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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Adjective


Noun dun has 2 senses

Verb dun has 4 senses

Adjective dun has 1 sense


dun, adj. & n.
1 dull greyish-brown.
2 poet. dark, dusky.
1 a dun colour.
2 a dun horse.
3 a dark fishing-fly.

dun-bird a pochard. dun diver a female or young male goosander.
dun, n. & v.
1 a debt-collector; an importunate creditor.
2 a demand for payment.
--v.tr. (dunned, dunning) importune for payment of a debt; pester.

abbr. of obs. dunkirk privateer, f. Dunkirk in France



account, annoy, apply pressure, bay, bayard, bedevil, beige, beleaguer, beset, besiege, bill, bill collector, bill of account, bill of lading, blandish, brown, brownish, brownish-yellow, brunet, buckskin, bug, buttonhole, cajole, calico pony, caliginous, call, call in, check, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, coax, cocoa, cocoa-brown, coffee, coffee-brown, collection agent, credit man, creditor, creditress, dapple-gray, debtee, demand payment, dim, drab, dun-brown, dun-drab, dunner, dusk, dusky, ecru, exert pressure, fawn, fawn-colored, fuscous, gloomy, gnaw, gray, grege, grizzle, harass, hazel, importune, invoice, itemized bill, khaki, lurid, manifest, mortgage-holder, mortgagee, murky, nag, nag at, needle, note-holder, nut-brown, obscure, olive-brown, olive-drab, paint, painted pony, pester, piebald, pinto, plague, ply, press, pressure, push, reckoning, roan, score, seal, seal-brown, send a statement, sepia, skewbald, snuff-colored, somber, sorrel, statement, tab, tan, taupe, tawny, tease, toast, toast-brown, umber, umber-colored, urge, walnut, walnut-brown, wheedle, work on, yellowish-brown




VB request, ask, beg, crave, sue, pray, petition, solicit, invite, pop the question, make bold to ask, beg leave, beg a boon, apply to, call to, put to, call upon, call for, make a request, address a request, prefer a request, put up a request, make a prayer, address a prayer, prefer a prayer, put up a prayer, make a petition, address a petition, prefer a petition, put up a petition, make application, make a requisition, ask trouble, ask one for, claim, offer up prayers, whistle for, beg hard, entreat, beseech, plead, supplicate, implore, conjure, adjure, obtest, cry to, kneel to, appeal to, invoke, evoke, impetrate, imprecate, ply, press, urge, beset, importune, dun, tax, clamor for, cry aloud, cry for help, fall on one's knees, throw oneself at the feet of, come down on one's marrowbones, beg from door to door, send the hat round, go a begging, mendicate, mump, cadge, beg one's bread, dance attendance on, besiege, knock at the door, bespeak, canvass, tout, make interest, court, seek, bid for, publish the banns.


N credit, trust, tick, score, tally, account, letter of credit, circular note, duplicate, mortgage, lien, debenture, paper credit, floating capital, draft, lettre de creance, securities, creditor, lender, lessor, mortgagee, dun, usurer, credit account, line of credit, open line of credit, credit card, crediting, credited, accredited, on credit, on account, to the account of, to the credit of, a compte.


N dimness, darkness, paleness, half light, demi-jour, partial shadow, partial eclipse, shadow of a shade, glimmer, gliming, nebulosity, cloud, eclipse, aurora, dusk, twilight, shades of evening, crepuscule, cockshut time, break of day, daybreak, dawn, moonlight, moonbeam, moonglade, moonshine, starlight, owl's light, candlelight, rushlight, firelight, farthing candle, dim, dull, lackluster, dingy, darkish, shorn of its beams, dark, faint, shadowed forth, glassy, cloudy, misty, blear, muggy, fuliginous, nebulous, nebular, obnubilated, overcast, crepuscular, muddy, lurid, leaden, dun, dirty, looming, pale, confused.


N achromatism, decoloration, discoloration, pallor, pallidness, pallidity, paleness, etiolation, neutral tint, monochrome, black and white, uncolored &c (color), colorless, achromatic, aplanatic, etiolate, etiolated, hueless, pale, pallid, palefaced, tallow-faced, faint, dull, cold, muddy, leaden, dun, wan, sallow, dead, dingy, ashy, ashen, ghastly, cadaverous, glassy, lackluster, discolored, light-colored, fair, blond, white, pale as death, pale as ashes, pale as a witch, pale as a ghost, pale as a corpse, white as a corpse.


N gray, neutral tint, silver, pepper and salt, chiaroscuro, grisaille, Payne's gray, black, gray, grey, iron-gray, dun, drab, dingy, leaden, livid, somber, sad, pearly, russet, roan, calcareous, limy, favillous, silver, silvery, silvered, ashen, ashy, cinereous, cineritious, grizzly, grizzled, slate-colored, stone-colored, mouse-colored, ash-colored, cool.

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