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Verb (transitive)


Verb prohibit has 1 sense


prohibitv. t. [L. prohibitus, p. p. of prohibere to prohibit; pro before, forth + habere to have, hold. See Habit.].
  •  To forbid by authority; to interdict; as, God prohibited Adam from eating of the fruit of a certain tree; we prohibit a person from doing a thing, and also the doing of the thing; as, the law prohibits men from stealing, or it prohibits stealing.  [1913 Webster]
    " Prohibit was formerly followed by to with the infinitive, but is now commonly followed by from with the verbal noun in -ing."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To hinder; to debar; to prevent; to preclude.  [1913 Webster]
    "Gates of burning adamant,
    Barred over us, prohibit all egress.
    "  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To forbid; interdict; debar; prevent; hinder.


prohibit, v.tr. (prohibited, prohibiting) (often foll. by from + verbal noun)
1 formally forbid, esp. by authority.
2 prevent; make impossible (his accident prohibits him from playing football).

prohibited degrees degrees of blood relationship within which marriage is forbidden.
prohibiter n. prohibitor n.
ME f. L prohibere (as PRO-(1), habere hold)



anticipate, arrest, avert, ban, bar, bar out, block, blockade, bridle, check, close out, constrain, contain, control, cool, cool off, count out, curb, curtail, cut off, debar, decelerate, deflect, deny, deter, disallow, discourage, disenable, dishearten, disqualify, dompt, embargo, enjoin, estop, exclude, exclude from, fend, fend off, foil, forbid, foreclose, forestall, freeze out, frustrate, govern, guard, hamper, help, hinder, hold, hold at bay, hold back, hold fast, hold in, hold in check, hold in leash, hold up, ignore, impede, inhibit, interdict, keep, keep back, keep from, keep in, keep in check, keep off, keep out, keep under control, lay under restraint, leave out, lock out, make impossible, obstruct, obviate, omit, ostracize, outlaw, pass over, preclude, prevent, proscribe, pull, pull in, refuse, rein, rein in, reject, relegate, repel, repress, repudiate, restrain, retard, retrench, rule out, save, say no to, send to Coventry, set back, shut out, slow down, snub, stave off, stop, straiten, suppress, taboo, thwart, turn aside, ward off, withhold




VB restrain, check, put under restraint, lay under restraint, enthral, enthrall, inthral, inthrall, bethral, bethrall, restrict, debar, constrain, coerce, curb, control, hold back, hold from, hold in, hold in check, hold within bounds, keep back, keep from, keep in, keep in check, keep within bounds, hold in leash, hold in leading strings, withhold, keep under, repress, suppress, smother, pull in, rein in, hold, hold fast, keep a tight hand on, prohibit, inhibit, cohibit, enchain, fasten, fetter, shackle, entrammel, bridle, muzzle, hopple, gag, pinion, manacle, handcuff, tie one's hands, hobble, bind hand and foot, swathe, swaddle, pin down, tether, picket, tie down, tie up, secure, forge fetters, disable, hamstring (incapacitate), confine, shut up, shut in, clap up, lock up, box up, mew up, bottle up, cork up, seal up, button up, hem in, bolt in, wall in, rail in, impound, pen, coop, inclose, cage, incage, encage, close the door upon, cloister, imprison, immure, incarcerate, entomb, clap under hatches, lay under hatches, put in irons, put in a strait-waistcoat, throw into prison, cast into prison, put into bilboes, arrest, take up, take charge of, take into custody, take prisoner, take captive, make prisoner, make captive, captivate, lead captive, lead into captivity, send to prison, commit to prison, commit, give in charge, give in custody, subjugate.


VB prohibit, inhibit, forbid, put one's veto upon, disallow, enjoin, ban, outlaw, taboo, proscribe, estop, bar, debar, forefend, keep in, keep within bounds, restrain, cohibit, withhold, limit, circumscribe, clip the wings of, restrict, interdict, taboo, put under an interdiction, place under an interdiction, put under the ban, place under the ban, proscribe, exclude, shut out, shut the door, bolt the door, show the door, warn off, dash the cup from one's lips, forbid the banns.

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