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Noun, Verb (usu participle)


Noun splint has 2 senses

Verb splint has 1 sense


splintn. [Akin to D. splinter,G. splinter, splitter, Dan. splint, Sw. splint a kind of spike, a forelock (in nautical use), Sw. splintato splint, splinter, Dan. splinte, and E. split. See Split, v. t., and cf. Splent.].
  •  A piece split off; a splinter.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A thin piece of wood, or other substance, used to keep in place, or protect, an injured part, especially a broken bone when set.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A splint bone.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A disease affecting the splint bones, as a callosity or hard excrescence.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One of the small plates of metal used in making splint armor. See Splint armor, below.  [1913 Webster]
    "The knees and feet were defended by splints, or thin plates of steel."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Splint, or splent, coal. See Splent coal, under Splent.  [1913 Webster]
Splint armor,a kind of ancient armor formed of thin plates of metal, usually overlapping each other and allowing the limbs to move freely. -- Splint bone (Anat.), one of the rudimentary, splintlike metacarpal or metatarsal bones on either side of the cannon bone in the limbs of the horse and allied animals. -- Splint coal. See Splent coal, under Splent.
splintv. t. 
  •  To split into splints, or thin, slender pieces; to splinter; to shiver.  Florio.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To fasten or confine with splints, as a broken limb. See Splint, n., 2.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]


splint, n. & v.
1 a a strip of rigid material used for holding a broken bone etc. when set. b a rigid or flexible strip of esp. wood used in basketwork etc.
2 a tumour or bony excrescence on the inside of a horse's leg.
3 a thin strip of wood etc. used to light a fire, pipe, etc.
4 = splint-bone.
--v.tr. secure (a broken limb etc.) with a splint or splints.

splint-bone 1 either of two small bones in a horse's foreleg lying behind and close to the cannon-bone.
2 the human fibula. splint-coal hard bituminous laminated coal burning with great heat.
ME splent(e) f. MDu. splinte or MLG splinte, splente metal plate or pin, rel. to SPLINTER



Ace bandage, Band-Aid, adhesive tape, application, band, bandage, bandaging, bathe, binder, brace, care for, cast, cataplasm, compress, cotton, court plaster, cravat, cure, diagnose, doctor, dressing, elastic bandage, epithem, flux, four-tailed bandage, gauze, give care to, heal, lint, massage, minister to, nurse, operate on, physic, plaster, plaster cast, pledget, poultice, purge, remedy, roller, roller bandage, rub, rubber bandage, sling, sponge, strap, stupe, tampon, tape, tent, tourniquet, treat, triangular bandage




N support, ground, foundation, base, basis, terra firma, bearing, fulcrum, bait, caudex crib, point d'appui, pou sto, purchase footing, hold, locus standi, landing place, landing stage, stage, platform, block, rest, resting place, groundwork, substratum, riprap, sustentation, subvention, floor, supporter, aid, prop, stand, anvil, fulciment, cue rest, jigger, monkey, stay, shore, skid, rib, truss, bandage, sleeper, stirrup, stilts, shoe, sole, heel, splint, lap, bar, rod, boom, sprit, outrigger, ratlings, staff, stick, crutch, alpenstock, baton, staddle, bourdon, cowlstaff, lathi, mahlstick, post, pillar, shaft, thill, column, pilaster, pediment, pedicle, pedestal, plinth, shank, leg, socle, zocle, buttress, jamb, mullion, abutment, baluster, banister, stanchion, balustrade, headstone, upright, door post, jamb, door jamb, frame, framework, scaffold, skeleton, beam, rafter, girder, lintel, joist, travis, trave, corner stone, summer, transom, rung, round, step, sill, angle rafter, hip rafter, cantilever, modillion, crown post, king post, vertebra, columella, backbone, keystone, axle, axletree, axis, arch, mainstay, trunnion, pivot, rowlock, peg, tiebeam, thole pin, board, ledge, shelf, hob, bracket, trevet, trivet, arbor, rack, mantel, mantle piece, mantleshelf, slab, console, counter, dresser, flange, corbel, table, trestle, shoulder, perch, horse, easel, desk, clotheshorse, hatrack, retable, teapoy, seat, throne, dais, divan, musnud, chair, bench, form, stool, sofa, settee, stall, arm chair, easy chair, elbow chair, rocking chair, couch, fauteuil, woolsack, ottoman, settle, squab, bench, aparejo, faldstool, horn, long chair, long sleeve chair, morris chair, lamba chauki, lamba kursi, saddle, pannel, pillion, side saddle, pack saddle, pommel, bed, berth, pallet, tester, crib, cot, hammock, shakedown, trucklebed, cradle, litter, stretcher, bedstead, four poster, French bed, bunk, kip, palang, bedding, bichhona, mattress, paillasse, pillow, bolster, mat, rug, cushion, footstool, hassock, tabouret, tripod, monopod, Atlas, Persides, Atlantes, Caryatides, Hercules, supporting, supported, fundamental, dorsigerous, astride on, straddle.

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