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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive)


Noun Spit has 4 senses

Verb Spit has 4 senses


Spitn. [OE. spite, AS. spitu; akin to D. spit, G. spiess, OHG. spiz, Dan. spid. Sw. spett, and to G. spitz pointed.
  •  A long, slender, pointed rod, usually of iron, for holding meat while roasting.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A small point of land running into the sea, or a long, narrow shoal extending from the shore into the sea; as, a spit of sand.  Cook.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The depth to which a spade goes in digging; a spade; a spadeful.  Halliwell.  [1913 Webster]
Spitv. t. [From Spit, n.; cf. Speet.].
  •  To thrust a spit through; to fix upon a spit; hence, to thrust through or impale; as, to spit a loin of veal.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To spade; to dig.  [1913 Webster]
Spitv. i. 
     To attend to a spit; to use a spit.  [1913 Webster]
    "She's spitting in the kitchen."  [1913 Webster]
Spitv. t. [AS. spittan; akin to G. spÜtzen, Dan. spytte, Sw. spotta,Icel. spta, and prob. E. spew. The past tense spat is due to AS. sptte, from sptan to spit. Cf. Spat, n., Spew, Spawl, Spot, n.].
  •  To eject from the mouth; to throw out, as saliva or other matter, from the mouth.  Chaucer.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To eject; to throw out; to belch.  [1913 Webster]
    " Spitted was sometimes used as the preterit and the past participle. “He . . . shall be mocked, and spitefully entreated, and spitted on.”"  Luke xviii. 32.  [1913 Webster]
     The secretion formed by the glands of the mouth; spitle; saliva; sputum.  [1913 Webster]
Spitv. i. 
  •  To throw out saliva from the mouth.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To rain or snow slightly, or with sprinkles.  [1913 Webster]
    "It had been spitting with rain."  [1913 Webster]
To spit on or To spit upon, to insult grossly; to treat with contempt.Spitting upon all antiquity.” South.


Spit, v. & n.
--v. (spitting; past and past part. spat or spit)
1 intr. a eject saliva from the mouth. b do this as a sign of hatred or contempt (spat at him).
2 tr. (usu. foll. by out) a eject (saliva, blood, food, etc.) from the mouth (spat the meat out). b utter (oaths, threats, etc.) vehemently ('Damn you!' he spat).
3 intr. (of a fire, pen, pan, etc.) send out sparks, ink, hot fat, etc.
4 intr. (of rain) fall lightly (it's only spitting).
5 intr. (esp. of a cat) make a spitting or hissing noise in anger or hostility.
1 spittle.
2 the act or an instance of spitting.
3 the foamy liquid secretion of some insects used to protect their young.

the spit (or very spit) of colloq. the exact double of (cf. spitting image). spit and polish
1 the cleaning and polishing duties of a soldier etc.
2 exaggerated neatness and smartness. spit chips Austral.
1 feel extreme thirst.
2 be angry or frustrated. spit it out colloq. say what is on one's mind. spitting cobra the African black-necked cobra, Naja nigricollis, that ejects venom by spitting, not striking. spitting distance a very short distance. spitting image (foll. by of) colloq. the exact double of (another person or thing).
spitter n.
Spit, n. & v.
1 a slender rod on which meat is skewered before being roasted on a fire etc.; a skewer.
2 a a small point of land projecting into the sea. b a long narrow underwater bank.
--v.tr. (spitted, spitting)
1 thrust a spit through (meat etc.).
2 pierce or transfix with a sword etc.

spit-roast cook on a spit.
spitty adj.
Spit, n. (pl. same or spits) a spade-depth of earth (dig it two spit deep).

MDu. & MLG, = OE spittan dig with spade, prob. rel. to SPIT(2)



andiron, assibilate, assibilation, auger, bayonet, bill, bite, bore, breakwater, broach, buzz, cape, chain, chersonese, clack, click, clone, coal tongs, color, copy, coral reef, counterpart, countersink, crack, crackle, crane, crepitate, crook, dagger, damper, decrepitate, delta, dirk, discharge, double, dribble, drill, drivel, drizzle, drool, drum, duplicate, effervesce, effervescence, effervescing, eject, empierce, expectorate, expectoration, fall, fire hook, fire tongs, firedog, fix, fizz, fizzle, fizzling, flush, foam, font, foreland, fount, fountain, frication, frictional rustling, froth, frown, geyser, glare, glower, gnarl, gore, gouge, gouge out, grate, grating, grid, griddle, gridiron, grill, griller, growl, grumble, gush, hawk, head, headland, hiss, hissing, hole, honeycomb, hook, hush, hushing, image, impale, jet, knife, lance, lifter, likeness, lisp, look daggers, lower, mantle, mizzle, mouth-watering, mull, naze, needle, ness, patter, pelt, penetrate, peninsula, perforate, picture, pierce, pink, pitter-patter, play, plunge in, point, poker, poniard, portrait, pothook, pour, pour with rain, precipitate, prick, promontory, ptyalism, punch, puncture, rain, rain tadpoles, ream, ream out, redden, reef, rhonchus, riddle, ringer, rip out, run through, rush, saber, salamander, saliva, salivate, salivation, sandspit, scowl, shower, shower down, shush, shushing, sialagogue, sibilance, sibilate, sibilation, siffle, sigmatism, simulacrum, siss, sissing, sizz, sizzle, sizzling, skewer, slabber, slaver, slobber, snap, snarl, sneeze, sneezing, sniff, sniffle, snore, snort, snuff, snuffle, spatter, spear, spew, spike, spitting image, spittle, splutter, spout, spouter, spray, sprinkle, spritz, spur, spurt, spurtle, sputter, sputum, squash, squelch, squirt, squish, stab, sternutation, stertor, stick, stiletto, stream, surge, swish, sword, tap, tattoo, tongs, tongue, transfix, transpierce, trepan, trephine, tripod, trivet, turnspit, twin, vomit, vomit forth, vomit out, water, weep, well, wheeze, whish, whistle, whistling, white noise, whiz, whoosh, zip




N sharpness, acuity, acumination, spinosity, point, spike, spine, spicule, spiculum, needle, hypodermic needle, tack, nail, pin, prick, prickle, spur, rowel, barb, spit, cusp, horn, antler, snag, tag thorn, bristle, Adam's needle, bear grass, tine, yucca, nib, tooth, tusk, spoke, cog, ratchet, crag, crest, arete, cone peak, sugar loaf, pike, aiguille, spire, pyramid, steeple, beard, chevaux de frise, porcupine, hedgehog, brier, bramble, thistle, comb, awn, beggar's lice, bur, burr, catchweed, cleavers, clivers, goose, grass, hairif, hariff, flax comb, hackle, hatchel, heckle, wedge, knife edge, cutting edge, blade, edge tool, cutlery, knife, penknife, whittle, razor, razor blade, safety razor, straight razor, electric razor, scalpel, bistoury, lancet, plowshare, coulter, colter, hatchet, ax, pickax, mattock, pick, adze, gill, billhook, cleaver, cutter, scythe, sickle, scissors, shears, pruning shears, cutters, wire cutters, nail clipper, paper cutter, sword, bodkin, belduque, bowie knife, paring knife, bushwhacker, drawing knife, drawing shave, microtome, chisel, screwdriver blade, flint blade, guillotine, sharpener, hone, strop, grindstone, whetstone, novaculite, steel, emery, sharp, keen, acute, acicular, aciform, aculeated, acuminated, pointed, tapering, conical, pyramidal, mucronate, mucronated, spindle shaped, needle shaped, spiked, spiky, ensiform, peaked, salient, cusped, cuspidate, cuspidated, cornute, cornuted, cornicultate, prickly, spiny, spinous, spicular, thorny, bristling, muricated, pectinated, studded, thistly, briary, craggy, snaggy, digitated, two-edged, fusiform, dentiform, denticulated, toothed, odontoid, starlike, stellated, stelliform, sagittate, sagittiform, arrowheaded, arrowy, barbed, spurred, acinaciform, apiculate, apiculated, aristate, awned, awny, bearded, calamiform, cone-shaped, coniform, crestate, echinate, gladiate, lanceolate, lanciform, awl, awl-shaped, lance-shaped, awl- shaped, scimitar-shaped, sword-shaped, setarious, spinuliferous, subulate, tetrahedral, xiphoid, cutting, sharp edged, knife edged, sharp as a razor, keen as a razor, sharp as a needle, sharp as a tack, sharpened, set.


VB open, ope, gape, yawn, bilge, fly open, perforate, pierce, empierce, tap, bore, drill, mine, tunnel, transpierce, transfix, enfilade, impale, spike, spear, gore, spit, stab, pink, puncture, lance, stick, prick, riddle, punch, stave in, cut a passage through, make way for, make room for, uncover, unclose, unrip, lay open, cut open, rip open, throw open, pop open, blow open, pry open, tear open, pull open.


VB give exit, give vent to, let out, give out, pour out, squeeze out, send out, dispatch, despatch, exhale, excern, excrete, embogue, secrete, secern, extravasate, shed, void, evacuation, emit, open the sluices, open the floodgates, turn on the tap, extrude, detrude, effuse, spend, expend, pour forth, squirt, spirt, spurt, spill, slop, perspire, breathe, blow, tap, draw off, bale out, lade out, let blood, broach, eject, reject, expel, discard, cut, send to coventry, boycott, chasser, banish, bounce, fire, fire out, throw, throw out, throw up, throw off, throw away, throw aside, push, throw out, throw off, throw away, throw aside, shovel out, shovel away, sweep out, sweep away, brush off, brush away, whisk off, whisk away, turn off, turn away, send off, send away, discharge, send adrift, turn adrift, cast adrift, turn out, bundle out, throw overboard, give the sack to, send packing, send about one's business, send to the right about, strike off the roll, turn out neck and heels, turn out head and shoulders, turn out neck and crop, pack off, send away with a flea in the ear, send to Jericho, bow out, show the door to, turn out of doors, turn out of house and home, evict, oust, unhouse, unkennel, dislodge, unpeople, dispeople, depopulate, relegate, deport, empty, drain to the dregs, sweep off, clear off, clear out, clear away, suck, draw off, clean out, make a clean sweep of, clear decks, purge, embowel, disbowel, disembowel, eviscerate, gut, unearth, root out, root up, averuncate, weed out, get out, eliminate, get rid of, do away with, shake off, exenterate, vomit, throw up, regurgitate, spew, puke, keck, retch, heave, upchuck, chuck up, barf, belch out, cast up, bring up, be sick, get sick, worship the porcelain god, disgorge, expectorate, clear the throat, hawk, spit, sputter, splutter, slobber, drivel, slaver, slabber, eructate, drool, unpack, unlade, unload, unship, offload, break bulk, dump, be let out, spew forth, erupt, ooze.


VB flow, run, meander, gush, pour, spout, roll, jet, well, issue, drop, drip, dribble, plash, spirtle, trill, trickle, distill, percolate, stream, overflow, inundate, deluge, flow over, splash, swash, guggle, murmur, babble, bubble, purl, gurgle, sputter, spurt, spray, regurgitate, ooze, flow out, rain hard, rain in torrents, rain cats and dogs, rain pitchforks, pour with rain, drizzle, spit, set in, mizzle, flow into, fall into, open into, drain into, discharge itself, disembogue, pour, pour out, shower down, irrigate, drench, spill, splash, stanch, dam, up, obstruct.

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