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Table of Contents -- give-and-take
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Noun, Verb (usu participle)


Noun give-and-take has 3 senses



abatement of differences, accommodation, adjustment, agency, alternation, arrangement, badinage, balance, ballast, banter, bargain, barter, bartering, battledore and shuttlecock, boomerang, brokerage, buying and selling, chaff, changeable, colloquial discourse, colloquy, comeback, communication, communion, commutable, commutation, commutative, composition, compromise, concession, consideration, conversation, converse, conversing, convertible, cooperation, cop-out, counter, counterbalance, counterblast, counterblow, counterchange, counterpoise, counterstroke, counterweight, cross fire, deal, dealing, defensibility, desertion of principle, discourse, doing business, drumhead justice, dueness, equal, equalizing, equipoise, equitableness, equity, equivalent, evasion of responsibility, even, evenhandedness, exchange, exchanged, fooling, fooling around, giving way, good-natured banter, harmless teasing, horse trading, interchange, interchangeable, interchanged, intercourse, interlocution, intermutation, interplay, jape, jest, jive, jobbing, joke, josh, justice, justifiability, justifiableness, justification, justness, kidding, kidding around, lawfulness, legality, lex talionis, makeweight, measure for measure, meetness, merchandising, mutual, mutual admiration, mutual concession, mutual support, mutual transfer, mutuality, nemesis, offset, permutable, permutation, persiflage, pleasantry, poetic justice, properness, propriety, quid pro quo, raillery, rallying, rapping, reciprocal, reciprocality, reciprocating, reciprocation, reciprocative, reciprocity, recoil, reply, retailing, retaliation, retaliatory, retort, retributive justice, return, returnable, ridicule, right, rightfulness, rightness, rude justice, scales of justice, setoff, settlement, something for something, something of value, sport, standard, summary justice, surrender, swapped, swapping, switched, tit for tat, trade, traded, trading, trafficking, transposal, transposed, transposition, twit, understanding, verbal intercourse, warrantability, warrantedness, what is right, wheeling and dealing, wholesaling, yielding
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