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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Noun jumble has 3 senses

Verb jumble has 3 senses


jumblev. t. [Prob. fr. jump, i. e., to make to jump, or shake.].
     To mix in a confused mass; to put or throw together without order; -- often followed by together or up.  [1913 Webster]
    "Why dost thou blend and jumble such inconsistencies together?"  [1913 Webster]
    "Every clime and age
    Jumbled together.
    "  [1913 Webster]
jumblev. i. 
     To meet or unite in a confused way; to mix confusedly.  Swift.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A confused mixture; a mass or collection without order; as, a jumble of words.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A small, thin, sugared cake, usually ring-shaped.  [1913 Webster]


jumble, v. & n.
1 tr. (often foll. by up) confuse; mix up.
2 intr. move about in disorder.
1 a confused state or heap; a muddle.
2 Brit. articles collected for a jumble sale.

jumble sale Brit. a sale of miscellaneous usu. second-hand articles, esp. for charity.
jumbly adj.
prob. imit.



Aesopian language, Babel, Boston cream pie, Greek, admix, all sorts, alloy, amalgamate, angel cake, angel food cake, argot, arsy-varsiness, assemblage, assortment, babble, baked Alaska, ball up, befuddlement, bemingle, bewilderment, blend, blur, blur distinctions, bollix up, bother, botheration, broad spectrum, cake, cant, chaos, cheesecake, chocolate cake, cipher, cloud, clutter, coalesce, code, coffee cake, combine, commingle, commix, complicate, compose, compound, concoct, confound, confuse, confusion, conglomerate, conglomeration, cryptogram, cupcake, daze, deform, derange, disarrange, disarray, discombobulation, discomfiture, discompose, discomposure, disconcertion, dishevel, disorder, disorganization, disorganize, disorientation, distort, disturb, disturbance, double Dutch, embarrassment, emulsify, entangle, farrago, flummox, flurry, fluster, flutter, fog, fog up, foul up, frenzy, fruitcake, fuddle, fuddlement, fumble, fuse, gallimaufry, garble, genoise, gibberish, gift of tongues, gingerbread, glossolalia, gobbledygook, hash, haze, helter-skelter, higgledy-piggledy, hodgepodge, homogenize, honey cake, hotchpot, hotchpotch, hysteron proteron, immingle, immix, integrate, interblend, interlace, interlard, intermingle, intermix, intertwine, interweave, jargon, jelly roll, jumble together, jungle, knead, knock galley-west, layer cake, litter, magpie, make unintelligible, marble cake, mash, maze, medley, melange, merge, mess, mess up, mingle, mingle-mangle, miscellany, mishmash, mist, mix, mix up, mixed bag, muck up, muddle, muddlement, muss up, mystify, noise, obfuscate, obscure, odds and ends, olio, olla podrida, omnium-gatherum, overlook distinctions, pasticcio, pastiche, patchwork, perplexity, perturb, perturbation, pi, play hob with, pother, potpourri, pound cake, pucker, riffle, ruffle, rummage, salad, salmagundi, sauce, savarin, scramble, screw up, secret language, shadow, shortcake, shuffle, slang, snafu, snarl up, spice cake, sponge cake, stew, stir up, sweat, swivet, syncretize, tangle, tea cake, throw together, tizzy, topsy-turviness, topsy-turvydom, toss together, tumble, turmoil, unform, unholy mess, unsettle, unsettlement, unshape, upset, welter, what you will, white cake, work, yellow cake




N mixture, admixture, commixture, commixtion, commixion, intermixture, alloyage, matrimony, junction, combination, miscegenation, impregnation, infusion, diffusion suffusion, transfusion, infiltration, seasoning, sprinkling, interlarding, interpolation, adulteration, sophistication, tinge, tincture, touch, dash, smack, sprinkling, spice, seasoning, infusion, soupcon, alloy, amalgam, brass, chowchow, pewter, magma, half-and-half, melange, tertium quid, miscellany, ambigu, medley, mess, hotchpot, pasticcio, patchwork, odds and ends, all sorts, jumble, salad, sauce, mash, omnium gatherum, gallimaufry, olla-podrida, olio, salmagundi, potpourri, Noah's ark, caldron texture, mingled yarn, mosaic, half-blood, half-caste, mulatto, terceron, quarteron, quinteron, quadroon, octoroon, griffo, zambo, cafuzo, Eurasian, fustee, fustie, griffe, ladino, marabou, mestee, mestizo, quintroon, sacatra zebrule, catalo, cross, hybrid, mongrel, mixed, implex, composite, half-and-half, linsey-woolsey, chowchow, hybrid, mongrel, heterogeneous, motley, miscellaneous, promiscuous, indiscriminate, miscible, among, amongst, amid, amidst, with, in the midst of, in the crowd.


N disorder, derangement, irregularity, anomaly, anarchy, anarchism, want of method, untidiness, disunion, discord, confusion, confusedness, mishmash, mix, disarray, jumble, huddle, litter, lumber, cahotage, farrago, mess, mash, muddle, muss, hash, hodgepodge, hotch-potch, hotch-pot, imbroglio, chaos, omnium gatherum, medley, mere mixture, fortuitous concourse of atoms, disjecta membra, rudis indigestaque moles, complexity, turmoil, ferment, to-do, trouble, pudder, pother, row, rumble, disturbance, hubbub, convulsion, tumult, uproar, revolution, riot, rumpus, stour, scramble, brawl, fracas, rhubarb, fight, free-for-all, row, ruction, rumpus, embroilment, melee, spill and pelt, rough and tumble, whirlwind, bear garden, Babel, Saturnalia, donnybrook, Donnybrook Fair, confusion worse confounded, most admired disorder, concordia discors, Bedlam, all hell broke loose, bull in a china shop, all the fat in the fire, diable a' quatre, Devil to pay, pretty kettle of fish, pretty piece of work, pretty piece of business, disorderly person, disorderly persons offence, misdemeanor, slattern, slut (libertine), disorderly, orderless, out of order, out of place, out of gear, irregular, desultory, anomalous, acephalous, deranged, aimless, disorganized, straggling, unmethodical, immethodical, unsymmetric, unsystematic, untidy, slovenly, dislocated, out of sorts, promiscuous, indiscriminate, chaotic, anarchical, unarranged &c (arrange), confused, deranged, topsy-turvy, shapeless, disjointed, out of joint, troublous, riotous, complex, irregularly, by fits, by fits and snatches, by fits and starts, pellmell, higgledy-piggledy, helter-skelter, harum-scarum, in a ferment, at sixes and sevens, at cross-purposes, upside down, the cart before the horse, hysteron proteron, chaos is come again, the wreck of matter and the crush of worlds.


VB derange, disarrange, misarrange, displace, misplace, mislay, discompose, disorder, deorganize, discombobulate, disorganize, embroil, unsettle, disturb, confuse, trouble, perturb, jumble, tumble, shuffle, randomize, huddle, muddle, toss, hustle, fumble, riot, bring into disorder, put into disorder, throw into disorder, muss, break the ranks, disconcert, convulse, break in upon, unhinge, dislocate, put out of joint, throw out of gear, turn topsy-turvy, bedevil, complicate, involve, perplex, confound, imbrangle, embrangle, tangle, entangle, ravel, tousle, towzle, dishevel, ruffle, rumple, litter, scatter, mix, rearrange.

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