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Adjective, Noun


Noun french has 3 senses

Verb french has 1 sense

Adjective french has 1 sense


frenchprop. a. [AS. frencisc, LL. franciscus, from L. Francus a Frank: cf. OF. franceis, franchois, fran, F. franFrank, a., and cf. Frankish.].
     Of or pertaining to France or its inhabitants.  [1913 Webster]
French bean (Bot.), the common kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). -- French berry (Bot.), the berry of a species of buckthorn (Rhamnus catharticus), which affords a saffron, green or purple pigment. -- French casement (Arch.) See French window, under Window. -- French chalk (Min.), a variety of granular talc; -- used for drawing lines on cloth, etc. See under Chalk. -- French cowslip (Bot.) The Primula Auricula. See Bear's-ear. -- French fake (Naut.), a mode of coiling a rope by running it backward and forward in parallel bends, so that it may run freely. -- French honeysuckle (Bot.) a plant of the genus Hedysarum (H. coronarium); -- called also garland honeysuckle. -- French horn, a metallic wind instrument, consisting of a long tube twisted into circular folds and gradually expanding from the mouthpiece to the end at which the sound issues; -- called in France cor de chasse. -- French leave, an informal, hasty, or secret departure; esp., the leaving a place without paying one's debts. -- French pie [French (here used in sense of “foreign”) + pie a magpie (in allusion to its black and white color)] (Zoöl.), the European great spotted woodpecker (Dryobstes major); -- called also wood pie. -- French polish. (a) A preparation for the surface of woodwork, consisting of gums dissolved in alcohol, either shellac alone, or shellac with other gums added. (b) The glossy surface produced by the application of the above. -- French purple, a dyestuff obtained from lichens and used for coloring woolen and silken fabrics, without the aid of mordants. Ure. -- French red rouge. -- French rice, amelcorn. -- French roof (Arch.), a modified form of mansard roof having a nearly flat deck for the upper slope. -- French tub, a dyer's mixture of protochloride of tin and logwood; -- called also plum tub. Ure. -- French window. See under Window.
frenchprop. n. 
  •  The language spoken in France.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Collectively, the people of France.  [1913 Webster]


french, adj. & n.
1 of or relating to France or its people or language.
2 having the characteristics attributed to the French people.
1 the language of France, also used in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and elsewhere.
2 (the French) (pl.) the people of France.
3 colloq. bad language (excuse my French).
4 colloq. dry vermouth (gin and French).

French bean Brit.
1 a beanplant, Phaseolus vulgaris, having many varieties cultivated for their pods and seeds.
2 a the pod used as food. b the seed used as food: also called HARICOT, kidney bean. French bread white bread in a long crisp loaf. French Canadian n. a Canadian whose principal language is French.
--adj. of or relating to French-speaking Canadians. French chalk a kind of steatite used for marking cloth and removing grease and as a dry lubricant. French cricket an informal type of cricket without stumps and played with a soft ball. French cuff a cuff of double thickness. French curve a template used for drawing curved lines. French door = French window. French dressing a salad dressing of vinegar and oil, usu. seasoned. French fried potatoes (US French fries) potato chips. French horn a coiled brass wind instrument with a wide bell. French kiss a kiss with one partner's tongue inserted in the other's mouth. French knickers wide-legged knickers. French leave absence without permission. French letter Brit. colloq. a condom. French mustard Brit. a mild mustard mixed with vinegar. French polish shellac polish for wood. French-polish v.tr. polish with this. French roof a mansard. French seam a seam with the raw edges enclosed. French toast
1 Brit. bread buttered on one side and toasted on the other.
2 bread dipped in egg and milk and fried. French vermouth dry vermouth. French window a glazed door in an outside wall, serving as a window and door.
Frenchness n.
OE frencisc f. Gmc
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