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Noun, Verb (usu participle)


Noun Throw has 5 senses

Verb Throw has 15 senses


Thrown. [See Throe.].
     Pain; especially, pain of travail; throe.  Spenser. Dryden.  [1913 Webster]
Thrown. [AS. , .].
     Time; while; space of time; moment; trice.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
    "I will with Thomas speak a little throw."  [1913 Webster]
Throwv. t. [OE. , , to throw, to twist, AS. to twist, to whirl; akin to D. draaijen, G. drehen, OHG. drājan, L. terebra an auger, gimlet, Gr. to bore, to turn, to pierce, a hole. Cf. Thread, Trite, Turn, v. t.].
  •  To fling, cast, or hurl with a certain whirling motion of the arm, to throw a ball; -- distinguished from to toss, or to bowl.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To fling or cast in any manner; to drive to a distance from the hand or from an engine; to propel; to send; as, to throw stones or dust with the hand; a cannon throws a ball; a fire engine throws a stream of water to extinguish flames.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To drive by violence; as, a vessel or sailors may be thrown upon a rock.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To cause to take a strategic position; as, he threw a detachment of his army across the river.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To overturn; to prostrate in wrestling; as, a man throws his antagonist.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To cast, as dice; to venture at dice.  [1913 Webster]
    "Set less than thou throwest."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To put on hastily; to spread carelessly.  [1913 Webster]
    "O'er his fair limbs a flowery vest he threw."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To divest or strip one's self of; to put off.  [1913 Webster]
    "There the snake throws her enameled skin."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To form or shape roughly on a throwing engine, or potter's wheel, as earthen vessels.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To give forcible utterance to; to cast; to vent.  [1913 Webster]
    "I have thrown
    A brave defiance in King Henry's teeth.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To bring forth; to produce, as young; to bear; -- said especially of rabbits.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To twist two or more filaments of, as silk, so as to form one thread; to twist together, as singles, in a direction contrary to the twist of the singles themselves; -- sometimes applied to the whole class of operations by which silk is prepared for the weaver.  Tomlinson.  [1913 Webster]
To throw away. (a) To lose by neglect or folly; to spend in vain; to bestow without a compensation; as, to throw away time; to throw away money. (b) To reject; as, to throw away a good book, or a good offer. -- To throw back. (a) To retort; to cast back, as a reply. (b) To reject; to refuse. (c) To reflect, as light. -- To throw by, to lay aside; to discard; to neglect as useless; as, to throw by a garment. -- To throw down, to subvert; to overthrow; to destroy; as, to throw down a fence or wall. -- To throw in. (a) To inject, as a fluid. (b) To put in; to deposit with others; to contribute; as, to throw in a few dollars to help make up a fund; to throw in an occasional comment. (c) To add without enumeration or valuation, as something extra to clinch a bargain. -- To throw off. (a) To expel; to free one's self from; as, to throw off a disease. (b) To reject; to discard; to abandon; as, to throw off all sense of shame; to throw off a dependent. (c) To make a start in a hunt or race. [Eng.]<-- (d) To emit. Same as throw out (e). (e) To disconcert or confuse. Same as to throw out (f). --> -- To throw on, to cast on; to load. -- To throw one's self down, to lie down neglectively or suddenly. -- To throw one's self on or To throw one's self upon. (a) To fall upon. (b) To resign one's self to the favor, clemency, or sustain power of (another); to repose upon. -- To throw out. (a) To cast out; to reject or discard; to expel. “The other two, whom they had thrown out, they were content should enjoy their exile.” Swift. “The bill was thrown out.” Swift. (b) To utter; to give utterance to; to speak; as, to throw out insinuation or observation. “She throws out thrilling shrieks.” Spenser. (c) To distance; to leave behind. Addison. (d) To cause to project; as, to throw out a pier or an abutment. (e) To give forth; to emit; as, an electric lamp throws out a brilliant light. (f) To put out; to confuse; as, a sudden question often throws out an orator. -- To throw over, to abandon the cause of; to desert; to discard; as, to throw over a friend in difficulties. -- To throw up. (a) To resign; to give up; to demit; as, to throw up a commission. “Experienced gamesters throw up their cards when they know that the game is in the enemy's hand.” Addison. (b) To reject from the stomach; to vomit. (c) To construct hastily; as, to throw up a breastwork of earth.
Throwv. i. 
     To perform the act of throwing or casting; to cast; specifically, to cast dice.  [1913 Webster]
To throw about, to cast about; to try expedients. [R.]
  •  The act of hurling or flinging; a driving or propelling from the hand or an engine; a cast.  [1913 Webster]
    "He heaved a stone, and, rising to the throw,
    He sent it in a whirlwind at the foe.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  A stroke; a blow.  [1913 Webster]
    "Nor shield defend the thunder of his throws."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The distance which a missile is, or may be, thrown; as, a stone's throw.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A cast of dice; the manner in which dice fall when cast; as, a good throw.  [1913 Webster]
  •  An effort; a violent sally.  [1913 Webster]
    "Your youth admires
    The throws and swellings of a Roman soul.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  The extreme movement given to a sliding or vibrating reciprocating piece by a cam, crank, eccentric, or the like; travel; stroke; as, the throw of a slide valve. Also, frequently, the length of the radius of a crank, or the eccentricity of an eccentric; as, the throw of the crank of a steam engine is equal to half the stroke of the piston.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A potter's wheel or table; a jigger. See 2d Jigger, 2 (a).  [1913 Webster]
  •  A turner's lathe; a throwe.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The amount of vertical displacement produced by a fault; -- according to the direction it is designated as an upthrow, or a downthrow.  [1913 Webster]


Throw, v. & n.
--v.tr. (past threw; past part. thrown)
1 propel with some force through the air or in a particular direction.
2 force violently into a specified position or state (the ship was thrown on the rocks; threw themselves down).
3 compel suddenly to be in a specified condition (was thrown out of work).
4 turn or move (part of the body) quickly or suddenly (threw an arm out).
5 project or cast (light, a shadow, a spell, etc.).
6 a bring to the ground in wrestling. b (of a horse) unseat (its rider).
7 colloq. disconcert (the question threw me for a moment).
8 (foll. by on, off, etc.) put (clothes etc.) hastily on or off etc.
9 a cause (dice) to fall on a table. b obtain (a specified number) by throwing dice.
10 cause to pass or extend suddenly to another state or position (threw in the army; threw a bridge across the river).
11 move (a switch or lever) so as to operate it.
12 a form (ceramic ware) on a potter's wheel. b turn (wood etc.) on a lathe.
13 have (a fit or tantrum etc.).
14 give (a party).
15 colloq. lose (a contest or race etc.) intentionally.
16 Cricket bowl (a ball) with an illegitimate sudden straightening of the elbow.
17 (of a snake) cast (its skin).
18 (of an animal) give birth to (young).
19 twist (silk etc.) into thread or yarn.
20 (often foll. by into) put into another form or language etc.
1 an act of throwing.
2 the distance a thing is or may be thrown (a record throw with the hammer).
3 the act of being thrown in wrestling.
4 Geol. & Mining a a fault in strata. b the amount of vertical displacement caused by this.
5 a machine or device giving rapid rotary motion.
6 a the movement of a crank or cam etc. b the extent of this.
7 the distance moved by the pointer of an instrument etc.
8 (in full throw rug) US a a light cover for furniture. b a light rug.
9 (prec. by a) sl. each; per item (sold at {pound}10 a throw).

throw about (or around)
1 throw in various directions.
2 spend (one's money) ostentatiously.
throw away
1 discard as useless or unwanted.
2 waste or fail to make use of (an opportunity etc.).
3 discard (a card).
4 Theatr. speak (lines) with deliberate underemphasis.
5 (in passive; often foll. by on) be wasted (the advice was thrown away on him).
throw-away adj.
1 meant to be thrown away after (one) use.
2 (of lines etc.) deliberately underemphasized.
--n. a thing to be thrown away after (one) use. throw back 1 revert to ancestral character.
2 (usu. in passive; foll. by on) compel to rely on (was thrown back on his savings).
throw-back n.
1 reversion to ancestral character.
2 an instance of this. throw cold water on see COLD. throw down cause to fall. throw down the gauntlet (or glove) issue a challenge. throw dust in a person's eyes mislead a person by misrepresentation or distraction. throw good money after bad incur further loss in a hopeless attempt to recoup a previous loss.
throw one's hand in
1 abandon one's chances in a card game, esp. poker.
2 give up; withdraw from a contest.
throw in
1 interpose (a word or remark).
2 include at no extra cost.
3 throw (a football) from the edge of the pitch where it has gone out of play.
4 Cricket return (the ball) from the outfield.
5 Cards give (a player) the lead, to the player's disadvantage. throw-in n. the throwing in of a football during play. throw in one's lot with see LOT. throw in the towel admit defeat. throw light on see LIGHT(1).
throw off
1 discard; contrive to get rid of.
2 write or utter in an offhand manner.
3 (of hounds or a hunt) begin hunting; make a start. throw-off the start in a hunt or race. throw oneself at seek blatantly as a spouse or sexual partner. throw oneself into engage vigorously in.
throw oneself on (or upon)
1 rely completely on.
2 attack. throw open (often foll.
by to)
1 cause to be suddenly or widely open.
2 make accessible.
throw out
1 put out forcibly or suddenly.
2 discard as unwanted.
3 expel (a troublemaker etc.).
4 build (a wing of a house, a pier, or a projecting or prominent thing).
5 put forward tentatively.
6 reject (a proposal or bill in Parliament).
7 confuse or distract (a person speaking, thinking, or acting) from the matter in hand.
8 Cricket & Baseball put out (an opponent) by throwing the ball to the wicket or base. throw over desert or abandon. throw stones cast aspersions.
throw together
1 assemble hastily.
2 bring into casual contact.
throw up
1 abandon.
2 resign from.
3 colloq. vomit.
4 erect hastily.
5 bring to notice.
6 lift (a sash-window) quickly.
throw up (or in) the sponge
1 (of a boxer or his attendant) throw the sponge used between rounds into the air as a token of defeat.
2 abandon a contest; admit defeat. throw one's weight about (or around) colloq. act with unpleasant self-assertiveness.
throwable adj. thrower n. (also in comb.).
OE thrawan twist, turn f. WG



abandon, addle, agitate, amaze, apply, assume, baffle, bake, bamboozle, be confined, be sick, bear, bear a child, bear young, beat, bend, bewilder, blow, blow down, blow over, boggle, bounce, bowl, bowl down, bowl over, bring down, bring forth, bring forward, bring out, bring up, buck off, buckle down, buffalo, bug, bulldog, bung, calve, cast, cast at, cast down, cast off, catapult, change of pace, change-up, chop down, chuck, chuck at, chuck out, chunk, clap, confound, confuse, conquer, convulse, crap, craps, curve, cut down, dart, dash, dash down, daze, deceive, deck, decoy, desert, devote, diffuse, ding, direct, discard, discombobulate, discompose, disconcert, disgorge, dismay, dispense with, dispose of, disseminate, distract, disturb, ditch, divert, down, downcurve, draw on, drive, drop, dumbfound, dump, eject, embroil, emit, evict, exercise, expel, farrow, fastball, fawn, fell, fetch down, fire, fire at, flick, fling, fling at, fling off, flip, floor, flummox, foal, force out, forgo, fork, forsake, forward pass, fritter away, fuddle, get, get on, get rid of, give, give birth, give off, give out, give up, glaze, ground, have, have a baby, have young, heave, heave at, hew down, hurdle, hurl, hurl against, hurl at, hurtle, impel, incurve, jerk, jettison, jilt, keep in suspense, kitten, knock down, knock over, knuckleball, labor, lamb, lance, lateral, lateral pass, launch, lay level, lay low, lay out, leave, let fly, let fly at, level, lick, lie in, lift, litter, lob, lose, master, maze, misdirect, misguide, mislead, mold, mow down, muddle, mystify, natural, nick, nonplus, outcurve, overthrow, overturn, pass, peg, pelt, perplex, perturb, pitch, pitchfork, plank, plop, plump, plunk, ply, pot, precipitate, project, propel, prostrate, psych, puke, pull down, pup, push, put, put forth, put off, put on, put out, put the shot, puzzle, quit, radiate, rase, raze, regurgitate, reject, relinquish, renounce, repudiate, resign, reveal, roll, scrap, screwball, send, send forth, send headlong, serve, service, shake off, shape, shed, shoot, shot, shot-put, shove, shy, shy at, sinker, slap, slider, sling, sling at, slip on, snap, spitball, spitter, spook, spread-eagle, squander, stick, stump, supinate, surmount, take down, throw at, throw away, throw down, throw into confusion, throw off, throw out, throw over, throw up, thrust, tilt, topple, toss, toss at, trash, travail, trip, trouble, tumble, turn, turn a pot, unhorse, unnerve, unseat, unsettle, upcurve, upset, vomit, waste, whack down, whelp, wield, yean




N exertion, effort, strain, tug, pull, stress, throw, stretch, struggle, spell, spurt, spirt, stroke of work, stitch of work, a strong pull a long pull and a pull all together, dead lift, heft, gymnastics, exercise, exercitation, wear and tear, ado, toil and trouble, uphill work, hard work, warm work, harvest time, labor, work, toil, travail, manual labor, sweat of one's brow, swink, drudgery, slavery, fagging, hammering, limae labor, industry, industriousness, operoseness, operosity, trouble, pains, duty, resolution, energy, laboring, laborious, operose, elaborate, strained, toilsome, troublesome, wearisome, uphill, herculean, gymnastic, palestric, hard-working, painstaking, strenuous, energetic, hard at work, on the stretch, laboriously, lustily, pugnis et calcibus, with might and main, with all one's might, with a strong hand, with a sledge hammer, with much ado, to the best of one's abilities, totis viribus, vi et armis, manibus pedibusque, tooth and nail, unguibus et rostro, hammer and tongs, heart and soul, through thick and thin, by the sweat of one's brow, suo Marte, aide-toi le ciel t'aidera, and still be doing, never done, buen principio la mitad es hecha, cosa ben fatta e' fatta due volie, it is better to wear out than to rust out, labor omnia vincit, labor, wide as the earth, has its summit in Heaven, le travail du corps delivre des peines de l'esprit, manu forti, ora et labora.


VB resent, take amiss, take ill, take to heart, take offense, take umbrage, take huff, take exception, take in ill part, take in bad part, take in dudgeon, ne pas entendre raillerie, breathe revenge, cut up rough, fly into a rage, fall into a rage, get into a rage, fly into a passion, bridle up, bristle up, froth up, fire up, flare up, open the vials of one's wrath, pour out the vials of one's wrath, pout, knit the brow, frown, scowl, lower, snarl, growl, gnarl, gnash, snap, redden, color, look black, look black as thunder, look daggers, bite one's thumb, show one's teeth, grind one's teeth, champ the bit, champ at the bit, chafe, mantle, fume, kindle, fly out, take fire, boil, boil over, boil with indignation, boil with rage, rage, storm, foam, vent one's rage, vent one's spleen, lose one's temper, stand on one's hind legs, stamp the foot, stamp with rage, quiver with rage, swell with rage, foam with rage, burst with anger, raise Cain, have a fling at, bear malice, cause anger, raise anger, affront, offend, give offense, give umbrage, anger, hurt the feelings, insult, discompose, fret, ruffle, nettle, huff, pique, excite, irritate, stir the blood, stir up bile, sting, sting to the quick, rile, provoke, chafe, wound, incense, inflame, enrage, aggravate, add fuel to the flame, fan into a flame, widen the breach, envenom, embitter, exasperate, infuriate, kindle wrath, stick in one's gizzard, rankle, hit on the raw, rub on the raw, sting on the raw, strike on the raw, put out of countenance, put out of humor, put one's monkey up, put one's back up, raise one's gorge, raise one's dander, raise one's choler, work up into a passion, make one's blood boil, make the ears tingle, throw, into a ferment, madden, drive one mad, lash into fury, lash into madness, fool to the top of one's bent, set by the ears, bring a hornet's nest about one's ears.


VB transfer, transmit, transport, transplace, transplant, translocate, convey, carry, bear, fetch and carry, carry over, ferry over, hand pass, forward, shift, conduct, convoy, bring, fetch, reach, tote, port, import, export, send, delegate, consign, relegate, turn over to, deliver, ship, embark, waft, shunt, transpose, displace, throw, drag, mail, post, shovel, ladle, decant, draft off, transfuse, infuse, siphon.


N impulse, sudden thought, impromptu, improvisation, inspiration, flash, spurt, improvisatore, creature of impulse, extemporaneous, impulsive, indeliberate, snap, improvised, improvisate, improvisatory, unpremeditated, unmeditated, improvise, unprompted, unguided, natural, unguarded, spontaneous, instinctive, extempore, extemporaneously, offhand, impromptu, a limproviste, improviso, on the spur of the moment, on the spur of the occasion, impulse, impulsion, impetus, momentum, push, pulsion, thrust, shove, jog, jolt, brunt, booming, boost, throw, explosion, propulsion, percussion, concussion, collision, occursion, clash, encounter, cannon, carambole, appulse, shock, crash, bump, impact, elan, charge, beating, blow, dint, stroke, knock, tap, rap, slap, smack, pat, dab, fillip, slam, bang, hit, whack, thwack, cuff, squash, dowse, swap, whap, punch, thump, pelt, kick, punce, calcitration, ruade, arietation, cut, thrust, lunge, yerk, carom, carrom, clip, jab, plug, sidewinder, sidewipe, sideswipe, hammer, sledge hammer, mall, maul, mallet, flail, ram, rammer, battering ram, monkey, pile-driving engine, punch, bat, cant hook, cudgel, ax, dynamics, seismometer, accelerometer, earthquake detector, impelling, impulsive, impellent, booming, dynamic, dynamical, impelled, a hit, a very palpable hit.

VB flash on the mind, say what comes uppermost, improvise, extemporize, give an impetus, impel, push, start, give a start to, set going, drive, urge, boom, thrust, prod, foin, cant, elbow, shoulder, jostle, justle, hustle, hurtle, shove, jog, jolt, encounter, run against, bump against, butt against, knock one's head against, run one's head against, impinge, boost, bunt, carom, clip y, fan, fan out, jab, plug, strike, knock, hit, tap, rap, slap, flap, dab, pat, thump, beat, blow, bang, slam, dash, punch, thwack, whack, hit hard, strike hard, swap, batter, dowse, baste, pelt, patter, buffet, belabor, fetch one a blow, poke at, pink, lunge, yerk, kick, calcitrate, butt, strike at, whip, come into a collision, enter into collision, collide, sideswipe, foul, fall foul of, run foul of, telescope, throw.


N propulsion, projection, propelment, vis a tergo, force from behind, push, shove, ejaculate, ejection, throw, fling, toss, shot, discharge, shy, launch, release, projectiles, ballistics, archery, propeller, screw, twin screws, turbine, jet engine, missile, projectile, ball, discus, quoit, brickbat, shot, arrow, gun, ballista, countdown, windup, shooter, shot, archer, toxophilite, bowman, rifleman, marksman, good shot, crack shot, sharpshooter, propelled, propelling, propulsive, projectile.

VB propel, project, throw, fling, cast, pitch, chuck, toss, jerk, heave, shy, hurl, flirt, fillip, dart, lance, tilt, ejaculate, jaculate, fulminate, bolt, drive, sling, pitchfork, send, send off, let off, fire off, discharge, shoot, launch, release, send forth, let fly, put in orbit, send into orbit, launch into orbit dash, put in motion, set in motion, set agoing, start, give a start, give an impulse to, impel, trundle, expel, carry one off one's legs, put to flight.


VB give exit, give vent to, let out, give out, pour out, squeeze out, send out, dispatch, despatch, exhale, excern, excrete, embogue, secrete, secern, extravasate, shed, void, evacuation, emit, open the sluices, open the floodgates, turn on the tap, extrude, detrude, effuse, spend, expend, pour forth, squirt, spirt, spurt, spill, slop, perspire, breathe, blow, tap, draw off, bale out, lade out, let blood, broach, eject, reject, expel, discard, cut, send to coventry, boycott, chasser, banish, bounce, fire, fire out, throw, throw out, throw up, throw off, throw away, throw aside, push, throw out, throw off, throw away, throw aside, shovel out, shovel away, sweep out, sweep away, brush off, brush away, whisk off, whisk away, turn off, turn away, send off, send away, discharge, send adrift, turn adrift, cast adrift, turn out, bundle out, throw overboard, give the sack to, send packing, send about one's business, send to the right about, strike off the roll, turn out neck and heels, turn out head and shoulders, turn out neck and crop, pack off, send away with a flea in the ear, send to Jericho, bow out, show the door to, turn out of doors, turn out of house and home, evict, oust, unhouse, unkennel, dislodge, unpeople, dispeople, depopulate, relegate, deport, empty, drain to the dregs, sweep off, clear off, clear out, clear away, suck, draw off, clean out, make a clean sweep of, clear decks, purge, embowel, disbowel, disembowel, eviscerate, gut, unearth, root out, root up, averuncate, weed out, get out, eliminate, get rid of, do away with, shake off, exenterate, vomit, throw up, regurgitate, spew, puke, keck, retch, heave, upchuck, chuck up, barf, belch out, cast up, bring up, be sick, get sick, worship the porcelain god, disgorge, expectorate, clear the throat, hawk, spit, sputter, splutter, slobber, drivel, slaver, slabber, eructate, drool, unpack, unlade, unload, unship, offload, break bulk, dump, be let out, spew forth, erupt, ooze.

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