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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Noun interdict has 2 senses

Verb interdict has 2 senses


interdictv. t. [OE. entrediten to forbid communion, L. interdicere, interdictum. See Interdict, n.].
  •  To forbid; to prohibit or debar; as, to interdict intercourse with foreign nations.  [1913 Webster]
    "Charged not to touch the interdicted tree."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To lay under an interdict; to cut off from the enjoyment of religious privileges, as a city, a church, an individual.  [1913 Webster]
    "An archbishop may not only excommunicate and interdict his suffragans, but his vicar general may do the same."  [1913 Webster]
interdictn. [OE. entredit, enterdit, OF. entredit, F. interdit, fr. L. interdictum, fr. interdicere to interpose, prohibit; inter between + dicere to say. See Diction.].
  •  A prohibitory order or decree; a prohibition.  [1913 Webster]
    "These are not fruits forbidden; no interdict
    Defends the touching of these viands pure.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  A prohibition of the pope, by which the clergy or laymen are restrained from performing, or from attending, divine service, or from administering the offices or enjoying the privileges of the church.  [1913 Webster]
  •  An order of the court of session, having the like purpose and effect with a writ of injunction out of chancery in England and America.  [1913 Webster]


interdict, n. & v.
1 an authoritative prohibition.
2 RC Ch. a sentence debarring a person, or esp. a place, from ecclesiastical functions and privileges.
3 Sc. Law an injunction.
1 prohibit (an action).
2 forbid the use of.
3 (usu. foll. by from + verbal noun) restrain (a person).
4 (usu. foll. by to) forbid (a thing) to a person.

interdiction n. interdictory adj.
ME f. OF entredit f. L interdictum past part. of interdicere interpose, forbid by decree (as INTER-, dicere say)



Eighteenth Amendment, Prohibition Party, Volstead Act, arrest, arrestation, ban, bar, bench warrant, capias, caveat, check, constraint, contraband, control, cooling, cooling down, cooling off, curb, curtailment, death warrant, debar, deceleration, denial, deny, disallow, disallowance, embargo, enjoin, exclude, exclude from, exclusion, fieri facias, forbid, forbiddance, forbidden fruit, forbidding, habere facias possessionem, hindrance, index, index expurgatorius, index librorum prohibitorum, inhibit, inhibition, injunction, interdiction, interdictum, law, legal restraint, mandamus, mandate, mandatory injunction, mittimus, monopoly, nisi prius, no-no, notice, notification, outlaw, precept, preclude, preclusion, prevent, prevention, process, prohibit, prohibition, prohibitory injunction, proscribe, proscription, protection, protectionism, protective tariff, rationing, refusal, refuse, rein, reject, rejection, repress, repression, restraint, restraint of trade, restrictive covenants, retardation, retrenchment, rule out, ruling out, say no to, search warrant, self-control, shut out, slowing down, statute, sumptuary laws, suppress, suppression, taboo, tariff wall, thought control, warrant, warrant of arrest, warrant of attorney, writ, zoning, zoning laws




N prohibition, inhibition, veto, disallowance, interdict, interdiction, injunction, estoppel, embargo, ban, taboo, proscription, index expurgatorius, restriction, hindrance, forbidden fruit, Maine law, prohibitive, prohibitory, proscriptive, restrictive, exclusive, forbidding, prohibited, not permitted, unlicensed, contraband, impermissible, under the ban of, illegal, unauthorized, not to be thought of, uncountenanced, unthinkable, beyond the pale, on no account, Int, forbid it heaven!, hands off!, keep off!, hold!, stop!, desist!, cease and desist!, avast!, that will never do, don't you dare, forget it, don't even think about doing it, go ahead, make my day.

VB prohibit, inhibit, forbid, put one's veto upon, disallow, enjoin, ban, outlaw, taboo, proscribe, estop, bar, debar, forefend, keep in, keep within bounds, restrain, cohibit, withhold, limit, circumscribe, clip the wings of, restrict, interdict, taboo, put under an interdiction, place under an interdiction, put under the ban, place under the ban, proscribe, exclude, shut out, shut the door, bolt the door, show the door, warn off, dash the cup from one's lips, forbid the banns.

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