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Verb (transitive)


Verb suppress has 5 senses


suppressv. t. [L. suppressus, p. p. of supprimere to suppress; sub under + premere, pressum, to press. See Sub-, and Press.].
  •  To overpower and crush; to subdue; to put down; to quell.  [1913 Webster]
    "Every rebellion, when it is suppressed, doth make the subject weaker, and the prince stronger."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To keep in; to restrain from utterance or vent; as, to suppress the voice; to suppress a smile.  Sir W. Scott.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To retain without disclosure; to conceal; not to reveal; to prevent publication of; as, to suppress evidence; to suppress a pamphlet; to suppress the truth.  [1913 Webster]
    "She suppresses the name, and this keeps him in a pleasing suspense."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To stop; to restrain; to arrest the discharges of; as, to suppress a diarrhea, or a hemorrhage.  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To repress; restrain; put down; overthrow; overpower; overwhelm; conceal; stifle; stop; smother.


suppress, v.tr.
1 end the activity or existence of, esp. forcibly.
2 prevent (information, feelings, a reaction, etc.) from being seen, heard, or known (tried to suppress the report; suppressed a yawn).
3 a partly or wholly eliminate (electrical interference etc.). b equip (a device) to reduce such interference due to it.
4 Psychol. keep out of one's consciousness.

suppressible adj. suppression n. suppressive adj. suppressor n.
ME f. L supprimere suppress- (as SUB-, premere press)



abate, absorb the shock, allay, alleviate, annihilate, arrest, asphyxiate, assuage, attemper, ban, bank the fire, bar, beat down, bend, black out, block, blunt, bottle up, break, break down, break the fall, bring low, bring to terms, browbeat, bulldoze, bully, castrate, cease, censor, chasten, check, choke, choke off, clamp down on, coerce, compel, conceal, conquer, constrain, control, cork, cork up, countercheck, cover up, cow, crack down on, crush, curb, cushion, cut off, dam up, damp, damp down, dampen, daunt, de-emphasize, deaden, debar, delay, deny, despotize, detain, diminish, disallow, discontinue, domineer, domineer over, downplay, drown, dull, dwarf, embargo, end, enjoin, enslave, exclude, exclude from, extenuate, extinguish, fell, flatten, forbid, gag, grind, grind down, halt, henpeck, hide, hinder, hold back, hold down, hold in, hold in check, hold up, hugger-mugger, humble, humiliate, hush, hush up, hush-hush, impede, inhibit, intercept, interdict, interfere, intermeddle, interrupt, intervene, intimidate, jump on, keep, keep back, keep down, keep in, keep in check, keep quiet, keep secret, keep under, keep under control, keep within bounds, kill, lay, lenify, lessen, lighten, lock in, lord it over, maintain, master, meddle, mitigate, moderate, modulate, muffle, mute, muzzle, neutralize, obstruct, obtund, offset, oppose, oppress, outlaw, overawe, overbear, overmaster, override, overwhelm, palliate, play down, pour water on, preclude, preserve, press heavy on, prevent, prohibit, proscribe, prostrate, put, put down, put out, quash, quell, quench, quiet, reduce, reduce the temperature, refuse, reject, repress, resist, restrain, retain, retard, ride down, ride over, ride roughshod over, rule out, save, save up, say no to, scotch, set back, show consideration, show mercy, show pity, shush, shut down on, shut out, silence, sit down on, sit on, slacken, slow down, smash, smother, snub, snuff out, sober, sober down, soften, soften the blow, squash, squelch, stamp out, stanch, stifle, stop, strangle, stultify, subdue, subjugate, sublimate, suffocate, taboo, tame, temper, terminate, terrorize, throttle, tone down, trample down, trample out, trample underfoot, trample upon, tread down, tread underfoot, tread upon, tune down, tyrannize, tyrannize over, underplay, unman, vanquish, walk all over, walk over, weaken, weigh heavy on, withhold




VB keep silence, speak low, speak softly, whisper, silence, render mute, render silent, muzzle, muffle, suppress, smother, gag, strike dumb, dumfounder, drown the voice, put to silence, stop one's mouth, cut one short, stick in the throat.


VB restrain, check, put under restraint, lay under restraint, enthral, enthrall, inthral, inthrall, bethral, bethrall, restrict, debar, constrain, coerce, curb, control, hold back, hold from, hold in, hold in check, hold within bounds, keep back, keep from, keep in, keep in check, keep within bounds, hold in leash, hold in leading strings, withhold, keep under, repress, suppress, smother, pull in, rein in, hold, hold fast, keep a tight hand on, prohibit, inhibit, cohibit, enchain, fasten, fetter, shackle, entrammel, bridle, muzzle, hopple, gag, pinion, manacle, handcuff, tie one's hands, hobble, bind hand and foot, swathe, swaddle, pin down, tether, picket, tie down, tie up, secure, forge fetters, disable, hamstring (incapacitate), confine, shut up, shut in, clap up, lock up, box up, mew up, bottle up, cork up, seal up, button up, hem in, bolt in, wall in, rail in, impound, pen, coop, inclose, cage, incage, encage, close the door upon, cloister, imprison, immure, incarcerate, entomb, clap under hatches, lay under hatches, put in irons, put in a strait-waistcoat, throw into prison, cast into prison, put into bilboes, arrest, take up, take charge of, take into custody, take prisoner, take captive, make prisoner, make captive, captivate, lead captive, lead into captivity, send to prison, commit to prison, commit, give in charge, give in custody, subjugate.


VB be destroyed, perish, fall to the ground, tumble, topple, go to pieces, fall to pieces, break up, crumble to dust, go to the dogs, go to the wall, go to smash, go to shivers, go to wreck, go to pot, go to wrack and ruin, go by the board, go all to smash, be all over, be all up, be all with, totter to its fall, destroy, do away with, make away with, nullify, annual, sacrifice, demolish, tear up, overturn, overthrow, overwhelm, upset, subvert, put an end to, seal the doom of, do in, do for, dish, undo, break up, cut up, break down, cut down, pull down, mow down, blow down, beat down, suppress, quash, put down, do a job on, cut short, take off, blot out, dispel, dissipate, dissolve, consume, smash, crash, quell, squash, squelch, crumple up, shatter, shiver, batter to pieces, tear to pieces, crush to pieces, cut to pieces, shake to pieces, pull to pieces, pick to pieces, laniate, nip, tear to rags, tear to tatters, crush to atoms, knock to atoms, ruin, strike out, throw over, knock down over, fell, sink, swamp, scuttle, wreck, shipwreck, engulf, ingulf, submerge, lay in ashes, lay in ruins, sweep away, erase, wipe out, expunge, raze, level with the dust, level with the ground, waste, atomize, vaporize, deal destruction, desolate, devastate, lay waste, ravage gut, disorganize, dismantle, devour, swallow up, sap, mine, blast, bomb, blow to smithereens, drop the big one, confound, exterminate, extinguish, quench, annihilate, snuff out, put out, stamp out, trample out, lay in the dust, trample in the dust, prostrate, tread under foot, crush under foot, trample under foot, lay the ax to the root of, make short work of, make clean sweep of, make mincemeat of, cut up root and branch, chop into pieces, cut into ribbons, fling to the winds, scatter to the winds, throw overboard, strike at the root of, sap the foundations of, spring a mine, blow up, ravage with fire and sword, cast to the dogs, eradicate.


VB conceal, hide, secrete, put out of sight, lock up, seal up, bottle up, encrypt, encode, cipher, cover, screen, cloak, veil, shroud, cover up one's tracks, screen from sight, screen from observation, drawing the veil, draw the curtain, close the curtain, curtain, shade, eclipse, throw a view over, be cloud, be mask, mask, disguise, ensconce, muffle, smother, befog, whisper, keep from, keep back, keep to oneself, keep snug, keep close, keep secret, keep dark, bury, sink, suppress, keep from, keep from out of view, keep from out of sight, keep in the shade, throw into the shade, throw into background, stifle, hush up, smother, withhold, reserve, fence with a question, ignore, keep a secret, keep one's own counsel, hold one's tongue, make no sign, not let it go further, not breathe a word, not breathe a syllable about, not let the right hand know what the left is doing, hide one's light under a bushel, bury one's talent in a napkin, keep in the dark, leave in the dark, keep in the ignorance, blind, blind the eyes, blindfold, hoodwink, mystify, puzzle, bamboozle, be concealed, suffer an eclipse, retire from sight, couch, hide oneself, lie hid, lie in perdu, lie in close, lie in ambush (ambush), seclude oneself, lurk, sneak, skulk, slink, prowl, steal into, steal out of, steal by, steal along, play at bopeep, play at hide and seek, hide in holes and corners, still hunt.

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