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Noun, Verb (transitive)


Noun grant has 8 senses

Verb grant has 7 senses


grantv. t. [OE. graunten, granten, OF. graanter, craanter, creanter, to promise, yield, LL. creantare to promise, assure, for (assumed LL.) credentare to make believe, fr. L. credens, p. pr. of credere to believe. See Creed, Credit.].
  •  To give over; to make conveyance of; to give the possession or title of; to convey; -- usually in answer to petition.  [1913 Webster]
    "Grant me the place of this threshing floor."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To bestow or confer, with or without compensation, particularly in answer to prayer or request; to give.  [1913 Webster]
    "Wherefore did God grant me my request."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To admit as true what is not yet satisfactorily proved; to yield belief to; to allow; to yield; to concede.  [1913 Webster]
    "Grant that the Fates have firmed by their decree."
Syn.-- To give; confer; bestow; convey; transfer; admit; allow; concede. See Give.
grantv. i. 
     To assent; to consent.  Chaucer.  [1913 Webster]
grantn. [OE. grant, graunt, OF. graant, creant, promise, assurance. See Grant, v. t.].
  •  The act of granting; a bestowing or conferring; concession; allowance; permission.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The yielding or admission of something in dispute.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The thing or property granted; a gift; a boon.
    "Grants for research and other purposes are given usually by government agencies, charitable foundations, or industrial organizations."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A transfer of property by deed or writing; especially, an appropriation or conveyance made by the government; as, a grant of land or of money; also, the deed or writing by which the transfer is made.  [1913 Webster]
    " Formerly, in English law, the term was specifically applied to transfers of incorporeal hereditaments, expectant estates, and letters patent from government and such is its present application in some of the United States. But now, in England the usual mode of transferring realty is by grant; and so, in some of the United States, the term grant is applied to conveyances of every kind of real property."  Bouvier. Burrill.  [1913 Webster]


grant, v. & n.
1 a consent to fulfil (a request, wish, etc.) (granted all he asked). b allow (a person) to have (a thing) (granted me my freedom). c (as granted) colloq. apology accepted; pardon given.
2 give (rights, property, etc.) formally; transfer legally.
3 (often foll. by that + clause) admit as true; concede, esp. as a basis for argument.
1 the process of granting or a thing granted.
2 a sum of money given by the State for any of various purposes, esp. to finance education.
3 Law a a legal conveyance by written instrument. b formal conferment.

grant-in-aid (pl. grants-in-aid) a grant by central government to local government or an institution. take for granted
1 assume something to be true or valid.
2 cease to appreciate through familiarity.
grantable adj. grantee n. (esp. in sense 2 of v.). granter n. grantor n. (esp. in sense 2 of v.).
ME f. OF gr(e)anter var. of creanter ult. f. part. of L credere entrust



OK, accede to, accept, accommodation, accord, accord to, accordance, acknowledge, administer, admit, admit everything, admit exceptions, afford, agree provisionally, agree to, aid, alimony, allocate, allot, allotment, allow, allow for, allowance, alms, annuity, approve, approve of, assent, assent grudgingly, assign, assistance, assume, avow, award, awarding, be afraid, be willing, believe, benefaction, bequest, bestow, bestow on, bestowal, bestowment, blank check, bounty, brevet, carte blanche, cede, cession, charity, charter, circumscription, come clean, communicate, communication, concede, conceive, concession, conclude, condescend, confer, conferment, conferral, confess, connive at, consent, consent to, consent to silently, consider, consider the circumstances, consider the source, contribution, cop a plea, copyright, daresay, deal, deal out, deduce, deem, deign, deliverance, delivery, depletion allowance, diploma, discount, dish out, dispensation, dispense, disregard, distribute, divine, dole, dole out, donate, donation, dream, endorse, endowment, exception, exemption, expect, express general agreement, extend, extenuating circumstances, fancy, favor, feel, fellowship, financial assistance, fork out, franchise, freedom, furnish, furnishment, gather, gift, gift with, gifting, give, give consent, give freely, give leave, give out, give permission, give the go-ahead, give the word, give up, giving, go along with, grain of salt, grant-in-aid, granting, guaranteed annual income, hand out, handout, have no objection, heap, hedge, hedging, help, help to, hold with, imagine, immunity, impart, impartation, impartment, indulgence, infer, investiture, issue, lavish, leave, let, let be, let have, let on, letters patent, liberality, liberty, license, lift temporarily, limitation, make allowance for, make possible, mental reservation, mete, mete out, modification, nod, nod assent, not oppose, not refuse, offer, okay, old-age insurance, open up, opine, out with it, own, own up, patent, pecuniary aid, pension, permit, plead guilty, pour, prefigure, present, presentation, presentment, presume, presuppose, presurmise, price support, privilege, proffer, provide for, provision, provisionally accept, public assistance, public welfare, qualification, rain, ratify, reckon, recognize, relax, relax the condition, release, relief, relinquish, render, repute, reservation, restriction, retirement benefits, royal grant, salvo, sanction, say, say aye, say the word, say yes, scholarship, serve, set aside, shell out, shower, slip, snow, special case, special favor, special treatment, specialness, specification, spill, spill it, spit it out, stipend, subscription, subsidization, subsidy, subvention, supply, supplying, support, suppose, surmise, surrender, suspect, take, take account of, take for, take for granted, take into account, take into consideration, take it, take kindly to, take to be, tax benefit, tell all, tell the truth, tender, think, understand, vote affirmatively, vote aye, vouchsafe, vouchsafement, waive, waiver, warrant, welfare, welfare aid, welfare payments, wink at, yield, yield assent




N permission, leave, allowance, sufferance, tolerance, toleration, liberty, law, license, concession, grace, indulgence, favor, dispensation, exemption, release, connivance, vouchsafement, authorization, warranty, accordance, admission, permit, warrant, brevet, precept, sanction, authority, firman, hukm, pass, passport, furlough, license, carte blanche, ticket of leave, grant, charter, patent, letters patent, permitting, permissive, indulgent, permitted, patent, chartered, permissible, allowable, lawful, legitimate, legal, legalized, licit, unforbid, unforbidden, unconditional, by leave, with leave, on leave, speciali gratia, under favor of, pace, ad libitum, by all means, yes, avec permissin, brevet d'invention.

VB permit, give permission, give power, let, allow, admit, suffer, bear with, tolerate, recognize, concede, accord, vouchsafe, favor, humor, gratify, indulge, stretch a point, wink at, connive at, shut one's eyes to, grant, empower, charter, enfranchise, privilege, confer a privilege, license, authorize, warrant, sanction, intrust, give carte blanche, give the reins to, give scope to, leave alone, leave it to one, leave the door open, open the door to, open the flood gates, give a loose to, let off, absolve, release, exonerate, dispense with, ask permission, beg permission, request permission, ask leave, beg leave, request leave.


VB consent, assent, yield assent, admit, allow, concede, grant, yield, come round, come over, give into, acknowledge, agnize, give consent, comply with, acquiesce, agree to, fall in with, accede, accept, embrace an offer, close with, take at one's word, have no objection, satisfy, meet one's wishes, settle, come to terms, not refuse, turn a willing ear, jump at, deign, vouchsafe, promise.


VB transfer, convey, alienate, alien, assign, grant, consign, make over, hand over, pass, hand, transmit, negotiate, hand down, exchange, change hands, change hands from one to another, devolve, succeed, come into possession, abalienate, disinherit, dispossess, substitute.


N giving, bestowal, bestowment, donation, presentation, presentment, accordance, concession, delivery, consignment, dispensation, communication, endowment, investment, investiture, award, almsgiving, charity, liberality, generosity, gift, donation, present, cadeau, fairing, free gift, boon, favor, benefaction, grant, offering, oblation, sacrifice, immolation, lagniappe, pilon, grace, act of grace, bonus, allowance, contribution, subscription, subsidy, tribute, subvention, bequest, legacy, devise, will, dotation, dot, appanage, voluntary settlement, voluntary conveyance, amortization, alms, largess, bounty, dole, sportule, donative, help, oblation, offertory, honorarium, gratuity, Peter pence, sportula, Christmas box, Easter offering, vail, douceur, drink money, pourboire, trinkgeld, bakshish, fee, consideration, bribe, bait, ground bait, peace offering, handsel, boodle, graft, grease, blat, giver, grantor, donor, feoffer, settlor, giving, given, allowed, allowable, concessional, communicable, charitable, eleemosynary, sportulary, tributary, gratis, donative, auctor pretiosa facit, ex dono, res est ingeniosa dare.

VB deliver, hand, pass, put into the hands of, hand over, make over, deliver over, pass over, turn over, assign dower, present, give away, dispense, dispose of, give out, deal out, dole out, mete out, fork out, squeeze out, pay, render, impart, communicate, concede, cede, yield, part with, shed, cast, spend, give, bestow, confer, grant, accord, award, assign, intrust, consign, vest in, make a present, allow, contribute, subscribe, furnish its quota, invest, endow, settle upon, bequeath, leave, devise, furnish, supply, help, administer to, afford, spare, accommodate with, indulge with, favor with, shower down upon, lavish, pour on, thrust upon, tip, bribe, tickle the palm, grease the palm, offer, sacrifice, immolate.


VB disclose, discover, dismask, draw the veil, draw aside the veil, lift the veil, raise the veil, lift up the veil, remove the veil, tear aside the veil, tear the curtain, unmask, unveil, unfold, uncover, unseal, unkennel, take off the seal, break the seal, lay open, lay bare, expose, open, open up, bare, bring to light, divulge, reveal, break, squeal, tattle, sing, rat, snitch, let into the secret, reveal the secrets of the prison house, tell, breathe, utter, blab, peach, let out, let fall, let drop, let slip, spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag, betray, tell tales, come out of school, come out with, give vent, give utterance to, open the lips, blurt out, vent, whisper about, speak out, make public, unriddle, split, acknowledge, allow, concede, grant, admit, own, own up to, confess, avow, throw off all disguise, turn inside out, make a clean breast, show one's hand, show one's cards, unburden one's mind, disburden one's mind, disburden one's conscience, disburden one's heart, open one's mind, lay bare one's mind, tell a piece of one's mind, unbosom oneself, own to the soft impeachment, say the truth, speak the truth, turn King's evidence, Queen's evidence, acknowledge the corn, raise the mask, drop the mask, lift the mask, remove the mask, throw off the mask, expose, lay open, undeceive, unbeguile, disabuse, set right, correct, open the eyes of, d_esillusionner, be disclosed, transpire, come to light, come in sight, become known, escape the lips, come out, ooze out, creep out, leak out, peep out, crop-out, show its face, show its colors, discover itself, break through the clouds, flash on the mind.

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