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stand out


Noun Phrase, Verb (intransitive)


Verb stand out has 4 senses


stand out

aller sans dire, amount to something, appear, balk, be evident, be featured, be manifest, be no secret, be noticeable, be prominent, be revealed, be seen, be somebody, be something, be visible, beetle, bristle up, bulk, bulk large, carry weight, cock up, come across, count, cut ice, cut some ice, die hard, exceed, extrude, get top billing, glare, go without saying, hang out, hold out, import, jut, jut out, loom, loom large, matter, meet the gaze, need no explanation, not budge, outsoar, outstrip, overhang, overtop, persevere, poke, poke out, pouch, pout, project, protrude, protuberate, rear, rise above, sauter aux yeux, shine out, shine through, shoot out, shoot up, shout, show, show through, show up, signify, soar, speak for itself, stand forth, stand pat, star, start up, stick out, stick up, stickle, strike the eye, take no denial, tell, tower, tower above, transcend, weigh


stand out


VB be obstinate, stickle, take no denial, fly in the face of facts, opinionate, be wedded to an opinion, hug a belief, have one's own way, persist, have the last word, insist on having the last word, die hard, fight against destiny, not yield an inch, stand out.


VB resist, not submit, repugn, reluct, reluctate, withstand, stand up against, strive against, bear up under, bear up against, be proof against, make head against, stand, stand firm, stand one's ground, stand the brunt of, stand out, hold one's grounds, hold one's own, hold out, hold firm, breast the wave, breast the current, stem the tide, stem the torrent, face, confront, grapple with, show a bold front, present a front, make a stand, take one's stand, kick, kick against, recalcitrate, kick against the pricks, oppose, fly in the face of, lift the hand against, rise up in arms, strike, turn out, draw up a round robin, revolt, make a riot, prendre le mors aux dents, take the bit between the teeth, sell one's life dearly, die hard, keep at bay, repel, repulse.


VB be prominent, project, bulge, protrude, pout, bouge, bunch, jut out, stand out, stick out, poke out, stick up, bristle up, start up, cock up, shoot up, swell over, hang over, bend over, beetle, render prominent, raise, emboss, chase, belly out.


VB be become visible, appear, open to the view, meet the eye, catch the eye, basset, present itself, show manifest itself, produce itself, discover itself, reveal itself, expose itself, betray itself, stand forth, stand out, materialize, show, arise, peep out, peer out, crop out, start up, spring up, show up, turn up, crop up, glimmer, loom, glare, burst forth, burst upon the view, burst upon the sight, heave in sight, come in sight, come into view, come out, come forth, come forward, see the light of day, break through the clouds, make its appearance, show its face, appear to one's eyes, come upon the stage, float before the eyes, speak for itself, attract the attention, reappear, live in a glass house, expose to view.

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