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Noun, Verb (transitive), Adjective


Noun tin has 4 senses

Verb tin has 3 senses


tinn. [As. tin; akin to D. tin, G. zinn, OHG. zin, Icel. & Dan. tin, Sw. tenn; of unknown origin.].
  •  An elementary substance found as an oxide in the mineral cassiterite, and reduced as a soft silvery-white crystalline metal, with a tinge of yellowish-blue, and a high luster. It is malleable at ordinary temperatures, but brittle when heated. It is softer than gold and can be beaten out into very thin strips called tinfoil. It is ductile at 2120, when it can be drawn out into wire which is not very tenacious; it melts at 4420, and at a higher temperature burns with a brilliant white light. Air and moisture act on tin very slightly. The peculiar properties of tin, especially its malleability, its brilliancy and the slowness with which it rusts make it very serviceable. With other metals it forms valuable alloys, as bronze, gun metal, bell metal, pewter and solder. It is not easily oxidized in the air, and is used chiefly to coat iron to protect it from rusting, in the form of tin foil with mercury to form the reflective surface of mirrors, and in solder, bronze, speculum metal, and other alloys. Its compounds are designated as stannous, or stannic. Symbol Sn (Stannum). Atomic weight 117.4.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Thin plates of iron covered with tin; tin plate.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Money.  Beaconsfield.  [1913 Webster]
Block tin (Metal.), commercial tin, cast into blocks, and partially refined, but containing small quantities of various impurities, as copper, lead, iron, arsenic, etc.; solid tin as distinguished from tin plate; -- called also bar tin. -- Butter of tin. (Old Chem.) See Fuming liquor of Libavius, under Fuming. -- Grain tin. (Metal.) See under Grain. -- Salt of tin (Dyeing), stannous chloride, especially so called when used as a mordant. -- Stream tin. See under Stream. -- Tin cry (Chem.), the peculiar creaking noise made when a bar of tin is bent. It is produced by the grating of the crystal granules on each other. -- Tin foil, tin reduced to a thin leaf. -- Tin frame (Mining), a kind of buddle used in washing tin ore. -- Tin liquor, Tin mordant (Dyeing), stannous chloride, used as a mordant in dyeing and calico printing. -- Tin penny, a customary duty in England, formerly paid to tithingmen for liberty to dig in tin mines. [Obs.] Bailey. -- Tin plate, thin sheet iron coated with tin. -- Tin pyrites. See Stannite.
tinv. t. 
     To cover with tin or tinned iron, or to overlay with tin foil.  [1913 Webster]


tin, n. & v.
1 Chem. a silvery-white malleable metallic element resisting corrosion, occurring naturally in cassiterite and other ores, and used esp. in alloys and for plating thin iron or steel sheets to form tin plate.

put the tin lid on see LID. tin can a tin container (see sense 2 of n.), esp. an empty one. tin foil foil made of tin, aluminium, or tin alloy, used for wrapping food for cooking or storing. tin-glaze a glaze made white and opaque by the addition of tin oxide. tin god
1 an object of unjustified veneration.
2 a self-important person. tin hat colloq. a military steel helmet. tin Lizzie colloq. an old or decrepit car. tin-opener a tool for opening tins. tin-pan alley the world of composers and publishers of popular music. tin plate sheet iron or sheet steel coated with tin. tin-plate v.tr. coat with tin. tin soldier a toy soldier made of metal. tin-tack an iron tack. tin whistle = penny whistle.
Symb.: Sn.
2 a a vessel or container made of tin or tinned iron. b Brit. an airtight sealed container made of tin plate or aluminium for preserving food.
3 = tin plate.
4 Brit. sl. money.
--v.tr. (tinned, tinning)
1 seal (food) in an airtight tin for preservation.
2 cover or coat with tin.
OE f. Gmc



affected, apocryphal, artificial, assumed, aureate, bag, barrel, basket, bastard, bogus, bottle, box, box up, brass, brassy, brazen, bronze, bronzy, brummagem, can, capsule, carton, case, cask, colorable, colored, copper, coppery, counterfeit, counterfeited, crate, cupreous, cuprous, distorted, do up, dressed up, dummy, embellished, embroidered, encase, encyst, ersatz, factitious, fake, faked, falsified, feigned, ferrous, ferruginous, fictitious, fictive, garbled, gilt, gold, gold-filled, gold-plated, golden, hamper, illegitimate, imitation, iron, ironlike, jar, junky, lead, leaden, make-believe, man-made, mercurial, mercurous, mock, nickel, nickelic, nickeline, pack, package, parcel, perverted, pewter, pewtery, phony, pinchbeck, pot, pretended, pseudo, put up, put-on, quasi, queer, quicksilver, sack, self-styled, sham, shoddy, silver, silver-plated, silvery, simulated, so-called, soi-disant, spurious, steel, steely, supposititious, synthetic, tank, tinny, tinsel, titivated, twisted, unauthentic, ungenuine, unnatural, unreal, warped




VB preserve, maintain, keep, sustain, support, hold, keep up, keep alive, refrigerate, keep on ice, not willingly let die, bank up, nurse, save, rescue, be safe, make safe, take care of, guard, stare super antiquas vias, hold one's own, hold one's ground, stand one's ground, embalm, cure, salt, pickle, season, kyanize, bottle, pot, tin, can, sterilize, pasteurize, radiate, dry, lyophilize, freeze- dry, concentrate, evaporate, freeze, quick-freeze, deep-freeze, husband.


N money, legal tender, money matters, money market, finance, accounts, funds, treasure, capital, stock, assets, wealth, supplies, ways and means, wherewithal, sinews of war, almighty dollar, needful, cash, mammon, dough, cabbage, money-like instruments, M, M, sum, amount, balance, balance sheet, sum total, proceeds, currency, circulating medium, specie, coin, piece, hard cash, cold cash, dollar, sterling coin, pounds shillings and pence, Ls, d, pocket, breeches pocket, purse, money in hand, cash at hand, ready money, ready cash, slug, wad wad of bills, wad of money, thick wad of bills, roll of dough, rhino, blunt, dust, mopus, tin, salt, chink, argent comptant, bottom dollar, buzzard dollar, checks, dibs, double eagle, eagle, Federal currency, fractional currency, postal currency, Federal Reserve Note, United States Note, silver certificate, gold certificate, long bit, short bit, moss, nickel, pile, pin money, quarter, red cent, roanoke, rock, seawan, seawant, thousand dollars, grand, single, one-dollar bill, two- dollar bill, five-dollar bill, fiver, fin, Lincoln, ten-dollar bill, sawbuck, twenty-dollar bill, Jackson, double sawbuck, fifty-dollar bill, hundred-dollar bill, C-note, penny, cent, Lincoln cent, indian head penny, copper, two-cent piece three-cent piece, half- dime, nickel, buffalo nickel, V nickel, dime, disme, mercury dime, quarter, two bits, half dollar, dollar, silver dollar, Eisenhower dollar, Susan B, Anthony dollar, precious metals, gold, silver, copper, bullion, ingot, nugget, petty cash, pocket money, change, small change, small coin, doit, stiver, rap, mite, farthing, sou, penny, shilling, tester, groat, guinea, rouleau, wampum, good sum, round sum, lump sum, power of money, plum, lac of rupees, major coin, crown, minor coin, monetarist, monetary theory, numismatics, chrysology, numismatist, paper money, greenback, major denomination, minor denomination, money order, postal money order, Post Office order, bank note, bond, bill, bill of exchange, order, warrant, coupon, debenture, exchequer bill, assignat, blueback, hundi, shinplaster, note, note of hand, promissory note, I O U, draft, check, cheque, back-dated check, negotiable order of withdrawal, NOW, remittance, credit, liability, drawer, drawee, obligor, obligee, moneyer, coiner, false money, bad money, base coin, flash note, slip, kite, fancy stocks, Bank of Elegance, argumentum ad crumenam, letter of credit, circulation, multiplier effect, inflation, double-digit inflation, hyperinflation, erosion of the currency, debasement of the currency, deflation, stagflation, exchange rate, rate of exchange, floating exchange rates, fixed rates, currency counter, currency exchange, bureau de change, gold-backed currency, gold standard, silver standard, bank account, savings account, checking account, money market account, NOW account, time deposit, deposit, demand deposit, super NOW account, certificate of deposit, CD, $, US$, Y, A$, Federal Reserve Bank, central bank, Federal Reserve Board, board of governors of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, Secret Service, mint, bureau of engraving, seigniorage, counterfeit, funny money, bogus money, (falsehood), interest, interest rate, discount rate, monetary, pecuniary, crumenal, fiscal, financial, sumptuary, numismatic, numismatical, sterling, nummary, barbarus ipse placet dummodo sit dives, but the jingling of the guinea helps the hurt that, Gelt regiert die Welt, money rules the world, money makes the world go round, nervos belli pecuniam infinitam, redet Geld so schweigt die Welt, money is the mother's milk of politics, money is the root of all evil, money isn't everything, as phony as a three-dollar bill, don't take any wooden nickels.

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