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given (root: give)


Noun, Verb (usu participle)


Noun given has 1 sense

Adjective given has 2 senses


givenp. p. & a. 
  •  p. p. & a. from Give, v.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Granted; assumed; supposed to be known; set forth as a known quantity, relation, or premise.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Disposed; inclined; -- used with an adv.; as, virtuously given.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Stated; fixed; as, in a given time.  [1913 Webster]
Given name, the Christian name, or name given by one's parents or guardians, as distinguished from the surname, which is inherited. [Colloq.]


given, adj. & n.
1 as previously stated or assumed; granted; specified (given that he is a liar, we cannot trust him; a given number of people).
2 Law (of a document) signed and dated (given this day the 30th June).
--n. a known fact or situation.

given name US a name given at, or as if at, baptism; a Christian name.
past part. of GIVE



God-given, accepted, accorded, accounted as, accustomed, acknowledged, actuality, addicted, affirmed, alleged, allowed, apt, apt to, assumed, assumption, assumptive, bent, bestowed, boundary condition, calculated to, catch, certainty, charitable, clause, complimentary, conceded, condition, conditional, confirmed, conjectured, costless, dedicated, deemed, disposed, disposed to, dispositioned, donnee, eleemosynary, escalator clause, escape clause, escape hatch, expenseless, fact, fine print, fixed, for free, for love, for nothing, foreordained, free, free as air, free for nothing, free gratis, free of charge, free of cost, freebie, giftlike, given to, gospel, granted, gratis, gratuitous, grounds, in the mood, inclined, inclined to, inferred, joker, kicker, liable, liable to, likely, likely to, limiting condition, minded, minded to, noted, obligation, on the house, parameter, postulated, postulational, prearranged, predisposed, predisposed to, premised, preordained, prerequisite, presumed, presumptive, presupposed, prone, prone to, providential, provision, provisional, provisions, proviso, provisory, putative, ready to, reality, reputed, requisite, saving clause, set, settled, sine qua non, small print, specification, specificative, specified, stated, stipulated, stipulation, stipulatory, string, supposed, suppositional, supposititious, suppositive, taken for granted, terms, the truth, ultimatum, unbought, understood, unpaid-for, untaxed, vouchsafed, whereas, without charge




N circumstance, situation, phase, position, posture, attitude, place, point, terms, regime, footing, standing, status, occasion, juncture, conjunctive, contingency, predicament, emergence, emergency, exigency, crisis, pinch, pass, push, occurrence, turning point, bearings, how the land lies, surroundings, context, environment, location, contingency, dependence (uncertainty), causation, attribution, circumstantial, given, conditional, provisional, critical, modal, contingent, incidental, adventitious, limitative, in the circumstances, under the circumstances, the circumstances, conditions, thus, in such wise, accordingly, that being the case, such being the case, in view of the circumstances, that being so, sith, since, seeing that, as matters stand, as things go, as times go, conditionally, provided, if, in case, if so, if so be, if it be so, depending on circumstances, in certain circumstances, under certain conditions, if it so happen, if it so turn out, in the event of, in such a contingency, in such a case, in such an event, provisionally, unless, without, according to circumstances, according to the occasion, as it may happen, as it may turn out, as it may be, as the case may be, as the wind blows, pro re nata, yet are my sins not those of circumstance.


N giving, bestowal, bestowment, donation, presentation, presentment, accordance, concession, delivery, consignment, dispensation, communication, endowment, investment, investiture, award, almsgiving, charity, liberality, generosity, gift, donation, present, cadeau, fairing, free gift, boon, favor, benefaction, grant, offering, oblation, sacrifice, immolation, lagniappe, pilon, grace, act of grace, bonus, allowance, contribution, subscription, subsidy, tribute, subvention, bequest, legacy, devise, will, dotation, dot, appanage, voluntary settlement, voluntary conveyance, amortization, alms, largess, bounty, dole, sportule, donative, help, oblation, offertory, honorarium, gratuity, Peter pence, sportula, Christmas box, Easter offering, vail, douceur, drink money, pourboire, trinkgeld, bakshish, fee, consideration, bribe, bait, ground bait, peace offering, handsel, boodle, graft, grease, blat, giver, grantor, donor, feoffer, settlor, giving, given, allowed, allowable, concessional, communicable, charitable, eleemosynary, sportulary, tributary, gratis, donative, auctor pretiosa facit, ex dono, res est ingeniosa dare.


N receiving, acquisition, reception, suscipiency, acceptance, admission, recipient, accipient, assignee, devisee, legatee, legatary, grantee, feoffee, donee, releasee, relessee, lessee, receiver, sportulary, stipendiary, beneficiary, pensioner, pensionary, almsman, income, receiving, recipient, suscipient, received, given, secondhand, not given, unbestowed &c (give), (bestow).


N supposition, assumption, assumed position, postulation, condition, presupposition, hypothesis, blue sky hypothesis, postulate, postulatum, theory, thesis, theorem, data, proposition, position, proposal, presumption, divination, conjecture, guess, guesswork, speculation, rough guess, shot, shot in the dark, conjecturality, surmise, suspicion, sneaking suspicion, estimate, approximation (nearness), inkling, suggestion, hint, intimation, notion, impression, bare supposition, vague supposition, loose supposition, loose suggestion, association of ideas, (analogy), metonym, metonymy, simile (metaphor), conceit, idea, thought, original idea, invention (imagination), supposing, given, mooted, postulatory, assumed, supposititious, suppositive, suppositious, gratuitous, speculative, conjectural, hypothetical, theoretical, academic, supposable, presumptive, putative, suppositional, suggestive, allusive, if, if so be, an, on the supposition, ex hypothesi, in the case, in the event of, quasi, as if, provided, perhaps, for aught one knows.

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