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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive)


Noun rock has 7 senses

Verb rock has 2 senses

  • rock(v = verb.motion) shake, sway - move back and forth or sideways; "the ship was rocking"; "the tall building swayed"; "She rocked back and forth on her feet"
  • is one way to move back and forth
    Derived forms noun rock7, noun rocker4
    Sample sentences:
    Something ----s
    Somebody ----s
  • rock(v = verb.motion) sway - cause to move back and forth; "rock the cradle"; "rock the baby"; "the wind swayed the trees gently"
  • is one way to displace, move
    Derived forms noun rock7, noun rocker7, noun rocker1
    Sample sentences:
    Somebody ----s something
    Somebody ----s somebody
    Something ----s somebody
    Something ----s something


     See Roc.  [1913 Webster]
rockn. [OE. rocke; akin to D. rok, rokken, G. rocken, OHG. roccho, Dan. rok, Icel. rokkr. Cf. Rocket a firework.].
     A distaff used in spinning; the staff or frame about which flax is arranged, and from which the thread is drawn in spinning.  Chapman.  [1913 Webster]
    "Sad Clotho held the rocke, the whiles the thread
    By grisly Lachesis was spun with pain,
    That cruel Atropos eftsoon undid.
    "  [1913 Webster]
rockn. [OF. roke, F. roche; cf. Armor. roc'h, and AS. rocc.].
  •  A large concreted mass of stony material; a large fixed stone or crag. See Stone.  [1913 Webster]
    "Come one, come all! this rock shall fly
    From its firm base as soon as I.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Any natural deposit forming a part of the earth's crust, whether consolidated or not, including sand, earth, clay, etc., when in natural beds.  [1913 Webster]
  •  That which resembles a rock in firmness; a defense; a support; a refuge.  [1913 Webster]
    "The Lord is my rock, and my fortress."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Fig.: Anything which causes a disaster or wreck resembling the wreck of a vessel upon a rock.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The striped bass. See under Bass.  [1913 Webster]
    " This word is frequently used in the formation of self-explaining compounds; as, rock-bound, rock-built, rock-ribbed, rock-roofed, and the like."  [1913 Webster]
Rock alum. [Probably so called by confusion with F. roche a rock.] Same as Roche alum. -- Rock barnacle (Zoöl.), a barnacle (Balanus balanoides) very abundant on rocks washed by tides. -- Rock bass. (Zoöl.) (a) The stripped bass. See under Bass. (b) The goggle-eye. (c) The cabrilla. Other species are also locally called rock bass. -- Rock builder (Zoöl.), any species of animal whose remains contribute to the formation of rocks, especially the corals and Foraminifera. -- Rock butter (Min.), native alum mixed with clay and oxide of iron, usually in soft masses of a yellowish white color, occuring in cavities and fissures in argillaceous slate. -- Rock candy, a form of candy consisting of crystals of pure sugar which are very hard, whence the name. -- Rock cavy. (Zoöl.) See Moco. -- Rock cod (Zoöl.) (a) A small, often reddish or brown, variety of the cod found about rocks andledges. (b) A California rockfish. -- Rock cook. (Zoöl.) (a) A European wrasse (Centrolabrus exoletus). (b) A rockling. -- Rock cork (Min.), a variety of asbestus the fibers of which are loosely interlaced. It resembles cork in its texture. -- Rock crab (Zoöl.), any one of several species of large crabs of the genus C, as the two species of the New England coast (Cancer irroratus and Cancer borealis). See Illust. under Cancer. -- Rock cress (Bot.), a name of several plants of the cress kind found on rocks, as Arabis petræa, Arabis lyrata, etc. -- Rock crystal (Min.), limpid quartz. See Quartz, and under Crystal. -- Rock dove (Zoöl.), the rock pigeon; -- called also rock doo. -- Rock drill, an implement for drilling holes in rock; esp., a machine impelled by steam or compressed air, for drilling holes for blasting, etc. -- Rock duck (Zoöl.), the harlequin duck. -- Rock eel. (Zoöl.) See Gunnel. -- Rock goat (Zoöl.), a wild goat, or ibex. -- Rock hopper (Zoöl.), a penguin of the genus Catarractes. See under Penguin. -- Rock kangaroo. (Zoöl.) See Kangaroo, and Petrogale. -- Rock lobster (Zoöl.), any one of several species of large spinose lobsters of the genera Panulirus and Palinurus. They have no large claws. Called also spiny lobster, and sea crayfish. -- Rock meal (Min.), a light powdery variety of calcite occuring as an efflorescence. -- Rock milk. (Min.) See Agaric mineral, under Agaric. -- Rock moss, a kind of lichen; the cudbear. See Cudbear. -- Rock oil. See Petroleum. -- Rock parrakeet (Zoöl.), a small Australian parrakeet (Euphema petrophila), which nests in holes among the rocks of high cliffs. Its general color is yellowish olive green; a frontal band and the outer edge of the wing quills are deep blue, and the central tail feathers bluish green. -- Rock pigeon (Zoöl.), the wild pigeon (Columba livia) Of Europe and Asia, from which the domestic pigeon was derived. See Illust. under Pigeon. -- Rock pipit. (Zoöl.) See the Note under Pipit. -- Rock plover. (Zoöl.) (a) The black-bellied, or whistling, plover. (b) The rock snipe. -- Rock ptarmigan (Zoöl.), an arctic American ptarmigan (Lagopus rupestris), which in winter is white, with the tail and lores black. In summer the males are grayish brown, coarsely vermiculated with black, and have black patches on the back. -- Rock rabbit (Zoöl.), the hyrax. See Cony, and Daman. -- Rock ruby (Min.), a fine reddish variety of garnet. -- Rock salt (Min.), cloride of sodium (common salt) occuring in rocklike masses in mines; mineral salt; salt dug from the earth. In the United States this name is sometimes given to salt in large crystals, formed by evaporation from sea water in large basins or cavities. -- Rock seal (Zoöl.), the harbor seal. See Seal. -- Rock shell (Zoöl.), any species of Murex, Purpura, and allied genera. -- Rock snake (Zoöl.), any one of several large pythons; as, the royal rock snake (Python regia) of Africa, and the rock snake of India (Python molurus). The Australian rock snakes mostly belong to the allied genus Morelia. -- Rock snipe (Zoöl.), the purple sandpiper (Tringa maritima); -- called also rock bird, rock plover, winter snipe. -- Rock soap (Min.), a kind of clay having a smooth, greasy feel, and adhering to the tongue. -- Rock sparrow. (Zoöl.) (a) Any one of several species of Old World sparrows of the genus Petronia, as Petronia stulla, of Europe. (b) A North American sparrow (Pucæa ruficeps). -- Rock tar, petroleum. -- Rock thrush (Zoöl.), any Old World thrush of the genus Monticola, or Petrocossyphus; as, the European rock thrush (Monticola saxatilis), and the blue rock thrush of India (Monticola cyaneus), in which the male is blue throughout. -- Rock tripe (Bot.), a kind of lichen (Umbilicaria Dillenii) growing on rocks in the northen parts of America, and forming broad, flat, coriaceous, dark fuscous or blackish expansions. It has been used as food in cases of extremity. -- Rock trout (Zoöl.), any one of several species of marine food fishes of the genus Hexagrammus, family Chiradæ, native of the North Pacific coasts; -- called also sea trout, boregat, bodieron, and starling. -- Rock warbler (Zoöl.), a small Australian singing bird (Origma rubricata) which frequents rocky ravines and water courses; -- called also cataract bird. -- Rock wren (Zoöl.), any one of several species of wrens of the genus Salpinctes, native of the arid plains of Lower California and Mexico.
rockv. t. [AS. roccian; akin to Dan. rokke to move, to snake; cf. Icel. rukkja to pull, move, G. rÜcken to move, push, pull.].
  •  To cause to sway backward and forward, as a body resting on a support beneath; as, to rock a cradle or chair; to cause to vibrate; to cause to reel or totter.  [1913 Webster]
    "A rising earthquake rocked the ground."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To move as in a cradle; hence, to put to sleep by rocking; to still; to quiet.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
    " Rock differs from shake, as denoting a slower, less violent, and more uniform motion, or larger movements. It differs from swing, which expresses a vibratory motion of something suspended."  [1913 Webster]
rockv. i. 
  •  To move or be moved backward and forward; to be violently agitated; to reel; to totter.  [1913 Webster]
    "The rocking town
    Supplants their footsteps.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To roll or saway backward and forward upon a support; as, to rock in a rocking-chair.  [1913 Webster]


rock, n.
1 a the hard material of the earth's crust, exposed on the surface or underlying the soil. b a similar material on other planets.
2 Geol. any natural material, hard or soft (e.g. clay), consisting of one or more minerals.
3 a a mass of rock projecting and forming a hill, cliff, reef, etc. b (the Rock) Gibraltar.
4 a large detached stone.
5 US a stone of any size.
6 a firm and dependable support or protection.
7 a source of danger or destruction.
8 Brit. a hard usu. cylindrical stick of confectionery made from sugar with flavouring esp. of peppermint.
9 (in pl.) US sl. money.
10 sl. a precious stone, esp. a diamond.
11 sl. a solid form of cocaine.
12 (in pl.) coarse sl. the testicles.

get one's rocks off coarse sl.
1 achieve sexual satisfaction.
2 obtain enjoyment.
on the rocks colloq.
1 short of money.
2 broken down.
3 (of a drink) served undiluted with ice-cubes. rock-bed a base of rock or a rocky bottom. rock-bottom adj. (of prices etc.) the very lowest.
--n. the very lowest level. rock-bound (of a coast) rocky and inaccessible. rock-cake a small currant cake with a hard rough surface. rock-candy US = sense 8 of n. rock cress = ARABIS. rock-crystal transparent colourless quartz usu. in hexagonal prisms. rock-dove a wild dove, Columba livia, frequenting rocks, supposed ancestor of the domestic pigeon. rock-face a vertical surface of natural rock. rock-fish a rock-frequenting goby, bass, wrasse, catfish, etc. rock-garden an artifical mound or bank of earth and stones planted with rock-plants etc.; a garden in which rockeries are the chief feature. rock-pigeon = rock-dove. rock-pipit a species of pipit, Anthus spinoletta, frequenting rocky shores. rock-plant any plant growing on or among rocks. rock python any large snake of the family Boidae, esp. the African python Python sebae. rock-rabbit any of several species of hyrax. rock rose any plant of the genus Cistus, Helianthemum, etc., with rose-like flowers. rock-salmon
1 any of several fishes, esp. Brit. (as a commercial name) the catfish and dogfish.
2 US an amberjack. rock-salt common salt as a solid mineral. rock-wool inorganic material made into matted fibre esp. for insulation or soundproofing.
rockless adj. rocklet n. rocklike adj.
rock, v. & n.
1 tr. move gently to and fro in or as if in a cradle; set or maintain such motion (rock him to sleep; the ship was rocked by the waves).
2 intr. be or continue in such motion (sat rocking in his chair; the ship was rocking on the waves).
3 a intr. sway from side to side; shake, oscillate, reel (the house rocks). b tr. cause to do this (an earthquake rocked the house).
4 tr. distress, perturb.
5 intr. dance to or play rock music.
1 a rocking movement (gave the chair a rock).
2 a spell of rocking (had a rock in his chair).
3 a = rock and roll. b any of a variety of types of modern popular music with a rocking or swinging beat, derived from rock and roll.

rock and (or rock 'n') roll a type of popular dance-music originating in the 1950s, characterized by a heavy beat and simple melodies, often with a blues element. rock and (or rock 'n') roller a devotee of rock and roll. rock the boat colloq. disturb the equilibrium of a situation. rocking-chair a chair mounted on rockers or springs for gently rocking in. rocking-horse a model of a horse on rockers or springs for a child to rock on. rocking-stone a poised boulder easily rocked. rock-shaft a shaft that oscillates about an axis without making complete revolutions.
OE roccian, prob. f. Gmc



Gibraltar, Irish confetti, acid rock, adamant, adamantine, affect, agitate, amaze, appease, astonish, astound, avant-garde jazz, ballroom music, bankrupt, bebop, bedrock, blunder, bob, bobble, bola, bolt, bone, boogie-woogie, boomerang, bop, boulder, brick, brickbat, broken-down, calm, calm down, careen, career, cement, champion, coggle, come home to, compose, concert, concrete, cool, countermissile, country rock, cradle, crag, dance music, dances, dangle, daze, defender, destitute, destroyed, diamond, discombobulate, discompose, disconcert, disquiet, disturb, dramatico-musical, dulcify, dumbfound, ease, electrify, escarpment, even out, falter, finished, flint, flintlike, flinty, flounce, flounder, fluctuate, flurry, fluster, flutter, folk rock, foundation, fuss, gentle, granite, granitelike, granitic, hard rock, heart of oak, heave, hit, hit the mark, hobbyhorse, horse, hot jazz, hush, impress, impress forcibly, in ruins, indigent, instrumental, iron, jar, jazz, jazzy, jive, jolt, labor, librate, lion, lithic, lull, lurch, mainstream jazz, make an impression, make heavy weather, marble, marblelike, missile, mollify, musical suite, nails, nutate, oak, on ice, on the rocks, orchestral, oscillate, outcrop, outcropping, overwhelm, ox, pacify, patron, patroness, pendulate, penniless, perturb, petrified, petrogenic, pillar, pitch, pitch and plunge, pitch and toss, plunge, pound, pour balm into, poverty-stricken, projectile, protector, protectress, quell, quiet, rag, ragtime, rattle, rear, reel, resonate, rest, rhythm-and-blues, rock to sleep, rock-and-roll, rocket, roll, ruffle, ruined, safekeeper, scarp, scend, seethe, shake, shake up, shock, sink in, slaty, smite, smooth, smooth down, smooth over, smoothen, soothe, stabilize, stagger, steady, steel, still, stir, stone, strike, strike hard, strike home, struggle, stumble, stun, stupefy, subdue, suite, suite of dances, surprise, swag, sway, swing, swinging, symphonic, syncopated, syncopated music, syncopation, tell, the new music, thrash about, throw, throw stick, throwing-stick, tor, torpedo, toss, toss and tumble, toss and turn, totter, tower, tower of strength, tranquilize, traumatize, trouble, tumble, unnerve, unsettle, upset, vacillate, vibrate, volutation, waddy, wag, waggle, wallop, wallow, wave, waver, welter, wobble, yaw




N money, legal tender, money matters, money market, finance, accounts, funds, treasure, capital, stock, assets, wealth, supplies, ways and means, wherewithal, sinews of war, almighty dollar, needful, cash, mammon, dough, cabbage, money-like instruments, M, M, sum, amount, balance, balance sheet, sum total, proceeds, currency, circulating medium, specie, coin, piece, hard cash, cold cash, dollar, sterling coin, pounds shillings and pence, Ls, d, pocket, breeches pocket, purse, money in hand, cash at hand, ready money, ready cash, slug, wad wad of bills, wad of money, thick wad of bills, roll of dough, rhino, blunt, dust, mopus, tin, salt, chink, argent comptant, bottom dollar, buzzard dollar, checks, dibs, double eagle, eagle, Federal currency, fractional currency, postal currency, Federal Reserve Note, United States Note, silver certificate, gold certificate, long bit, short bit, moss, nickel, pile, pin money, quarter, red cent, roanoke, rock, seawan, seawant, thousand dollars, grand, single, one-dollar bill, two- dollar bill, five-dollar bill, fiver, fin, Lincoln, ten-dollar bill, sawbuck, twenty-dollar bill, Jackson, double sawbuck, fifty-dollar bill, hundred-dollar bill, C-note, penny, cent, Lincoln cent, indian head penny, copper, two-cent piece three-cent piece, half- dime, nickel, buffalo nickel, V nickel, dime, disme, mercury dime, quarter, two bits, half dollar, dollar, silver dollar, Eisenhower dollar, Susan B, Anthony dollar, precious metals, gold, silver, copper, bullion, ingot, nugget, petty cash, pocket money, change, small change, small coin, doit, stiver, rap, mite, farthing, sou, penny, shilling, tester, groat, guinea, rouleau, wampum, good sum, round sum, lump sum, power of money, plum, lac of rupees, major coin, crown, minor coin, monetarist, monetary theory, numismatics, chrysology, numismatist, paper money, greenback, major denomination, minor denomination, money order, postal money order, Post Office order, bank note, bond, bill, bill of exchange, order, warrant, coupon, debenture, exchequer bill, assignat, blueback, hundi, shinplaster, note, note of hand, promissory note, I O U, draft, check, cheque, back-dated check, negotiable order of withdrawal, NOW, remittance, credit, liability, drawer, drawee, obligor, obligee, moneyer, coiner, false money, bad money, base coin, flash note, slip, kite, fancy stocks, Bank of Elegance, argumentum ad crumenam, letter of credit, circulation, multiplier effect, inflation, double-digit inflation, hyperinflation, erosion of the currency, debasement of the currency, deflation, stagflation, exchange rate, rate of exchange, floating exchange rates, fixed rates, currency counter, currency exchange, bureau de change, gold-backed currency, gold standard, silver standard, bank account, savings account, checking account, money market account, NOW account, time deposit, deposit, demand deposit, super NOW account, certificate of deposit, CD, $, US$, Y, A$, Federal Reserve Bank, central bank, Federal Reserve Board, board of governors of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, Secret Service, mint, bureau of engraving, seigniorage, counterfeit, funny money, bogus money, (falsehood), interest, interest rate, discount rate, monetary, pecuniary, crumenal, fiscal, financial, sumptuary, numismatic, numismatical, sterling, nummary, barbarus ipse placet dummodo sit dives, but the jingling of the guinea helps the hurt that, Gelt regiert die Welt, money rules the world, money makes the world go round, nervos belli pecuniam infinitam, redet Geld so schweigt die Welt, money is the mother's milk of politics, money is the root of all evil, money isn't everything, as phony as a three-dollar bill, don't take any wooden nickels.


N stability, immutability, unchangeability unchangeableness, constancy, stable equilibrium, immobility, soundness, vitality, stabiliment, stiffness, ankylosis, solidity, aplomb, establishment, fixture, rock, pillar, tower, foundation, leopard's spots, Ethiopia's skin, permanence, obstinacy, unchangeable, immutable, unaltered, unalterable, not to be changed, constant, permanent, invariable, undeviating, stable, durable, perennial, fixed, steadfast, firm, fast, steady, balanced, confirmed, valid, fiducial, immovable, irremovable, riveted, rooted, settled, established, vested, incontrovertible, stereotyped, indeclinable, tethered, anchored, moored, at anchor, on a rock, rock solid, firm as a rock, firmly seated, firmly established, deep-rooted, ineradicable, inveterate, obstinate, transfixed, stuck fast, aground, high and dry, stranded, stuck, jammed, unremovable, quiescent, deterioration, indefeasible, irretrievable, intransmutable, incommutable, irresoluble, irrevocable, irreversible, reverseless, inextinguishable, irreducible, indissoluble, indissolvable, indestructible, undying, imperishable, incorruptible, indelible, indeciduous, insusceptible, insusceptible of change, Int, stet, littera scripta manet.


N jewel, jewelry, jewellery, bijoutry, bijou, bijouterie, trinket, fine jewelry, costume jewelry, junk jewelry, gem, gemstone, precious stone, necklace, bracelet, anklet, earring, locket, pendant, charm bracelet, ring, pinky ring, carcanet, chain, chatelaine, broach, pin, lapel pin, torque, diamond, brilliant, rock, beryl, emerald, chalcedony, agate, heliotrope, girasol, girasole, onyx, plasma, sard, sardonyx, garnet, lapis lazuli, opal, peridot, tourmaline, chrysolite, sapphire, ruby, synthetic ruby, spinel, spinelle, balais, oriental, oriental topaz, turquois, turquoise, zircon, cubic zirconia, jacinth, hyacinth, carbuncle, amethyst, alexandrite, cat's eye, bloodstone, hematite, jasper, moonstone, sunstone, pearl, cultured pearl, fresh-water pearl, mother of pearl, coral, jeweler, gemologist, minerologist, lapidary, lapidarian, gemology, gemmology, minerology, bejeweled, diamond, (gemstones), gemological.


VB oscillate, vibrate, librate, alternate, undulate, wave, rock, swing, pulsate, beat, wag, waggle, nod, bob, courtesy, curtsy, tick, play, wamble, wabble, dangle, swag, fluctuate, dance, curvet, reel, quake, quiver, quaver, shake, flicker, wriggle, roll, toss, pitch, flounder, stagger, totter, move up and down, bob up and down, pass and repass, ebb and flow, come and go, vacillate, teeter, brandish, shake, flourish.


N hardness, rigidity, renitence, renitency, inflexibility, temper, callosity, durity, induration, petrifaction, lapidification, lapidescence, vitrification, ossification, crystallization, stone, pebble, flint, marble, rock, fossil, crag, crystal, quartz, granite, adamant, bone, cartilage, hardware, heart of oak, block, board, deal board, iron, steel, cast iron, decarbonized iron, wrought iron, nail, brick, concrete, cement, hard, rigid, stubborn, stiff, firm, starch, starched, stark, unbending, unlimber, unyielding, inflexible, tense, indurate, indurated, gritty, proof, adamant, adamantine, adamantean, concrete, stony, granitic, calculous, lithic, vitreous, horny, corneous, bony, osseous, ossific, cartilaginous, hard as a rock, stiff as buckram, stiff as a poker, stiff as starch, stiff as as board.


N land, earth, ground, dry land, terra firma, continent, mainland, peninsula, chersonese, delta, tongue of land, neck of land, isthmus, oasis, promontory, highland, coast, shore, scar, strand, beach, playa, bank, lea, seaboard, seaside, seabank, seacoast, seabeach, ironbound coast, loom of the land, derelict, innings, alluvium, alluvion, ancon, riverbank, river bank, levee, soil, glebe, clay, loam, marl, cledge, chalk, gravel, mold, subsoil, clod, clot, rock, crag, acres, real estate, landsman, earthy, continental, midland, coastal, littoral, riparian, alluvial, terrene, landed, predial, territorial, geophilous, ripicolous, ashore, on shore, on land.

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