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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (intransitive)


Noun twang has 2 senses

Verb twang has 5 senses


     A tang. See Tang a state.  [1913 Webster]
twangv. i. [Of imitative origin; cf. Tang a sharp sound, Tinkle.].
     To sound with a quick, harsh noise; to make the sound of a tense string pulled and suddenly let go; as, the bowstring twanged.  [1913 Webster]
twangv. t. 
     To make to sound, as by pulling a tense string and letting it go suddenly.  [1913 Webster]
    "Sounds the tough horn, and twangs the quivering string."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A harsh, quick sound, like that made by a stretched string when pulled and suddenly let go; as, the twang of a bowstring.  [1913 Webster]
  •  An affected modulation of the voice; a kind of nasal sound.  [1913 Webster]
    "He has such a twang in his discourse."  [1913 Webster]


twang, n. & v.
1 a strong ringing sound made by the plucked string of a musical instrument or bow.
2 the nasal quality of a voice compared to this.
1 intr. & tr. emit or cause to emit this sound.
2 tr. usu. derog. play (a tune or instrument) in this way.
3 tr. utter with a nasal twang.

twangy adj.



accent, aphonia, artificial voice, bark, bawl, belch, bellow, blare, blat, blubber, boom, bray, breathe, broad accent, brogue, broken speech, broken tones, broken voice, burr, buzz, cackle, caw, chant, childish treble, chirp, chirr, choked voice, clang, clangor, clank, clash, coo, cracked voice, craunch, croak, crow, crump, crunch, dash, drawl, dysarthria, dyslalia, dyslogia, dysphasia, dysphonia, dysphrasia, exclaim, falsetto, flute, gasp, grind, groan, growl, grumble, grunt, harshness, hawking voice, hiss, hoarseness, idioglossia, idiolalia, impairment of speech, intimation, jangle, jar, keen, lilt, lisp, lisping, loss of voice, mumble, murmur, mutter, muzzy speech, nasal tone, nasalization, pant, pick, pipe, pluck, plunk, quaver, rasp, regional accent, roar, rumble, scranch, scrape, scratch, scream, screech, scrunch, shade, shake, shriek, sibilate, sibilation, sigh, sing, snap, snarl, snore, snort, snuffle, sob, speech defect, speech impediment, squall, squawk, squeal, streak, strum, suspicion, sweep the strings, thrum, thunder, tinge, touch, trace, tremor, trumpet, wail, warble, whiff, whine, whisper, yap, yawp, yell, yelp




N stammering, inarticulateness, stammering, hesitation, impediment in one's speech, titubancy, traulism, whisper, lisp, drawl, tardiloquence, nasal tone, nasal accent, twang, falsetto, broken voice, broken accents, broken sentences, brogue, slip of the tongue, lapsus linouae, stammering, inarticulate, guttural, nasal, tremulous, affected, sotto voce.


N taste, good taste, refined taste, cultivated taste, delicacy, refinement, fine feeling, gust, gusto, tact, finesse, nicety, to prepon, polish, elegance, grace, judgment, discernment, dilettantism, dilettanteism, virtu, fine art, culture, cultivation, aesthetics, man of taste, connoisseur, judge, critic, conoscente, virtuoso, amateur, dilettante, Aristarchus, Corinthian, arbiter elegantiarum, stagirite, euphemist, caviare to the general, in good taste, cute, tasteful, tasty, unaffected, pure, chaste, classical, attic, cultivated, refined, dainty, esthetic, aesthetic, artistic, elegant, euphemistic, to one's taste, to one's mind, after one's fancy, comme il faut, tire a quatre epingles, elegantly, nihil tetigit quod non ornavit, chacun a son gout, oculi pictura tenentur aures cantibus, taste, flavor, gust, gusto, savor, gout, relish, sapor, sapidity, twang, smack, smatch, aftertaste, tang, tasting, degustation, gustation, palate, tongue, tooth, stomach, sapid, saporific, gustable, gustatory, gustful, strong, gamy, palatable.

VB appreciate, judge, criticise, discriminate, taste, savor, smatch, smack, flavor, twang, tickle the palate, smack the lips.


N pungency, piquance, piquancy, poignancy haut-gout, strong taste, twang, race, sharpness, acrimony, roughness, unsavoriness, mustard, cayenne, caviare, seasoning, niter, saltpeter, brine (saltiness), carbonate of ammonia, sal ammoniac, sal volatile, smelling salts, hartshorn (acridity), dram, cordial, nip, nicotine, tobacco, snuff, quid, smoke, segar, cigar, cigarette, weed, fragrant weed, Indian weed, Cavendish, fid, negro head, old soldier, rappee, stogy, pungent, strong, high-, full-flavored, high-tasted, high-seasoned, gamy, sharp, stinging, rough, piquant, racy, biting, mordant, spicy, seasoned, hot, hot as pepper, peppery, vellicating, escharotic, meracious, acrid, acrimonious, bitter, rough, unsavory.


N sound, noise, strain, accent, twang, intonation, tone, cadence, sonorousness, audibility, resonance, voice, aspirate, ideophone, rough breathing, acoustics, phonics, phonetics, phonology, phonography, diacoustics, diaphonics, phonetism, sounding, soniferous, sonorous, sonorific, resonant, audible, distinct, stertorous, phonetic, phonic, phonocamptic, a thousand trills and quivering sounds, forensis strepitus.


VB creak, grate, jar, burr, pipe, twang, jangle, clank, clink, scream, yelp, buzz, set the teeth on edge, corcher les oreilles, pierce the ears, split the ears, split the head, offend the ear, grate upon the ear, jar upon the ear.

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