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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Noun tilt has 5 senses

Verb tilt has 4 senses


tiltn. [OE. telt (perhaps from the Danish), teld, AS. teld, geteld; akin to OD. telde, G. zelt, Icel. tjald, Sw. tält, tjäll, Dan. telt, and AS. beteldan to cover.].
  •  A covering overhead; especially, a tent.  Denham.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The cloth covering of a cart or a wagon.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A cloth cover of a boat; a small canopy or awning extended over the sternsheets of a boat.  [1913 Webster]
Tilt boat (Naut.), a boat covered with canvas or other cloth. -- Tilt roof (Arch.), a round-headed roof, like the canopy of a wagon.
tiltv. t. 
     To cover with a tilt, or awning.  [1913 Webster]
tiltv. t. [OE. tilten, tulten, to totter, fall, AS. tealt unstable, precarious; akin to tealtrian to totter, to vacillate, D. tel amble, ambling pace, G. zelt, Icel. tölt an ambling pace, tölta to amble. Cf. Totter.].
  •  To incline; to tip; to raise one end of for discharging liquor; as, to tilt a barrel.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To point or thrust, as a lance.  [1913 Webster]
    "Sons against fathers tilt the fatal lance."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To point or thrust a weapon at.  Beau. & Fl.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To hammer or forge with a tilt hammer; as, to tilt steel in order to render it more ductile.  [1913 Webster]
tiltv. i. 
  •  To run or ride, and thrust with a lance; to practice the military game or exercise of thrusting with a lance, as a combatant on horseback; to joust; also, figuratively, to engage in any combat or movement resembling that of horsemen tilting with lances.  [1913 Webster]
    "He tilts
    With piercing steel at bold Mercutio's breast.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "Swords out, and tilting one at other's breast."  [1913 Webster]
    "But in this tournament can no man tilt."  [1913 Webster]
    "The fleet, swift tilting, o'er the "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To lean; to fall partly over; to tip.  [1913 Webster]
    "The trunk of the body is kept from tilting forward by the muscles of the back."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A thrust, as with a lance.  Addison.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A military exercise on horseback, in which the combatants attacked each other with lances; a tournament.  [1913 Webster]
  •  See Tilt hammer, in the Vocabulary.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Inclination forward; as, the tilt of a cask.  [1913 Webster]
Full tilt, with full force. Dampier.


tilt, v. & n.
1 intr. & tr. assume or cause to assume a sloping position; heel over.
2 intr. (foll. by at) strike, thrust, or run at, with a weapon, esp. in jousting.
3 intr. (foll. by with) engage in a contest.
4 tr. forge or work (steel etc.) with a tilt-hammer.
1 the act or an instance of tilting.
2 a sloping position.
3 (of medieval knights etc.) the act of charging with a lance against an opponent or at a mark, done for exercise or as a sport.
4 an encounter between opponents; an attack esp. with argument or satire (have a tilt at).
5 = tilt-hammer.

full (or at full) tilt
1 at full speed.
2 with full force. tilt-hammer a heavy pivoted hammer used in forging. tilt-yard hist. a place where tilts (see sense 3 of n.) took place.
tilter n.
ME tilte perh. f. an OE form rel. to tealt unsteady f. Gmc: weapon senses of unkn. orig.



Olympic games, Olympics, a outrance, altercation, angle, angularity, argument, ascend, attack, bandy with, bank, battle, battle it out, bout, bowl, box, brawl, broil, bump heads, cant, capsize, careen, cast, catapult, charge, chuck, chunk, clash, climb, close, collide, combat, come a cropper, come to blows, compete with, concours, contend, contend with, contest, cope with, cross swords with, cut and thrust, dart, dash, dash at, decline, derby, descend, difference, dip, dispute, drop, duel, encounter, engage with, engagement, exchange blows, exchange shots, fall, fall away, fall down, fall flat, fall headlong, fall off, fall over, fall prostrate, fence, feud, fight, fight a duel, fight like devils, fight with, fire, fling, flip, flounder, fly at, fork, game, games, get a cropper, give and take, give satisfaction, go, go downhill, go to loggerheads, go uphill, grade, gradient, grapple, grapple with, gymkhana, have it out, heave, heel, hurl, hurtle, inclination, incline, jerk, jostle, joust, jump off, keel, lance, launch, lean, leaning, leaning tower, let fly, list, lob, lock horns, lurch, match, matching, measure swords with, meet, meeting, mix it up, pass, peg, pelt, pitch, pitchfork, put, put the shot, quarrel, rake, rally, rassle, recline, rencontre, retreat, riot, rise, run a tilt, run at, rush, rush at, scramble, scuffle, serve, set-to, settle it, shelve, shy, sidle, skirmish, slant, sling, slope, snap, spar, spat, sprawl, spread-eagle, squabble, stagger, strive, strive with, struggle, struggle with, stumble, swag, sway, take a fall, take a flop, take a header, take a pratfall, take a spill, tangle with, test, throw, thrust and parry, tiff, tilt at, tilt with, tilter, tilting, tip, topple, topple down, topple over, toss, totter, tournament, tourney, tower of Pisa, trial, trip, try conclusions with, tumble, turn turtle, tussle, uprise, wage war, war, wrestle, wrestle with, yaw




N contention, strife, contest, contestation, struggle, belligerency, opposition, controversy, polemics, debate, war of words, logomachy, litigation, paper war, high words, sparring, competition, rivalry, corrivalry, corrivalship, agonism, concours, match, race, horse racing, heat, steeple chase, handicap, regatta, field day, sham fight, Derby day, turf, sporting, bullfight, tauromachy, gymkhana, boat race, torpids, wrestling, greco-roman wrestling, pugilism, boxing, fisticuffs, the manly art of self-defense, spar, mill, set-to, round, bout, event, prize fighting, quarterstaff, single stick, gladiatorship, gymnastics, jiujitsu, jujutsu, kooshti, sumo, athletics, athletic sports, games of skill, shindy, fracas, clash of arms, tussle, scuffle, broil, fray, affray, affrayment, velitation, colluctation, luctation, brabble, brigue, scramble, melee, scrimmage, stramash, bushfighting, free fight, stand up fight, hand to hand, running fight, conflict, skirmish, rencounter, encounter, rencontre, collision, affair, brush, fight, battle, battle royal, combat, action, engagement, joust, tournament, tilt, tilting, tournay, list, pitched battle, death struggle, struggle for life or death, life or death struggle, Armageddon, hard knocks, sharp contest, tug of war, naval engagement, naumachia, sea fight, duel, duello, single combat, monomachy, satisfaction, passage d'armes, passage of arms, affair of honor, triangular duel, hostile meeting, digladiation, deeds of arms, feats of arms, appeal to arms, pugnacity, combativeness, bone of contention, contending, together by the ears, at loggerheads, at war, at issue, competitive, rival, belligerent, contentious, combative, bellicose, unpeaceful, warlike, quarrelsome, pugnacious, pugilistic, gladiatorial, palestric, palestrical, a verbis ad verbera, a word and a blow, a very pretty quarrel as it stands, commune periculum concordiam parit, lis litem generat.

VB contend, contest, strive, struggle, scramble, wrestle, spar, square, exchange blows, exchange fisticuffs, fib, justle, tussle, tilt, box, stave, fence, skirmish, pickeer, fight, wrangle, contend with, grapple with, engage with, close with, buckle with, bandy with, try conclusions with, have a brush, with, tilt with, encounter, fall foul of, pitch into, clapperclaw, run a tilt at, oppose, reluct, join issue, come to blows, go to loggerheads, set to, come to the scratch, exchange shots, measure swords, meet hand to hand, take up the cudgels, take up the glove, take up the gauntlet, enter the lists, couch one's lance, give satisfaction, appeal to arms, lay about one, break the peace, compete with, cope with, vie with, race with, outvie, emulate, rival, run a race, contend for, stipulate for, stickle for, insist upon, make a point of.


N obliquity, inclination, slope, slant, crookedness, slopeness, leaning, bevel, tilt, bias, list, twist, swag, cant, lurch, distortion, bend, tower of Pisa, acclivity, rise, ascent, gradient, khudd, rising ground, hill, bank, declivity, downhill, dip, fall, devexity, gentle slope, rapid slope, easy ascent, easy descent, shelving beach, talus, monagne Russe, facilis descensus averni.


N covering, cover, baldachin, baldachino, baldaquin, canopy, tilt, awning, tent, marquee, tente d'abri, umbrella, parasol, sunshade, veil (shade), shield, roof, ceiling, thatch, tile, pantile, pentile, tiling, slates, slating, leads, barrack, plafond, planchment, tiling, shed, top, lid, covercle, door, operculum, bulkhead, bandage, plaster, lint, wrapping, dossil, finger stall, coverlet, counterpane, sheet, quilt, tarpaulin, blanket, rug, drugget, housing, antimacassar, eiderdown, numdah, pillowcase, pillowslip, linoleum, saddle cloth, blanket cloth, tidy, tilpah, apishamore, integument, tegument, skin, pellicle, fleece, fell, fur, leather, shagreen, hide, pelt, peltry, cordwain, derm, robe, buffalo robe, cuticle, scarfskin, epidermis, clothing, mask, peel, crust, bark, rind, cortex, husk, shell, coat, eggshell, glume, capsule, sheath, sheathing, pod, cod, casing, case, theca, elytron, elytrum, involucrum, wrapping, wrapper, envelope, vesicle, corn husk, corn shuck, dermatology, conchology, testaceology, inunction, incrustation, superimposition, superposition, obduction, scale, veneer, facing, overlay, plate, silver plate, gold plate, copper plate, engobe, ormolu, Sheffield plate, pavement, coating, paint, varnish, plating, barrel plating, anointing, enamel, epitaxial deposition, vapor deposition, ground, whitewash, plaster, spackel, stucco, compo, cerement, ointment, covering, superimposed, overlaid, plated, cutaneous, dermal, cortical, cuticular, tegumentary, skinny, scaly, squamous, covered, imbricated, loricated, armor plated, ironclad, under cover, cowled, cucullate, dermatoid, encuirassed, hooded, squamiferous, tectiform, vaginate.


VB propel, project, throw, fling, cast, pitch, chuck, toss, jerk, heave, shy, hurl, flirt, fillip, dart, lance, tilt, ejaculate, jaculate, fulminate, bolt, drive, sling, pitchfork, send, send off, let off, fire off, discharge, shoot, launch, release, send forth, let fly, put in orbit, send into orbit, launch into orbit dash, put in motion, set in motion, set agoing, start, give a start, give an impulse to, impel, trundle, expel, carry one off one's legs, put to flight.


N descent, descension, declension, declination, fall, falling, slump, drop, plunge, plummet, cadence, subsidence, collapse, lapse, downfall, tumble, slip, tilt, trip, lurch, cropper, culbute, titubation, stumble, fate of Icarus, avalanche, debacle, landslip, landslide, declivity, dip, hill, rappel, descending, descendent, decurrent, decursive, labent, deciduous, nodding to its fall, downhill, downwards, the bottom fell out.

VB descend, go down, drop down, come down, fall, gravitate, drop, slip, slide, rappel, settle, plunge, plummet, crash, decline, set, sink, droop, come down a peg, slump, dismount, alight, light, get down, swoop, stoop, fall prostrate, precipitate oneself, let fall, tumble, trip, stumble, titubate, lurch, pitch, swag, topple, topple over, tumble over, topple down, tumble down, tilt, sprawl, plump down, come down a cropper.

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