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Noun, Verb (transitive), Adjective


Noun salt has 4 senses

Verb salt has 4 senses

Adjective salt has 1 sense


saltn. [AS. sealt; akin to OS. & OFries. salt, D. zout, G. salz, Icel., Sw., & Dan. salt, L. sal, Gr. , Russ. sole, Ir. & Gael. salann, W. halen, of unknown origin. Cf. Sal, Salad, Salary, Saline, Sauce, Sausage.].
  •  The chloride of sodium, a substance used for seasoning food, for the preservation of meat, etc. It is found native in the earth, and is also produced, by evaporation and crystallization, from sea water and other water impregnated with saline particles.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Hence, flavor; taste; savor; smack; seasoning.  [1913 Webster]
    "Though we are justices and doctors and churchmen . . . we have some salt of our youth in us."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Hence, also, piquancy; wit; sense; as, Attic salt.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A dish for salt at table; a saltcellar.  [1913 Webster]
    "I out and bought some things; among others, a dozen of silver salts."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A sailor; -- usually qualified by old.  [1913 Webster]
    "Around the door are generally to be seen, laughing and gossiping, clusters of old salts."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The neutral compound formed by the union of an acid and a base; thus, sulphuric acid and iron form the salt sulphate of iron or green vitriol.  [1913 Webster]
    " Except in case of ammonium salts, accurately speaking, it is the acid radical which unites with the base or basic radical, with the elimination of hydrogen, of water, or of analogous compounds as side products. In the case of diacid and triacid bases, and of dibasic and tribasic acids, the mutual neutralization may vary in degree, producing respectively basic, neutral, or acid salts. See Phrases below."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Fig.: That which preserves from corruption or error; that which purifies; a corrective; an antiseptic; also, an allowance or deduction; as, his statements must be taken with a grain of salt.  [1913 Webster]
    "Ye are the salt of the earth."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Any mineral salt used as an aperient or cathartic, especially Epsom salts, Rochelle salt, or Glauber's salt.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Marshes flooded by the tide.  [1913 Webster]
    "His fashion is not to take knowledge of him that is beneath him in clothes. He never drinks below the salt."  [1913 Webster]
salta. [AS. sealt, salt. See Salt, n.].
  •  Of or relating to salt; abounding in, or containing, salt; prepared or preserved with, or tasting of, salt; salted; as, salt beef; salt water.  Chaucer.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Overflowed with, or growing in, salt water; as, a salt marsh; salt grass.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Fig.: Bitter; sharp; pungent.  [1913 Webster]
    "I have a salt and sorry rheum offends me."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Fig.: Salacious; lecherous; lustful.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
    "Mine eyes are full of tears, I can not see;
    And yet salt water blinds them not so much
    But they can see a sort of traitors here.
    "  [1913 Webster]
saltv. t. 
  •  To sprinkle, impregnate, or season with salt; to preserve with salt or in brine; to supply with salt; as, to salt fish, beef, or pork; to salt cattle.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To fill with salt between the timbers and planks, as a ship, for the preservation of the timber.  [1913 Webster]
To salt a mine, to artfully deposit minerals in a mine in order to deceive purchasers regarding its value. [Cant] -- To salt away, To salt down, to prepare with, or pack in, salt for preserving, as meat, eggs, etc.; hence, colloquially, to save, lay up, or invest sagely, as money.
saltv. i. 
     To deposit salt as a saline solution; as, the brine begins to salt.  [1913 Webster]
saltn. [L. saltus, fr. salire to leap.].
     The act of leaping or jumping; a leap.  B. Jonson.  [1913 Webster]


salt, abbr. Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (or Treaty).

salt, n., adj., & v.
1 (also common salt) sodium chloride; the substance that gives sea water its characteristic taste, got in crystalline form by mining from strata consisting of it or by the evaporation of sea water, and used for seasoning or preserving food, or for other purposes.
2 a chemical compound formed from the reaction of an acid with a base, with all or part of the hydrogen of the acid replaced by a metal or metal-like radical.
3 sting; piquancy; pungency; wit (added salt to the conversation).
4 (in sing. or pl.) a a substance resembling salt in taste, form, etc. (bath salts; Epsom salts; smelling-salts). b (esp. in pl.) this type of substance used as a laxative.
5 a marsh, esp. one flooded by the tide, often used as a pasture or for collecting water for salt-making.
6 (also old salt) an experienced sailor.
7 (in pl.) an exceptional rush of sea water up river.
1 impregnated with, containing, or tasting of salt; cured or preserved or seasoned with salt.
2 (of a plant) growing in the sea or in salt marshes.
3 (of tears etc.) bitter.
4 (of wit) pungent.
1 cure or preserve with salt or brine.
2 season with salt.
3 make (a narrative etc.) piquant.
4 sprinkle (the ground etc.) with salt esp. in order to melt snow etc.
5 treat with a solution of salt or mixture of salts.
6 (as salted adj.) (of a horse or person) hardened or proof against diseases etc. caused by the climate or by special conditions.

eat salt with be a guest of. in salt sprinkled with salt or immersed in brine as a preservative. not made of salt not disconcerted by wet weather. put salt on the tail of capture (with ref. to jocular directions given to children for catching a bird). salt an account sl. set an extremely high or low price for articles. salt-and-pepper (of materials etc. and esp. of hair) with light and dark colours mixed together. salt away (or down) sl. put money etc. by. salt the books sl. show receipts as larger than they really have been. salt-cat a mass of salt mixed with gravel, urine, etc., to attract pigeons and keep them at home. salt dome a mass of salt forced up into sedimentary rocks. salt fish W.Ind. preserved cod. salt-glaze a hard stoneware glaze produced by throwing salt into a hot kiln containing the ware. salt-grass US grass growing in salt meadows or in alkaline regions. salt horse Naut. sl.
1 salt beef.
2 a naval officer with general duties. salt lake a lake of salt water.
1 a place where animals go to lick salt from the ground.
2 this salt. salt-marsh = sense 5 of n. salt meadow a meadow subject to flooding with salt water. salt a mine sl. introduce extraneous ore, material, etc., to make the source seem rich. the salt of the earth a person or people of great worthiness, reliability, honesty, etc.; those whose qualities are a model for the rest (Matt. 5:13). salt-pan a vessel, or a depression near the sea, used for getting salt by evaporation. salt-shaker US a container of salt for sprinkling on food. salt-spoon a small spoon usu. with a short handle and a roundish deep bowl for taking table salt.
salt water
1 sea water.
2 sl. tears. salt-water adj. of or living in the sea. salt-well a bored well yielding brine. salt-works a place where salt is produced. take with a pinch (or grain) of salt regard as exaggerated; be incredulous about; believe only part of. worth one's salt efficient, capable.
saltish adj. saltless adj. saltly adv. saltness n.
OE s(e)alt s(e)altan, OS, ON, Goth. salt, OHG salz f. Gmc



AB, Ancient Mariner, Argonaut, Attic, Atticism, Dylan, Flying Dutchman, Neptune, OD, Poseidon, Tabasco, Varuna, Worcestershire sauce, able seaman, able-bodied seaman, accumulate, adulterate, aftertaste, agile wit, alimentation, alimony, allspice, amass, anchovies, angelica, anhydrate, applesauce, basil, bell pepper, bite, biting, bitter, black humor, black pepper, blast-freeze, bluejacket, borage, brackish, brackishness, bread, brilliant, brine, brininess, briny, buccaneer, burlesque, burnet, caper, capsicum, caraway seeds, cardamom, caricature, catsup, cautiously, celery salt, chervil, chili, chili sauce, chili vinegar, chives, chutney, cinnamon, clever, cloves, comedy, condiments, cook, coriander, corn, cranberry sauce, cubeb, cumin, cure, cured, curry, dahl sauce, deep-sea man, dehydrate, desiccate, dill, dillseed, doctor, doctor accounts, doubtfully, droll, dry, dry wit, dry-cure, dry-salt, duck sauce, embalm, embalming fluid, esprit, evaporate, facetious, fagara, fair-weather sailor, fake, farce, fennel, file, fisherman, five spice powder, flavor, formaldehyde, freeze, freeze-dry, fume, funny, garble accounts, garlic, garlic butter, garlic powder, garlic salt, ginger, green pepper, gust, hearty, hedge garlic, hoard, horseradish, humor, humorous, humorsome, hyssop, irony, irradiate, jack, jack afloat, jack-tar, jacky, jerk, jesting, jocose, jocular, joking, joky, joshing, juggle, keen, keen-witted, keep, kipper, lampoon, leek, limey, livelihood, liveliness, load, lobsterman, mace, maintenance, manipulate, marinade, marinate, mariner, marjoram, matelot, mayonnaise, mint, mordant, mummify, mustard, navigator, nimble wit, nimble-witted, nutmeg, old campaigner, old hand, old pro, old salt, old sea dog, old-timer, onion, onion salt, oregano, pack, palate, paprika, parody, parsley, pep, pepper, peppercorn, peppermint, piccalilli, pickle, pickled, pile up, pimento, pimpernel, piquancy, pirate, plant, pleasantry, poignancy, pointed, potherb, preservative, preservative medium, preservatize, preserve, pretty wit, privateer, punch, pungency, pungent, quick wit, quick-freeze, quick-witted, radish, rapier-like, ready wit, red pepper, refrigerate, relish, reservedly, retouch, rig, saffron, sage, sailor, salad dressing, saline, salinity, salt away, salted, saltiness, saltish, salty, sapidity, sapor, sarcasm, satire, sauce, sauce-alone, save up, savor, savor of wit, savoriness, savory, sceptically, scintillating, sea dog, sea rover, seafarer, seafaring man, seaman, season, seasoned salt, seasoned veteran, seasoning, sesame oil, sesame seeds, shallot, sharp, shellback, shipman, slapstick, slapstick humor, smack, smart, smoke, smoke-cure, sock away, sodium chloride, sophisticate, sour, souse, soused, soy, soy sauce, sparkling, spice, spiciness, sprightly, squib, squirrel away, stack, star anise, stockpile, stomach, store up, stuff, subsistence, subtle wit, support, surcharge, suspiciously, sustenance, sweet, tamper with, tang, tar, tarpaulin, tarragon, tartar sauce, taste, thyme, tomato paste, tongue, tooth, travesty, turmeric, vanilla, vet, veteran, vigor, viking, vinegar, visual humor, vitality, war-horse, warily, water dog, whaler, whimsical, white pepper, windjammer, windsailor, wit, with qualifications, with reservations, witty, zest, zing, zip




N importance, consequence, moment, prominence, consideration, mark, materialness, import, significance, concern, emphasis, interest, greatness, superiority, notability, weight, value, usefulness, gravity, seriousness, solemnity, no joke, no laughing matter, pressure, urgency, stress, matter of life and death, memorabilia, notabilia, great doings, red-letter day, great thing, great point, main chance, the be all and the end all, cardinal point, substance, gist, sum and substance, gravamen, head and front, important part, principal part, prominent part, essential part, half the battle, sine qua non, breath of one's nostrils, cream, salt, core, kernel, heart, nucleus, keynote, keystone, corner stone, trump card, salient points, top sawyer, first fiddle, prima donna, chief, triton among the minnows, 'it', important, of importance, momentous, material, to the point, not to be overlooked, not to be despised, not to be sneezed at, egregious, weighty, of note, notable, prominent, salient, signal, memorable, remarkable, unforgettable, worthy of remark, worthy of notice, never to be forgotten, stirring, eventful, grave, serious, earnest, noble, grand, solemn, impressive, commanding, imposing, urgent, pressing, critical, instant, paramount, essential, vital, all-absorbing, radical, cardinal, chief, main, prime, primary, principal, leading, capital, foremost, overruling, of vital importance in the front rank, first-rate, superior, considerable, marked, rare, significant, telling, trenchant, emphatic, pregnant, tanti, materially, in the main, above all, kat' exochin, par excellence, to crown all, to beat all, expende Hannibalem!.


VB preserve, maintain, keep, sustain, support, hold, keep up, keep alive, refrigerate, keep on ice, not willingly let die, bank up, nurse, save, rescue, be safe, make safe, take care of, guard, stare super antiquas vias, hold one's own, hold one's ground, stand one's ground, embalm, cure, salt, pickle, season, kyanize, bottle, pot, tin, can, sterilize, pasteurize, radiate, dry, lyophilize, freeze- dry, concentrate, evaporate, freeze, quick-freeze, deep-freeze, husband.


N money, legal tender, money matters, money market, finance, accounts, funds, treasure, capital, stock, assets, wealth, supplies, ways and means, wherewithal, sinews of war, almighty dollar, needful, cash, mammon, dough, cabbage, money-like instruments, M, M, sum, amount, balance, balance sheet, sum total, proceeds, currency, circulating medium, specie, coin, piece, hard cash, cold cash, dollar, sterling coin, pounds shillings and pence, Ls, d, pocket, breeches pocket, purse, money in hand, cash at hand, ready money, ready cash, slug, wad wad of bills, wad of money, thick wad of bills, roll of dough, rhino, blunt, dust, mopus, tin, salt, chink, argent comptant, bottom dollar, buzzard dollar, checks, dibs, double eagle, eagle, Federal currency, fractional currency, postal currency, Federal Reserve Note, United States Note, silver certificate, gold certificate, long bit, short bit, moss, nickel, pile, pin money, quarter, red cent, roanoke, rock, seawan, seawant, thousand dollars, grand, single, one-dollar bill, two- dollar bill, five-dollar bill, fiver, fin, Lincoln, ten-dollar bill, sawbuck, twenty-dollar bill, Jackson, double sawbuck, fifty-dollar bill, hundred-dollar bill, C-note, penny, cent, Lincoln cent, indian head penny, copper, two-cent piece three-cent piece, half- dime, nickel, buffalo nickel, V nickel, dime, disme, mercury dime, quarter, two bits, half dollar, dollar, silver dollar, Eisenhower dollar, Susan B, Anthony dollar, precious metals, gold, silver, copper, bullion, ingot, nugget, petty cash, pocket money, change, small change, small coin, doit, stiver, rap, mite, farthing, sou, penny, shilling, tester, groat, guinea, rouleau, wampum, good sum, round sum, lump sum, power of money, plum, lac of rupees, major coin, crown, minor coin, monetarist, monetary theory, numismatics, chrysology, numismatist, paper money, greenback, major denomination, minor denomination, money order, postal money order, Post Office order, bank note, bond, bill, bill of exchange, order, warrant, coupon, debenture, exchequer bill, assignat, blueback, hundi, shinplaster, note, note of hand, promissory note, I O U, draft, check, cheque, back-dated check, negotiable order of withdrawal, NOW, remittance, credit, liability, drawer, drawee, obligor, obligee, moneyer, coiner, false money, bad money, base coin, flash note, slip, kite, fancy stocks, Bank of Elegance, argumentum ad crumenam, letter of credit, circulation, multiplier effect, inflation, double-digit inflation, hyperinflation, erosion of the currency, debasement of the currency, deflation, stagflation, exchange rate, rate of exchange, floating exchange rates, fixed rates, currency counter, currency exchange, bureau de change, gold-backed currency, gold standard, silver standard, bank account, savings account, checking account, money market account, NOW account, time deposit, deposit, demand deposit, super NOW account, certificate of deposit, CD, $, US$, Y, A$, Federal Reserve Bank, central bank, Federal Reserve Board, board of governors of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, Secret Service, mint, bureau of engraving, seigniorage, counterfeit, funny money, bogus money, (falsehood), interest, interest rate, discount rate, monetary, pecuniary, crumenal, fiscal, financial, sumptuary, numismatic, numismatical, sterling, nummary, barbarus ipse placet dummodo sit dives, but the jingling of the guinea helps the hurt that, Gelt regiert die Welt, money rules the world, money makes the world go round, nervos belli pecuniam infinitam, redet Geld so schweigt die Welt, money is the mother's milk of politics, money is the root of all evil, money isn't everything, as phony as a three-dollar bill, don't take any wooden nickels.


N wit, humor, wittiness, sense of humor, attic wit, attic salt, atticism, salt, esprit, point, fancy, whim, drollery, pleasantry, farce, buffoonery, fooling, tomfoolery, shenanigan, harlequinade, broad farce, broad humor, fun, espieglerie, vis comica, jocularity, jocosity, jocoseness, facetiousness, waggery, waggishness, whimsicality, comicality, banter, badinage, retort, repartee, smartness, ready wit, quid- pro-quo, ridicule, jest, joke, jape, jibe, facetiae, levity, quips and cranks, capital joke, canorae nugae, standing jest, standing joke, private joke, conceit, quip, quirk, crank, quiddity, concetto, plaisanterie, brilliant idea, merry thought, bright thought, happy thought, sally, flash of wit, flash of merriment, scintillation, mot, mot pour rire, witticism, smart saying, bon-mot, jeu d'esprit, epigram, jest book, dry joke, quodlibet, cream of the jest, word-play, jeu de mots, play of words, play upon words, pun, punning, double entente, double entendre, quibble, verbal quibble, conundrum, anagram, acrostic, double acrostic, trifling, idle conceit, turlupinade, old joke, tired joke, flat joke, Joe Miller, witty, attic, quick-witted, nimble-witted, smart, jocular, jocose, humorous, facetious, waggish, whimsical, kidding, joking, puckish, playful, merry and wise, pleasant, sprightly, light, spirituel, sparkling, epigrammatic, full of point, ben trovato, comic, zany, madcap, funny, amusing, jokingly, in joke, in jest, in sport, in play, adhibenda est in jocando moderatio, gentle dullness ever loves a joke, leave this keen encounter of our wits, just joking, just kidding, surely you jest!.


N sailor, mariner, navigator, seaman, seafarer, seafaring man, dock walloper, tar, jack tar, salt, able seaman, A, B, man-of-war's man, bluejacket, galiongee, galionji, marine, jolly, midshipman, middy, skipper, shipman, boatman, ferryman, waterman, lighterman, bargeman, longshoreman, bargee, gondolier, oar, oarsman, rower, boatswain, cockswain, coxswain, steersman, pilot, crew, aerial navigator, aeronaut, balloonist, Icarus, aeroplanist, airman, aviator, birdman, man-bird, wizard of the air, aviatrix, flier, pilot, test pilot, glider pilot, bush pilot, navigator, flight attendant, steward, stewardess, crew, astronaut, cosmonaut, parachutist, paratrooper.


VB be pungent, bite the tongue, render pungent, season, spice, salt, pepper, pickle, brine, devil, smoke, chew, take snuff.


N saltiness, niter, saltpeter, brine, salty, salt, saline, brackish, briny, salty as brine, salty as a herring, salty as Lot's wife, salty, racy (indecent), take it with a grain of salt.


N condiment, seasoning, sauce, spice, relish, appetizer, salt, mustard, grey poupon mustard, pepper, black pepper, white pepper, peppercorn, curry, sauce piquante, caviare, onion, garlic, pickle, achar, allspice, bell pepper, Jamaica pepper, green pepper, chutney, cubeb, pimento, capsicum, red pepper, chili peppers, cayenne, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, oregano, cloves, fennel, pot herbs, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, marjoram, frankincense, balm, myrrh, paprika, saffron, ginger, turmeric.

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