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Noun, Verb (usu participle)


Noun taper has 4 senses

Verb taper has 2 senses


tapern. [AS. tapur, tapor, taper; cf. Ir. tapar, W. tampr.].
  •  A small wax candle; a small lighted wax candle; hence, a small light.  [1913 Webster]
    "Get me a taper in my study, Lucius."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A tapering form; gradual diminution of thickness in an elongated object; as, the taper of a spire.  [1913 Webster]
tapera. [Supposed to be from taper, n., in allusion to its form.].
     Regularly narrowed toward the point; becoming small toward one end; conical; pyramidical; as, taper fingers.  [1913 Webster]
taperv. i. 
     To become gradually smaller toward one end; as, a sugar loaf tapers toward one end.  [1913 Webster]
taperv. t. 
     To make or cause to taper.  [1913 Webster]


taper, n. & v.
1 a wick coated with wax etc. for conveying a flame.
2 a slender candle.
--v. (often foll. by off)
1 intr. & tr. diminish or reduce in thickness towards one end.
2 tr. & intr. make or become gradually less.

OE tapur, -or, -er wax candle, f. L PAPYRUS, whose pith was used for candle-wicks



abate, aculeate, acuminate, approach, barb, bate, bayberry candle, bougie, brand, butane lighter, candle, candlewick, center, centralize, cigarette lighter, close, close in, close up, close with, coarctation, come down, come together, concenter, concentralize, concentrate, confine, constrict, constriction, contract, contraction, converge, corpse candle, cuspidate, decline, decrease, diminish, dip, draw in, drop off, dwindle, ebb, edge, electric light bulb, fade, fall in with, fall off, farthing dip, file, fire, firebrand, flambeau, flame, flint, flint and steel, funnel, glim, go down, go in, grind, hone, igniter, illuminant, illuminator, incandescent body, intersect, lamp, lampwick, lantern, lessen, let up, light, light bulb, light source, lighter, limit, luminant, luminary, match, meet, moon, narrow, narrow the gap, narrowing, nip, oilstone, peter out, pinch, plummet, point, portfire, reduce, reset, restrict, run together, rush candle, rushlight, set, sharpen, slacken, slow down, slow up, slump, snape, source of light, sparker, spiculate, spill, spur, stars, straiten, strap, stricture, strop, subside, sun, tallow candle, tallow dip, taper off, tapering, thin, thin out, torch, unite, votary candle, wane, wax candle, weaken, whet, wick, wind down




VB be narrow, narrow, taper, contract, render narrow, waste away.

N narrowness, thinness, narrowness, closeness, exility, exiguity, line, hair's breadth, finger's breadth, strip, streak, vein, monolayer, epitaxial deposition, thinness, tenuity, emaciation, macilency, marcor, shaving, slip, thread paper, skeleton, shadow, anatomy, spindleshanks, lantern jaws, mere skin and bone, middle constriction, stricture, neck, waist, isthmus, wasp, hourglass, ridge, ghaut, ghat, pass, ravine, narrowing, coarctation, angustation, tapering, contraction, narrow, close, slender, thin, fine, thread-like, finespun, gossamer, paper-thin, taper, slim, slight-made, scant, scanty, spare, delicate, incapacious, contracted, unexpanded &c (expand), slender as a thread, emaciated, lean, meager, gaunt, macilent, lank, lanky, weedy, skinny, scrawny slinky, starved, starveling, herring gutted, worn to a shadow, lean as a rake, thin as a lath, thin as a whipping post, thin as a wafer, hatchet-faced, lantern-jawed, attenuated, shriveled, extenuated, tabid, marcid, barebone, rawboned, monomolecular.


N luminary, light, flame, spark, scintilla, phosphorescence, fluorescence, sun, orb of day, Phoebus, Apollo, Aurora, star, orb, meteor, falling star, shooting star, blazing star, dog star, Sirius, canicula, Aldebaran, constellation, galaxy, zodiacal light, anthelion, day star, morning star, Lucifer, mock sun, parhelion, phosphor, phosphorus, sun dog, Venus, aurora, polar lights, northern lights, aurora borealis, southern lights, aurora australis, lightning, chain lightning, fork lightning, sheet lightning, summer lightning, ball lightning, kugelblitz, phosphorus, yellow phosphorus, scintillator, phosphor, firefly luminescence, ignis fatuus, Jack o'lantern, Friar's lantern, will-o'-the- wisp, firedrake, Fata Morgana, Saint Elmo's fire, glowworm, firefly, June bug, lightning bug, anglerfish, gas, gas light, lime light, lantern, lanthorn, dark lantern, bull's-eye, candle, bougie, taper, rushlight, oil, wick, burner, Argand, moderator, duplex, torch, flambeau, link, brand, gaselier, chandelier, electrolier, candelabrum, candelabra, girandole, sconce, luster, candlestick, lamp, light, incandescent lamp, tungsten bulb, light bulb, flashlight, torch, arc light, laser, maser neon bulb, neon sign, fluorescent lamp, filament, socket, contacts, filler gas, firework, fizgig, pyrotechnics, rocket, lighthouse, self-luminous, glowing, phosphoric, phosphorescent, fluorescent, incandescent, luminescent, chemiluminescent, radiant, blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels, the sentinel stars set their watch in the sky, the planets in their station list'ning stood, the Scriptures of the skies, that orbed continent, the fire that severs day from night.

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