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let out


Verb (usu participle), Noun Phrase


Verb let out has 4 senses


let out

air, articulate, ax, bare, betray, bleed, blow, boot, boot out, bounce, break, break it to, break the news, break the seal, breathe, breathe out, bring to light, broach, bump, bust, can, cashier, cast loose, charter, chime, chorus, come out with, communicate, confide, confide to, continue, convey, decant, defrock, degrade, deliver, demobilize, demote, deplume, depose, deprive, develop, disbar, discharge, disclose, discover, disemploy, dismask, dismiss, displace, displume, divulgate, divulge, draft, draft off, drag out, drain, draw, draw from, draw off, draw out, draw the veil, drop, drum out, elongate, emit, empty, enunciate, evacuate, evulgate, exhale, exhaust, expel, expire, expose, express, extend, farm, farm out, fire, fling off, formulate, fume, furlough, give, give away, give expression, give off, give out, give out with, give the ax, give the gate, give tongue, give utterance, give vent to, give voice, go bail for, grant bail to, hire, hire out, impart, job, kick, kick upstairs, lay bare, lay off, lay open, lease, lease out, lease-back, lease-lend, lend-lease, lengthen, lengthen out, let, let blood, let daylight in, let get around, let go, let go free, let in on, let loose, let off, lip, make known, make redundant, manifest, milk, mouth, open, open the floodgates, open the sluices, open up, out with, parole, pension off, phlebotomize, phonate, phrase, pipette, pour forth, present, produce, prolong, prolongate, pronounce, protract, publish, puff, pull, pump, pump out, put forth, put in words, put on parole, raise, raise the curtain, read out of, reek, release, remove, rent, rent out, replace, retire, reveal, sack, say, separate forcibly, set forth, show, show up, siphon off, smoke, sound, spill, spin out, steam, strain, stretch, stretch out, string out, strip, strip bare, sublease, sublet, suck, suck out, superannuate, surplus, suspend, tap, tauten, tell, tense, terminate, throw off, tighten, turn off, turn out, uncloak, uncover, underlet, undrape, unfold, unfrock, unfurl, unhand, unkennel, unmask, unpack, unroll, unscreen, unsheathe, unshroud, unveil, unwrap, utter, vapor, venesect, vent, ventilate, verbalize, vocalize, voice, whisper, word


let out


VB disperse, scatter, sow, broadcast, disseminate, diffuse, shed, spread, bestrew, overspread, dispense, disband, disembody, dismember, distribute, apportion, blow off, let out, dispel, cast forth, draught off, strew, straw, strow, ted, spirtle, cast, sprinkle, issue, deal out, retail, utter, resperse, intersperse, set abroach, circumfuse, turn adrift, cast adrift, scatter to the winds, spread like wildfire, disperse themselves.


VB liberate, free, set free, set clear, set at liberty, render free, emancipate, release, enfranchise, affranchise, manumit, enlarge, disband, discharge, disenthrall, disenthral, dismiss, let go, let loose, loose, let out, let slip, cast adrift, turn adrift, deliver, absolve, unfetter &c, untie, loose, loosen, relax, unbolt, unbar, unclose, uncork, unclog, unhand, unbind, unchain, unharness, unleash, disengage, disentangle, clear, extricate, unloose, gain one's liberty, obtain one's liberty, acquire one's liberty, get rid of, get clear of, deliver oneself from, shake off the yoke, slip the collar, break loose, break prison, tear asunder one's bonds, cast off trammels, escape.


VB be long, stretch out, sprawl, extend to, reach to, stretch to, make a long arm, drag its slow length along, render long, lengthen, extend, elongate, stretch, prolong, produce, protract, let out, draw out, spin out, drawl, enfilade, look along, view in perspective, distend (expand).


VB give exit, give vent to, let out, give out, pour out, squeeze out, send out, dispatch, despatch, exhale, excern, excrete, embogue, secrete, secern, extravasate, shed, void, evacuation, emit, open the sluices, open the floodgates, turn on the tap, extrude, detrude, effuse, spend, expend, pour forth, squirt, spirt, spurt, spill, slop, perspire, breathe, blow, tap, draw off, bale out, lade out, let blood, broach, eject, reject, expel, discard, cut, send to coventry, boycott, chasser, banish, bounce, fire, fire out, throw, throw out, throw up, throw off, throw away, throw aside, push, throw out, throw off, throw away, throw aside, shovel out, shovel away, sweep out, sweep away, brush off, brush away, whisk off, whisk away, turn off, turn away, send off, send away, discharge, send adrift, turn adrift, cast adrift, turn out, bundle out, throw overboard, give the sack to, send packing, send about one's business, send to the right about, strike off the roll, turn out neck and heels, turn out head and shoulders, turn out neck and crop, pack off, send away with a flea in the ear, send to Jericho, bow out, show the door to, turn out of doors, turn out of house and home, evict, oust, unhouse, unkennel, dislodge, unpeople, dispeople, depopulate, relegate, deport, empty, drain to the dregs, sweep off, clear off, clear out, clear away, suck, draw off, clean out, make a clean sweep of, clear decks, purge, embowel, disbowel, disembowel, eviscerate, gut, unearth, root out, root up, averuncate, weed out, get out, eliminate, get rid of, do away with, shake off, exenterate, vomit, throw up, regurgitate, spew, puke, keck, retch, heave, upchuck, chuck up, barf, belch out, cast up, bring up, be sick, get sick, worship the porcelain god, disgorge, expectorate, clear the throat, hawk, spit, sputter, splutter, slobber, drivel, slaver, slabber, eructate, drool, unpack, unlade, unload, unship, offload, break bulk, dump, be let out, spew forth, erupt, ooze.


VB disclose, discover, dismask, draw the veil, draw aside the veil, lift the veil, raise the veil, lift up the veil, remove the veil, tear aside the veil, tear the curtain, unmask, unveil, unfold, uncover, unseal, unkennel, take off the seal, break the seal, lay open, lay bare, expose, open, open up, bare, bring to light, divulge, reveal, break, squeal, tattle, sing, rat, snitch, let into the secret, reveal the secrets of the prison house, tell, breathe, utter, blab, peach, let out, let fall, let drop, let slip, spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag, betray, tell tales, come out of school, come out with, give vent, give utterance to, open the lips, blurt out, vent, whisper about, speak out, make public, unriddle, split, acknowledge, allow, concede, grant, admit, own, own up to, confess, avow, throw off all disguise, turn inside out, make a clean breast, show one's hand, show one's cards, unburden one's mind, disburden one's mind, disburden one's conscience, disburden one's heart, open one's mind, lay bare one's mind, tell a piece of one's mind, unbosom oneself, own to the soft impeachment, say the truth, speak the truth, turn King's evidence, Queen's evidence, acknowledge the corn, raise the mask, drop the mask, lift the mask, remove the mask, throw off the mask, expose, lay open, undeceive, unbeguile, disabuse, set right, correct, open the eyes of, d_esillusionner, be disclosed, transpire, come to light, come in sight, become known, escape the lips, come out, ooze out, creep out, leak out, peep out, crop-out, show its face, show its colors, discover itself, break through the clouds, flash on the mind.

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