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Adjective, Noun


Noun royal has 2 senses

Adjective royal has 5 senses


royala. [OE. roial, riall, real, OF. roial. reial, F. royal, fr. L. regalis, fr. rex, regis, king. See Rich, and cf. regal, real a coin, Rial.].
  •  Kingly; pertaining to the crown or the sovereign; suitable for a king or queen; regal; as, royal power or prerogative; royal domains; the royal family; royal state.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Noble; generous; magnificent; princely.  [1913 Webster]
    "How doth that royal merchant, good Antonio?"  [1913 Webster]
  •  Under the patronage of royality; holding a charter granted by the sovereign; as, the Royal Academy of Arts; the Royal Society.  [1913 Webster]
Battle royal. See under Battle. -- Royal bay (Bot.), the classic laurel (Laurus nobilis.) -- Royal eagle. (Zoöl.) See Golden eagle, under Golden. -- Royal fern (Bot.), the handsome fern Osmunda regalis. See Osmund. -- Royal mast (Naut.), the mast next above the topgallant mast and usually the highest on a square-rigged vessel. The royal yard and royal sail are attached to the royal mast. -- Royal metal, an old name for gold. -- Royal palm (Bot.), a magnificent West Indian palm tree (Oreodoxa regia), lately discovered also in Florida. -- Royal pheasant. See Curassow. -- Royal purple, an intense violet color, verging toward blue. -- Royal tern (Zoöl.), a large, crested American tern (Sterna maxima). -- Royal tiger. (Zoöl.) See Tiger. -- Royal touch, the touching of a diseased person by the hand of a king, with the view of restoring to health; -- formerly extensively practiced, particularly for the scrofula, or king's evil.
Syn. -- Kingly; regal; monarchical; imperial; kinglike; princely; august; majestic; superb; splendid; illustrious; noble; magnanimous.
  •  Printing and writing papers of particular sizes. See under paper, n.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A small sail immediately above the topgallant sail.  Totten.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One of the upper or distal branches of an antler, as the third and fourth tynes of the antlers of a stag.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A small mortar.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One of the soldiers of the first regiment of foot of the British army, formerly called the Royals, and supposed to be the oldest regular corps in Europe; -- now called the Royal Scots.  [1913 Webster]
  •  An old English coin. See Rial.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A royal spade.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]


royal, adj. & n.
1 of or suited to or worthy of a king or queen.
2 in the service or under the patronage of a king or queen.
3 belonging to the king or queen (the royal hands; the royal anger).
4 of the family of a king or queen.
5 kingly, majestic, stately, splendid.
6 on a great scale, of exceptional size or quality, first-rate (gave us royal entertainment; in royal spirits; had a royal time).
1 colloq. a member of the royal family.
2 a royal sail or mast.
3 a royal stag.
4 a size of paper, about 620 x 500 mm (25 x 20 in.).
5 (the Royals) the Royal Marines.

Royal Air Force the British air force. royal assent see ASSENT. royal blue Brit. a deep vivid blue. Royal British Legion a national association of ex-members of the armed forces, founded in 1921. royal burgh hist. (in Scotland) a burgh holding a charter from the Crown. Royal Commission see COMMISSION. royal duke see DUKE. Royal Engineers the engineering branch of the British army. royal family the family to which a sovereign belongs. royal fern a fern, Osmunda regalis, with huge spreading fronds. royal flush see FLUSH(3). royal icing a hard white icing made from icing sugar and egg-whites. Royal Institution a British society founded in 1799 for the diffusion of scientific knowledge. royal jelly a substance secreted by honey-bee workers and fed by them to future queen bees. Royal Marine a British marine (see MARINE n. 2). royal mast a mast above a topgallant mast. Royal Navy the British navy. royal oak a sprig of oak worn on 29 May to commemorate the restoration of Charles II (1660), who hid in an oak after the battle of Worcester (1651). royal plural the first person plural 'we' used by a single person. royal road to way of attaining without trouble. royal sail a sail above a topgallant sail. Royal Society (in full Royal Society of London) a society founded in 1662 to promote scientific discussion. royal stag a stag with a head of 12 or more points. royal standard a banner bearing royal heraldic arms. royal tennis real tennis. Royal Victorian Chain (in the UK) an order founded by Edward VII in 1902 and conferred by the sovereign on special occasions. Royal Victorian Order (in the UK) an order founded by Queen Victoria in 1896 and conferred usu. for great service rendered to the sovereign. royal warrant a warrant authorizing a tradesperson to supply goods to a specified royal person.
royally adv.
ME f. OF roial f. L regalis REGAL



advantageous, anointed king, aristocratic, august, auspicious, baron, baroness, baronial, beneficial, benevolent, bon, bonny, braw, bueno, capital, champion, chief, chieftain, classical, cogent, commendable, courtly, crown, crowned head, dignified, duchess, duke, duodecimo, dynast, dynastic, earl, effortless, eighteenmo, elegant, emperor, estimable, excellent, expedient, facile, fair, famous, favorable, fine, folio, front, glorious, good, goodly, grand, grand duke, grandiose, grave, healthy, helpful, high chief, imperator, imperatorial, imperatorious, imperial, imperious, imposing, impressive, kind, king, king-emperor, kinglet, kinglike, kingly, laudable, light, lord paramount, lordly, magisterial, magnificent, majestic, majesty, medium, monarch, monarchal, monarchial, monarchic, monarchical, nice, nobility, noble, nobleman, noblewoman, number one, octavo, octodecimo, overlord, paramount, peer, peerage, petty king, pleasant, potentate, prime, prince, prince consort, princelike, princely, princess, profitable, purple, quarto, queen, queenlike, queenly, rank, regal, resplendent, royal personage, royalty, ruler, sedate, sextodecimo, simple, sixteenmo, skillful, smooth, sober, solemn, sound, sovereign, splendid, stately, statuesque, super, superb, superior, suzerain, tetrarch, top, twelvemo, untroublesome, useful, valid, venerable, very good, virtuous, viscount, viscountess, worthy




N government, legal authority, soveriegn, sovereign authority, authority, master, direction, national government, nation, state, country, nation- state, dominion, republic, empire, union, democratic republic, kingdom, principality, state government, state, shire, province, county, canton, territory, duchy, archduchy, archdukedom, woiwodshaft, commonwealth, region, property, county, parish city, domain, tract, arrondissement, mofussil, commune, wappentake, hundred, riding, lathe, garth, soke, tithing, ward, precinct, bailiwick, command, empire, sway, rule, dominion, domination, sovereignty, supremacy, suzerainty, lordship, headship, chiefdom, seigniory, seigniority, rule, sway, command, control, administer, govern, lead, preside over, reign, possess the throne, be seated on the throne, occupy the throne, sway the scepter, wield the scepter, wear the crown, state, realm, body politic, posse comitatus, judicature, cabinet, seat of government, seat of authority, headquarters, accession, installation, politics, reign, regime, dynasty, directorship, dictatorship, protectorate, protectorship, caliphate, pashalic, electorate, presidency, presidentship, administration, proconsul, consulship, prefecture, seneschalship, magistrature, magistracy, monarchy, kinghood, kingship, royalty, regality, aristarchy, aristocracy, oligarchy, democracy, theocracy, demagogy, commonwealth, dominion, heteronomy, republic, republicanism, socialism, collectivism, mob law, mobocracy, ochlocracy, vox populi, imperium in imperio, bureaucracy, beadledom, bumbledom, stratocracy, military power, military government, junta, feodality, feudal system, feudalism, thearchy, theocracy, dinarchy, duarchy, triarchy, heterarchy, duumvirate, triumvirate, autocracy, autonomy, limited monarchy, constitutional government, constitutional monarchy, home rule, representative government, monocracy, pantisocracy, gynarchy, gynocracy, gynaeocracy, petticoat government, legislature, judiciary, administration, office of the president, office of the prime minister, cabinet, senate, house of representatives, parliament, council, courts, supreme court, state, interior, labor, health and human services, defense, education, agriculture, justice, commerce, treasury, Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, National Institutes of Health, NIH, Postal Service, Post Office, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, president, vice president, cabinet member, prime minister, minister, senator, representatative, president pro tem, speaker of the house, department head, section head, section chief, federal judge, justice, justice of the supreme court, chief justice, treasurer, secretary of the treasury, director of the FBI, governor, state cabinet member, state senator, assemblyman, assemblywoman, regal, sovereign, governing, royal, royalist, monarchical, kingly, imperial, imperiatorial, princely, feudal, aristocratic, autocratic, oligarchic, republican, dynastic, ruling, regnant, gubernatorial, imperious, authoritative, executive, administrative, clothed with authority, official, departmental, ex officio, imperative, peremptory, overruling, absolute, hegemonic, hegemonical, authorized, government, public, national, federal, his majesty's, her majesty's, state, county, city, N, a dog's obeyed in office, cada uno tiene su alguazil, le Roi le veut, regibus esse manus en nescio longas, regnant populi, the demigod Authority, the right divine of kings to govern wrong, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

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