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Verb (transitive)


Verb repress has 4 senses


repressv. t. [Pref. re- + press.].
     To press again.  [1913 Webster]
repressv. t. [Pref. re- + press: cf. L. reprimere, repressum. Cf. Reprimand.].
  •  To press back or down effectually; to crush down or out; to quell; to subdue; to supress; as, to repress sedition or rebellion; to repress the first risings of discontent.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Hence, to check; to restrain; to keep back.  [1913 Webster]
    "Desire of wine and all delicious drinks, . . .
    Thou couldst repress.
    "  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To crush; overpower; subdue; suppress; restrain; quell; curb; check.
     The act of repressing.  [1913 Webster]


repress, v.tr.
1 a check; restrain; keep under; quell. b suppress; prevent from sounding, rioting, or bursting out.
2 Psychol. actively exclude (an unwelcome thought) from conscious awareness.
3 (usu. as repressed adj.) subject (a person) to the suppression of his or her thoughts or impulses.

represser n. repressible adj. repression n. repressive adj. repressively adv. repressiveness n. repressor n.
ME f. L reprimere (as RE-, premere PRESS(1))



arrest, asphyxiate, ban, bar, bate, beat down, black out, blunt, bottle up, break, browbeat, bulldoze, bully, castrate, censor, check, choke off, clamp down on, coerce, collect, compel, constrain, contain, control, cool, cork, cork up, countercheck, cow, crack down on, crush, curb, dam up, damp, damp down, dampen, daunt, debar, delay, deny, despotize, detain, deter, disallow, discourage, disedge, domineer, domineer over, draw the teeth, drown, dull, embargo, enjoin, enslave, exclude, exclude from, extinguish, forbid, frustrate, gag, grind, grind down, hamper, henpeck, hinder, hold back, hold down, hold in, hold in check, hold up, hugger-mugger, hush, hush up, hush-hush, impede, inhibit, intercept, interdict, interfere, intermeddle, interrupt, intervene, intimidate, jump on, keep, keep back, keep down, keep in, keep in check, keep under, keep under control, kill, limit, lock in, lord it over, maintain, meddle, muffle, muzzle, obtund, oppose, oppress, outlaw, overawe, overbear, overcome, overmaster, override, pour water on, preclude, preserve, press heavy on, prevent, prohibit, proscribe, put down, quash, quell, quench, refuse, rein, reject, resist, restrain, retain, retard, retund, ride over, ride roughshod over, rule out, save, save up, say no to, scotch, set back, shush, shut down on, shut out, silence, simmer down, sit down on, sit on, slacken, smash, smother, snub, squash, squelch, stanch, stifle, strangle, stultify, subdue, subjugate, sublimate, suffocate, suppress, taboo, terrorize, throttle, trample down, trample upon, tread down, tread upon, turn, tyrannize, tyrannize over, unman, walk all over, walk over, weaken, weigh heavy on




VB dissuade, dehort, cry out against, remonstrate, expostulate, warn, contraindicate, disincline, indispose, shake, stagger, dispirit, discourage, dishearten, deter, repress, hold back, keep back, render averse, repel, turn aside, wean from, act as a drag, throw cold water on, damp, cool, chill, blunt, calm, quiet, quench, deprecate, disenchant, disillusion, deflate, take down a peg, pop one's balloon, prick one's balloon, burst one's bubble, disabuse (correction).


VB restrain, check, put under restraint, lay under restraint, enthral, enthrall, inthral, inthrall, bethral, bethrall, restrict, debar, constrain, coerce, curb, control, hold back, hold from, hold in, hold in check, hold within bounds, keep back, keep from, keep in, keep in check, keep within bounds, hold in leash, hold in leading strings, withhold, keep under, repress, suppress, smother, pull in, rein in, hold, hold fast, keep a tight hand on, prohibit, inhibit, cohibit, enchain, fasten, fetter, shackle, entrammel, bridle, muzzle, hopple, gag, pinion, manacle, handcuff, tie one's hands, hobble, bind hand and foot, swathe, swaddle, pin down, tether, picket, tie down, tie up, secure, forge fetters, disable, hamstring (incapacitate), confine, shut up, shut in, clap up, lock up, box up, mew up, bottle up, cork up, seal up, button up, hem in, bolt in, wall in, rail in, impound, pen, coop, inclose, cage, incage, encage, close the door upon, cloister, imprison, immure, incarcerate, entomb, clap under hatches, lay under hatches, put in irons, put in a strait-waistcoat, throw into prison, cast into prison, put into bilboes, arrest, take up, take charge of, take into custody, take prisoner, take captive, make prisoner, make captive, captivate, lead captive, lead into captivity, send to prison, commit to prison, commit, give in charge, give in custody, subjugate.


VB be composed, laisser faire, laisser aller, take things easily, take things as they come, take it easy, rub on, live and let live, take easily, take cooly, take in good part, aequam servare mentem, bear the brunt, bear well, go through, support, endure, brave, disregard, tolerate, suffer, stand, bide, abide, aby, bear with, put up with, take up with, abide with, acquiesce, submit, submit with a good grace, resign oneself to, reconcile oneself to, brook, digest, eat, swallow, pocket, stomach, make light of, make the best of, make 'a virtue of necessity', put a good face on, keep one's countenance, check, check oneself, compose, appease (moderate), propitiate, repress, render insensible, overcome one's excitability, allay one's excitability, repress one's excitability, master one's feelings, make oneself easy, make one's mind easy, set one's mind at ease, set one's mind at rest, calm down, cool down, gentle, thaw, grow cool, be borne, be endured, go down.


VB counteract, run counter, clash, cross, interfere with, conflict with, contravene, jostle, go against, run against, beat against, militate against, stultify, antagonize, block, oppose, traverse, withstand, hinder, repress, react, undo, neutralize, counterpoise, overpoise.

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