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Noun, Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive)


Noun web has 7 senses

Verb web has 1 sense


webn. [OE. webbe, AS. webba. See Weave.].
     A weaver.  Chaucer.  [1913 Webster]
webn. [OE. web, AS. webb; akin to D. web, webbe, OHG. weppi, G. gewebe, Icel. vefr, Sw. väf, Dan. væv. See Weave.].
  •  That which is woven; a texture; textile fabric; esp., something woven in a loom.  [1913 Webster]
    "Penelope, for her Ulysses' sake,
    Devised a web her wooers to deceive.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "Not web might be woven, not a shuttle thrown, or penalty of exile."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A whole piece of linen cloth as woven.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The texture of very fine thread spun by a spider for catching insects at its prey; a cobweb.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Fig.: Tissue; texture; complicated fabrication.  [1913 Webster]
    "The somber spirit of our forefathers, who wove their web of life with hardly a . . . thread of rose-color or gold."  [1913 Webster]
    "Such has been the perplexing ingenuity of commentators that it is difficult to extricate the truth from the web of conjectures."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A band of webbing used to regulate the extension of the hood.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A thin metal sheet, plate, or strip, as of lead.  [1913 Webster]
    "And Christians slain roll up in webs of lead."  [1913 Webster]
    "The sword, whereof the web was steel,
    Pommel rich stone, hilt gold.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  A plate or thin portion, continuous or perforated, connecting stiffening ribs or flanges, or other parts of an object.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Pterygium; -- called also webeye.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The membrane which unites the fingers or toes, either at their bases, as in man, or for a greater part of their length, as in many water birds and amphibians.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The series of barbs implanted on each side of the shaft of a feather, whether stiff and united together by barbules, as in ordinary feathers, or soft and separate, as in downy feathers. See Feather.  [1913 Webster]
Pin and web (Med.), two diseases of the eye, caligo and pterygium; -- sometimes wrongly explained as one disease. See Pin, n., 8, and Web, n., 8. “He never yet had pinne or webbe, his sight for to decay.” Gascoigne. -- Web member (Engin.), one of the braces in a web system. -- Web press, a printing press which takes paper from a roll instead of being fed with sheets. -- Web system (Engin.), the system of braces connecting the flanges of a lattice girder, post, or the like.
webv. t. 
     To unite or surround with a web, or as if with a web; to envelop; to entangle.  [1913 Webster]


web, n. & v.
1 a a woven fabric. b an amount woven in one piece.
2 a complete structure or connected series (a web of lies).
3 a cobweb, gossamer, or a similar product of a spinning creature.
4 a a membrane between the toes of a swimming animal or bird. b the vane of a bird's feather.
5 a a large roll of paper used in a continuous printing process. b an endless wire mesh on rollers, on which this is made.
6 a thin flat part connecting thicker or more solid parts in machinery etc.
--v. (webbed, webbing)
1 tr. weave a web on.
2 intr. weave a web.

web-footed having the toes connected by webs. web offset offset printing on a web of paper. web-wheel a wheel having a plate or web instead of spokes, or with rim, spokes, and centre in one piece as in watch-wheels. web-worm US a gregarious caterpillar spinning a large web in which to sleep or to feed on enclosed foliage.
webbed adj.
OE web, webb f. Gmc



anatomy, animal fiber, arabesque, architectonics, architecture, arrangement, artificial fiber, basketry, basketwork, bed, braid, braiding, build, building, cancellation, capillament, cilium, cirrus, cloth, cobweb, complexity, complication, composition, conformation, constitution, construction, creation, cross-hatching, crossing-out, cylinder press, denier, drapery, embroilment, enlace, enlacement, enmeshment, ensnarement, entanglement, entrapment, entwine, entwinement, entwining, etoffe, fabric, fabrication, fashion, fashioning, felt, fiber, fibrilla, filament, filamentule, filigree, flagellum, flatbed cylinder press, forging, form, format, formation, frame, fret, fretwork, getup, goods, gossamer, grate, grating, grid, gridiron, grille, grillwork, hachure, hair, hank, hatching, interknit, interknitting, interlace, interlacement, interlacery, interlacing, intertexture, interthreading, intertie, intertieing, intertissue, intertwine, intertwinement, intertwining, intertwist, intertwisting, interweave, interweavement, interweaving, intort, involvement, jungle, knit, knitting, knot, labyrinth, lace, lacery, lacework, lacing, lattice, latticework, loom, loop, make, makeready, makeup, making, manufacture, mat, material, maze, mesh, meshes, meshwork, mold, molding, morass, napery, net, netting, network, noose, organic structure, organism, organization, pattern, patterning, physique, plait, plaiting, plan, platen, platen press, pleach, plexure, plexus, press, presswork, printing machine, printing press, production, raddle, rag, reticle, reticulation, reticule, reticulum, riddle, rotary press, rotogravure press, screen, screening, setup, shape, shaping, sieve, silk, skein, snarl, splice, strand, structure, structuring, stuff, suture, tangle, tectonics, tendril, textile, textile fabric, texture, thread, threadlet, tissu, tissue, toils, tracery, trellis, trelliswork, twill, twine, twining, twist, twisting, warp and woof, warpage, wattle, weave, weaving, web press, webbing, webwork, weft, weftage, wicker, wickerwork, woof, wool, wreathe, wreathing




N crossing, intersection, interdigitation, decussation, transversion, convolution, level crossing, reticulation, network, inosculation, anastomosis, intertexture, mortise, net, plexus, web, mesh, twill, skein, sleeve, felt, lace, wicker, mat, matting, plait, trellis, wattle, lattice, grating, grille, gridiron, tracery, fretwork, filigree, reticle, tissue, netting, mokes, rivulation, cross, chain, wreath, braid, cat's cradle, knot, entangle, cloth, linen, muslin, cambric, crossing, crossed, matted, v, transverse, cross, cruciform, crucial, retiform, reticular, reticulated, areolar, cancellated, grated, barred, streaked, textile, crossbarred, cruciate, palmiped, secant, web-footed, cross, thwart, athwart, transversely, at grade, crosswise.


N texture, structure (form), organization, anatomy, frame, mold, fabric, construction, framework, carcass, architecture, stratification, cleavage, substance, stuff, compages, parenchyma, constitution, staple, organism, organography, osteology, myology, splanchnology, neurology, angiography, adeology, angiography, adenography, texture, surface texture, intertexture, contexture, tissue, grain, web, surface, warp and woof, warp and weft, tooth, nap, flatness (smoothness), fineness of grain, coarseness of grain, dry goods, silk, satin, muslin, burlap, histology, structural, organic, anatomic, anatomical, textural, textile, fine grained, coarse grained, fine, delicate, subtile, gossamery, filmy, silky, satiny, coarse, homespun, rough, gritty, smooth, smooth as silk, smooth as satin.

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