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Noun, Adverb


Noun stag has 2 senses

Verb stag has 3 senses


stagn. [Icel. steggr the male of several animals; or a doubtful AS. stagga. Cf. Steg.].
  •  The adult male of the red deer (Cervus elaphus), a large European species closely related to the American elk, or wapiti.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A colt, or filly; also, a romping girl.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A castrated bull; -- called also bull stag, and bull seg. See the Note under Ox.  [1913 Webster]
  •  An outside irregular dealer in stocks, who is not a member of the exchange.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The European wren.  [1913 Webster]
Stag beetle (Zoöl.), any one of numerous species of lamellicorn beetles belonging to Lucanus and allied genera, especially Lucanus cervus of Europe and Lucanus dama of the United States. The mandibles are large and branched, or forked, whence the name. The larva feeds on the rotten wood of dead trees. Called also horned bug, and horse beetle. -- Stag dance, a dance by men only. [Slang, U.S.] -- Stag hog (Zoöl.), the babiroussa. -- Stag-horn coral (Zoöl.), any one of several species of large branching corals of the genus Madrepora, which somewhat resemble the antlers of the stag, especially Madrepora cervicornis, and Madrepora palmata, of Florida and the West Indies. -- Stag-horn fern (Bot.), an Australian and West African fern (Platycerium alcicorne) having the large fronds branched like a stag's horns; also, any species of the same genus. -- Stag-horn sumac (Bot.), a common American shrub (Rhus typhina) having densely velvety branchlets. See Sumac. -- Stag party, a party consisting of men only. [Slang, U. S.] -- Stag tick (Zoöl.), a parasitic dipterous insect of the family Hippoboscidæ, which lives upon the stag and is usually wingless. The same species lives also upon the European grouse, but in that case has wings.
stagv. i. 
     To act as a “stag,” or irregular dealer in stocks.  [1913 Webster]
stagv. t. 
     To watch; to dog, or keep track of.  H. Kingsley.  [1913 Webster]


stag, n. & v.
1 an adult male deer, esp. one with a set of antlers.
2 Brit. Stock Exch. a person who applies for shares of a new issue with a view to selling at once for a profit.
3 a man who attends a social gathering unaccompanied by a woman.
--v.tr. (stagged, stagging) Brit. Stock Exch. deal in (shares) as a stag.

stag beetle any beetle of the family Lucanidae, the male of which has large branched mandibles resembling a stag's antlers. stag- (or stag's-) horn
1 the horn of a stag, used to make knife-handles, snuff-boxes, etc.
2 any of various ferns, esp. of the genus Platycerium, having fronds like antlers. stag-night (or -party) an all-male celebration, esp. in honour of a man about to marry.
ME f. OF stacga, stagga (unrecorded): cf. docga dog, frogga frog, etc., and ON staggr, staggi male bird



Cape elk, Kaffeeklatsch, Virginia deer, adventurer, antelope, ball, big operator, billy, billy goat, blowout, boar, broad jumper, bubbly-jock, buck, bucking bronco, buckjumper, bull, bullock, camel, camelopard, caribou, chanticleer, cock, cockerel, cocktail party, coffee klatch, costume party, deer, deerlet, dinner, dinner party, doe, dog, donation party, drake, dromedary, eland, elk, entertainment, entire, entire horse, fallow deer, fawn, festivity, flea, frog, gander, garden party, gazelle, giraffe, gnu, goat, gobbler, grasshopper, gunslinger, hart, hartebeest, he-goat, hen party, high jumper, hind, hopper, house party, house-raising, housewarming, hurdle racer, hurdler, jackrabbit, jumper, jumping bean, jumping jack, kaama, kangaroo, lame duck, lawn party, leaper, margin purchaser, mask, masque, masquerade, masquerade party, moose, mule deer, musk deer, okapi, operator, party, peacock, plunger, pole vaulter, ram, red deer, reindeer, roe, roe deer, roebuck, rooster, salmon, scalper, shindig, shindy, shower, smart operator, smoker, speculator, springbok, stag party, stallion, steer, stot, stud, studhorse, sunfisher, surprise party, timber topper, tom, tom turkey, tomcat, top cow, top horse, tup, turkey gobbler, turkey-cock, vaulter, wether, wildebeest




N nonpayment, default, defalcation, protest, repudiation, application of the sponge, whitewashing, insolvency, bankruptcy, failure, insufficiency, run upon a bank, overdrawn account, waste paper bonds, dishonored bills, protested bills, bogus check, bogus cheque, rubber check, bankrupt, insolvent, debtor, lame duck, man of straw, welsher, stag, defaulter, levanter, not paying, non-paying, non-performing, in debt, behindhand, in arrear, behind in payments, in arrears, beggared, unable to make both ends meet, minus, worse than nothing, worthless, insolvent, bankrupt, in the gazette, gazetted, unpaid, gratis, unremunerated.


N animal, animal kingdom, fauna, brute creation, beast, brute, creature, critter, wight, created being, creeping thing, living thing, dumb animal, dumb creature, zoophyte, mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, crustacean, shellfish, mollusk, worm, insect, arthropod, microbe, microbe, animalcule, alligator, crocodile, saurian, dinosaur (extinct), snake, serpent, viper, eft, asp, aspick, frog, toad, trout, bass, tuna, muskelunge, sailfish, sardine, mackerel, ant, mosquito, bee, honeybee, tardigrade, spider, biped, quadruped, webfoot, flocks and herds, live stock, domestic animals, wild animals, game, ferae naturae, beasts of the field, fowls of the air, denizens of the sea, black game, black grouse, blackcock, duck, grouse, plover, rail, snipe, horse, cattle, kine, ox, bull, bullock, cow, milch cow, calf, heifer, shorthorn, sheep, lamb, lambkin, ewe, ram, tup, pig, swine, boar, hog, sow, steer, stot, tag, teg, bison, buffalo, yak, zebu, dog, cat, dog, hound, pup, puppy, whelp, cur, mongrel, house dog, watch dog, sheep dog, shepherd's dog, sporting dog, fancy dog, lap dog, toy dog, bull dog, badger dog, mastiff, blood hound, grey hound, stag hound, deer hound, fox hound, otter hound, harrier, beagle, spaniel, pointer, setter, retriever, Newfoundland, water dog, water spaniel, pug, poodle, turnspit, terrier, fox terrier, Skye terrier, Dandie Dinmont, collie, feline, puss, pussy, grimalkin, gib cat, tom cat, fox, Reynard, vixen, stag, deer, hart, buck, doe, roe, caribou, coyote, elk, moose, musk ox, sambar, bird, poultry, fowl, cock, hen, chicken, chanticleer, partlet, rooster, dunghill cock, barn door fowl, feathered tribes, feathered songster, singing bird, dicky bird, canary, warbler, finch, aberdevine, cushat, cygnet, ringdove, siskin, swan, wood pigeon, vermin, varmint, pest, animal, zoological equine, bovine, vaccine, canine, feline, fishy, piscatory, piscatorial, molluscous, vermicular, gallinaceous, rasorial, solidungulate, soliped.


N man, male, he, him, manhood, gentleman, sir, master, sahib, yeoman, wight, swain, fellow, blade, beau, elf, chap, gaffer, good man, husband, Mr, mister, boy, cock, drake, gander, dog, boar, stag, hart, buck, horse, entire horse, stallion, gibcat, tomcat, he goat, Billy goat, ram, tup, bull, bullock, capon, ox, gelding, steer, stot, androgen, homosexual, gay, queen, male, he-, masculine, manly, virile, unwomanly, unfeminine, Pron, he, him, his, hominem pagina nostra sapit, homo homini aut deus aut lupus, homo vitae commodatus non donatus est.

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