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Noun, Verb (intransitive)


Noun Triumph has 2 senses

Verb Triumph has 4 senses


Triumphn. [L. triumphus, OL. triumpus; of uncertain origin; cf. Gr. a procession in honor of Bacchus: cf. F. triomphe. Cf. Trump at cards.].
  •  A magnificent and imposing ceremonial performed in honor of a general who had gained a decisive victory over a foreign enemy.  [1913 Webster]
    " The general was allowed to enter the city crowned with a wreath of laurel, bearing a scepter in one hand, and a branch of laurel in the other, riding in a circular chariot, of a peculiar form, drawn by four horses. He was preceded by the senate and magistrates, musicians, the spoils, the captives in fetters, etc., and followed by his army on foot in marching order. The procession advanced in this manner to the Capitoline Hill, where sacrifices were offered, and victorious commander entertained with a public feast."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Hence, any triumphal procession; a pompous exhibition; a stately show or pageant.  [1913 Webster]
    "Our daughter,
    In honor of whose birth these triumphs are,
    Sits here, like beauty's child.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  A state of joy or exultation for success.  [1913 Webster]
    "Great triumph and rejoicing was in heaven."  [1913 Webster]
    "Hercules from Spain
    Arrived in triumph, from Geryon slain.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Success causing exultation; victory; conquest; as, the triumph of knowledge.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A trump card; also, an old game at cards.  [1913 Webster]
Triumphv. i. [L. triumphare: cf. F. triompher. See Triumph, n.].
  •  To celebrate victory with pomp; to rejoice over success; to exult in an advantage gained; to exhibit exultation.  [1913 Webster]
    "How long shall the wicked triumph?"  [1913 Webster]
    "Sorrow on thee and all the pack of you
    That triumph thus upon my misery!
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To obtain victory; to be successful; to prevail.  [1913 Webster]
    "Triumphing over death, and chance, and thee, O Time."  [1913 Webster]
    "On this occasion, however, genius triumphed."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To be prosperous; to flourish.  [1913 Webster]
    "Where commerce triumphed on the favoring gales."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To play a trump card.  B. Jonson.  [1913 Webster]
Triumphv. t. 
     To obtain a victory over; to prevail over; to conquer. Also, to cause to triumph.  [1913 Webster]
    "Two and thirty legions that awe
    All nations of the triumphed word.
    "  [1913 Webster]


Triumph, n. & v.
1 a the state of being victorious or successful (returned home in triumph). b a great success or achievement.
2 a supreme example (a triumph of engineering).
3 joy at success; exultation (could see triumph in her face).
4 the processional entry of a victorious general into ancient Rome.
1 (often foll. by over) gain a victory; be successful; prevail.
2 ride in triumph.
3 (often foll. by over) exult.

ME f. OF triumphe (n.), triumpher (v.), f. L triump(h)us prob. f. Gk thriambos hymn to Bacchus



Cadmean victory, KO, Pyrrhic victory, accomplishment, achievement, anniversaries, ascendancy, attainment, be victorious, bear the palm, beat, beat all hollow, beat hollow, beat the game, beat the system, best, best seller, big hit, break the record, brilliant success, carry the day, celebrating, celebration, ceremony, championship, clobber, come through, come up fighting, come up smiling, commemoration, conquer, conquest, coup, crow, crow over, crowing, defeat, delight, destroy, do in, dominate, dressing ship, drub, easy victory, elation, exhilaration, exult, exultation, exulting, fad, fanfare, fanfaronade, festivity, fix, flourish of trumpets, gain, gas, gasser, gloat, gloat over, gloating, glory, grand slam, great success, happiness, hide, hit, holiday, hoopla, hors de combat, joy, jubilance, jubilate, jubilation, jubilee, killing, knockout, lambaste, landslide, landslide victory, lather, lick, live through, marking the occasion, master, mastery, memorialization, memory, merriment, meteoric success, momentary success, moral victory, observance, outclass, outdo, outfight, outgeneral, outmaneuver, outpoint, outrun, outsail, outshine, ovation, overcome, overwhelm, persevere, picnic, prevail, prevail over, prosper, pushover, put, rapture, raucous happiness, rejoicing, religious rites, remembrance, resounding triumph, revel, reveling, riot, rise above, rite, ritual observance, roaring success, rout, ruin, runaway victory, salute, salvo, sensation, settle, show of joy, skin, skin alive, smash, smash hit, solemn observance, solemnization, subdual, subdue, subduing, succeed, success, surmount, take the cake, testimonial, testimonial banquet, testimonial dinner, thrash, thrive, toast, total victory, tribute, trim, triumph over, trounce, undo, vanquish, vanquishing, vanquishment, victory, walkaway, walkover, weather out, weather the storm, whip, whoopee, win, win out, win through, winning, winning streak, worst, wow




N success, successfulness, speed, advance, trump card, hit, stroke, score, lucky hit, fortunate hit, good hit, good stroke, direct hit, bull's eye, goal, point, touchdown, home run, homer, hole-in-one, grand slam, killing, windfall bold stroke, master stroke, ten strike, coup de maitre, checkmate, half the battle, prize, profit, continued success, good fortune, time well spent, advantage over, upper hand, whip hand, ascendancy, mastery, expugnation, conquest, victory, subdual, subjugation, triumph, proficiency, conqueror, victor, winner, master of the situation, master of the position, top of the heap, king of the hill, achiever, success, success story, succeeding, successful, prosperous, triumphant, flushed with success, crowned with success, victorious, on top, set up, in the ascendant, unbeaten (beat), well-spent, felicitous, effective, in full swing, successfully, well flying colors, in triumph, swimmingly, a merveille, beyond all hope, to some purpose, to good purpose, to one's heart's content, veni vidi vici, the day being one's own, one's star in the ascendant, omne tulit punctum, bis vincit qui se vincit in victoria, cede repugnanti cedendo victor abibis, chacun est l'artisan de sa fortune, dies faustus, l'art de vaincre est celui de mepriser la mort, omnia vincit amor, love conquers all, peace hath her victories no less renowned than war, the race by vigor not by vaunts is won, vincit qui patitur, vincit qui se vincit, The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet.

VB succeed, be successful, gain one's end, gain one's ends, crown with success, gain a point, attain a point, carry a point, secure a point, win a point, win an object, get there, manage to, contrive to, accomplish, do wonders, work wonders, make a go of it, come off well, come off successful, come off with flying colors, make short work of, take by storm, carry by storm, bear away the bell, win one's wings, win one's spurs, win the battle, win the day, carry the day, gain the day, gain the prize, gain the palm, have the best of it, have it all one's own way, have the game in one's owns hands, have the ball at one's feet, have one on the hop, walk over the course, carry all before one, remain in possession of the field, score a success, speed, make progress, win one's way, make one's way, work one's way, find one's way, strive to some purpose, prosper, drive a roaring trade, make profit, reap the fruits, gather the fruits, reap the benefit of, reap the harvest, strike oil, gain a windfall, make one's fortune, get in the harvest, turn to good account, turn to account, triumph, be triumphant, gain a victory, obtain a victory, gain an advantage, chain victory to one's car, nail a coonskin to the wall, surmount a difficulty, overcome a difficulty, get over a difficulty, get over an obstacle, se tirer d'affaire, make head against, stem the torrent, stem the tide, stem the current, weather the storm, weather a point, turn a corner, keep one's head above water, tide over, master, get the better of, have the better of, gain the better of, gain the best of, gain the upper hand, gain the ascendancy, gain the whip hand, gain the start of, distance, surpass, defeat, conquer, vanquish, discomfit, euchre, overcome, overthrow, overpower, overmaster, overmatch, overset, override, overreach, outwit, outdo, outflank, outmaneuver, outgeneral, outvote, take the wind out of one's adversary's sails, beat, beat hollow, rout, lick, drub, floor, worst, put down, put to flight, put to the rout, put hors de combat, put out of court, silence, quell, nonsuit, checkmate, upset, confound, nonplus, stalemate, trump, baffle, circumvent, elude, trip up, trip up the heels of, drive into a corner, drive to the wall, run hard, put one's nose out of joint, settle, do for, break the neck of, break the back of, capsize, sink, shipwreck, drown, swamp, subdue, subjugate, reduce, make the enemy bite the dust, victimize, roll in the dust, trample under foot, put an extinguisher upon, answer, answer the purpose, avail, prevail, take effect, do, turn out well, work well, take, tell, bear fruit, hit it, hit the mark, hit the right nail on the head, nick it, turn up trumps, make a hit, find one's account in.


N trophy, medal, prize, palm, award, laurel, laurels, bays, crown, chaplet, wreath, civic crown, insignia, feather in one's cap, decoration, garland, triumphal arch, Victoria Cross, Iron Cross, triumph, flying colors, monumentum aere perennius, for valor.


N rejoicing, exultation, triumph, jubilation, heyday, flush, revelling, merrymaking, jubilee, paean, Te Deum, congratulation, smile, simper, smirk, grin, broad grin, sardonic grin, laughter (amusement), risibility, derision, Momus, Democritus the Abderite, rollicker, rejoicing, jubilant, exultant, triumphant, flushed, elated, pleased, delighted, tickled pink, amused, cheerful, laughable, Int, hurrah!, Huzza!, aha!, hail!, tolderolloll!, Heaven be praised!, io triumphe!, tant mieux!, so much the better, the heart leaping with joy, ce n'est pas etre bien aise que de rire, Laughter holding both his sides, le roi est mort, vive le roi, with his eyes in flood with laughter.

VB rejoice, thank one's stars, bless one's stars, congratulate oneself, hug oneself, rub one's hands, clap one's hands, smack the lips, fling up one's cap, dance, skip, sing, carol, chirrup, chirp, hurrah, cry for joy, jump for joy, leap with joy, exult, triumph, hold jubilee, make merry, laugh, raise laughter.


N celebration, solemnization, jubilee, commemoration, ovation, paean, triumph, jubilation, ceremony (rite), holiday, fiesta, zarabanda, revelry, feast (amusement), china anniversary, diamond anniversary, golden anniversary, silver anniversary, tin anniversary, china jubilee, diamond jubilee, golden jubilee, silver jubilee, tin jubilee, china wedding, diamond wedding, golden wedding, silver wedding, tin wedding, triumphal arch, bonfire, salute, salvo, salvo of artillery, feu de joie, flourish of trumpets, fanfare, colors flying, illuminations, inauguration, installation, presentation, coronation, Lord Mayor's show, harvest-home, red-letter day, trophy, Te Deum, fete, holiday, Forefathers' Day, celebrating, commemorative, celebrated, immortal, in honor of, in commemoration of, Int, hail!, all hail!, io paean, io triumphe!, see the conquering hero comes!.


N boasting, boast, vaunt, crake, pretense, pretensions, puff, puffery, flourish, fanfaronade, gasconade, blague, bluff, gas, highfalutin, highfaluting, hot air, spread-eagleism, brag, braggardism, bravado, bunkum, buncombe, jactitation, jactancy, bounce, venditation, vaporing, rodomontade, bombast, fine talking, tall talk, magniloquence, teratology, heroics, Chauvinism, exaggeration, vanity, vox et praeterea nihil, much cry and little wool, brutum fulmen, exultation, gloriation, glorification, flourish of trumpets, triumph, boaster, braggart, braggadocio, Gascon, fanfaron, pretender, soi-disant, blower, bluffer, Foxy Quiller, blusterer, charlatan, jack-pudding, trumpeter, puppy, boasting, magniloquent, flaming, Thrasonic, stilted, gasconading, braggart, boastful, pretentious, soi-disant, vainglorious, highfalutin, highfaluting, spread- eagle, elate, elated, jubilant, triumphant, exultant, in high feather, flushed, flushed with victory, cock-a-hoop, on stilts, vaunted, vauntingly, let the galled jade wince, facta non verba.

VB boast, make a boast of, brag, vaunt, Puff, show off, flourish, crake, crack, trumpet, strut, swagger, vapor, blague, blow, four-flush, bluff, exult, crow, crow over, neigh, chuckle, triumph, throw up one's cap, talk big, se faire valoir, faire claquer son fouet, take merit to oneself, make a merit of, sing Io triumphe, holloa before one is out of the wood.

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