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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Noun wing has 11 senses

Verb wing has 1 sense


wingn. [OE. winge, wenge; probably of Scand. origin; cf. Dan. & Sw. vinge, Icel. vængr.].
  •  One of the two anterior limbs of a bird, pterodactyl, or bat. They correspond to the arms of man, and are usually modified for flight, but in the case of a few species of birds, as the ostrich, auk, etc., the wings are used only as an assistance in running or swimming.  [1913 Webster]
    " In the wing of a bird the long quill feathers are in series. The primaries are those attached to the ulnar side of the hand; the secondaries, or wing coverts, those of the forearm: the scapulars, those that lie over the humerus; and the bastard feathers, those of the short outer digit. See Illust. of Bird, and Plumage."  [1913 Webster]
    "As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Any similar member or instrument used for the purpose of flying.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Passage by flying; flight; as, to take wing.  [1913 Webster]
    "Light thickens; and the crow
    Makes wing to the rooky wood.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Motive or instrument of flight; means of flight or of rapid motion.  [1913 Webster]
    "Fiery expedition be my wing."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Anything which agitates the air as a wing does, or which is put in winglike motion by the action of the air, as a fan or vane for winnowing grain, the vane or sail of a windmill, etc.  [1913 Webster]
  •  An ornament worn on the shoulder; a small epaulet or shoulder knot.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Any appendage resembling the wing of a bird or insect in shape or appearance.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One of two corresponding appendages attached; a sidepiece.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Any surface used primarily for supporting a flying machine in flight, especially the flat or slightly curved planes on a heavier-than-air aircraft which provide most of the lift. In fixed-wing aircraft there are usually two main wings fixed on opposite sides of the fuselage. Smaller wings are typically placed near the tail primarily for stabilization, but may be absent in certain kinds of aircraft. Helicopters usually have no fixed wings, the lift being supplied by the rotating blade.  [PJC]
  •  One of two factions within an organization, as a political party, which are opposed to each other; as, right wing or left wing.  [PJC]
  •  An administrative division of the air force or of a naval air group, consisting of a certain number of airplanes and the personnel associated with them.  [PJC]
On the wing. (a) Supported by, or flying with, the wings another. -- On the wings of the wind, with the utmost velocity. -- Under the wing of, or Under the wings of, under the care or protection of. -- Wing and wing (Naut.), with sails hauled out on either side; -- said of a schooner, or her sails, when going before the wind with the foresail on one side and the mainsail on the other; also said of a square-rigged vessel which has her studding sails set. Cf. Goosewinged. -- Wing case (Zoöl.), one of the anterior wings of beetles, and of some other insects, when thickened and used to protect the hind wings; an elytron; -- called also wing cover. -- Wing covert (Zoöl.), one of the small feathers covering the bases of the wing quills. See Covert, n., 2. -- Wing gudgeon (Mach.), an iron gudgeon for the end of a wooden axle, having thin, broad projections to prevent it from turning in the wood. See Illust. of Gudgeon. -- Wing shell (Zoöl.), wing case of an insect. -- Wing stroke, the stroke or sweep of a wing. -- Wing transom (Naut.), the uppermost transom of the stern; -- called also main transom. J. Knowles.
wingv. t. 
  •  To furnish with wings; to enable to fly, or to move with celerity.  [1913 Webster]
    "Who heaves old ocean, and whowings the storms."  [1913 Webster]
    "Living, to wing with mirth the weary hours."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To supply with wings or sidepieces.  [1913 Webster]
    "The main battle, whose puissance on either side
    Shall be well winged with our chiefest horse.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To transport by flight; to cause to fly.  [1913 Webster]
    "I, an old turtle,
    Will wing me to some withered bough.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To move through in flight; to fly through.  [1913 Webster]
    "There's not an arrow wings the sky
    But fancy turns its point to him.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To cut off the wings of or to wound in the wing; to disable a wing of; as, to wing a bird; also, [fig.] to wound the arm of a person.  [1913 Webster]
To wing a flight, to exert the power of flying; to fly.


wing, n. & v.
1 each of the limbs or organs by which a bird, bat, or insect is able to fly.
2 a rigid horizontal winglike structure forming a supporting part of an aircraft.
3 part of a building etc. which projects or is extended in a certain direction (lived in the north wing).
4 a a forward player at either end of a line in football, hockey, etc. b the side part of a playing-area.
5 (in pl.) the sides of a theatre stage out of view of the audience.
6 a section of a political party in terms of the extremity of its views.
7 a flank of a battle array (the cavalry were massed on the left wing).
8 Brit. the part of a motor vehicle covering a wheel.
9 a an air-force unit of several squadrons or groups. b (in pl.) a pilot's badge in the RAF etc. (get one's wings).
10 Anat. & Bot. a lateral part or projection of an organ or structure.
1 intr. & tr. travel or traverse on wings or in an aircraft (winging through the air; am winging my way home).
2 tr. wound in a wing or an arm.
3 tr. equip with wings.
4 tr. enable to fly; send in flight (fear winged my steps; winged an arrow towards them).

give (or lend) wings to speed up (a person or a thing). on the wing flying or in flight. on a wing and a prayer with only the slightest chance of success. spread (or stretch) one's wings develop one's powers fully. take under one's wing treat as a prot{eacute}g{eacute}. take wing fly away; soar. waiting in the wings holding oneself in readiness. wing-beat one complete set of motions with a wing in flying. wing-case the horny cover of an insect's wing. wing-chair a chair with side-pieces projecting forwards at the top of a high back. wing-collar a man's high stiff collar with turned-down corners. wing commander an RAF officer next below group captain. winged words highly apposite or significant words. wing-game game-birds. wing-nut a nut with projections for the fingers to turn it on a screw. wing-span (or -spread) measurement right across the wings of a bird or aircraft. wing-stroke = wing-beat. wing-tip the outer end of an aircraft's or a bird's wing.
winged adj. (also in comb.). wingless adj. winglet n. winglike adj.
ME pl. wenge, -en, -es f. ON v{aelig}ngir, pl. of v{aelig}ngr



KP, L, act drop, addition, administration, aeroplane, affiliate, age group, air arm, air corps, air force, air service, airlift, airplane, annex, appendage, arm, army, army group, asbestos, asbestos board, auspices, backdrop, balloon, band, battalion, batten, battery, battle group, be airborne, bear, bevy, block, body, border, bough, branch, branch office, breakaway group, breast, brigade, bugger, bulge, bunch, cabal, cadre, camp, care, carry, cast, castrate, caucus, chapter, charge, chicken foot, clique, cloth, cohort, column, combat command, combat team, company, complement, conduct, contingent, convey, corps, coterie, coulisse, counterweight, covey, crew, cripple, crowd, cruise, cure, curtain, curtain board, custodianship, custody, cyclorama, dark meat, de-energize, debilitate, decor, detachment, detail, disable, disenable, division, drain, drift, drop, drop curtain, drumstick, ell, emasculate, enfeeble, escadrille, ethnic group, expansion, extension, faction, ferry, field army, field train, file, fire curtain, flat, fleet, flight, flipper, flit, fly, flying column, freight, gang, garrison, giblets, glide, governance, government, group, grouping, groupment, guardianship, guidance, hamstring, hand, hands, hanging, hobble, hop, hors de combat, hover, hydroplane, imp, in-group, inactivate, incapacitate, interest, interest group, jet, joint, junta, jurisdiction, keeping, kibosh, kitchen police, lame, leg, legion, lift, limb, link, lobe, lobule, local, lodge, lug, maim, management, manhandle, maniple, member, ministry, minority group, mob, movement, navigate, neck, offshoot, organ, organization, out-group, outfit, oversight, oyster, pack, party, pastorage, pastorate, pastorship, patronage, peer group, phalanx, pinion, platoon, political party, posse, post, pressure group, projection, prolongation, protectorship, protrusion, protuberance, put, queer, queer the works, rag, ramification, rank, regiment, runner, sabotage, safe hands, sail, sailplane, salon, scene, scenery, scion, screen, seaplane, sect, section, set, side, side scene, silent majority, soar, spike, splinter, splinter group, spray, sprig, spur, squad, squadron, stable, stage screw, stewardship, strategic air force, string, sweep, switch, tab, tableau, tactical air force, tactical unit, tail, take, take the air, take wing, task force, team, teaser, tendril, thigh, tormentor, tote, train, transformation, transformation scene, transport, tribe, troop, troupe, turkey foot, tutelage, twig, unfit, unit, vocal minority, volplane, waft, ward, wardenship, wardship, watch and ward, weaken, whisk, white meat, wingcut, wishbone, woodcut, wreck



The Drama

N the drama, the stage, the theater, the play, film the film, movies, motion pictures, cinema, cinematography, theatricals, dramaturgy, histrionic art, buskin, sock, cothurnus, Melpomene and Thalia, Thespis, play, drama, stage play, piece, five-act play, tragedy, comedy, opera, vaudeville, comedietta, lever de rideau, interlude, afterpiece, exode, farce, divertissement, extravaganza, burletta, harlequinade, pantomime, burlesque, opera bouffe, ballet, spectacle, masque, drame comedie drame, melodrama, melodrame, comidie larmoyante, sensation drama, tragicomedy, farcical-comedy, monodrame monologue, duologue trilogy, charade, proverbs, mystery, miracle play, musical, musical comedy, western, horse opera, flick, spy film, love story, adventure film, documentary, nature film, pornographic film, smoker, skin flick, X-rated film, act, scene, tableau, induction, introduction, prologue, epilogue, libretto, performance, representation, mise en scene, stagery, jeu de theatre, acting, gesture, impersonation, stage business, gag, buffoonery, light comedy, genteel comedy, low comedy, theater, playhouse, opera house, house, music hall, amphitheater, circus, hippodrome, theater in the round, puppet show, fantoccini, marionettes, Punch and Judy, auditory, auditorium, front of the house, stalls, boxes, pit, gallery, parquet, greenroom, coulisses, flat, drop, drop scene, wing, screen, side scene, transformation scene, curtain, act drop, proscenium, stage, scene, scenery, the boards, trap, mezzanine floor, flies, floats, footlights, offstage, orchestra, theatrical costume, theatrical properties, movie studio, back lot, on location, part, role, character, dramatis personae, repertoire, actor, thespian, player, method actor, stage player, strolling player, stager, performer, mime, mimer, artists, comedian, tragedian, tragedienne, Roscius, star, movie star, star of stage and screen, superstar, idol, sex symbol, supporting actor, supporting cast, ham, hamfatter, masker, pantomimist, clown harlequin, buffo, buffoon, farceur, grimacer, pantaloon, columbine, punchinello, pulcinello, pulcinella, extra, bit- player, walk-on role, cameo appearance, mute, figurante, general utility, super, supernumerary, company, first tragedian, prima donna, protagonist, jeune premier, debutant, debutante, light comedian, genteel comedian, low comedian, walking gentleman, amoroso, heavy father, ingenue, jeune veuve, mummer, guiser, guisard, gysart, masque, mountebank, Jack Pudding, tumbler, posture master, acrobat, contortionist, ballet dancer, ballet girl, chorus singer, coryphee danseuse, property man, costumier, machinist, prompter, call boy, manager, director, stage manager, acting manager, producer, entrepreneur, impresario, backer, investor, angel, dramatic author, dramatic writer, play writer, playwright, dramatist, mimographer, dramatic, theatric, theatrical, scenic, histrionic, comic, tragic, buskined, farcical, tragicomic, melodramatic, operatic, stagy, on the stage, on the boards, on film, before the floats, before an audience, behind the scenes, fere totus mundus exercet histrionem, suit the action to the word, the word to the action, the play's the thing, to wake the soul by tender strokes of art.


N instrument, machinery, mechanism, engineering, instrument, organ, tool, implement, utensil, machine, engine, lathe, gin, mill, air engine, caloric engine, heat engine, gear, tackle, tackling, rig, rigging, apparatus, appliances, plant, materiel, harness, trappings, fittings, accouterments, barde, equipment, equipmentage, appointments, furniture, upholstery, chattels, paraphernalia, mechanical powers, lever, leverage, mechanical advantage, crow, crowbar, handspike, gavelock, jemmy, jimmy, arm, limb, wing, oar, paddle, pulley, wheel and axle, wheelwork, clockwork, wheels within wheels, pinion, crank, winch, cam, pedal, capstan, wheel, inclined plane, wedge, screw, spring, mainspring, can hook, glut, heald, heddle, jenny, parbuckle, sprag, water wheel, handle, hilt, haft, shaft, heft, shank, blade, trigger, tiller, helm, treadle, key, turnscrew, screwdriver, knocker, hammer, edge tool, borer, vice, teeth, nail, rope, peg, support, spoon, arms, oar, cardiograph, recapper, snowplow, tenpenny, votograph, instrumental, mechanical, machinal, brachial.


N refuge, sanctuary, retreat, fastness, acropolis, keep, last resort, ward, prison, asylum, ark, home, refuge for the destitute, almshouse, hiding place, sanctum sanctorum, roadstead, anchorage, breakwater, mole, port, haven, harbor, harbor of refuge, seaport, pier, jetty, embankment, quay, covert, cover, shelter, screen, lee wall, wing, shield, umbrella, barrier, dashboard, dasher, wall, fort, anchor, kedge, grapnel, grappling iron, sheet anchor, killick, mainstay, support, cheek, ballast, jury mast, vent-peg, safety valve, blow-off valve, safety lamp, lightning rod, lightning conductor, safety belt, airbag, seat belt, antilock brakes, antiskid tires, snow tires, means of escape, lifeboat, lifejacket, life buoy, swimming belt, cork jacket, parachute, plank, steppingstone, emergency landing, safeguard, any port in a storm, bibere venenum in auro, valet anchora virtus.


N adjunct, addition, additament, additum, affix, appelidage, annexe, annex, augment, augmentation, increment, reinforcement, supernumerary, accessory, item, garnish, sauce, accompaniment, adjective, addendum, complement, supplement, continuation, rider, offshoot, episode, side issue, corollary, piece, flap, lappet, skirt, embroidery, trappings, cortege, tail, suffix, wing, additional, alate, alated, winged, in addition.


N part, portion, dose, item, particular, aught, any, division, ward, subdivision, section, chapter, clause, count, paragraph, verse, article, passage, sector, segment, fraction, fragment, cantle, frustum, detachment, parcel, piece, lump, bit cut, cutting, chip, chunk, collop, slice, scale, lamina, small part, morsel, particle, installment, dividend, share, debris, odds and ends, oddments, detritus, excerpta, member, limb, lobe, lobule, arm, wing, scion, branch, bough, joint, link, offshoot, ramification, twig, bush, spray, sprig, runner, leaf, leaflet, stump, component part, sarmentum, compartment, department, county, fractional, fragmentary, sectional, aliquot, divided, in compartments, multifid, disconnected, partial, partly, in part, partially, piecemeal, part by part, by by installments, by snatches, by inches, by driblets, bit by bit, inch by inch, foot by foot, drop by drop, in detail, in lots.


N combatant, disputant, controversialist, polemic, litigant, belligerent, competitor, rival, corrival, fighter, assailant, champion, Paladin, mosstrooper, swashbuckler fire eater, duelist, bully, bludgeon man, rough, prize fighter, pugilist, boxer, bruiser, the fancy, gladiator, athlete, wrestler, fighting-cock, game-cock, warrior, soldier, fighting man, Amazon, man at arms, armigerent, campaigner, veteran, swordsman, sabreur, redcoat, military man, Rajput, armed force, troops, soldiery, military forces, sabaoth, the army, standing army, regulars, the line, troops of the line, militia, yeomanry, volunteers, trainband, fencible, auxiliary, bersagliere, brave, garde-nationale, garde-royale, minuteman, auxiliary forces, reserve forces, reserves, posse comitatus, national guard, gendarme, beefeater, guards, guardsman, yeomen of the guard, life guards, household troops, janissary, myrmidon, Mama, Mameluke, spahee, spahi, Cossack, Croat, Pandoz, irregular, guerilla, partisan, condottiere, franctireur, tirailleur, bashi-bazouk, vietminh, vietcong, shining path, contras, huk, hukbalahap, mercenary, soldier of fortune, hired gun, gunfighter, gunslinger, bushwhacker, free lance, companion, Hessian, hit man torpedo, soldier, levy, draught, Landwehr, Landsturm, conscript, recruit, cadet, raw levies, infantry, infantryman, private, private soldier, foot soldier, Tommy Atkins, rank and file, peon, trooper, sepoy, legionnaire, legionary, cannon fodder, food for powder, officer, subaltern, ensign, standard bearer, spearman, pikeman, spear bearer, halberdier, lancer, musketeer, carabineer, rifleman, jager, sharpshooter, yager, skirmisher, grenadier, fusileer, archer, bowman, horse and foot, horse soldier, cavalry, horse, artillery, horse artillery, light horse, voltigeur, uhlan, mounted rifles, dragoon, hussar, light dragoon, heavy dragoon, heavy, cuirassier, Foot Guards, Horse Guards, gunner, cannoneer, bombardier, artilleryman, matross, sapper, sapper and miner, engineer, light infantry, rifles, chasseur, zouave, military train, coolie, army, corps d'armee, host, division, battalia, column, wing, detachment, garrison, flying column, brigade, regiment, corps, battalion, sotnia, squadron, company, platoon, battery, subdivision, section, squad, piquet, picket, guard, rank, file, legion, phalanx, cohort, cloud of skirmishers, war horse, charger, destrier, marine, man-of-war's man, navy, wooden walls, naval forces, fleet, flotilla, armada, squadron, man-of-war, destroyer, submarine, minesweeper, torpedo-boat, torpedo-destroyer, patrol torpedo boat, PT boat, torpedo- catcher, war castle, H, M, S, battleship, battle wagon, dreadnought, line of battle ship, ship of the line, aircraft carrier, carrier, flattop, helicopter carrier, missile platform, missile boat, ironclad, turret ship, ram, monitor, floating battery, first- rate, frigate, sloop of war, corvette, gunboat, bomb vessel, flagship, guard ship, cruiser, armored cruiser, protected cruiser, privateer, tender, store ship, troop ship, transport, catamaran, merchant marine.


N laterality, side, flank, quarter, lee, hand, cheek, jowl, jole, wing, profile, temple, parietes, loin, haunch, hip, beam, gable, gable end, broadside, lee side, points of the compass, East, Orient, Levant, West, orientation, lateral, sidelong, collateral, parietal, flanking, skirting, flanked, sideling, many sided, multilateral, bilateral, trilateral, quadrilateral, Eastern, orient, oriental, Levantine, Western, occidental, Hesperian, sideways, sidelong, broadside on, on one side, abreast, alongside, beside, aside, by the side of, side by side, cheek by jowl, to windward, to leeward, laterally, right and left, on her beam ends, his cheek the may of days outworn.


N navigation, aquatics, boating, yachting, ship, oar, paddle, screw, sail, canvas, aileron, natation, swimming, fin, flipper, fish's tail, aerostation, aerostatics, aeronautics, balloonery, balloon, ballooning, aviation, airmanship, flying, flight, volitation, wing, pinion, rocketry, space travel, astronautics, orbital mechanics, orbiting, voyage, sail, cruise, passage, circumnavigation, periplus, headway, sternway, leeway, fairway, mariner, flight, trip, shuttle, run, airlift, sailing, volant, aerostatic, seafaring, nautical, maritime, naval, seagoing, coasting, afloat, navigable, aerial, aeronautic, grallatory, under way, under sail, under canvas, under steam, on the wing, in flight, in orbit, bon voyage, spread the thin oar and catch the driving gale.

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