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Noun, Verb (transitive)


Noun usher has 3 senses

Verb usher has 1 sense


ushern. [OE. ussher, uschere, OF. ussier, uisser, oissier, hussier, huissier, fr. L. ostiarius a doorkeeper, fr. ostium a door, entrance, fr. os mouth. See Oral, and cf. Ostiary.].
  •  An officer or servant who has the care of the door of a court, hall, chamber, or the like; hence, an officer whose business it is to introduce strangers, or to walk before a person of rank. Also, one who escorts persons to seats in a church, theater, etc.  Chaucer.  [1913 Webster]
    " There are various officers of this kind attached to the royal household in England, including the gentleman usher of the black rod, who attends in the House of Peers during the sessions of Parliament, and twelve or more gentlemen ushers. See Black rod."  [1913 Webster]
    "These are the ushers of Marcius."  [1913 Webster]
  •  An under teacher, or assistant master, in a school.  [1913 Webster]
usherv. t. 
     To introduce or escort, as an usher, forerunner, or harbinger; to forerun; -- sometimes followed by in or forth; as, to usher in a stranger; to usher forth the guests; to usher a visitor into the room.  [1913 Webster]
    "The stars that usher evening rose."  [1913 Webster]
    "The Examiner was ushered into the world by a letter, setting forth the great genius of the author."  [1913 Webster]


usher, n. & v.
1 a person who shows people to their seats in a hall or theatre etc.
2 a doorkeeper at a court etc.
3 Brit. an officer walking before a person of rank.
4 archaic or joc. an assistant teacher.
1 act as usher to.
2 (usu. foll. by in) announce or show in etc. (ushered us into the room; ushered in a new era).

ushership n.
ME f. AF usser, OF uissier, var. of huissier f. med.L ustiarius for L ostiarius f. ostium door



Ganymede, Hebe, MC, airline hostess, airline stewardess, attend, attendant, auteur, ballyhoo man, barker, batman, bellboy, bellhop, bellman, best man, bodyguard, bootblack, boots, bridemaiden, bridesmaid, bridesman, cabin boy, caddie, callboy, cavalier, cerberus, chaperon, chore boy, companion, concierge, conduct, conductor, convoy, copyboy, costume designer, costumer, costumier, cupbearer, director, doorkeeper, doorman, duenna, emcee, equestrian director, errand boy, errand girl, escort, esquire, exhibitor, fellow traveler, footboy, gatekeeper, gofer, groomsman, guard, guide, hostess, impresario, introduce, janitor, lead, makeup man, marshal, master of ceremonies, matron of honor, office boy, office girl, orderly, ostiary, page, paranymph, playreader, porter, preface, producer, prompter, receptionist, ringmaster, safe-conduct, scenewright, set designer, shepherd, showman, spieler, squire, stage director, stage manager, steward, stewardess, swain, take out, tender, theater man, theatrician, ticket collector, trainbearer, usherer, usherette, wait on, warden, wedding attendant, wedding party, yeoman




N servant, subject, liegeman, servant, retainer, follower, henchman, servitor, domestic, menial, help, lady help, employe, attache, official, retinue, suite, cortege, staff, court, attendant, squire, usher, page, donzel, footboy, train bearer, cup bearer, waiter, lapster, butler, livery servant, lackey, footman, flunky, flunkey, valet, valet de chambre, equerry, groom, jockey, hostler, ostler, tiger, orderly, messenger, cad, gillie, herdsman, swineherd, barkeeper, bartender, bell boy, boots, boy, counterjumper, khansamah, khansaman, khitmutgar, yardman, bailiff, castellan, seneschal, chamberlain, major-domo, groom of the chambers, secretary, under secretary, assistant secretary, clerk, subsidiary, agent, subaltern, underling, understrapper, man, maid, maidservant, handmaid, confidente, lady's maid, abigail, soubrette, amah, biddy, nurse, bonne, ayah, nursemaid, nursery maid, house maid, parlor maid, waiting maid, chamber maid, kitchen maid, scullery maid, femme de chambre, femme fille, camarista, chef de cuisine, cordon bleu, cook, scullion, Cinderella, potwalloper, maid of all work, servant of all work, laundress, bedmaker, journeyman, charwoman, bearer, chokra, gyp (Cambridge), hamal, scout (Oxford), serf, vassal, slave, negro, helot, bondsman, bondswoman, bondslave, ame damnee, odalisque, ryot, adscriptus gleboe, villian, villein, beadsman, bedesman, sizar, pensioner, pensionary, client, dependant, dependent, hanger on, satellite, parasite, led captain, protege, ward, hireling, mercenary, puppet, tool, creature, badge of slavery, bonds, in the train of, in one's pay, in one's employ, at one's call, in bonds.


VB be courteous, show courtesy, mind one's P's and Q's, behave oneself, be all things to all men, conciliate, speak one fair, take in good part, make the amiable, do the amiable, look as if butter would not melt in one's mouth, mend one's manners, receive, do the honors, usher, greet, hail, bid welcome, welcome, welcome with open arms, shake hands, hold out the hand, press the hand, squeeze the hand, press the flesh, bid Godspeed, speed the parting guest, cheer, serenade, salute, embrace, kiss, kiss hands, drink to, pledge, hob and nob, move to, nod to, smile upon, uncover, cap, touch the hat, take off the hat, doff the cap, present arms, make way for, bow, make one's bow, make a leg, scrape, curtsy, courtesy, bob a curtsy, bob a courtesy, kneel, bow the knee, bend the knee, visit, wait upon, present oneself, pay one's respects, pay a visit, dance attendance on, pay attentions to, do homage to, prostrate oneself, give one's duty to, send one's duty to render polite, polish, civilize, humanize.


VB give entrance to, give admittance to, give the entree, introduce, intromit, usher, admit, receive, import, bring in, open the door to, throw in, ingest, absorb, imbibe, inhale, breathe in, let in, take in, suck in, draw in, readmit, resorb, reabsorb, snuff up, swallow, ingurgitate, engulf, engorge, gulp, eat, drink.


N teacher, trainer, instructor, institutor, master, tutor, director, Corypheus, dry nurse, coach, grinder, crammer, don, governor, bear leader, governess, duenna, disciplinarian, professor, lecturer, reader, prelector, prolocutor, preacher, chalk talker, khoja, pastor, schoolmaster, dominie, usher, pedagogue, abecedarian, schoolmistress, dame, monitor, pupil teacher, expositor, preceptor, guide, guru, mentor, pioneer, apostle, missionary, propagandist, munshi, example, professorship, tutelage, professorial, qui doet discet.

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