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Conjunction, Noun


ifconj. [OE. if, gif, AS. gif; akin to OFries. ief, gef, ef, OS. ef, of, D. of, or, whether, if, G. ob whether, if, OHG. oba, ibu, Icel. ef, Goth. iba, ibai, an interrogative particle; properly a case form of a noun meaning, doubt (cf. OHG. iba doubt, condition, Icel. if, ef, ifi, efi), and therefore orig. meaning, on condition that.].
  •  In case that; granting, allowing, or supposing that; -- introducing a condition or supposition.  [1913 Webster]
    "Tisiphone, that oft hast heard my prayer,
    Assist, if Œdipus deserve thy care.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Whether; -- in dependent questions.  [1913 Webster]
    "Uncertain if by augury or chance."  [1913 Webster]
    "She doubts if two and two make four."  [1913 Webster]
As if, But if. See under As, But.


if, abbr. intermediate frequency.

if, conj. & n.
1 introducing a conditional clause: a on the condition or supposition that; in the event that (if he comes I will tell him; if you are tired we will rest). b (with past tense) implying that the condition is not fulfilled (if I were you; if I knew I would say).
2 even though (I'll finish it, if it takes me all day).
3 whenever (if I am not sure I ask).
4 whether (see if you can find it).
5 a expressing wish or surprise (if I could just try!; if it isn't my old hat!). b expressing a request (if you wouldn't mind opening the door?).
6 with implied reservation, = and perhaps not (very rarely if at all).
7 (with reduction of the protasis to its significant word) if there is or it is etc. (took little if any).
8 despite being (a useful if cumbersome device).
--n. a condition or supposition (too many ifs about it).

if only
1 even if for no other reason than (I'll come if only to see her).
2 (often ellipt.) an expression of regret (if only I had thought of it; if only I could swim!). if so if that is the case.
OE gif




N circumstance, situation, phase, position, posture, attitude, place, point, terms, regime, footing, standing, status, occasion, juncture, conjunctive, contingency, predicament, emergence, emergency, exigency, crisis, pinch, pass, push, occurrence, turning point, bearings, how the land lies, surroundings, context, environment, location, contingency, dependence (uncertainty), causation, attribution, circumstantial, given, conditional, provisional, critical, modal, contingent, incidental, adventitious, limitative, in the circumstances, under the circumstances, the circumstances, conditions, thus, in such wise, accordingly, that being the case, such being the case, in view of the circumstances, that being so, sith, since, seeing that, as matters stand, as things go, as times go, conditionally, provided, if, in case, if so, if so be, if it be so, depending on circumstances, in certain circumstances, under certain conditions, if it so happen, if it so turn out, in the event of, in such a contingency, in such a case, in such an event, provisionally, unless, without, according to circumstances, according to the occasion, as it may happen, as it may turn out, as it may be, as the case may be, as the wind blows, pro re nata, yet are my sins not those of circumstance.


N qualification, limitation, modification, coloring, allowance, grains of allowance, consideration, extenuating circumstances, mitigation, condition, proviso, prerequisite, contingency, stipulation, provision, specification, sine qua non, catch, string, strings attached, exemption, exception, escape clause, salvo, saving clause, discount, restriction, fine print, qualifying, qualified, conditioned, restricted, hedged, conditional, exceptional, hypothetical, contingent, provided, provided that, provided always, if, unless, but, yet, according as, conditionally, admitting, supposing, on the supposition of, with the understanding, even, although, though, for all that, after all, at all events, approximately, in a limited degree (smallness), somewhat, sort of, something like that, to a certain extent, to a degree, in a sense, so to speak, with grains of allowance, cum grano salis, with a grain of salt, exceptis excipiendis, wind and weather permitting, if possible, subject to, conditioned upon, with this proviso, if the good lord is willing and the creeks don't r, catch-, Degrees of Evidence.


N supposition, assumption, assumed position, postulation, condition, presupposition, hypothesis, blue sky hypothesis, postulate, postulatum, theory, thesis, theorem, data, proposition, position, proposal, presumption, divination, conjecture, guess, guesswork, speculation, rough guess, shot, shot in the dark, conjecturality, surmise, suspicion, sneaking suspicion, estimate, approximation (nearness), inkling, suggestion, hint, intimation, notion, impression, bare supposition, vague supposition, loose supposition, loose suggestion, association of ideas, (analogy), metonym, metonymy, simile (metaphor), conceit, idea, thought, original idea, invention (imagination), supposing, given, mooted, postulatory, assumed, supposititious, suppositive, suppositious, gratuitous, speculative, conjectural, hypothetical, theoretical, academic, supposable, presumptive, putative, suppositional, suggestive, allusive, if, if so be, an, on the supposition, ex hypothesi, in the case, in the event of, quasi, as if, provided, perhaps, for aught one knows.



Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive), Adverb


Noun stone has 13 senses

Verb stone has 2 senses

Adjective stone has 1 sense


stonen. [OE. ston, stan, AS. stān; akin to OS. & OFries. stēn, D. steen, G. stein, Icel. steinn, Sw. sten, Dan. steen, Goth. stains, Russ. stiena a wall, Gr. , , a pebble. √167. Cf. Steen.].
  •  Concreted earthy or mineral matter; also, any particular mass of such matter; as, a house built of stone; the boy threw a stone; pebbles are rounded stones.  Chaucer.  [1913 Webster]
    " In popular language, very large masses of stone are called rocks; small masses are called stones; and the finer kinds, gravel, or sand, or grains of sand. Stone is much and widely used in the construction of buildings of all kinds, for walls, fences, piers, abutments, arches, monuments, sculpture, and the like."  [1913 Webster]
    "They had brick for stone, and slime . . . for mortar."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A precious stone; a gem.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Something made of stone. Specifically: -  [1913 Webster]
    "Lend me a looking-glass;
    If that her breath will mist or stain the stone,
    Why, then she lives.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "Should some relenting eye
    Glance on the where our cold relics lie.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  A calculous concretion, especially one in the kidneys or bladder; the disease arising from a calculus.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One of the testes; a testicle.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The hard endocarp of drupes; as, the stone of a cherry or peach. See Illust. of Endocarp.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A weight which legally is fourteen pounds, but in practice varies with the article weighed.  [1913 Webster]
    " The stone of butchers' meat or fish is reckoned at 8 lbs.; of cheese, 16 lbs.; of hemp, 32 lbs.; of glass, 5 lbs."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Fig.: Symbol of hardness and insensibility; torpidness; insensibility; as, a heart of stone.  [1913 Webster]
    "I have not yet forgot myself to stone."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A stand or table with a smooth, flat top of stone, commonly marble, on which to arrange the pages of a book, newspaper, etc., before printing; -- called also imposing stone.  [1913 Webster]
    " Stone is used adjectively or in composition with other words to denote made of stone, containing a stone or stones, employed on stone, or, more generally, of or pertaining to stone or stones; as, stone fruit, or stone-fruit; stone-hammer, or stone hammer; stone falcon, or stone-falcon. Compounded with some adjectives it denotes a degree of the quality expressed by the adjective equal to that possessed by a stone; as, stone-dead, stone-blind, stone-cold, stone-still, etc."  [1913 Webster]
Atlantic stone, ivory. [Obs.] “Citron tables, or Atlantic stone.” Milton. -- Bowing stone. Same as Cromlech. Encyc. Brit. -- Meteoric stones, stones which fall from the atmosphere, as after the explosion of a meteor. -- Philosopher's stone. See under Philosopher. -- Rocking stone. See Rocking-stone. -- Stone age, a supposed prehistoric age of the world when stone and bone were habitually used as the materials for weapons and tools; -- called also flint age. The bronze age succeeded to this. -- Stone bass (Zoöl.), any one of several species of marine food fishes of the genus Serranus and allied genera, as Serranus Couchii, and Polyprion cernium of Europe; -- called also sea perch. -- Stone biter (Zoöl.), the wolf fish. -- Stone boiling, a method of boiling water or milk by dropping hot stones into it, -- in use among savages. Tylor. -- Stone borer (Zoöl.), any animal that bores stones; especially, one of certain bivalve mollusks which burrow in limestone. See Lithodomus, and Saxicava. -- Stone bramble (Bot.), a European trailing species of bramble (Rubus saxatilis). -- Stone-break. [Cf. G. steinbrech.] (Bot.) Any plant of the genus Saxifraga; saxifrage. -- Stone bruise, a sore spot on the bottom of the foot, from a bruise by a stone. -- Stone canal. (Zoöl.) Same as Sand canal, under Sand. -- Stone cat (Zoöl.), any one of several species of small fresh-water North American catfishes of the genus Noturus. They have sharp pectoral spines with which they inflict painful wounds. -- Stone coal, hard coal; mineral coal; anthracite coal. -- Stone coral (Zoöl.), any hard calcareous coral. -- Stone crab. (Zoöl.) (a) A large crab (Menippe mercenaria) found on the southern coast of the United States and much used as food. (b) A European spider crab (Lithodes maia). Stone crawfish (Zoöl.), a European crawfish (Astacus torrentium), by many writers considered only a variety of the common species (A. fluviatilis). -- Stone curlew. (Zoöl.) (a) A large plover found in Europe (Edicnemus crepitans). It frequents stony places. Called also thick-kneed plover or bustard, and thick-knee. (b) The whimbrel. [Prov. Eng.] (c) The willet. [Local, U.S.] -- Stone crush. Same as Stone bruise, above. -- Stone eater. (Zoöl.) Same as Stone borer, above. -- Stone falcon (Zoöl.), the merlin. -- Stone fern (Bot.), a European fern (Asplenium Ceterach) which grows on rocks and walls. -- Stone fly (Zoöl.), any one of many species of pseudoneuropterous insects of the genus Perla and allied genera; a perlid. They are often used by anglers for bait. The larvæ are aquatic. -- Stone fruit (Bot.), any fruit with a stony endocarp; a drupe, as a peach, plum, or cherry. -- Stone grig (Zoöl.), the mud lamprey, or pride. -- Stone hammer, a hammer formed with a face at one end, and a thick, blunt edge, parallel with the handle, at the other, -- used for breaking stone. -- Stone hawk (Zoöl.), the merlin; -- so called from its habit of sitting on bare stones. -- Stone jar, a jar made of stoneware. -- Stone lily (Paleon.), a fossil crinoid. -- Stone lugger. (Zoöl.) See Stone roller, below. -- Stone marten (Zoöl.), a European marten (Mustela foina) allied to the pine marten, but having a white throat; -- called also beech marten. -- Stone mason, a mason who works or builds in stone. -- Stone-mortar (Mil.), a kind of large mortar formerly used in sieges for throwing a mass of small stones short distances. -- Stone oil, rock oil, petroleum. -- Stone parsley (Bot.), an umbelliferous plant (Seseli Labanotis). See under Parsley. -- Stone pine. (Bot.) A nut pine. See the Note under Pine, and Piñon. -- Stone pit, a quarry where stones are dug. -- Stone pitch, hard, inspissated pitch. -- Stone plover. (Zoöl.) (a) The European stone curlew. (b) Any one of several species of Asiatic plovers of the genus Esacus; as, the large stone plover (E. recurvirostris). (c) The gray or black-bellied plover. [Prov. Eng.] (d) The ringed plover. (e) The bar-tailed godwit. [Prov. Eng.] Also applied to other species of limicoline birds. -- Stone roller. (Zoöl.) (a) An American fresh-water fish (Catostomus nigricans) of the Sucker family. Its color is yellowish olive, often with dark blotches. Called also stone lugger, stone toter, hog sucker, hog mullet. (b) A common American cyprinoid fish (Campostoma anomalum); -- called also stone lugger. -- Stone's cast, or Stone's throw, the distance to which a stone may be thrown by the hand; as, they live a stone's throw from each other. -- Stone snipe (Zoöl.), the greater yellowlegs, or tattler. [Local, U.S.] -- Stone toter. (Zoöl.) (a) See Stone roller (a), above. (b) A cyprinoid fish (Exoglossum maxillingua) found in the rivers from Virginia to New York. It has a three-lobed lower lip; -- called also cutlips. -- To leave no stone unturned, to do everything that can be done; to use all practicable means to effect an object.
stonev. t. [From Stone, n.: cf. AS. stnan, Goth. stainjan.].
  •  To pelt, beat, or kill with stones.  [1913 Webster]
    "And they stoned Stephen, calling upon God, and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To make like stone; to harden.  [1913 Webster]
    "O perjured woman! thou dost stone my heart."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To free from stones; also, to remove the seeds of; as, to stone a field; to stone cherries; to stone raisins.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To wall or face with stones; to line or fortify with stones; as, to stone a well; to stone a cellar.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To rub, scour, or sharpen with a stone.  [1913 Webster]


stone, n. & v.
1 a solid non-metallic mineral matter, of which rock is made. b a piece of this, esp. a small piece.
2 Building a = LIMESTONE (Portland stone). b = SANDSTONE (Bath stone).
3 Mineral. = precious stone.
4 a stony meteorite, an aerolite.
5 (often in comb.) a piece of stone of a definite shape or for a particular purpose (tombstone; stepping-stone).
6 a a thing resembling stone in hardness or form, e.g. the hard case of the kernel in some fruits. b Med. (often in pl.) a hard morbid concretion in the body esp. in the kidney or gall-bladder (gallstones).
7 (pl. same) Brit. a unit of weight equal to 14 lb. (6.35 kg).
8 (attrib.) a made of stone. b of the colour of stone.
1 pelt with stones.
2 remove the stones from (fruit).
3 face or pave etc. with stone.

cast (or throw) stones (or the first stone) make aspersions on a person's character etc. leave no stone unturned try all possible means. Stone Age a prehistoric period when weapons and tools were made of stone. stone-coal anthracite. stone-cold completely cold. stone-cold sober completely sober. stone the crows Brit. sl. an exclamation of surprise or disgust. stone curlew any mottled brown and grey wader of the family Burhinidae, esp. Burhinus oedicnemus, inhabiting esp. stony open country. stone-dead completely dead. stone-deaf completely deaf. stone-fruit a fruit with flesh or pulp enclosing a stone. stone parsley an umbelliferous hedge-plant, Sison amomum, with aromatic seeds. stone pine a S. European pine-tree, Pinus pinea, with branches at the top spreading like an umbrella. stone-pit a quarry. a stone's throw a short distance.
stoned adj. (also in comb.). stoneless adj. stoner n.
OE stan f. Gmc



Irish confetti, Lydian stone, Tarmac, Tarvia, aa, abyssal rock, acorn, adamant, adamantine, adobe, agate, alexandrite, amethyst, anklet, anthraconite, aplite, aquamarine, arch, armlet, ashlar, asphalt, aventurine, bakestone, bangle, barrow, basalt, basanite, beads, bedrock, beetlestone, behead, berry, beryl, bijou, bird seed, bitumen, bituminous macadam, black sheep, blacktop, blemish, block lava, bloodstone, blow to pieces, blow up, board, bola, bolt, bondstone, bone, boomerang, booze up, boozify, boundary stone, bowstring, bracelet, brain, brash, brass, breastpin, breccia, brick, brickbat, bricks and mortar, brilliant, brimstone, bring down, brooch, brownstone, buhr, buhrstone, burn, burn to death, bust, cairn, cairngorm, capstone, carbuncle, carnelian, cement, cenotaph, chain, chalcedony, chalk, chaplet, charm, chatelaine, chrysoberyl, chrysolite, circle, citrine, clapboard, clinker, cobble, cobblestone, column, concrete, conglomerate, copestone, copperplate, coral, cornerstone, coronet, countermissile, covering materials, crag, crock, cromlech, cross, crown, crucify, crystal, cup, curb, curbing, curbstone, cut down, cut to pieces, cyclolith, deal a deathblow, decapitate, decollate, defenestrate, demantoid, dendrite, diabase, diadem, diamond, disintegrate, dolmen, dolomite, doorstone, dripstone, drop, druid stone, duplicate plate, eaglestone, earring, edgestone, egg, electrocute, electrotype, emerald, emery rock, execute, face, fell, ferroconcrete, festooned pahoehoe, firebrick, flag, flagging, flagstone, flaxseed, flint, flintlike, flinty, floatstone, flooring, fob, footstone, foreign body, foreign intruder, frag, fruit, fuddle, garnet, garrote, gem, gem stone, girasol, give the quietus, glass, glaze, gneiss, goldstone, grain, granite, granitelike, granitic, grave, gravel, gravestone, grindstone, grit, gritrock, gritstone, guillotine, gun down, hairstone, harlequin opal, hayseed, headstone, heart of oak, heliotrope, hoarstone, hyacinth, igneous rock, impurity, incinerate, inflict capital punishment, inscription, intruder, iron, ironstone, jade, jadestone, jargoon, jasper, jewel, jugulate, kerb, kerbstone, kernel, keystone, lapidate, lapis lazuli, lath, lath and plaster, lava, lay low, limestone, linseed, lithic, living rock, locked-up page, locket, lodestone, macadam, magma, mantlerock, marble, marblelike, marker, masonry, mausoleum, megalith, memento, memorial, memorial arch, memorial column, memorial statue, memorial stone, menhir, metamorphic rock, milestone, milkstone, millstone, misfit, missile, monkey wrench, monolith, monument, moonstone, morganite, mortar, mote, mound, nails, necklace, necrology, nose ring, nut, oak, obelisk, obituary, obsidian, oddball, oilstone, onyx, opal, overtake, pahoehoe, paper, pavement, pavestone, paving, paving material, paving stone, pellet, pelt, peridot, petrified, petrogenic, phonolite, pickle, pillar, pillow lava, pin, pip, pistol, pit, pitchstone, plank, plaque, plasma, plaster, plasters, plastic plate, plate, poleax, pollute, porphyry, precious stone, prestressed concrete, printing plate, printing surface, prize, projectile, pudding stone, pumice, put to death, pyramid, quartz, quartzite, regolith, reliquary, remembrance, rhinestone, ribbon, riddle, ring, road metal, rock, rocket, roofage, roofing, ropy lava, rose quartz, rostral column, rottenstone, rubber plate, rubble, rubblestone, rubstone, ruby, sandstone, sapphire, sard, sardonyx, sarsen, schist, scoria, scree, sedimentary rock, seed, semiprecious stone, serpentine, shaft, shake, shale, sheathe, shelly pahoehoe, shingle, shoot, shoot down, shoot to death, shotgun, shrine, siding, silence, slabstone, slate, slaty, sliver, snakestone, soapstone, souse, speck, spinel, spinel ruby, splinter, stab to death, stalactite, stalagmite, starstone, steatite, steel, steel plate, stela, stepping-stone, stepstone, stereotype, stew, stickpin, stinkstone, stone to death, strangle, strike dead, stupa, swack, tablet, talus, tarmacadam, testimonial, thatch, throw stick, throwing-stick, tiara, tile, tilestone, tiling, tipsify, tomb, tombstone, topaz, tope, torpedo, torque, touchstone, trap, traprock, trophy, tufa, tuff, turquoise, typeform, vaporize, veneer, waddy, wall in, wall up, walling, wallpaper, wampum, washboard, weatherboard, weed, whetstone, whitestone, wristband, wristlet, zincograph, zincotype




N materials, material, raw material, stuff, stock, staple, adobe, brown stone, chinking, clapboard, daubing, puncheon, shake, shingle, bricks and mortar, metal, stone, clay, brick crockery, compo, composition, concrete, reinforced concrete, cement, wood, ore, timber, materials, supplies, munition, fuel, grist, household stuff pabulum, ammunition, contingents, relay, reinforcement, reenforcement, baggage, means, calico, cambric, cashmere, raw, wooden, adobe.


VB attack, assault, assail, invade, set upon, fall upon, charge, impugn, break a lance with, enter the lists, assume the offensive, take the offensive, be the aggressor, become the aggressor, strike the first blow, draw first blood, throw the first stone at, lift a hand against, draw the sword against, take up the cudgels, advance against, march against, march upon, harry, come on, show fight, strike at, poke at, thrust at, aim a blow at, deal a blow at, give one a blow, fetch one a blow, fetch one a kick, give one a kick, have a cut at, have a shot at, take a cut at, take a shot at, have a fling at, have a shy at, be down upon, pounce upon, fall foul of, pitch into, launch out against, bait, slap on the face, make a thrust at, make a pass at, make a set at, make a dead set at, bear down upon, close with, come to close quarters, bring to bay, ride full tilt against, attack tooth and nail, go at hammer and tongs, let fly at, dash at, run a tilt at, rush at, tilt at, run at, fly at, hawk at, have at, let out at, make a dash, make a rush at, strike home, drive one hard, press one hard, be hard upon, run down, strike at the root of, lay about one, run amuck, aim at, draw a bead on, fire upon, fire at, fire a shot at, shoot at, pop at, level at, let off a gun at, open fire, pepper, bombard, shell, pour a broadside into, fire a volley, fire red-hot shot, spring a mine, throw a stone, throw stones at, stone, lapidate, pelt, hurl at, hurl against, hurl at the head of, rock beset, besiege, beleaguer, lay siege to, invest, open the trenches, plant a battery, sap, mine, storm, board, scale the walls, cut and thrust, bayonet, butt, kick, strike, whip, assail, impugn, malign (detract), bomb, rocket, blast.


N arm, arms, weapon, deadly weapon, armament, armaments, armature, panoply, stand of arms, armor, armory, apparatus belli, ammunition, powder, powder and shot, cartridge, ball cartridge, cartouche, fireball, villainous saltpeter, dumdum bullet, explosive, gunpowder, guncotton, mercury fulminate, picrates, pentaerythritol tetranitrate, PETN, high explosive, trinitrotoluene, TNT, dynamite, melinite, cordite, lyddite, plastic explosive, plastique, pyroxyline, sword, saber, broadsword, cutlass, falchion, scimitar, cimeter, brand, whinyard, bilbo, glaive, glave, rapier, skean, Toledo, Ferrara, tuck, claymore, adaga, baselard, Lochaber ax, skean dhu, creese, kris, dagger, dirk, banger, poniard, stiletto, stylet, dudgeon, bayonet, sword-bayonet, sword-stick, side arms, foil, blade, steel, ax, bill, pole-ax, battle-ax, gisarme, halberd, partisan, tomahawk, bowie knife, ataghan, attaghan, yataghan, yatacban, assagai, assegai, good sword, trusty sword, naked sword, cold steel, club, mace, truncheon, staff, bludgeon, cudgel, life preserver, shillelah, sprig, hand staff, quarter staff, bat, cane, stick, knuckle duster, billy, blackjack, sandbag, waddy, gun, piece, firearms, artillery, ordnance, siege train, battering train, park, battery, cannon, gun of position, heavy gun, field piece, mortar, howitzer, carronade, culverin, basilisk, falconet, jingal, swivel, pederero, bouche a feu, petard, torpedo, mitrailleur, mitrailleuse, infernal machine, smooth bore, rifled cannon, Armstrong gun, Lancaster gun, Paixhan gun, Whitworth gun, Parrott gun, Krupp gun, Gatling gun, Maxim gun, machine gun, pompom, ten pounder, small arms, musket, musketry, firelock, fowling piece, rifle, fusil, caliver, carbine, blunderbuss, musketoon, Brown Bess, matchlock, harquebuss, arquebus, haguebut, pistol, postolet, petronel, small bore, breach-loader, muzzle-loader, revolver, repeater, Minis rifle, Enfield rifle, Flobert rifle, Westley Richards rifle, Snider rifle, Martini-Henry rifle, Lee-Metford rifle, Lee-Enfield rifle, Mauser rifle, magazine rifle, needle gun, chassepot, wind gun, air gun, automatic gun, automatic pistol, escopet, escopette, gunflint, gun- lock, hackbut, shooter, shooting iron, six-shooter, shotgun, Uzzi, assault rifle, Kalashnikov, bow, crossbow, balister, catapult, sling, battering ram, gunnery, ballistics, missile, bolt, projectile, shot, ball, grape, grape shot, canister shot, bar shot, cannon shot, langrel shot, langrage shot, round shot, chain shot, balista, ballista, slung shot, trebucbet, trebucket, bullet, slug, stone, brickbat, grenade, shell, bomb, carcass, rocket, congreve, congreve rocket, shrapnel, mitraille, levin bolt, levin brand, thunderbolt, pike, lance, spear, spontoon, javelin, dart, jereed, jerid, arrow, reed, shaft, bolt, boomerang, harpoon, gaff, eelspear, oxgoad, weet-weet, wommerah, cattle prod, chemical mace, en flute, nervos belli pecuniam infinitam.


VB punish, chastise, chasten, castigate, correct, inflict punishment, administer correction, deal retributive justice, cowhide, lambaste, visit upon, pay, pay out, serve out, do for, make short work of, give a lesson to, serve one right, make an example of, have a rod in pickle for, give it one, strike, deal a blow to, administer the lash, smite, slap, slap the face, smack, cuff, box the ears, spank, thwack, thump, beat, lay on, swinge, buffet, thresh, thrash, pummel, drub, leather, trounce, sandbag, baste, belabor, lace, lace one's jacket, dress, dress down, give a dressing, trim, warm, wipe, tund, cob, bang, strap, comb, lash, lick, larrup, wallop, whop, flog, scourge, whip, birch, cane, give the stick, switch, flagellate, horsewhip, bastinado, towel, rub down with an oaken towel, rib roast, dust one's jacket, fustigate, pitch into, lay about one, beat black and blue, beat to a mummy, beat to a jelly, give a black eye, tar and feather, pelt, stone, lapidate, masthead, keelhaul, execute, bring to the block, bring to the gallows, behead, decapitate, guillotine, decollate, hang, turn off, gibbet, bowstring, hang draw and quarter, shoot, decimate, burn, break on the wheel, crucify, empale, impale, flay, lynch, electrocute, gas, send to the gas chamber, torture, put on, put to the rack, picket, banish, exile, transport, expel, ostracize, rusticate, drum out, dismiss, disbar, disbench, strike off the roll, unfrock, post, suffer, suffer for, suffer punishment, be flogged, be executed, suffer the ultimate penalty, be hanged, come to the gallows, mount the gallows, swing, twist in the wind, dance upon nothing, die in one's shoes, be rightly served, be electrocuted, fry, ride the lightning, face the firing squad.


N gravity, gravitation, weight, heaviness, specific gravity, pondorosity, pressure, load, burden, burthen, ballast, counterpoise, lump of, mass of, weight of, lead, millstone, mountain, Ossa on Pelion, weighing, ponderation, trutination, weights, avoirdupois weight, troy weight, apothecaries' weight, grain, scruple, drachma, ounce, pound, lb, arroba, load, stone, hundredweight, cwt, ton, long ton, metric ton, quintal, carat, pennyweight, tod, gram, centigram, milligram, microgram, kilogram, nanogram, picogram, femtogram, attogram, balance, scale, scales, steelyard, beam, weighbridge, spring balance, piezoelectric balance, analytical balance, two-pan balance, one-pan balance, postal scale, baby scale, statics, weighty, weighing, heavy as lead, ponderous, ponderable, lumpish, lumpy, cumbersome, burdensome, cumbrous, unwieldy, massive, incumbent, superincumbent.


N density, solidity, solidness, impenetrability, impermeability, incompressibility, imporosity, cohesion, constipation, consistence, spissitude, specific gravity, hydrometer, areometer, condensation, caseation, solidation, solidification, consolidation, concretion, coagulation, petrification, crystallization, precipitation, deposit, precipitate, inspissation, gelation, thickening, indivisibility, indiscerptibility, insolubility, indissolvableness, solid body, mass, block, knot, lump, concretion, concrete, conglomerate, cake, clot, stone, curd, coagulum, bone, gristle, cartilage, casein, crassamentum, legumin, superdense matter, condensed states of matter, dwarf star, neutron star, dense, solid, solidified, caseous, pukka, coherent, cohesive, compact, close, serried, thickset, substantial, massive, lumpish, impenetrable, impermeable, nonporous, imporous, incompressible, constipated, concrete, knotted, knotty, gnarled, crystalline, crystallizable, thick, grumous, stuffy, undissolved, unmelted, unliquefied, unthawed, indivisible, indiscerptible, infrangible, indissolvable, indissoluble, insoluble, infusible.


N hardness, rigidity, renitence, renitency, inflexibility, temper, callosity, durity, induration, petrifaction, lapidification, lapidescence, vitrification, ossification, crystallization, stone, pebble, flint, marble, rock, fossil, crag, crystal, quartz, granite, adamant, bone, cartilage, hardware, heart of oak, block, board, deal board, iron, steel, cast iron, decarbonized iron, wrought iron, nail, brick, concrete, cement, hard, rigid, stubborn, stiff, firm, starch, starched, stark, unbending, unlimber, unyielding, inflexible, tense, indurate, indurated, gritty, proof, adamant, adamantine, adamantean, concrete, stony, granitic, calculous, lithic, vitreous, horny, corneous, bony, osseous, ossific, cartilaginous, hard as a rock, stiff as buckram, stiff as a poker, stiff as starch, stiff as as board.


VB kill, put to death, slay, shed blood, murder, assassinate, butcher, slaughter, victimize, immolate, massacre, take away life, deprive of life, make away with, put an end to, despatch, dispatch, burke, settle, do for, strangle, garrote, hang, throttle, choke, stifle, suffocate, stop the breath, smother, asphyxiate, drown, saber, cut down, cut to pieces, cut the throat, jugulate, stab, run through the body, bayonet, eviscerate, put to the sword, put to the edge of the sword, shoot dead, blow one's brains out, brain, knock on the head, stone, lapidate, give a deathblow, deal a deathblow, give a quietus, give a coupe de grace, behead, bowstring, electrocute, gas, hunt, shoot, cut off, nip in the bud, launch into eternity, send to one's last account, sign one's death warrant, strike the death knell of, give no quarter, pour out blood like water, decimate, run amuck, wade knee deep in blood, imbrue one's hands in blood, die a violent death, welter in one's blood, dash out one's brains, blow out one's brains, commit suicide, kill oneself, make away with oneself, put an end to oneself, put an end to it all.


N interment, burial, sepulture, inhumation, obsequies, exequies, funeral, wake, pyre, funeral pile, cremation, funeral, funeral rite, funeral solemnity, kneel, passing bell, tolling, dirge, cypress, orbit, dead march, muffled drum, mortuary, undertaker, mute, elegy, funeral, funeral oration, funeral sermon, epitaph, graveclothes, shroud, winding sheet, cerecloth, cerement, coffin, shell, sarcophagus, urn, pall, bier, hearse, catafalque, cinerary urn, grave, pit, sepulcher, tomb, vault, crypt, catacomb, mausoleum, Golgotha, house of death, narrow house, cemetery, necropolis, burial place, burial ground, grave yard, church yard, God's acre, tope, cromlech, barrow, tumulus, cairn, ossuary, bone house, charnel house, dead house, morgue, lich gate, burning ghat, crematorium, crematory, dokhma, mastaba, potter's field, stupa, Tower of Silence, sexton, gravedigger, monument, cenotaph, shrine, grave stone, head stone, tomb stone, memento mori, hatchment, stone, obelisk, pyramid, exhumation, disinterment, necropsy, autopsy, post mortem examination, zoothapsis, burried, burial, funereal, funebrial, mortuary, sepulchral, cinerary, elegiac, necroscopic, in memoriam, post obit, post mortem, beneath the sod, hic jacet, ci-git, RIP, requiescat in pace, the lone couch of his everlasting sleep, without a grave- unknell'd, uncoffin'd, and unknown, in the dark union of insensate dust, the deep cold shadow of the tomb, Special Vitality.


N engraving, chalcography, line engraving, mezzotint engraving, stipple engraving, chalk engraving, dry point, bur, etching, aquatinta, chiseling, plate engraving, copperplate engraving, steel engraving, wood engraving, xylography, lignography, glyptography, cerography, lithography, chromolithography, photolithography, zincography, glyphography, xylograph, lignograph, glyptograph, cerograph, lithograph, chromolithograph, photolithograph, zincograph, glyphograph, holograph, impression, print, engraving, plate, steelplate, copperplate, etching, mezzotint, aquatint, lithotint, cut, woodcut, stereotype, graphotype, autotype, heliotype, graver, burin, etching point, style, plate, stone, wood block, negative, die, punch, stamp, printing, plate printing, copperplate printing, anastatic printing, color printing, lithographic printing, type printing, three-color process, illustration, illumination, half tone, photogravure, vignette, initial letter, cul de lampe, tailpiece, lapidary, lapidarian, insculptured, engraved, lapidary, sculpsit, imprimit.

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