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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive), Adjective


Noun open has 4 senses

Adjective open has 21 senses

Verb open has 11 senses


opena. [AS. open; akin to D. open, OS. opan, G. offan, Icel. opinn, Sw. öppen, Dan. aaben, and perh. to E. up. Cf. Up, and Ope.].
  •  Free of access; not shut up; not closed; affording unobstructed ingress or egress; not impeding or preventing passage; not locked up or covered over; -- applied to passageways; as, an open door, window, road, etc.; also, to inclosed structures or objects; as, open houses, boxes, baskets, bottles, etc.; also, to means of communication or approach by water or land; as, an open harbor or roadstead.  [1913 Webster]
    "Through the gate,
    Wide open and unguarded, Satan passed.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "His ears are open unto their cry."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Free to be used, enjoyed, visited, or the like; not private; public; unrestricted in use; as, an open library, museum, court, or other assembly; liable to the approach, trespass, or attack of any one; unprotected; exposed.  [1913 Webster]
    "If Demetrius . . . have a matter against any man, the law is open and there are deputies."  [1913 Webster]
    "The service that I truly did his life,
    Hath left me open to all injuries.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Free or cleared of obstruction to progress or to view; accessible; as, an open tract; the open sea.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not drawn together, closed, or contracted; extended; expanded; as, an open hand; open arms; an open flower; an open prospect.  [1913 Webster]
    "Each, with open arms, embraced her chosen knight."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Without reserve or false pretense; sincere; characterized by sincerity; unfeigned; frank; also, generous; liberal; bounteous; -- applied to personal appearance, or character, and to the expression of thought and feeling, etc.  [1913 Webster]
    "With aspect open, shall erect his head."  [1913 Webster]
    "The Moor is of a free and open nature."  [1913 Webster]
    "The French are always open, familiar, and talkative."  [1913 Webster]
    "His thefts are too open."  [1913 Webster]
    "That I may find him, and with secret gaze
    Or open admiration him behold.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not of a quality to prevent communication, as by closing water ways, blocking roads, etc.; hence, not frosty or inclement; mild; -- used of the weather or the climate; as, an open season; an open winter.  Bacon.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not settled or adjusted; not decided or determined; not closed or withdrawn from consideration; as, an open account; an open question; to keep an offer or opportunity open.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Free; disengaged; unappropriated; as, to keep a day open for any purpose; to be open for an engagement.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Uttered with a relatively wide opening of the articulating organs; -- said of vowels; as, the än fär is open as compared with the ā in sāy.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not closed or stopped with the finger; -- said of the string of an instrument, as of a violin, when it is allowed to vibrate throughout its whole length.  [1913 Webster]
    " Open is used in many compounds, most of which are self-explaining; as, open-breasted, open-minded."  [1913 Webster]
The open air, the air out of doors. -- Open chain. (Chem.) See Closed chain, under Chain. -- Open circuit (Elec.), a conducting circuit which is incomplete, or interrupted at some point; -- opposed to an uninterrupted, or closed circuit. -- Open communion, communion in the Lord's supper not restricted to persons who have been baptized by immersion. Cf. Close communion, under Close, a. -- Open diapason (Mus.), a certain stop in an organ, in which the pipes or tubes are formed like the mouthpiece of a flageolet at the end where the wind enters, and are open at the other end. -- Open flank (Fort.), the part of the flank covered by the orillon. -- Open-front furnace (Metal.), a blast furnace having a forehearth. -- Open harmony (Mus.), harmony the tones of which are widely dispersed, or separated by wide intervals. -- Open hawse (Naut.), a hawse in which the cables are parallel or slightly divergent. Cf. Foul hawse, under Hawse. -- Open hearth (Metal.), the shallow hearth of a reverberatory furnace. -- Open-hearth furnace, a reverberatory furnace; esp., a kind of reverberatory furnace in which the fuel is gas, used in manufacturing steel. -- Open-hearth process (Steel Manuf.), a process by which melted cast iron is converted into steel by the addition of wrought iron, or iron ore and manganese, and by exposure to heat in an open-hearth furnace; -- also called the Siemens-Martin process, from the inventors. -- Open-hearth steel, steel made by an open-hearth process; -- also called Siemens-Martin steel. -- Open newel. (Arch.) See Hollow newel, under Hollow. -- Open pipe (Mus.), a pipe open at the top. It has a pitch about an octave higher than a closed pipe of the same length. -- Open-timber roof (Arch.), a roof of which the constructional parts, together with the under side of the covering, or its lining, are treated ornamentally, and left to form the ceiling of an apartment below, as in a church, a public hall, and the like. -- Open vowel or Open consonant. See Open, a., 9.
Syn. -- Unclosed; uncovered; unprotected; exposed; plain; apparent; obvious; evident; public; unreserved; frank; sincere; undissembling; artless. See Candid, and Ingenuous.
     Open or unobstructed space; clear land, without trees or obstructions; open ocean; open water.  Jowett (Thucyd.).  [1913 Webster]
    "Then we got into the open."  [1913 Webster]
In open, In th open, in full view; without concealment; openly. [Obs.]
openv. t. [AS. openian. See Open,a.].
  •  To make or set open; to render free of access; to unclose; to unbar; to unlock; to remove any fastening or covering from; as, to open a door; to open a box; to open a room; to open a letter.  [1913 Webster]
    "And all the windows of my heart
    I open to the day.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To spread; to expand; as, to open the hand.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To disclose; to reveal; to interpret; to explain.  [1913 Webster]
    "The king opened himself to some of his council, that he was sorry for the earl's death."  [1913 Webster]
    "Unto thee have I opened my cause."  [1913 Webster]
    "While he opened to us the Scriptures."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To make known; to discover; also, to render available or accessible for settlements, trade, etc.  [1913 Webster]
    "The English did adventure far for to open the North parts of America."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To enter upon; to begin; as, to open a discussion; to open fire upon an enemy; to open trade, or correspondence; to open an investigation; to open a case in court, or a meeting.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To loosen or make less compact; as, to open matted cotton by separating the fibers.  [1913 Webster]
    "Poetry that had opened up so many delightful views into the character and condition of our “bold peasantry, their country's pride.”"  [1913 Webster]
To open one's mouth, to speak. -- To open up, to lay open; to discover; to disclose.
openv. i. 
  •  To unclose; to form a hole, breach, or gap; to be unclosed; to be parted.  [1913 Webster]
    "The earth opened and swallowed up Dathan, and covered the company of Abiram."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To expand; to spread out; to be disclosed; as, the harbor opened to our view.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To begin; to commence; as, the stock opened at par; the battery opened upon the enemy.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To bark on scent or view of the game.  [1913 Webster]


open, adj., v., & n.
1 not closed or locked or blocked up; allowing entrance or passage or access.
2 a (of a room, field, or other area) having its door or gate in a position allowing access, or part of its confining boundary removed. b (of a container) not fastened or sealed; in a position or with the lid etc. in a position allowing access to the inside part.
3 unenclosed, unconfined, unobstructed (the open road; open views).
4 a uncovered, bare, exposed (open drain; open wound). b Sport (of a goal mouth or other object of attack) unprotected, vulnerable.
5 undisguised, public, manifest; not exclusive or limited (open scandal; open hostilities).
6 expanded, unfolded, or spread out (had the map open on the table).
7 (of a fabric) not close; with gaps or intervals.
8 a (of a person) frank and communicative. b (of the mind) accessible to new ideas; unprejudiced or undecided.
9 a (of an exhibition, shop, etc.) accessible to visitors or customers; ready for business. b (of a meeting) admitting all, not restricted to members etc.
10 a (of a race, competition, scholarship, etc.) unrestricted as to who may compete. b (of a champion, scholar, etc.) having won such a contest.
11 (of government) conducted in an informative manner receptive to enquiry, criticism, etc., from the public.
12 (foll. by to) a willing to receive (is open to offers). b (of a choice, offer, or opportunity) still available (there are three courses open to us). c likely to suffer from or be affected by (open to abuse).
13 a (of the mouth) with lips apart, esp. in surprise or incomprehension. b (of the ears or eyes) eagerly attentive.
14 Mus. a (of a string) allowed to vibrate along its whole length. b (of a pipe) unstopped at each end. c (of a note) sounded from an open string or pipe.
15 (of an electrical circuit) having a break in the conducting path.
16 (of the bowels) not constipated.
17 (of a return ticket) not restricted as to day of travel.
18 (of a cheque) not crossed.
19 (of a boat) without a deck.
20 (of a river or harbour) free of ice.
21 (of the weather or winter) free of frost.
22 Phonet. a (of a vowel) produced with a relatively wide opening of the mouth. b (of a syllable) ending in a vowel.
23 (of a town, city, etc.) not defended even if attacked.
1 tr. & intr. make or become open or more open.
2 a tr. change from a closed or fastened position so as to allow access (opened the door; opened the box). b intr. (of a door, lid, etc.) have its position changed to allow access (the door opened slowly).
3 tr. remove the sealing or fastening element of (a container) to get access to the contents (opened the envelope).
4 intr. (foll. by into, on to, etc.) (of a door, room, etc.) afford access as specified (opened on to a large garden).
5 a tr. start or establish or set going (a business, activity, etc.). b intr. be initiated; make a start (the session opens tomorrow; the story opens with a murder). c tr. (of a counsel in a lawcourt) make a preliminary statement in (a case) before calling witnesses.
6 tr. a spread out or unfold (a map, newspaper, etc.). b (often absol.) refer to the contents of (a book).
7 intr. (often foll. by with) (of a person) begin speaking, writing, etc. (he opened with a warning).
8 intr. (of a prospect) come into view; be revealed.
9 tr. reveal or communicate (one's feelings, intentions, etc.).
10 tr. make (one's mind, heart, etc.) more sympathetic or enlightened.
11 tr. ceremonially declare (a building etc.) to be completed and in use.
12 tr. break up (ground) with a plough etc.
13 tr. cause evacuation of (the bowels).
14 Naut. a tr. get a view of by change of position. b intr. come into full view.
1 (prec. by the) a open space or country or air. b public notice or view; general attention (esp. into the open).
2 an open championship, competition, or scholarship.

be open with speak frankly to. keep open house see HOUSE. open air (usu. prec. by the) a free or unenclosed space outdoors. open-air (attrib.) out of doors. open-and-shut (of an argument, case, etc.) straightforward and conclusive. open-armed cordial; warmly receptive. open book a person who is easily understood. open day a day when the public may visit a place normally closed to them. open door free admission of foreign trade and immigrants. open-door adj. open, accessible, public. open the door to see DOOR. open-ended having no predetermined limit or boundary. open a person's eyes see EYE. open-eyed
1 with the eyes open.
2 alert, watchful. open-faced having a frank or ingenuous expression. open-handed generous. open-handedly generously. open-handedness generosity. open-hearted frank and kindly. open-heartedness an open-hearted quality. open-hearth process a process of steel manufacture, using a shallow reverberatory furnace. open-heart surgery surgery with the heart exposed and the blood made to bypass it. open house welcome or hospitality for all visitors. open ice ice through which navigation is possible. open letter a letter, esp. of protest, addressed to an individual and published in a newspaper or journal. open market an unrestricted market with free competition of buyers and sellers. open-minded accessible to new ideas; unprejudiced. open-mindedly in an open-minded manner. open-mindedness the quality of being open-minded. open-mouthed with the mouth open, esp. in surprise.
open out
1 unfold; spread out.
2 develop, expand.
3 become communicative.
4 accelerate. open-plan (usu. attrib.) (of a house, office, etc.) having large undivided rooms. open prison a prison with the minimum of physical restraints on prisoners. open question a matter on which differences of opinion are legitimate. open-reel (of a tape recorder) having reels of tape requiring individual threading, as distinct from a cassette. open sandwich a sandwich without a top slice of bread. open sea an expanse of sea away from land. open season the season when restrictions on the killing of game etc. are lifted. open secret a supposed secret that is known to many people. open sesame see SESAME.
open shop
1 a business etc. where employees do not have to be members of a trade union (opp. closed shop).
2 this system. open society a society with wide dissemination of information and freedom of belief. Open University (in the UK) a university that teaches mainly by broadcasting and correspondence, and is open to those without formal academic qualifications.
open up
1 unlock (premises).
2 make accessible.
3 reveal; bring to notice.
4 accelerate esp. a motor vehicle.
5 begin shooting or sounding. open verdict a verdict affirming that a crime has been committed but not specifying the criminal or (in case of violent death) the cause. with open arms see ARM(1).
openable adj. openness n.
OE open



Spartan, abandoned, aboveboard, absolute, accented, acceptable, accessible, activate, admissible, admissive, admissory, adumbrate, advertise, affirmed, afford, agape, agreeable, air, ajar, aloof, altruistic, alveolar, ambiguous, amenable, amiable, announce, announced, apical, apico-alveolar, apico-dental, apparent, approachable, appropriate, arguable, articulated, artless, ascetic, assimilated, at issue, attainable, austere, authentic, available, back, bald, bare, barytone, be a gas, be a hit, begin, beholdable, beneficent, bighearted, bilabial, bill, billow, blatant, bluff, blunt, bomb, bona fide, born yesterday, bounteous, bountiful, branch, branch out, brazen, breach, break, break the seal, bring out, bring to light, broach, broad, broadcast, broken, brought to notice, brusque, cacuminal, campestral, campestrian, candid, central, cerebral, champaign, charitable, check, checked, childlike, chink, circulated, clear, cleared, cleave, close, come-at-able, commence, common, common knowledge, common property, commonplace, communicate, communicative, conditional, conditioned, confiding, consonant, consonantal, conspicuous, contingent, continuant, contribute, conversable, cordial, cover, crack, crevasse, current, cut, cut apart, cut open, debatable, declared, dehiscent, deltoid, demonstrative, dental, denuded, dependent, depending, deploy, deserted, detached, detectable, develop, diffused, dilate, direct, discernible, disclose, disclosed, disconnected, discontinuous, discover, discrete, dismask, dispart, disperse, display, disposed, disrupt, disseminated, dissimilated, distend, distributed, ditch, divaricate, divide, divulge, dorsal, downright, dramatize, draw the veil, dry, dubious, dubitable, dull, effusive, embark, employable, equivocal, establish, evident, exhibit, expand, expansive, explain, explicit, expose, exposed, exposed to view, extend, extended, extensive, extroverted, fail, fair, fair and square, fan, fan out, fan-shape, fan-shaped, fanlike, fanned, fanning, feature, findable, fissure, fit, flabelliform, flagrant, flare, flared, flaring, flat, flexible, flop, fly open, forsaken, forthright, foursquare, fracture, frank, frankhearted, free, free hand, free-acting, free-going, free-moving, free-speaking, free-spoken, free-tongued, freehanded, freehearted, friendly, front, full, furnish, furrow, gap, gaping, gapped, gash, generous, genial, genuine, get, get going, get under way, getatable, gettable, giving, glaring, glide, glossal, glottal, godforsaken, good-faith, gossipy, gracious, greathearted, groove, guileless, guttural, handsome, hanging out, hard, headline, heart-to-heart, hearty, heavy, high, hint, hole, homely, homespun, honest, hospitable, humanitarian, idle, illimitable, imbibitory, impart, impressionable, in circulation, in evidence, in full view, in plain sight, in print, in question, in suspense, in the balance, in view, inaugurate, incise, inclined, incoherent, inconsistent, indecisive, influenceable, ingenu, ingenuous, ingestive, initiate, innocent, insight, intonated, introduce, intromissive, intromittent, invitatory, inviting, kick off, labial, labiodental, labiovelar, large, largehearted, lateral, launch, lavish, lax, lay bare, lay open, lean, leisure, leisured, let daylight in, let out, liable, liberal, light, limitless, lingual, liquid, low, made public, magnanimous, make a hit, make known, make plain, malleable, manifest, mantle, matter-of-fact, melodramatize, mid, monophthongal, moot, mount, movable, munificent, muted, naive, naked, narrow, nasal, nasalized, natural, navigable, neat, neighborly, newsy, no strings, nonadherent, nonadhesive, noncoherent, noncohesive, nonimmune, noticeable, obnoxious, observable, obtainable, obvious, occlusive, offer, on the level, on the square, on the up-and-up, ope, open a show, open air, open and aboveboard, open as day, open fire, open to, open to all, open to view, open up, open-handed, open-minded, openhanded, openhearted, operative, out-of-doors, outcropping, outdoors, outgoing, outland, outside, outspoken, outspread, outstretch, outstretched, overgrow, overrun, overspread, overt, oxytone, palatal, palatalized, palpable, part, passable, patent, patulous, peeled, pendent, pending, penetrable, perceivable, perceptible, perfect, perforate, persuadable, persuasible, pervious, pharyngeal, pharyngealized, phonemic, phonetic, phonic, pierce, pitch, pitched, plain, plain-speaking, plain-spoken, plastic, pleasing, plenary, pliable, pliant, posttonic, practicable, predisposed, premiere, present, preview, princely, problematic, proclaimed, procurable, produce, profuse, prone, propagated, proper, prosaic, prosing, provide, public, publish, published, pull out, pure, put on, raise, raise the curtain, ramify, reachable, receivable, receptible, receptive, recipient, recognizable, release, rent, reported, responsive, retired, retroflex, reveal, revealed, rift, ringent, rip, rive, roomy, round, rounded, rupture, rustic, scenarize, securable, seeable, self-revealing, self-revelatory, semiretired, semivowel, sensitive, separate, set in motion, set the stage, set up, severe, shadow, show, show forth, show up, showing, simple, simple-speaking, simplehearted, simpleminded, sincere, single-hearted, single-minded, sit, slash, slit, slot, sober, sociable, soft, sonant, spacious, spare, splay, splayed, splaying, split, spraddle, spraddled, spraddling, sprangle, sprangled, sprangling, sprawl, sprawling, sprawly, spread, spread like wildfire, spread out, spreading, spring open, square, square-dealing, square-shooting, stage, star, stark, start, stated, stintless, stopped, straight, straight-out, straight-shooting, straightforward, stressed, stretch out, stretched-out, strip bare, stripped, strong, suasible, subject, succeed, suggest, suggestible, suitable, surd, susceptible, suspenseful, swayable, swell, swing open, syllabic, talkative, tap, tear, tear open, telecast, televised, tenantless, tense, tenuous, the open, the out-of-doors, theatricalize, thick, throaty, throw open, to be had, to be seen, tonal, tonic, transparent, trench, trustful, trusting, try out, twangy, unaccented, unadhesive, unadorned, unaffected, unbar, unbarred, unblock, unblocked, unbolt, unbolted, unbooked, unbound, unbounded, uncertain, unchecked, uncircumscribed, unclassified, uncloak, unclog, unclogged, unclosed, unclothe, unclouded, uncluttered, uncoherent, uncohesive, uncommitted, unconcealed, unconditional, unconditioned, unconfined, unconnected, unconstrained, uncork, uncounted, uncover, uncovered, undecided, undefended, undetermined, undisguised, undissembled, undissembling, undo, undrape, unencumbered, unequivocal, unestablished, unfasten, unfastened, unfilled, unfixed, unfold, unfolded, unfortified, unfurl, ungrudging, unguarded, unhampered, unhidden, unhindered, unimaginative, unimpeded, uninhabited, uninhibited, unjoined, unkennel, unlatch, unlimited, unlock, unlocked, unmanned, unmask, unmeasured, unobstructed, unoccupied, unpack, unpeopled, unpopulated, unprotected, unqualified, unrepressed, unreserved, unresolved, unrestrained, unrestricted, unreticent, unroll, unrounded, unscheduled, unscreen, unseal, unsealed, unsecretive, unselfish, unsettled, unsheathe, unsheltered, unshrinking, unshroud, unshut, unsigned, unsilent, unsophisticated, unsparing, unstaffed, unstinted, unstinting, unstop, unstopped, unstressed, unsuppressed, unsuspicious, untaken, untenacious, untenanted, untended, untie, untold, unvarnished, unveil, unwary, unwrap, up for grabs, up-and-up, usable, vacant, velar, veritable, viewable, visible, visual, vocalic, vocoid, voiced, voiceless, vowel, vowellike, warm, warmhearted, weak, welcoming, well-known, wide, wide open, wide-open, widely known, widen, widespread, willing, within reach, without, without strings, witnessable, yawning, yield




VB begin, start, commence, conceive, open, dawn, set in, take its rise, enter upon, enter, set out, embark in, incept, initiate, launch, inaugurate, inchoate, rise, arise, originate, usher in, lead off, lead the way, take the lead, take the initiative, head, stand at the head, stand first, stand for, lay the foundations, found, set up, set on foot, agoing, set abroach, set the ball in motion, apply the match to a train, broach, open up, open the door to, get underway, set about, get to work, set to work, set to, make a beginning, make a start, handsel, take the first step, lay the first stone, cut the first turf, break ground, break the ice, break cover, pass the Rubicon, cross the Rubicon, open fire, open the ball, ventilate, air, undertake, come into existence, come into the world, make one's debut, take birth, burst forth, break out, spring up, spring forth, crop up, pop up, appear, materialize, begin at the beginning, begin ab ovo, begin again, begin de novo, start afresh, make a fresh start, take it from the top, shuffle the cards, reshuffle the cards, resume, recommence.


N artlessness, nature, simplicity, innocence, bonhomie, naivete, abandon, candor, sincerity, singleness of purpose, singleness of heart, honesty, plain speaking, epanchement, rough diamond, matter of fact man, le palais de verite, enfant terrible, artless, natural, pure, native, confiding, simple, lain, inartificial, untutored, unsophisticated, ingenu, unaffected, naive, sincere, frank, open, open as day, candid, ingenuous, guileless, unsuspicious, honest, innocent, Arcadian, undesigning, straightforward, unreserved, aboveboard, simple-minded, single-minded, frank-hearted, open-hearted, single-hearted, simple-hearted, free-spoken, plain-spoken, outspoken, blunt, downright, direct, matter of fact, unpoetical, unflattering, in plain words, in plain English, without mincing the matter, not to mince the matter, Davus sum non Oedipus, liberavi animam meam, as frank as rain on cherry blossoms.


VB become larger &c (large), expand, widen, enlarge, extend, grow, increase, incrassate, swell, gather, fill out, deploy, take open order, dilate, stretch, distend, spread, mantle, wax, grow up, spring up, bud, bourgeon, shoot, sprout, germinate, put forth, vegetate, pullulate, open, burst forth, gain flesh, gather flesh, outgrow, spread like wildfire, overrun, be larger than, surpass, render larger &c (large), expand, spread, extend, aggrandize, distend, develop, amplify, spread out, widen, magnify, rarefy, inflate, puff, blow up, stuff, pad, cram, exaggerate, fatten.


VB open, ope, gape, yawn, bilge, fly open, perforate, pierce, empierce, tap, bore, drill, mine, tunnel, transpierce, transfix, enfilade, impale, spike, spear, gore, spit, stab, pink, puncture, lance, stick, prick, riddle, punch, stave in, cut a passage through, make way for, make room for, uncover, unclose, unrip, lay open, cut open, rip open, throw open, pop open, blow open, pry open, tear open, pull open.

N opening, hole, foramen, puncture, perforation, fontanel, transforation, pinhole, keyhole, loophole, porthole, peephole, mousehole, pigeonhole, eye of a needle, eyelet, slot, opening, aperture, apertness, hiation, yawning, oscitancy, dehiscence, patefaction, pandiculation, chasm, embrasure, window, casement, abatjour, light, sky light, fan light, lattice, bay window, bow window, oriel, dormer, lantern, outlet, inlet, vent, vomitory, embouchure, orifice, mouth, sucker, muzzle, throat, gullet, weasand, wizen, nozzle, placket, portal, porch, gate, ostiary, postern, wicket, trapdoor, hatch, door, arcade, cellarway, driveway, gateway, doorway, hatchway, gangway, lich gate, way, path, thoroughfare, channel, passage, passageway, tube, pipe, water pipe, air pipe, vessel, tubule, canal, gut, fistula, adjutage, ajutage, ostium, smokestack, chimney, flue, tap, funnel, gully, tunnel, main, mine, pit, adit, shaft, gallery, alley, aisle, glade, vista, bore, caliber, pore, blind orifice, fulgurite, thundertube, porousness, porosity, sieve, cullender, colander, cribble, riddle, screen, honeycomb, apertion, perforation, piercing, terebration, empalement, pertusion, puncture, acupuncture, penetration, key, opener, master key, password, combination, passe- partout, open, perforated, perforate, wide open, ajar, unclosed, unstopped, oscitant, gaping, yawning, patent, tubular, cannular, fistulous, pervious, permeable, foraminous, vesicular, vasicular, porous, follicular, cribriform, honeycombed, infundibular, riddled, tubulous, tubulated, piped, tubate, opening, aperient, Int, open sesame!.


N manifestation, plainness, plain speaking, expression, showing, exposition, demonstration, exhibition, production, display, show, showing off, premonstration, exhibit, indication, publicity, disclosure, openness panchement, evidence, manifest, apparent, salient, striking, demonstrative, prominent, in the foreground, notable, pronounced, flagrant, notorious, arrant, stark staring, unshaded, glaring, defined, definite, distinct, conspicuous, obvious, evident, unmistakable, indubitable, not to be mistaken, palpable, self-evident, autoptical, intelligible, plain, clear, clear as day, clear as daylight, clear as noonday, plain as a pike staff, plain as the sun at noon-day, plain as the nose on one's face, plain as the way to parish church, explicit, overt, patent, express, ostensible, open, open as day, naked, bare, literal, downright, undisguised, exoteric, unreserved, frank, plain-spoken, candid (veracious), barefaced, manifested, disclosed, capable of being shown, producible, inconcealable, unconcealable, no secret, manifestly, openly, before one's eyes, under one's nose, to one's face, face to face, above board, cartes sur table, on the stage, in open court, in the open streets, in market overt, in the face of day, face of heaven, in broad daylight, in open daylight, without reserve, at first blush, prima facie, on the face of, in set terms, cela saute aux yeux, he that runs may read, you can see it with half an eye, it needs no ghost to tell us, the meaning lies on the surface, cela va sans dire, res ipsa loquitur, clothing the palpable and familiar, fari quae sentiat, volto sciolto i pensieri stretti, you don't need a weatherman to know which way the.


VB disclose, discover, dismask, draw the veil, draw aside the veil, lift the veil, raise the veil, lift up the veil, remove the veil, tear aside the veil, tear the curtain, unmask, unveil, unfold, uncover, unseal, unkennel, take off the seal, break the seal, lay open, lay bare, expose, open, open up, bare, bring to light, divulge, reveal, break, squeal, tattle, sing, rat, snitch, let into the secret, reveal the secrets of the prison house, tell, breathe, utter, blab, peach, let out, let fall, let drop, let slip, spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag, betray, tell tales, come out of school, come out with, give vent, give utterance to, open the lips, blurt out, vent, whisper about, speak out, make public, unriddle, split, acknowledge, allow, concede, grant, admit, own, own up to, confess, avow, throw off all disguise, turn inside out, make a clean breast, show one's hand, show one's cards, unburden one's mind, disburden one's mind, disburden one's conscience, disburden one's heart, open one's mind, lay bare one's mind, tell a piece of one's mind, unbosom oneself, own to the soft impeachment, say the truth, speak the truth, turn King's evidence, Queen's evidence, acknowledge the corn, raise the mask, drop the mask, lift the mask, remove the mask, throw off the mask, expose, lay open, undeceive, unbeguile, disabuse, set right, correct, open the eyes of, d_esillusionner, be disclosed, transpire, come to light, come in sight, become known, escape the lips, come out, ooze out, creep out, leak out, peep out, crop-out, show its face, show its colors, discover itself, break through the clouds, flash on the mind.

N disclosure, retection, unveiling, deterration, revealment, revelation, exposition, exposure, expose, whole truth, telltale, acknowledgment, avowal, confession, confessional, shrift, bursting of a bubble, denouement, tattletale, snitch, fink, stool pigeon, canary, disclosed, open, public, Int, out with it!, the murder is out, a light breaks in upon one, the scales fall from one's eyes, the eyes are opened.


N publication, public announcement, promulgation, propagation, proclamation, pronunziamento, circulation, indiction, edition, hue and cry, publicity, notoriety, currency, flagrancy, cry, bruit, hype, vox populi, report, the Press, public press, newspaper, journal, gazette, daily, telegraphy, publisher, imprint, circular, circular letter, manifesto, advertisement, ad, placard, bill, affiche, broadside, poster, notice, published, current, in circulation, public, notorious, flagrant, arrant, open, trumpet-tongued, encyclical, encyclic, promulgatory, exoteric, publicly, in open court, with open doors, Int, Oyez!, O yes!, notice!, notice is hereby given, this is to give, these are to give notice, nomina stultorum parietibus haerent, semel emissum volat irrevocabile verbum.


N veracity, truthfulness, frankness truth, sincerity, candor, unreserve, honesty, fidelity, plain dealing, bona fides, love of truth, probity, ingenuousness, the truth the whole truth and nothing but the trut, honest truth, sober truth, unvarnished tale, light of truth, truthful, true, veracious, veridical, scrupulous, sincere, candid, frank, open, straightforward, unreserved, open hearted, true hearted, simple-hearted, honest, trustworthy, undissembling &c (dissemble), guileless, pure, truth- loving, unperjured, true blue, as good as one's word, unaffected, unfeigned, bona fide, outspoken, ingenuous, undisguised, uncontrived, truly, in plain words, in truth, with truth, of a truth, in good truth, as the dial to the sun, as the needle to the pole, honor bright, troth, in good sooth, in good earnest, unfeignedly, with no nonsense, in sooth, sooth to say, bona fide, in foro conscientiae, without equivocation, cartes sur table, from the bottom of one's heart, by my troth, di il vero a affronterai il diavolo, Dichtung und Wahrheit, esto quod esse videris, magna est veritas et praevalet, that golden key that opes the palace of eternity, veritas odium parit, veritatis simplex oratio est, verite sans peur.

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