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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive)


Noun Turn has 12 senses

Verb Turn has 26 senses


Turnv. t. [OE. turnen, tournen, OF. tourner, torner, turner, F. tourner, LL. tornare, fr. L. tornare to turn in a lathe, to round off, fr. tornus a lathe, Gr. to`rnos a turner's chisel, a carpenter's tool for drawing circles; probably akin to E. throw. See Throw, and cf. Attorney, Return, Tornado, Tour, Tournament.].
  •  To cause to move upon a center, or as if upon a center; to give circular motion to; to cause to revolve; to cause to move round, either partially, wholly, or repeatedly; to make to change position so as to present other sides in given directions; to make to face otherwise; as, to turn a wheel or a spindle; to turn the body or the head.  [1913 Webster]
    "Turn the adamantine spindle round."  [1913 Webster]
    "The monarch turns him to his royal guest."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To cause to present a different side uppermost or outmost; to make the upper side the lower, or the inside to be the outside of; to reverse the position of; as, to turn a box or a board; to turn a coat.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To give another direction, tendency, or inclination to; to direct otherwise; to deflect; to incline differently; -- used both literally and figuratively; as, to turn the eyes to the heavens; to turn a horse from the road, or a ship from her course; to turn the attention to or from something.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]
    "Thrice I deluded her, and turned to sport
    Her importunity.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "My thoughts are turned on peace."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To change from a given use or office; to divert, as to another purpose or end; to transfer; to use or employ; to apply; to devote.  [1913 Webster]
    "Therefore he slew him, and turned the kingdom unto David."  [1913 Webster]
    "God will make these evils the occasion of a greater good, by turning them to advantage in this world."  [1913 Webster]
    "When the passage is open, land will be turned most to cattle; when shut, to sheep."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To change the form, quality, aspect, or effect of; to alter; to metamorphose; to convert; to transform; -- often with to or into before the word denoting the effect or product of the change; as, to turn a worm into a winged insect; to turn green to blue; to turn prose into verse; to turn a Whig to a Tory, or a Hindu to a Christian; to turn good to evil, and the like.  [1913 Webster]
    "The Lord thy God will turn thy captivity, and have compassion upon thee."  [1913 Webster]
    "And David said, O Lord, I pray thee, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness."  [1913 Webster]
    "Impatience turns an ague into a fever."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To form in a lathe; to shape or fashion (anything) by applying a cutting tool to it while revolving; as, to turn the legs of stools or tables; to turn ivory or metal.  [1913 Webster]
    "I had rather hear a brazen canstick turned."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Hence, to give form to; to shape; to mold; to put in proper condition; to adapt.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
    "His limbs how turned, how broad his shoulders spread !"  [1913 Webster]
    "He was perfectly well turned for trade."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To translate; to construe; as, to turn the Iliad.  [1913 Webster]
    "Who turns a Persian tale for half a crown."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To make a turn about or around (something); to go or pass around by turning; as, to turn a corner.
    "The ranges are not high or steep, and one can turn a kopje instead of cutting or tunneling through it."
    "We turn not back the silks upon the merchants,
    When we have soiled them.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "I'll turn you out of my kingdom."  [1913 Webster]
    "This house is turned upside down since Robin Ostler died."  [1913 Webster]
Turnv. i. 
  •  To move round; to have a circular motion; to revolve entirely, repeatedly, or partially; to change position, so as to face differently; to whirl or wheel round; as, a wheel turns on its axis; a spindle turns on a pivot; a man turns on his heel.  [1913 Webster]
    "The gate . . . on golden hinges turning."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Hence, to revolve as if upon a point of support; to hinge; to depend; as, the decision turns on a single fact.  [1913 Webster]
    "Conditions of peace certainly turn upon events of war."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To result or terminate; to come about; to eventuate; to issue.  [1913 Webster]
    "If we repent seriously, submit contentedly, and serve him faithfully, afflictions shall turn to our advantage."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To be deflected; to take a different direction or tendency; to be directed otherwise; to be differently applied; to be transferred; as, to turn from the road.  [1913 Webster]
    "Turn from thy fierce wrath."  [1913 Webster]
    "Turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways."  [1913 Webster]
    "The understanding turns inward on itself, and reflects on its own operations."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To be changed, altered, or transformed; to become transmuted; also, to become by a change or changes; to grow; as, wood turns to stone; water turns to ice; one color turns to another; to turn Muslim.  [1913 Webster]
    "I hope you have no intent to turn husband."  [1913 Webster]
    "Cygnets from gray turn white."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To undergo the process of turning on a lathe; as, ivory turns well.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To invert a type of the same thickness, as temporary substitute for any sort which is exhausted.  [1913 Webster]
    "I'll look no more;
    Lest my brain turn.
    "  [1913 Webster]
To turn about, to face to another quarter; to turn around. -- To turn again, to come back after going; to return. Shak. -- To turn against, to become unfriendly or hostile to. -- To turn aside or To turn away. (a) To turn from the direct course; to withdraw from a company; to deviate. (b) To depart; to remove. (c) To avert one's face. -- To turn back, to turn so as to go in an opposite direction; to retrace one's steps. -- To turn in. (a) To bend inward. (b) To enter for lodgings or entertainment. (c) To go to bed. [Colloq.] -- To turn into, to enter by making a turn; as, to turn into a side street. -- To turn off, to be diverted; to deviate from a course; as, the road turns off to the left. -- To turn on or To turn upon. (a) To turn against; to confront in hostility or anger. (b) To reply to or retort. (c) To depend on; as, the result turns on one condition. -- To turn out. (a) To move from its place, as a bone. (b) To bend or point outward; as, his toes turn out. (c) To rise from bed. [Colloq.] (d) To come abroad; to appear; as, not many turned out to the fire. (e) To prove in the result; to issue; to result; as, the crops turned out poorly. -- To turn over, to turn from side to side; to roll; to tumble. -- To turn round. (a) To change position so as to face in another direction. (b) To change one's opinion; to change from one view or party to another. -- To turn to, to apply one's self to; to have recourse to; to refer to. “Helvicus's tables may be turned to on all occasions.” Locke. -- To turn to account, profit, advantage, or the like, to be made profitable or advantageous; to become worth the while. -- To turn under, to bend, or be folded, downward or under. -- To turn up. (a) To bend, or be doubled, upward. (b) To appear; to come to light; to transpire; to occur; to happen.
  •  The act of turning; movement or motion about, or as if about, a center or axis; revolution; as, the turn of a wheel.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Change of direction, course, or tendency; different order, position, or aspect of affairs; alteration; vicissitude; as, the turn of the tide.  [1913 Webster]
    "At length his complaint took a favorable turn."  [1913 Webster]
    "The turns and varieties of all passions."  [1913 Webster]
    "Too well the turns of mortal chance I know."  [1913 Webster]
  •  One of the successive portions of a course, or of a series of occurrences, reckoning from change to change; hence, a winding; a bend; a meander.  [1913 Webster]
    "And all its [the river's] thousand turns disclose.
    Some fresher beauty varying round.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  A circuitous walk, or a walk to and fro, ending where it began; a short walk; a stroll.  [1913 Webster]
    "Come, you and I must walk a turn together."  [1913 Webster]
    "I will take a turn in your garden."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Successive course; opportunity enjoyed by alternation with another or with others, or in due order; due chance; alternate or incidental occasion; appropriate time.  [1913 Webster]
    "His turn will come to laugh at you again."  [1913 Webster]
    "Every one has a fair turn to be as great as he pleases."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Incidental or opportune deed or office; occasional act of kindness or malice; as, to do one an ill turn.  [1913 Webster]
    "Had I not done a friendes turn to thee?"  [1913 Webster]
    "thanks are half lost when good turns are delayed."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Convenience; occasion; purpose; exigence; as, this will not serve his turn.  [1913 Webster]
    "I have enough to serve mine own turn."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Form; cast; shape; manner; fashion; -- used in a literal or figurative sense; hence, form of expression; mode of signifying; as, the turn of thought; a man of a sprightly turn in conversation.  [1913 Webster]
    "The turn of both his expressions and thoughts is unharmonious."  [1913 Webster]
    "The Roman poets, in their description of a beautiful man, often mention the turn of his neck and arms."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A change of condition; especially, a sudden or recurring symptom of illness, as a nervous shock, or fainting spell; as, a bad turn.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A fall off the ladder at the gallows; a hanging; -- so called from the practice of causing the criminal to stand on a ladder which was turned over, so throwing him off, when the signal was given.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A round of a rope or cord in order to secure it, as about a pin or a cleat.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A pit sunk in some part of a drift.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A court of record, held by the sheriff twice a year in every hundred within his county.  Blount.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Monthly courses; menses.  [1913 Webster]
  •  An embellishment or grace (marked thus, 1913 Webster]
By turns. (a) One after another; alternately; in succession. (b) At intervals. “[They] feel by turns the bitter change.” Milton. -- In turn, in due order of succession. -- To a turn, exactly; perfectly; as, done to a turn; -- a phrase alluding to the practice of cooking on a revolving spit. -- To take turns, to alternate; to succeed one another in due order. -- Turn and turn about, by equal alternating periods of service or duty; by turns. -- Turn bench, a simple portable lathe, used on a bench by clock makers and watchmakers. -- Turn buckle. See Turnbuckle, in Vocabulary. -- Turn cap, a sort of chimney cap which turns round with the wind so as to present its opening to the leeward. G. Francis. -- Turn of life (Med.), change of life. See under Change. -- Turn screw, a screw driver.


Turn, v. & n.
1 tr. & intr. move around a point or axis so that the point or axis remains in a central position; give a rotary motion to or receive a rotary motion (turned the wheel; the wheel turns; the key turns in the lock).
2 tr. & intr. change in position so that a different side, end, or part becomes outermost or uppermost etc.; invert or reverse or cause to be inverted or reversed (turned inside out; turned it upside down).
3 a tr. give a new direction to (turn your face this way). b intr. take a new direction (turn left here; my thoughts have often turned to you).
4 tr. aim in a certain way (turned the hose on them).
5 intr. & tr. (foll. by into) change in nature, form, or condition to (turned into a dragon; then turned him into a frog; turned the book into a play).
6 intr. (foll. by to) a apply oneself to; set about (turned to doing the ironing). b have recourse to; begin to indulge in habitually (turned to drink; turned to me for help). c go on to consider next (let us now turn to your report).
7 intr. & tr. become or cause to become (turned hostile; has turned informer; your comment turned them angry).
8 a tr. & intr. (foll. by against) make or become hostile to (has turned them against us). b intr. (foll. by on, upon) become hostile to; attack (suddenly turned on them).
9 intr. (of hair or leaves) change colour.
10 intr. (of milk) become sour.
11 intr. (of the stomach) be nauseated.
12 intr. (of the head) become giddy.
13 tr. cause (milk) to become sour, (the stomach) to be nauseated, or (the head) to become giddy.
14 tr. translate (turn it into French).
15 tr. move to the other side of; go round (turned the corner).
16 tr. pass the age or time of (he has turned 40; it has now turned 4 o'clock).
17 intr. (foll. by on) depend on; be determined by (it all turns on the weather tomorrow).
18 tr. send or put into a specified place or condition; cause to go (was turned loose; turned the water out into a basin).
19 tr. perform (a somersault etc.) with rotary motion.
20 tr. remake (a garment or, esp., a sheet) putting the worn outer side on the inside.
21 tr. make (a profit).
22 tr. divert (a bullet).
23 tr. blunt (the edge of a knife, slot of a screw-head, etc.).
24 tr. shape (an object) on a lathe.
25 tr. give an (esp. elegant) form to (turn a compliment).
26 intr. Golf begin the second half of a round.
27 tr. (esp. as turned adj.) Printing invert (type) to make it appear upside down (a turned comma).
28 tr. pass round (the flank etc. of an army) so as to attack it from the side or rear.
29 intr. (of the tide) change from flood to ebb or vice versa.
1 the act or process or an instance of turning; rotary motion (a single turn of the handle).
2 a a changed or a change of direction or tendency (took a sudden turn to the left). b a deflection or deflected part (full of twists and turns).
3 a point at which a turning or change occurs.
4 a turning of a road.
5 a change of the tide from ebb to flow or from flow to ebb.
6 a change in the course of events.
7 a tendency or disposition (is of a mechanical turn of mind).
8 an opportunity or obligation etc. that comes successively to each of several persons etc. (your turn will come; my turn to read).
9 a short walk or ride (shall take a turn in the garden).
10 a short performance on stage or in a circus etc.
11 service of a specified kind (did me a good turn).
12 purpose (served my turn).
13 colloq. a momentary nervous shock or ill feeling (gave me quite a turn).
14 Mus. an ornament consisting of the principal note with those above and below it.
15 one round in a coil of rope etc.
16 Printing a inverted type as a temporary substitute for a missing letter. b a letter turned wrong side up.
17 a Brit. the difference between the buying and selling price of stocks etc. b a profit made from this.

at every turn continually; at each new stage etc. by turns in rotation of individuals or groups; alternately. in turn in succession; one by one. in one's turn when one's turn or opportunity comes. not know which way (or where) to turn be completely at a loss, unsure how to act, etc. not turn a hair see HAIR. on the turn
1 changing.
2 (of milk) becoming sour.
3 at the turning-point.
out of turn
1 at a time when it is not one's turn.
2 inappropriately; inadvisedly or tactlessly (did I speak out of turn?). take turns (or take it in turns) act or work alternately or in succession. to a turn (esp. cooked) to exactly the right degree etc. turn about move so as to face in a new direction.
turn-about n.
1 an act of turning about.
2 an abrupt change of policy etc. turn and turn about alternately. turn around esp. US = turn round. turn away 1 turn to face in another direction.
2 refuse to accept; reject.
3 send away.
turn back
1 begin or cause to retrace one's steps.
2 fold back. turn one's back on see BACK. turn-bench a watchmaker's portable lathe. turn-buckle a device for tightly connecting parts of a metal rod or wire. turn-cap a revolving chimney-top.
turn the corner
1 pass round it into another street.
2 pass the critical point in an illness, difficulty, etc. turn a deaf ear see DEAF.
turn down
1 reject (a proposal, application, etc.).
2 reduce the volume or strength of (sound, heat, etc.) by turning a knob etc.
3 fold down.
4 place downwards. turn-down (of a collar) turned down. turn one's hand to see HAND. turn a person's head see HEAD. turn an honest penny see HONEST.
turn in
1 hand in or return.
2 achieve or register (a performance, score, etc.).
3 colloq. go to bed in the evening.
4 fold inwards.
5 incline inwards (his toes turn in).
6 colloq. abandon (a plan etc.). turn in one's grave see GRAVE(1).
turn off
1 a stop the flow or operation of (water, electricity, etc.) by means of a tap, switch, etc. b operate (a tap, switch, etc.) to achieve this.
2 a enter a side-road. b (of a side-road) lead off from another road.
3 colloq. repel; cause to lose interest (turned me right off with their complaining).
4 dismiss from employment.
turn-off n.
1 a turning off a main road.
2 colloq. something that repels or causes a loss of interest. turn of speed the ability to go fast when necessary.
turn on
1 a start the flow or operation of (water, electricity, etc.) by means of a tap, switch, etc. b operate (a tap, switch, etc.) to achieve this.
2 colloq. excite; stimulate the interest of, esp. sexually.
3 tr. & intr. colloq. intoxicate or become intoxicated with drugs. turn-on n. colloq. a person or thing that causes (esp. sexual) arousal. turn on one's heel see HEEL(1).
turn out
1 expel.
2 extinguish (an electric light etc.).
3 dress or equip (well turned out).
4 produce (manufactured goods etc.).
5 empty or clean out (a room etc.).
6 empty (a pocket) to see the contents.
7 colloq. a get out of bed. b go out of doors.
8 colloq. assemble; attend a meeting etc.
9 (often foll. by to + infin. or that + clause) prove to be the case; result (turned out to be true; we shall see how things turn out).
10 Mil. call (a guard) from the guardroom.
turn over
1 reverse or cause to reverse vertical position; bring the under or reverse side into view (turn over the page).
2 upset; fall or cause to fall over.
3 a cause (an engine) to run. b (of an engine) start running.
4 consider thoroughly.
5 (foll. by to) transfer the care or conduct of (a person or thing) to (a person) (shall turn it all over to my deputy; turned him over to the authorities).
6 do business to the amount of (turns over {pound}5000 a week). turn over a new leaf improve one's conduct or performance.
turn round
1 turn so as to face in a new direction.
2 a Commerce unload and reload (a ship, vehicle, etc.). b receive, process, and send out again; cause to progress through a system.
3 adopt new opinions or policy.
turn-round n.
1 a the process of loading and unloading. b the process of receiving, processing, and sending out again; progress through a system.
2 the reversal of an opinion or tendency. turn the scales see SCALE(2). turn the tables see TABLE. turn tail turn one's back; run away. turn the tide reverse the trend of events. turn to set about one's work (came home and immediately turned to). turn to account see ACCOUNT. turn turtle see TURTLE.
turn up
1 increase the volume or strength of (sound, heat, etc.) by turning a knob etc.
2 place upwards.
3 discover or reveal.
4 be found, esp. by chance (it turned up on a rubbish dump).
5 happen or present itself; (of a person) put in an appearance (a few people turned up late).
6 colloq. cause to vomit (the sight turned me up).
7 shorten (a garment) by increasing the size of the hem.
turn-up n.
1 Brit. the lower turned up end of a trouser leg.
2 colloq. an unexpected (esp. welcome) happening; a surprise.
OE tyrnan, turnian f. L tornare f. tornus lathe f. Gk tornos lathe, circular movement: prob. reinforced in ME f. OF turner, torner



Charybdis, Platonic form, Platonic idea, S-curve, a thing for, aberrancy, aberration, about ship, about-face, access, acciaccatura, accommodation, accomplished fact, accomplishment, achievement, act, act of grace, act of kindness, acta, action, activate, adapt, adaptation, addle, adjustment, adventure, advert to, aesthetic form, affinity, afterpiece, agiotage, aim, aim at, air, airing, alienate, all the time, alter, alteration, alternate, alternately, always, ambit, amble, ameliorate, amelioration, an ear for, an eye for, anamorphism, anamorphosis, anchor watch, angle, angle off, animus, apostasy, appeal to, appear, apply, apply to, appoggiatura, aptitude, aptness, arabesque, arbitrage, arc, arch, archetype, arise, arouse, arrive, arsis, art form, assail, assemble, asymmetry, at every turn, attack, attend, avert, axe, back and fill, backing, backsliding, bad turn, balk, bate, be changed, be contingent on, be converted into, be here again, be hostile to, be renewed, bear, bear away, bear off, bear to starboard, bearing, beat, beat about, beat back, beat it, become, bend, bend back, bend to, bending, benefaction, benefit, benevolence, benignity, bent, betray, betterment, bias, bit, blessing, block, blow, blunt, bolt, boon, bore, bottom out, bout, bow, bowing, box off, branch off, branching off, break, break back, bring about, bring out, bring over, bring round, bring to light, brow, buckle, buckle down, build, bump, business deal, buying in, by turns, cadence, cadenza, call off, campaign, cant, cant round, capacity for, capsize, carriage, cashier, cast, cast about, chance, change, change back, change course, change into, change of heart, change the bearing, change the heading, changeableness, character, chaser, check, checker, chop, chop and change, circle, circuit, circuitousness, circulate, circulation, circumrotate, circumvolute, circumvolution, climacteric, clutch, coil, coin, color, coloratura, come, come about, come across, come again, come and go, come around, come into, come round, come round again, come up, come up again, commercial transaction, complexion, conatus, concern, concoct, conduce, conduciveness, configuration, conflexure, conformation, consider, constantly, constitution, constitutional, construct, construction, constructive change, continuity, contort, contortion, contribute, convergence of events, conversion, convert, cool off, corkscrew, corner, countenance, coup, course, courtesy, crack, crank, create, crinkle, crisis, critical juncture, critical point, crook, crookedness, crop up, crossroads, crucial period, crumple, crunch, cry back, curdle, curl, curtain, curtain call, curtain raiser, curve, cut, cut and run, cycle, day shift, deactivate, deal, dealings, decay, declination, decline, decurve, deed, defection, deflect, deflection, defy, degenerate, degeneration, degenerative change, delight, deliver, demeanor, deny, depart, depart from, departure, depend, depend on, depress, derange, deteriorate, deterioration, determine, detorsion, detour, detract, develop, deviance, deviancy, deviate, deviation, device, deviousness, diastole, diathesis, difference, diffract, diffuse, dig up, digress, digression, direct, direction, directionize, disaffect, disclose, discompose, discontinue, discontinuity, discover, discursion, disedge, disenchant, disenchantment, disgust, disillusion, dismiss, disorder, disperse, displease, dispose, disposition, disproportion, disservice, distort, distortion, divagate, divagation, divaricate, divarication, diverge, divergence, diversification, diversify, diversion, diversity, divert, divertimento, divertissement, division, dizzy round, do a flip-flop, do an about-face, dogleg, dogwatch, doing, doings, dome, double, double a point, downbeat, draw the teeth, dress, drift, drifting, drive, drive back, dull, eagerness, ebb and flow, eccentricity, eddy, effort, eject, embellishment, embow, emergency, employ, endeavor, energize, enterprise, epilogue, equip, equity capital, errantry, eventuate, everywhere, evict, evolve, exchange, excite, excursion, excursus, exigency, exode, exodus, exorbitation, expedition, expel, exploit, expose, expository scene, express, extinguish, extremity, fabricate, face, facial appearance, faculty, fait accompli, fancy, fascination, fashion, favor, feat, feature, features, feeling for, felicity, fend off, fetch about, figuration, figure, finale, find, finger, fioritura, fire, fit, fit out, fitting, fix, fix on, flair, flection, flee, flex, flexure, flier, flight, flip-flop, flop, flounder, flourish, fluctuate, flutter, forced march, form, format, formation, formulate, frame, fright, full circle, full time, garb, geanticline, genius, genius for, genre, geosyncline, gest, gift for, gimmick, give back, give in, gnarl, go, go about, go around, go back, go bad, go into, go off, go round, go through phases, go to bed, go to sleep, good deed, good offices, good turn, grace, grace note, gradual change, grain, grand tour, graveyard shift, guise, gurge, gybe, gyrate, gyration, gyre, hairpin, hairpin turn, half time, hand, hand in, hand over, handiwork, hang, happen, hark back, harm, haul around, have a tendency, have recourse to, head, heave round, heel, hike, hinge, hinge on, hit upon, hoke act, hold a heading, hold on, hook, hump, hunch, idiosyncrasy, imbalance, impassion, impression, improperly, improve, improvement, imprudently, in rotation, in succession, in turn, inappropriately, incidental, incidental note, inclination, incline, incurvate, incurve, indirection, indiscreetly, individualism, inflect, inflection, inform on, injury, innate aptitude, inner form, inning, innings, interlude, intermezzo, intermission, intermit, interpretation, intort, introduction, inverse, invert, irregularity, jar, jaunt, jibe, job, jolt, journey, junket, keel over, kick out, kidney, kind deed, kind offices, kindly act, kindness, knack, knock over, knot, knuckle down, labor of love, lap, lapse, layout, lead, lean, leaning, level at, liability, liking, lineaments, lines, liquidation, lobster trick, long mordent, look to, looks, loop, lopsidedness, lurch, maelstrom, make, make over, make up, makeup, maneuver, manner, manufacture, march, matrix, meander, measure, meet, meliorate, melioration, mental set, merchandise, mercy, mettle, mien, mind, mind-set, miss stays, mitigate, mitigation, mitzvah, modality, mode, model, modification, modify, modulate, modulation, mold, mordent, moulder, move, mush, mutate, mutation, mutiny, mutual affinity, mutual attraction, nature, nauseate, negotiation, night shift, number, obligation, oblique, obliquity, obtund, occur, offend, offer, office, operation, opportunity, orbit, ornament, oscillate, oust, out of order, out of turn, outing, overt act, overthrow, overtime, overturn, oxbow, package deal, package tour, parade, parry, part time, partiality, pass, pass into, passage, pattern, penchant, pendulate, peregrination, pererration, performance, peripatetic journey, peripateticism, physiognomy, pick up, pilgrimage, pinch, pirouette, pitch in, pivot, pivot about, place, pleasure trip, plunge, ply, point, point at, point to, ponder over, pop up, port, posture, pralltriller, predilection, predisposition, preference, prejudice, presence, present, prevent, probability, proceeding, proclivity, produce, production, proffer, profit taking, progress, prologue, promenade, proneness, propensity, prototype, prove, pull, pulsate, pulse, push, put, put about, put back, put off, put out, put together, putrefy, qualification, quirk, radical change, ramble, rambling, rat race, re-creation, readiness, realignment, reappear, rebel, rebuff, recidivation, recidivism, reciprocally, reclamation, reconversion, recur, recurve, redesign, redound to, reel, refashion, refer to, reflect, reflection, reflex, reform, reformation, refract, refuse, regress, regression, rehabilitation, reinstatement, reject, relapse, relate to, relay, relief, remaking, remodel, renewal, reoccur, reorganize, repeat, repel, repress, repulse, res gestae, reshape, reshaping, resort to, restitution, restoration, restructuring, result, retire, retrocession, retroflex, retrogradation, retrogression, retroversion, retund, return, returning, reveal, reversal, reverse, reversion, revert, reverting, revival, revive, revivification, revolt, revolution, revolve, revulsion, rick, ride, rig out, right-about, ring the changes, roll, roll around, rot, rotate, rotation, roulade, round, round a bend, round a corner, round a point, round trade, round trip, rounds, routine, rub, rubberneck tour, run, run away, sack, safari, sag, sally, saunter, say, scallop, scalping, scare, scatter, scene, schlep, scoot, scram, screw, seesaw, seizure, sell, sensitivity to, sequentially, series, serpentine, serve, service, set, set in motion, set toward, set upon, shape, sheer, shift, shifting, shifting course, shifting path, shock, shoot, shot, show a tendency, show up, shtick, shuffle, sicken, sight on, significant form, single mordent, sinuosity, skedaddle, sketch, skew, skit, slant, slew, slink, slipping back, slue, snake, soft spot, song and dance, sour, speculation, spell, spin, spiral, split schedule, split shift, spoil, spot sale, sprain, spring, stagger, stalk, stamp, stance, stand, stand-up comedy act, start, start up, steer, step, stimulate, stint, stockjobbery, stockjobbing, stop, strain, strait, straying, streak, stretch, stripe, striptease, stroke, stroll, structure, stunt, style, submit, successively, sudden change, sunrise watch, surface, surge, surprise, surrender, susceptibility, swag, sway, sweep, swerve, swerving, swing, swing round, swing shift, swing the stern, swinging, swirl, switch, switch off, switch on, swivel, sympathy, systole, tack, take a turn, take off, take turns, take up, talent, teeter, teeter-totter, tell on, temper, temperament, tend, tend to go, tendency, tender, tenor, terminate, thesis, thing, thing done, thrill, throw about, throw out, thwart, time, time at bat, titillate, tone, torsion, tortuosity, total change, totter, tour, tour de force, tour of duty, train, train upon, traipse, traits, tramp, transaction, transform, transition, transplace, transpose, trek, trend, trick, trip, tropism, trudge, turn a corner, turn a pirouette, turn about, turn against, turn around, turn aside, turn away, turn awry, turn back, turn down, turn for, turn in, turn into, turn of mind, turn of work, turn off, turn on, turn out, turn over, turn round, turn tail, turn the corner, turn to, turn turtle, turn up, turn upon, turn upside down, turnabout, turning, turning point, twine, twirl, twist, twist and turn, type, unbalance, uncover, undergo a change, undertaking, undo, undulate, unearth, unhinge, unsettle, unsymmetry, upbeat, upheaval, upset, use, vacillate, variation, variety, vary, vault, veer, veer around, venture, venture capital, verge, vibrate, violent change, visage, volte-face, vortex, voyage, walk, walking tour, wamble, wandering, warp, watch, waver, wax and wane, way, weaken, weakness, wear, wear ship, weave, whack, wheel, wheel about, wheel around, whip, whirl, whirlpool, whirlwind, whorl, willingness, wind, withdraw, wobble, work, work shift, work toward, work up, works, worm, worsen, worsening, wrench, wrest, wring, writhe, wrong, yaw, yield, zigzag




N state, condition, category, estate, lot, ease, trim, mood, pickle, plight, temper, aspect, dilemma, pass, predicament, constitution, habitude, diathesis, frame, fabric, stamp, set, fit, mold, mould, mode, modality, schesis, form, tone, tenor, turn, trim, guise, fashion, light, complexion, style, character, conditional, modal, formal, structural, organic, conditionally, as the matter stands, as things are, such being the case.


VB be inactive, do nothing, move slowly, let the grass grow under one's feet, take one's time, dawdle, drawl, droil, lag, hang back, slouch, loll, lollop, lounge, poke, loaf, loiter, go to sleep over, sleep at one's post, ne battre que d'une aile, take it easy, take things as they come, lead an easy life, vegetate, swim with the stream, eat the bread of idleness, loll in the lap of luxury, loll in the lap of indolence, waste time, consume time, kill time, lose time, burn daylight, waste the precious hours, idle away time, trifle away time, fritter away time, fool away time, spend time in, take time in, peddle, piddle, potter, pudder, dabble, faddle fribble, fiddle-faddle, dally, dilly-dally, sleep, slumber, be asleep, hibernate, oversleep, sleep like a top, sleep like a log, sleep like a dormouse, sleep soundly, heavily, doze, drowze, snooze, nap, take a nap, dream, snore one's best, settle to sleep, go to sleep, go off to sleep, doze off, drop off, fall asleep, drop asleep, close the eyes, seal up the eyes, seal up eyelids, weigh down the eyelids, get sleep, nod, yawn, go to bed, turn, get some z's, stack z's, languish, expend itself, flag, hang fire, relax, render idle, sluggardize, mitigate.


N skill, skillfulness, address, dexterity, dexterousness, adroitness, expertness, proficiency, competence, technical competence, craft, callidity, facility, knack, trick, sleight, mastery, mastership, excellence, panurgy, ambidexterity, ambidextrousness, sleight of hand, seamanship, airmanship, marksmanship, horsemanship, rope-dancing, accomplishment, acquirement, attainment, art, science, technicality, technology, practical knowledge, technical knowledge, knowledge of the world, world wisdom, savoir faire, tact, mother wit, discretion, finesse, craftiness, management, self-help, cleverness, talent, ability, ingenuity, capacity, parts, talents, faculty, endowment, forte, turn, gift, genius, intelligence, sharpness, readiness, invention, aptness, aptitude, turn for, capacity for, genius for, felicity, capability, curiosa felicitas, qualification, habilitation, proficient, masterpiece, coup de maitre, chef d'euvre, tour de force, good stroke, skillful, dexterous, adroit, expert, apt, handy, quick, deft, ready, gain, slick, smart, proficient, good at, up to, at home in, master of, a good hand at, au fait, thoroughbred, masterly, crack, accomplished, conversant, experienced, practiced, skilled, hackneyed, up in, well up in, in practice, in proper cue, competent, efficient, qualified, capable, fitted, fit for, up to the mark, trained, initiated, prepared, primed, finished, clever, cute, able, ingenious, felicitous, gifted, talented, endowed, inventive, shrewd, sharp, on the ball, cunning, alive to, up to snuff, not to be caught with chaff, discreet, neat-handed, fine-fingered, nimble-fingered, ambidextrous, sure- footed, cut out for, fitted for, technical, artistic, scientific, daedalian, shipshape, workman- like, business-like, statesman-like, skillfully, well, artistically, with skill, with consummate skill, secundum artem, suo Marte, to the best of one's abilities, ars celare artem, artes honorabit, celui qui veut celui-la peut, c'est une grande habilite que de savoir cacher son, expertus metuit, es bildet ein Talent sich in der Stille sich ein C, heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, or the hand to execute, if you have lemons, make lemonade.


N timeliness, occasion, opportunity, opening, room, event (eventuality), suitable season, proper season, suitable time, proper time, high time, opportuneness, tempestivity, crisis, turn, juncture, conjuncture, crisis, turning point, given time, nick of time, golden opportunity, well timed opportunity, fine opportunity, favorable opportunity, opening, clear stage, fair field, mollia tempora, fata Morgana, spare time, opportune, timely, well-timed, timeful, seasonable, providential, lucky, fortunate, happy, favorable, propitious, auspicious, critical, suitable, obiter dicta, opportunely, in proper course, in due course, in proper season, in due season, in proper time, in due time, for the nonce, in the nick of time, in the fullness of time, all in good time, just in time, at the eleventh hour, now or never, by the way, by the by, en passant, a propos, pro re nata, pro hac vice, par parenthese, parenthetically, by way of parenthesis, incidentally, while speaking of, while on the subject, extempore, on the spur of the moment, on the spur of the occasion, on the spot, carpe diem occasionem cognosce, one's hour is come, the time is up, that reminds me, now that you mention it, come to think of it, bien perdu bien connu, e sempre l'ora, ex quovis ligno non fit Mercurius, nosce tempus, nunc aut nunquam.


N regularity of recurrence, periodicity, intermittence, beat, oscillation, pulse, pulsation, rhythm, alternation, alternateness, alternativeness, alternity, bout, round, revolution, rotation, turn, say, anniversary, jubilee, centenary, catamenia, courses, menses, menstrual flux, rota, cycle, period, stated time, routine, days of the week, Sunday, Monday, months of the year, January, feast, fast, Christmas, Easter, New Year's day, Allhallows, Allhallowmas, All Saints' Day, All Souls', All Souls' Day, Ash Wednesday, bicentennial, birthday, bissextile, Candlemas, Dewali, groundhog day, Halloween, Hallowmas, Lady day, leap year, Midsummer day, Muharram, woodchuck day, St. Swithin's day, natal day, yearbook, yuletide, punctuality, regularity, steadiness, periodic, periodical, serial, recurrent, cyclical, rhythmical, recurring, intermittent, remittent, alternate, every other, hourly, diurnal, daily, quotidian, tertian, weekly, hebdomadal, hebdomadary, biweekly, fortnightly, bimonthly, catamenial, monthly, menstrual, yearly, annual, biennial, triennial, centennial, secular, paschal, lenten, regular, steady, punctual, regular as clockwork, periodically, at regular intervals, at stated times, at fixed established, at established periods, punctually, de die in diem, from day to day, day by day, by turns, in turn, in rotation, alternately, every other day, off and on, ride and tie, round and round.


N change, alteration, mutation, permutation, variation, modification, modulation, inflexion, mood, qualification, innovation, metastasis, deviation, turn, evolution, revolution, diversion, break, transformation, transfiguration, metamorphosis, transmutation, deoxidization, transubstantiation, mutagenesis transanimation, transmigration, metempsychosis, avatar, alterative, conversion, revolution &c (sudden or radical change), inversion, displacement, transference, changeableness, tergiversation, changed, newfangled, changeable, transitional, modifiable, alterative, mutatis mutandis, Int, quantum mutatus!, a change came o'er the spirit of my dream, nous avons change tout cela, tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis, non sum qualis eram, casaque tourner, corpora lente augescent cito extinguuntur, in statu quo ante bellum, still ending and beginning still, vox audita perit littera scripta manet.

VB change, alter, vary, wax and wane, modulate, diversify, qualify, tamper with, turn, shift, veer, tack, chop, shuffle, swerve, warp, deviate, turn aside, evert, intervert, pass to, take a turn, turn the corner, resume, work a change, modify, vamp, superinduce, transform, transfigure, transmute, transmogrify, transume, metamorphose, ring the changes, innovate, introduce new blood, shuffle the cards, give a turn to, give a color to, influence, turn the scale, shift the scene, turn over a new leaf, recast, reverse, disturb, convert into.


N affections, affect, character, qualities, disposition, nature, spirit, tone, temper, temperament, diathesis, idiosyncrasy, cast of mind, cast of soul, habit of mind, habit of soul, frame of mind, frame of soul, predilection, turn, natural turn of mind, bent, bias, predisposition, proneness, proclivity, propensity, propenseness, propension, propendency, vein, humor, mood, grain, mettle, sympathy, soul, heart, breast, bosom, inner man, heart's core, heart's strings, heart's blood, heart of hearts, bottom of one's heart, penetralia mentis, secret and inmost recesses of the heart, cockles of one's heart, inmost heart, inmost soul, backbone, passion, pervading spirit, ruling passion, master passion, furore, fullness of the heart, heyday of the blood, flesh and blood, flow of soul, energy, fervor, fire, force, affected, characterized, formed, molded, cast, attempered, tempered, framed, predisposed, prone, inclined, having a bias, tinctured with, imbued with, penetrated with, eaten up with, inborn, inbred, ingrained, deep-rooted, ineffaceable, inveterate, pathoscopic, congenital, dyed in the wool, implanted by nature, inherent, in the grain, affective, in one's heart, at heart, heart and soul, affection is a coal that must be cool'd else suffe.


N feeling, suffering, endurance, tolerance, sufferance, supportance, experience, response, sympathy, impression, inspiration, affection, sensation, emotion, pathos, deep sense, warmth, glow, unction, gusto, vehemence, fervor, fervency, heartiness, cordiality, earnestness, eagerness, empressement, gush, ardor, zeal, passion, enthusiasm, verve, furore, fanaticism, excitation of feeling, fullness of the heart, passion, ecstasy, blush, suffusion, flush, hectic, tingling, thrill, turn, shock, agitation, quiver, heaving, flutter, flurry, fluster, twitter, tremor, throb, throbbing, pulsation, palpitation, panting, trepidation, perturbation, ruffle, hurry of spirits, pother, stew, ferment, state of excitement, feeling, sentient, sensuous, sensorial, sensory, emotive, emotional, of feeling, with feeling, warm, quick, lively, smart, strong, sharp, acute, cutting, piercing, incisive, keen, keen as a razor, trenchant, pungent, racy, piquant, poignant, caustic, impressive, deep, profound, indelible, deep felt, home felt, heartfelt, swelling, soul-stirring, deep-mouthed, heart-expanding, electric, thrilling, rapturous, ecstatic, earnest, wistful, eager, breathless, fervent, fervid, gushing, passionate, warm-hearted, hearty, cordial, sincere, zealous, enthusiastic, glowing, ardent, burning, red-hot, fiery, flaming, boiling over, pervading, penetrating, absorbing, rabid, raving, feverish, fanatical, hysterical, impetuous, impressed with, moved with, touched with, affected with, penetrated with, seized with, imbued with, devoured by, wrought up, struck all of a heap, rapt, in a quiver, enraptured, heart and soul, from the bottom of one's heart, ab imo pectore, at heart, con amore, heartily, devoutly, over head and ears, head over heels, the heart big, the heart full, the heart swelling, the heart beating, the heart pulsating, the heart throbbing, the heart thumping, the heart beating high, the heart melting, the heart overflowing, the heart bursting, the heart breaking, the heart goes out, a heart as big as all outdoors (sympathy).


N tendency, aptness, aptitude, proneness, proclivity, bent, turn, tone, bias, set, leaning to, predisposition, inclination, propensity, susceptibility, conatus, nisus, liability, quality, nature, temperament, idiocrasy, idiosyncrasy, cast, vein, grain, humor, mood, drift, conduciveness, conducement, applicability, subservience, tending, conducive, working towards, in a fair way to, calculated to, liable, subservient, useful, subsidiary, for, whither.


N dislike, distaste, disrelish, disinclination, displacency, reluctance, backwardness, repugnance, disgust, queasiness, turn, nausea, loathing, averseness, aversation, aversion, abomination, antipathy, abhorrence, horror, mortal antipathy, rooted antipathy, mortal horror, rooted horror, hatred, detestation, hate, animosity, hydrophobia, canine madness, byssa, xenophobia, sickener, gall and wormwood, shuddering, cold sweat, disliking, averse from, loathe, loathe to, loth, adverse, shy of, sick of, out of conceit with, disinclined, heartsick, dogsick, queasy, disliked, uncared for, unpopular, out of favor, repulsive, repugnant, repellant, abhorrent, insufferable, fulsome, nauseous, loathsome, loathful, offensive, disgusting, disagreeable c, (painful), usque ad nauseam, Int, faugh!, foh!, ugh!, non libet.


N form, figure, shape, conformation, configuration, make, formation, frame, construction, cut, set, build, trim, cut of one's jib, stamp, type, cast, mold, fashion, contour, structure, plasmature, feature, lineament, turn, phase, posture, attitude, pose, morphism, isomorphism, forming, formation, figuration, efformation, sculpture, plasmation, formed, plastic, fictile, formative, fluid, plasmic, isomorphous, pleomorphic, protean, changeable.


N curvature, curvity, curvation, incurvature, incurvity, incurvation, bend, flexure, flexion, flection, conflexure, crook, hook, bought, bending, deflection, deflexion, inflection, inflexion, concameration, arcuation, devexity, turn, deviation, detour, sweep, curl, curling, bough, recurvity, recurvation, sinuosity, kink, carve, arc, arch, arcade, vault, bow, crescent, half-moon, lunule, horseshoe, loop, crane neck, parabola, hyperbola, helix, spiral, catenary, festoon, conchoid, cardioid, caustic, tracery, arched ceiling, arched roof, bay window, bow window, sine curve, spline, spline curve, spline function, obliquity, curved, curviform, curvilineal, curvilinear, devex, devious, recurved, recurvous, crump, bowed, vaulted, hooked, falciform, falcated, semicircular, crescentic, sinusoid, parabolic, paraboloid, luniform, lunular, semilunar, conchoidal, helical, double helical, spiral, kinky, cordiform, cordated, cardioid, heart shaped, bell shaped, boat shaped, crescent shaped, lens shaped, moon shaped, oar shaped, shield shaped, sickle shaped, tongue shaped, pear shaped, fig shaped, kidney-shaped, reniform, lentiform, lenticular, bow-legged, oblique, circular, aduncated, arclike, arcuate, arched, beaked, bicorn, bicornuous, bicornute, clypeate, clypeiform, cymbiform, embowed, galeiform, hamate, hamiform, hamous, hooked, linguiform, lingulate, lobiform, lunate, navicular, peltate, remiform, rhamphoid, rostrate, rostriferous, rostroid, scutate, scaphoid, uncate, unguiculate, unguiform.

VB be curved curve, sweep, sway, swag, sag, deviate, curl, turn, reenter, render curved, flex, bend, curve, incurvate, inflect, deflect, scatter, refract (light), crook, turn, round, arch, arcuate, arch over, concamerate, bow, curl, recurve, frizzle, rotundity, convexity, be curved curve, sweep, sway, swag, sag, deviate, curl, turn, reenter, render curved, flex, bend, curve, incurvate, inflect, deflect, scatter, refract (light), crook, turn, round, arch, arcuate, arch over, concamerate, bow, curl, recurve, frizzle, rotundity, convexity.


VB be blunt, render blunt, obtund, dull, take off the point, take off the edge, turn.


N journey, travel, traveling, wayfaring, campaigning, journey, excursion, expedition, tour, trip, grand tour, circuit, peregrination, discursion, ramble, pilgrimage, hajj, trek, course, ambulation, march, walk, promenade, constitutional, stroll, saunter, tramp, jog trot, turn, stalk, perambulation, noctambulation, noctambulism, somnambulism, outing, ride, drive, airing, jaunt, equitation, horsemanship, riding, manege, ride and tie, basophobia, roving, vagrancy, pererration, marching and countermarching, nomadism, vagabondism, vagabondage, hoboism, gadding, flit, flitting, migration, emigration, immigration, demigration, intermigration, wanderlust, plan, itinerary, guide, handbook, guidebook, road book, Baedeker, Bradshaw, Murray, map, road map, transportation guide, subway map, procession, cavalcade, caravan, file, cortege, column, vehicle, automobile, train, bus, airplane, plane, autobus, omnibus, subway, motorbike, dirt bike, off-road vehicle, van, minivan, motor scooter, trolley, locomotive, legs, feet, pegs, pins, trotters, traveler, depot, railway station, station, traveling, ambulatory, itinerant, peripatetic, roving, rambling, gadding, discursive, vagrant, migratory, monadic, circumforanean, circumforaneous, noctivagrant, mundivagrant, locomotive, wayfaring, wayworn, travel-stained, on foot, on horseback, on Shanks's mare, by the Marrowbone stage: in transitu, en route, Int, come along!.


VB alter one's course, deviate, depart from, turn, trend, bend, curve, swerve, heel, bear off, gybe, wear, intervert, deflect, divert, divert from its course, put on a new scent, shift, shunt, draw aside, crook, warp, stray, straggle, sidle, diverge, tralineate, digress, wander, wind, twist, meander, veer, tack, divagate, sidetrack, turn aside, turn a corner, turn away from, wheel, steer clear of, ramble, rove, drift, go astray, go adrift, yaw, dodge, step aside, ease off, make way for, shy, fly off at a tangent, glance off, wheel about, face about, turn to the right about, face to the right about, waddle, go out of one's way, lose one's way.


N circuition, circulation, turn, curvet, excursion, circumvention, circumnavigation, circumambulation, northwest passage, circuit, turning, wrench, evolution, coil, corkscrew, turning, circuitous, circumforaneous, circumfluent, round about.

VB turn, bend, wheel, go about, put about, heel, go round to the right about, turn round to the right about, turn on one's heel, make a circle, make a complete circle, describe a circle, describe a complete circle, go through 180 degrees, go through 360 degrees, pass through 180 degrees, pass through 360 degrees, circumnavigate, circumambulate, circumvent, put a girdle round about the earth, go the round, make the round of, wind, circulate, meander, whisk, twirl, twist, make a detour.

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