition, haste, punctuality, eagerness, zeal, ardor, perfervidum aingenium, empressement, earnestness, intentness, abandon, vigor, devotion, exertion, industry, assiduity, assiduousness, sedulity, laboriousness, drudgery, painstaking, diligence, perseverance, indefatigation, habits of business, vigilance, wakefulness, sleeplessness, restlessness, insomnia, pervigilium, insomnium, racketing, movement, bustle, stir, fuss, ado, bother, pottering, fidget, fidgetiness, flurry, officiousness, dabbling, meddling, interference, interposition, intermeddling, tampering with, intrigue, press of business, no sinecure, plenty to do, many irons in the fire, great doings, busy hum of men, battle of life, thick of the action, housewife, busy bee, new brooms, sharp fellow, sharp blade, devotee, enthusiast, zealot, meddler, intermeddler, intriguer, busybody, pickthank, hummer, hustler, live man, rustler, active, brisk, brisk as a lark, brisk as a bee, lively, animated, vivacious, alive, alive and kicking, frisky, spirited, stirring, nimble, nimble as a squirrel, agile, light-footed, nimble-footed, featly, tripping, quick, prompt, yare, instant, ready, alert, spry, sharp, smart, fast, quick as a lamplighter, expeditious, awake, broad awake, go-ahead, live wide-awake, forward, eager, strenuous, zealous, enterprising, in earnest, resolute, industrious, assiduous, diligent, sedulous, notable, painstaking, intent, indefatigable, unwearied, unsleeping, never tired, plodding, hard-working, businesslike, workaday, bustling, restless, restless as a hyena, fussy, fidgety, pottering, busy, busy as hen with one chicken, working, at work, on duty, in harness, up in arms, on one's legs, at call, up and doing, up and stirring, busy, occupied, hard at work, hard at it, up to one's ears in, full of business, busy as a bee, busy as a one-armed paperhanger, meddling, meddlesome, pushing, officious, overofficious, intrigant, astir, stirring, agoing, afoot, on foot, in full swing, eventful, on the alert, actively, with life and spirit, with might and main &c, with haste, with wings, full tilt, in mediis rebus, Int, be alive, look alive, look sharp!, move on, push on!, keep moving!, go ahead!, stir your stumps!, age quod agis!, jaldi!, karo!, step lively!, carpe diem, seize the day, nulla dies sine linea, nec mora nec requies, the plot thickens, No sooner said than done, veni vidi vici, catch a weasel asleep, abends wird der Faule fleissig, dictum ac factum, schwere Arbeit in der Jugend ist sanfte Ruhe im Al, hard work in youth means soft rest in age, the busy hum of men.


N time, duration, period, term, stage, space, span, spell, season, the whole time, the whole period, space-time, course, snap, intermediate time, while, interim, interval, pendency, intervention, intermission, intermittence, interregnum, interlude, respite, era, epoch, time of life, age, year, date, decade, moment, glass of time, sands of time, march of time, Father Time, ravages of time, arrow of time, river of time, whirligig of time, noiseless foot of time, scythe, continuing, on foot, permanent, while, whilst, during, pending, during the time, during the interval, in the course of, at that point, at that point in time, for the time being, day by day, in the time of, when, meantime, meanwhile, in the meantime, in the interim, ad interim, pendente lite, de die in diem, from day to day, from hour to hour, hourly, always, for a time, for a season, till, until, up to, yet, as far as, by that time, so far, hereunto, heretofore, prior to this, up to this point, the whole time, all the time, all along, throughout, for good, hereupon, thereupon, whereupon, then, anno Domini, A, D, ante Christum, A, C, before Christ, B, C, anno urbis conditae, A, U, C, anno regni, A, R, once upon a time, one fine morning, one fine day, one day, once, time flies, tempus fugit, time runs out, time runs against, race against time, racing the clock, time marches on, time is of the essence, time and tide wait for no man, ad calendas Groecas, panting Time toileth after him in vain, 'gainst the tooth of time and razure of oblivion, rich with the spoils of time, tempus edax rerum, the long hours come and go, the time is out of joint, Time rolls his ceaseless course, Time the foe of man's dominion, time wasted is existence, used is life, truditur dies die, volat hora per orbem, carpe diem.


N cheapness, low price, depreciation, bargain, good penny worth, snap, gratuity, free quarters, free seats, free admission, pass, free pass, free warren, give-away, freebee, run of one's teeth, nominal price, peppercorn rent, labor of love, drug in the market, deadhead, cheap, low, low priced, moderate, reasonable, inexpensive, unexpensive, well worth the money, worth the money, magnifique et pas cher, good at the price, cheap at the price, dirt cheap, dog cheap, cheap, cheap as dirt, cheap and nasty, catchpenny, discounted, half-price, depreciated, unsalable, gratuitous, gratis, free, for nothing, costless, expenseless, without charge, not charged, untaxed, scotfree, shotfree, rent-free, free of cost, free of expense, honorary, unbought, unpaid, for a mere song, for a song, at cost, at cost price, at prime cost, at a reduction, a bon marche.


VB be rude, insult, treat with discourtesy, take a name in vain, make bold with, make free with, take a liberty, stare out of countenance, ogle, point at, put to the blush, cut, turn one's back upon, turn on one's heel, give the cold shoulder, keep at a distance, keep at arm's length, look cool upon, look coldly upon, look black upon, show the door to, send away with a flea in the ear, lose one's temper, sulk, frown, scowl, glower, pout, snap, snarl, growl, render rude, brutalize, brutify.


VB resent, take amiss, take ill, take to heart, take offense, take umbrage, take huff, take exception, take in ill part, take in bad part, take in dudgeon, ne pas entendre raillerie, breathe revenge, cut up rough, fly into a rage, fall into a rage, get into a rage, fly into a passion, bridle up, bristle up, froth up, fire up, flare up, open the vials of one's wrath, pour out the vials of one's wrath, pout, knit the brow, frown, scowl, lower, snarl, growl, gnarl, gnash, snap, redden, color, look black, look black as thunder, look daggers, bite one's thumb, show one's teeth, grind one's teeth, champ the bit, champ at the bit, chafe, mantle, fume, kindle, fly out, take fire, boil, boil over, boil with indignation, boil with rage, rage, storm, foam, vent one's rage, vent one's spleen, lose one's temper, stand on one's hind legs, stamp the foot, stamp with rage, quiver with rage, swell with rage, foam with rage, burst with anger, raise Cain, have a fling at, bear malice, cause anger, raise anger, affront, offend, give offense, give umbrage, anger, hurt the feelings, insult, discompose, fret, ruffle, nettle, huff, pique, excite, irritate, stir the blood, stir up bile, sting, sting to the quick, rile, provoke, chafe, wound, incense, inflame, enrage, aggravate, add fuel to the flame, fan into a flame, widen the breach, envenom, embitter, exasperate, infuriate, kindle wrath, stick in one's gizzard, rankle, hit on the raw, rub on the raw, sting on the raw, strike on the raw, put out of countenance, put out of humor, put one's monkey up, put one's back up, raise one's gorge, raise one's dander, raise one's choler, work up into a passion, make one's blood boil, make the ears tingle, throw, into a ferment, madden, drive one mad, lash into fury, lash into madness, fool to the top of one's bent, set by the ears, bring a hornet's nest about one's ears.


VB eat, feed, fare, devour, swallow, take, gulp, bolt, snap, fall to, despatch, dispatch, discuss, take down, get down, gulp down, lay in, tuck in, lick, pick, peck, gormandize, bite, champ, munch, cranch, craunch, crunch, chew, masticate, nibble, gnaw, mumble, live on, feed upon, batten upon, fatten upon, feast upon, browse, graze, crop, regale, carouse, eat heartily, do justice to, play a good knife and fork, banquet, break bread, break one's fast, breakfast, lunch, dine, take tea, sup, drink in, drink up, drink one's fill, quaff, sip, sup, suck, suck up, lap, swig, swill, chugalug, tipple, empty one's glass, drain the cup, toss off, toss one's glass, wash down, crack a bottle, wet one's whistle, purvey.


VB be brittle, live in a glass house, break, crack, snap, split, shiver, splinter, crumble, break short, burst, fly, give way, fall to pieces, crumble to, crumble into dust.


N snap, rapping, decrepitation, crepitation, report, thud, burst, explosion, blast, boom, discharge, detonation, firing, salvo, volley, squib, cracker, firecracker, cherry bomb, M, gun, cap, cap gun, popgun, implosion, bomb burst, atomic explosion, nuclear explosion (arms), gunpowder, dynamite, gun cotton, nitroglycerine, nitrocellulose, plastic explosive, plastique, TNT, cordite, trinitrotoluene, picric acid, picrates, mercury fulminate (arms), whack, wham, pow, rapping, Int, kaboom!, whamo!, Heewhack!, pow!.

VB rap, snap, tap, knock, ping, click, clash, crack, crackle, crash, pop, slam, bang, blast, boom, clap, clang, clack, whack, wham, brustle, burst on the ear, crepitate, rump, blow up, blow, detonate.

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