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Noun, Verb (transitive)


Noun surrender has 4 senses

Verb surrender has 2 senses


surrenderv. t. [OF. surrendre to deliver; sur over + rendre to render. See Sur-, and Render.].
  •  To yield to the power of another; to give or deliver up possession of (anything) upon compulsion or demand; as, to surrender one's person to an enemy or to an officer; to surrender a fort or a ship.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To give up possession of; to yield; to resign; as, to surrender a right, privilege, or advantage.  [1913 Webster]
    "To surrender up that right which otherwise their founders might have in them."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To yield to any influence, emotion, passion, or power; -- used reflexively; as, to surrender one's self to grief, to despair, to indolence, or to sleep.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To yield; to render or deliver up; to give up; as, a principal surrendered by his bail, a fugitive from justice by a foreign state, or a particular estate by the tenant thereof to him in remainder or reversion.  [1913 Webster]
surrenderv. i. 
     To give up one's self into the power of another; to yield; as, the enemy, seeing no way of escape, surrendered at the first summons.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The act of surrendering; the act of yielding, or resigning one's person, or the possession of something, into the power of another; as, the surrender of a castle to an enemy; the surrender of a right.  [1913 Webster]
    "That he may secure some liberty he makes a surrender in trust of the whole of it."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The yielding of a particular estate to him who has an immediate estate in remainder or reversion.  Wharton.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The voluntary cancellation of the legal liability of the company by the insured and beneficiary for a consideration (called the surrender value).  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]


surrender, v. & n.
1 tr. hand over; relinquish possession of, esp. on compulsion or demand; give into another's power or control.
2 intr. a accept an enemy's demand for submission. b give oneself up; cease from resistance; submit.
3 intr. & refl. (foll. by to) give oneself over to a habit, emotion, influence, etc.
4 tr. give up rights under (a life-insurance policy) in return for a smaller sum received immediately.
5 tr. give up (a lease) before its expiry.
6 tr. abandon (hope etc.).
--n. the act or an instance of surrendering.

surrender to bail duly appear in a lawcourt after release on bail. surrender value the amount payable to one who surrenders a life-insurance policy.
ME f. AF f. OF surrendre (as SUR-(1), RENDER)



abalienate, abalienation, abandon, abandonment, abatement of differences, abdicate, abdication, abjuration, abjure, abjurement, accommodate, accommodation, accordance, acknowledge defeat, acquiesce, adjust, adjustment, alien, alienate, alienation, amortization, amortize, amortizement, appeasement, arrangement, assign, assignation, assignment, award, awarding, bargain, bargain and sale, barter, beg a truce, bequeath, bequeathal, bestowal, bestowment, capitulate, capitulation, cease, cede, ceding, cession, circulate, come across with, come to terms, commit, communication, comply, compose, composition, compound, compromise, concede, concession, confer, conferment, conferral, consign, consignation, consignment, contribution, convey, conveyance, conveyancing, cop out, cop-out, crumble, cry pax, cry quits, deal, deed, deed over, deeding, deliver, deliver over, deliverance, delivery, demise, desertion of principle, desist from, devolve upon, disgorge, dispensation, dispense with, disposal, dispose of, disposition, distribute, do without, donation, drop, dropping out, duck responsibility, dump, dumping, endowment, enfeoff, enfeoffment, entrust, evade responsibility, evasion of responsibility, exchange, forgo, forgoing, fork over, forsake, forswear, forswearing, forward, furnishment, get along without, get rid of, getting rid of, gifting, give, give and take, give away, give in, give out, give over, give title to, give up, give way, give-and-take, giving, giving in, giving over, giving up, giving way, go down, go fifty-fifty, go under, grant, granting, hand, hand down, hand in, hand on, hand out, hand over, handing over, have done with, impartation, impartment, implore mercy, investiture, kiss good-bye, lay down, lease and release, leave, leave off, letting go, liberality, make a deal, make a sacrifice, make an adjustment, make concessions, make over, meet halfway, mutual concession, negotiate, offer, part with, pass, pass on, pass out, pass over, play politics, pray for quarter, presentation, presentment, provision, quit, quitclaim, reach, reach a compromise, recant, recantation, recedence, recession, release, relinquish, relinquishment, render, render up, renounce, renouncement, renunciation, resign, resignation, retract, retraction, retreat, riddance, sacrifice, sale, say uncle, sell, settle, settle on, settlement, settling, sign away, sign over, spare, split the difference, strike a balance, strike a bargain, submission, submit, subscription, succumb, supplying, swear off, swearing off, take the mean, throw up, trade, trading, transfer, transference, transferral, transmission, transmit, transmittal, turn in, turn over, turn up, turning over, understanding, vacate, vesting, vouchsafement, waive, waiver, white flag, withdrawing, yield, yield the palm, yielding




N submission, yielding, nonresistance, obedience, surrender, cession, capitulation, resignation, backdown, obeisance, homage, kneeling, genuflexion, courtesy, curtsy, kowtow, prostration, surrendering, submissive, resigned, crouching, downtrodden, down on one's marrow bones, on one's bended knee, unresistant, unresisting, nonresisting, pliant, undefended, untenable, indefensible, humble, have it your own way, it can't be helped, amen, da locum melioribus, tempori parendum.

VB succumb, submit, yeild, bend, resign, defer to, lay down one's arms, deliver up one's arms, lower colors, haul down colors, strike one's flag, strike colors, surrender, surrender at discretion, cede, capitulate, come to terms, retreat, beat a retreat, draw in one's horns, give way, give round, give in, give up, cave in, suffer judgment by default, bend, bend to one's yoke, bend before the storm, reel back, bend down, knuckle down, knuckle to, knuckle under, knock under, eat dirt, eat the leek, eat humble pie, bite the dust, lick the dust, be at one's feet, fall at one's feet, craven, crouch before, throw oneself at the feet of, swallow the leek, swallow the pill, kiss the rod, turn the other cheek, avaler les couleuvres, gulp down, obey, kneel to, bow to, pay homage to, cringe to, truckle to, bend the neck, bend the knee, kneel, fall on one's knees, bow submission, courtesy, curtsy, kowtow, pocket the affront, make the best of, make a virtue of necessity, grin and abide, grin and bear it, shrug the shoulders, resign oneself, submit with a good grace.


N relinquishment, abandonment, desertion, defection, secession, withdrawal, cave of Adullam, nolle prosequi, discontinuance, renunciation, abrogation, resignation, desuetude, cession, unpursued, relinquished, relinquishing, Int, avast!, aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben, entbehre gern was du nicht hast, relinquishment, abandonment, renunciation, expropriation, dereliction, cession, surrender, dispensation, quitclaim deed, resignation, riddance, derelict, foundling, jetsam, waif, discards, culls, rejects, garbage, refuse, rubbish, relinquished, cast off, derelict, unowned, unappropriated, unculled, left, Int, away with!.

VB relinquish, give up, abandon, desert, forsake, leave in the lurch, go back on, depart from, secede from, withdraw from, back out of, leave, quit, take leave of, bid a long farewell, vacate, renounce, forego, have done with, drop, disuse, discard, wash one's hands of, drop all idea of, break off, leave off, desist, stop, hold one's hand, stay one's hand, quit one's hold, give over, shut up shop, throw up the game, throw up the cards, give up the point, give up the argument, pass to the order of the day, move to the previous question, relinquish, give up, surrender, yield, cede, let go, let slip, spare, drop, resign, forego, renounce, abandon, expropriate, give away, dispose of, part with, lay aside, lay apart, lay down, lay on the shelf, set aside, put aside, put away, make away with, cast behind, maroon, give notice to quit, give warning, supersede, be rid of, get rid of, be quit of, get quit of, eject, rid oneself of, disburden oneself of, divest oneself of, dispossess oneself of, wash one's hands of, discard, cast off, dismiss, cast away, throw away, pitch away, fling away, cast aside, cast overboard, cast to the dogs, throw aside, throw overboard, throw to the dogs, pitch aside, pitch overboard, pitch to the dogs, fling aside, fling overboard, fling to the dogs, cast to the winds, throw to the winds, sweep to the winds, put away, turn away, sweep away, jettison, reject, quit one's hold, quitclaim.


N hopelessness, despair, desperation, despondency, depression, pessimism, pessimist, Job's comforter, bird of bad omen, bird of ill omen, abandonment, desolation, resignation, surrender, submission, hope deferred, dashed hopes, vain expectation, airy hopes &c, forlorn hope, gone case, dead duck, gone coon, goner, bad job, bad business, enfant perdu, gloomy horizon, black spots in the horizon, slough of Despond, cave of Despair, immedicabile vulnus, hopeless, desperate, despairing, gone, in despair, au desespoir, forlorn, desolate, inconsolable, broken hearted, unpromising, unpropitious, inauspicious, ill-omened, threatening, clouded over, out of the question, not to be thought of, impracticable, past hope, past cure, past mending, past recall, at one's last gasp, given up, given over, incurable, cureless, immedicable, remediless, beyond remedy, incorrigible, irreparable, irremediable, irrecoverable, irreversible, irretrievable, irreclaimable, irredeemable, irrevocable, ruined, undone, immitigable, lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate, its days are numbered, the worst come to the worst, no change, no pause, no hope, yet I endure, O dark, dark, dark, amid the blaze of noon, mene mene tekel upharson.

VB despair, lose all hope, give up all hope, abandon all hope, relinquish all hope, lose the hope of, give up the hope of, abandon the hope of, relinquish the hope of, give up, give over, yield to despair, falter, despond, jeter le manche apres la cognee, inspire despair, drive to despair, disconcert, dash one's hopes, crush one's hopes, destroy one's hopes, hope against hope, abandon, resign, surrender, submit.

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