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Noun, Verb (transitive), Adjective


Noun silver has 5 senses

Adjective silver has 4 senses

Verb silver has 3 senses


silvern. [OE. silver, selver, seolver, AS. seolfor, siolfur, siolufr, silofr, sylofr; akin to OS. silubar, OFries. selover, D. zilver, LG. sulver, OHG. silabar, silbar, G. silber, Icel. silfr, Sw. silfver, Dan. sölv, Goth. silubr, Russ. serebro, Lith. sidabras; of unknown origin.].
  •  A soft white metallic element, sonorous, ductile, very malleable, and capable of a high degree of polish. It is found native, and also combined with sulphur, arsenic, antimony, chlorine, etc., in the minerals argentite, proustite, pyrargyrite, ceragyrite, etc. Silver is one of the “noble” metals, so-called, not being easily oxidized, and is used for coin, jewelry, plate, and a great variety of articles. Symbol Ag (Argentum). Atomic weight 107.7. Specific gravity 10.5.  [1913 Webster]
    " Silver was known under the name of luna to the ancients and also to the alchemists. Some of its compounds, as the halogen salts, are remarkable for the effect of light upon them, and are used in photography."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Coin made of silver; silver money.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Anything having the luster or appearance of silver.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The color of silver.  [1913 Webster]
    " Silver is used in the formation of many compounds of obvious meaning; as, silver-armed, silver-bright, silver-buskined, silver-coated, silver-footed, silver-haired, silver-headed, silver-mantled, silver-plated, silver-slippered, silver-sounding, silver-studded, silver-tongued, silver-white. See Silver, a."  [1913 Webster]
Black silver (Min.), stephanite; -- called also brittle silver ore, or brittle silver glance. -- Fulminating silver. (Chem.) (a) A black crystalline substance, Ag2O.(NH3)2, obtained by dissolving silver oxide in aqua ammonia. When dry it explodes violently on the slightest percussion. (b) Silver fulminate, a white crystalline substance, Ag2C2N2O2, obtained by adding alcohol to a solution of silver nitrate; -- also called fulminate of silver. When dry it is violently explosive. -- German silver. (Chem.) See under German. -- Gray silver. (Min.) See Freieslebenite. -- Horn silver. (Min.) See Cerargyrite. -- King's silver. (O. Eng. Law) See Postfine. -- Red silver, or Ruby silver. (Min.) See Proustite, and Pyrargyrite. -- Silver beater, one who beats silver into silver leaf or silver foil. -- Silver glance, or Vitreous silver. (Min.) See Argentine.
  •  Of or pertaining to silver; made of silver; as, silver leaf; a silver cup.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Resembling silver.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
    "Others, on silver lakes and rivers, bathed
    Their downy breast.
    "  [1913 Webster]
American silver fir (Bot.), the balsam fir. See under Balsam. -- Silver age (Roman Lit.), the latter part (a. d. 14-180) of the classical period of Latinity, -- the time of writers of inferior purity of language, as compared with those of the previous golden age, so-called. -- Silver-bell tree (Bot.), an American shrub or small tree (Halesia tetraptera) with white bell-shaped flowers in clusters or racemes; the snowdrop tree. -- Silver bush (Bot.), a shrubby leguminous plant (Anthyllis Barba-Jovis) of Southern Europe, having silvery foliage. -- Silver chub (Zoöl.), the fallfish. -- Silver eel. (Zoöl.) (a) The cutlass fish. (b) A pale variety of the common eel. -- Silver fir (Bot.), a coniferous tree (Abies pectinata) found in mountainous districts in the middle and south of Europe, where it often grows to the height of 100 or 150 feet. It yields Burgundy pitch and Strasburg turpentine. -- Silver foil, foil made of silver. -- Silver fox (Zoöl.), a variety of the common fox (Vulpes vulpes, variety argenteus) found in the northern parts of Asia, Europe, and America. Its fur is nearly black, with silvery tips, and is highly valued. Called also black fox, and silver-gray fox. -- Silver gar. (Zoöl.) See Billfish (a). -- Silver grain (Bot.), the lines or narrow plates of cellular tissue which pass from the pith to the bark of an exogenous stem; the medullary rays. In the wood of the oak they are much larger than in that of the beech, maple, pine, cherry, etc. -- Silver grebe (Zoöl.), the red-throated diver. See Illust. under Diver. -- Silver hake (Zoöl.), the American whiting. -- Silver leaf, leaves or sheets made of silver beaten very thin. -- Silver lunge (Zoöl.), the namaycush. -- Silver moonfish.(Zoöl.) See Moonfish (b). -- Silver moth (Zoöl.), a lepisma. -- Silver owl (Zoöl.), the barn owl. -- Silver perch (Zoöl.), the mademoiselle, 2. -- Silver pheasant (Zoöl.), any one of several species of beautiful crested and long-tailed Asiatic pheasants, of the genus Euplocamus. They have the tail and more or less of the upper parts silvery white. The most common species (E. nychtemerus) is native of China. -- Silver plate, domestic utensils made of silver.<-- a plating of silver on a base metal. --> -- Silver plover (Zoöl.), the knot. -- Silver salmon (Zoöl.), a salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) native of both coasts of the North Pacific. It ascends all the American rivers as far south as the Sacramento. Called also kisutch, whitefish, and white salmon. -- Silver shell (Zoöl.), a marine bivalve of the genus Anomia. See Anomia.<-- ##?why Anomia not italicised? --> -- Silver steel, an alloy of steel with a very small proportion of silver. -- Silver stick, a title given to the title field officer of the Life Guards when on duty at the palace. [Eng.] Thackeray. -- Silver tree (Bot.), a South African tree (Leucadendron argenteum) with long, silvery, silky leaves. -- Silver trout, (Zoöl.) See Trout. -- Silver wedding. See under Wedding. -- Silver whiting (Zoöl.), a marine sciænoid food fish (Menticirrus littoralis) native of the Southern United States; -- called also surf whiting. -- Silver witch (Zoöl.), A lepisma.
silverv. t. 
  •  To cover with silver; to give a silvery appearance to by applying a metal of a silvery color; as, to silver a pin; to silver a glass mirror plate with an amalgam of tin and mercury.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To polish like silver; to impart a brightness to, like that of silver.  [1913 Webster]
    "And smiling calmness silvered o'er the deep."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To make hoary, or white, like silver.  [1913 Webster]
    "His head was silvered o'er with age."  [1913 Webster]
silverv. i. 
     To acquire a silvery color.  [1913 Webster]
    "The eastern sky began to silver and shine."  [1913 Webster]


silver, n., adj., & v.
--n. Chem.
1 a greyish-white lustrous malleable ductile precious metallic element, occurring naturally as the element and in mineral form, and used chiefly with an admixture of harder metals for coin, plate, and ornaments, as a subordinate monetary medium, and in compounds for photography etc.

silver age a period regarded as inferior to a golden age, e.g. that of post-classical Latin literature in the early Imperial period. silver band Brit. a band playing silver-plated instruments. silver birch a common birch, Betula alba, with silver-coloured bark. silver fir any fir of the genus Abies, with the under-sides of its leaves coloured silver. silver fox
1 an American red fox at a time when its fur is black with white tips.
2 its fur.
silver gilt
1 gilded silver.
2 an imitation gilding of yellow lacquer over silver leaf. silver-grey a lustrous grey.
silver jubilee
1 the 25th anniversary of a sovereign's accession.
2 any other 25th anniversary. silver Latin literary Latin of the early Imperial period. silver-leaf a fungal disease of fruit trees. silver lining a consolation or hopeful feature in misfortune. silver medal a medal of silver, usu. awarded as second prize. silver nitrate a colourless solid that is soluble in water and formerly used in photography.
silver paper
1 a fine white tissue-paper for wrapping silver.
2 aluminium or tin foil. silver plate vessels, spoons, etc., of copper etc. plated with silver. silver salmon a coho. silver sand a fine pure sand used in gardening. silver screen (usu. prec. by the) motion pictures collectively. silver solder solder containing silver. silver spoon a sign of future prosperity. silver standard a system by which the value of a currency is defined in terms of silver, for which the currency may be exchanged. silver thaw a glassy coating of ice formed on the ground or an exposed surface, caused by freezing rain or a sudden light frost. silver tongue eloquence. silver wedding the 25th anniversary of a wedding. silver weed a plant with silvery leaves, esp. a potentilla, Potentilla anserina, with silver-coloured leaves.
Symb.: Ag.
2 the colour of silver.
3 silver or cupro-nickel coins.
4 esp. Sc. money.
5 silver vessels or implements, esp. cutlery.
6 household cutlery of any material.
7 = silver medal.
1 made wholly or chiefly of silver.
2 coloured like silver.
1 tr. coat or plate with silver.
2 tr. provide (a mirror-glass) with a backing of tin amalgam etc.
3 tr. (of the moon or a white light) give a silvery appearance to.
4 a tr. turn (the hair) grey or white. b intr. (of the hair) turn grey or white.
OE seolfor f. Gmc



A, Ag, Al, Am, Ar, As, At, Au, B, Be, Bi, C, Ca, Cb, Cd, Ce, Ciceronian, Cl, Cm, Co, Cr, Cs, Cu, Demosthenian, Demosthenic, Dy, E, Er, Es, Eu, F, Fe, Fm, Fr, Ga, Gd, Ge, H, Ha, He, Hf, Hg, Ho, I, In, Ir, K, Kr, La, Li, Lu, Lw, Md, Mg, Mn, Mo, Mv, N, Na, Nb, Nd, Ne, Ni, No, O, Os, P, Pa, Pb, Pd, Pm, Po, Pr, Pt, Pu, Quaker-colored, Ra, Rb, Re, Rf, Rh, Rn, Ru, S, Sb, Sc, Se, Si, Sm, Sn, Sr, Ta, Tb, Tc, Te, Ti, Tl, Tm, Tullian, U, V, W, Yb, Zn, Zr, achroma, achromasia, achromatosis, acier, alabaster, albescence, albinism, albino, albinoism, aluminum, americium, and pence, antimony, argent, argentine, argon, arsenic, articulate, ashen, ashy, astatine, aureate, bar, barium, berkelium, beryllium, besnow, bismuth, blanch, bleach, blondness, boron, brass, brassy, brazen, bright, bromine, bronze, bronzy, bullion, burnished, cadmium, calcium, canescence, canescent, carbon, cash, cerium, cesium, chalk, chalkiness, chalky, chlorine, chromium, cinereous, cinerous, circulating medium, cobalt, coin gold, coin silver, coinage, coined liberty, cold cash, columbium, copper, coppery, creaminess, cretaceous, cupreous, cuprous, curium, currency, cutlery, dapple, dapple-gray, dappled, dappled-gray, dingy, dining utensils, dismal, dollars, dove-colored, dove-gray, dreary, driven snow, dulcet, dull, dusty, dysprosium, einsteinium, eloquent, emergency money, erbium, etiolate, euphonious, europium, facund, fairness, felicitous, fermium, ferrous, ferruginous, filthy lucre, flat silver, flatware, fleece, fleecy-white, flour, fluorine, foam, forks, fractional currency, francium, frost, frosted, frostiness, frosty, gadolinium, gallium, germanium, gilt, glaucescence, glaucescent, glaucous, glaucousness, gleaming, glib, gold, gold nugget, gold-filled, gold-plated, golden, gray, gray-black, gray-brown, gray-colored, gray-drab, gray-green, gray-spotted, gray-toned, gray-white, grayed, grayish, grey, griseous, grizzle, grizzled, grizzliness, grizzly, hahnium, hard cash, hard currency, helium, hoar, hoariness, hoary, hollow ware, holmium, hydrogen, indium, ingot, iodine, iridium, iron, iron-gray, ironlike, ivory, knives, krypton, lactescence, lactescent, lanthanum, lawrencium, lead, lead-gray, leaden, legal tender, leukoderma, lightness, lily, lily-white, lithium, livid, lucre, lustrous, lutetium, maggot, magnesium, mammon, managed currency, manganese, marble, medium of exchange, mellifluent, mellifluous, melodious, mendelevium, mercurial, mercurous, mercury, milk, milkiness, milky, mintage, molybdenum, money, mouse-colored, mouse-gray, mousy, musical, nacreous, necessity money, neodymium, neon, neptunium, nickel, nickelic, nickeline, niobium, nitrogen, niveous, nugget, osmium, oxygen, paleness, palladium, paper, pearl, pearl-gray, pearliness, pearly, pelf, pewter, pewtery, phosphorus, platinum, plutonium, polished, polonium, postage currency, postal currency, potassium, pounds, praseodymium, precious metals, pretty, promethium, protactinium, pure white, quicksilver, radium, radon, rhenium, rhodium, rubidium, ruthenium, sad, samarium, scandium, scrip, selenium, sheet, shillings, shining, shiny, silicon, silver plate, silver-gray, silver-plated, silver-toned, silver-tongued, silvered, silveriness, silverware, silvery, slate-colored, slaty, slick, smoke-gray, smoky, smooth, smooth-spoken, smooth-tongued, snow, snow-white, snowiness, snowy, sober, sodium, soft currency, somber, specie, spellbinding, spoons, stainless-steel ware, steel, steel-gray, steely, sterling, stone-colored, strontium, sulfur, swan, swan-white, sweet, tablespoon, tableware, tantalum, taupe, teaspoon, technetium, tellurium, terbium, thallium, the almighty dollar, the wherewith, the wherewithal, thulium, tin, tinny, titanium, tungsten, uranium, vanadium, vitiligo, well-spoken, white, white as snow, white race, whiten, whiteness, whitishness, wolfram, xenon, yellow stuff, ytterbium, yttrium, zinc, zirconium




N money, legal tender, money matters, money market, finance, accounts, funds, treasure, capital, stock, assets, wealth, supplies, ways and means, wherewithal, sinews of war, almighty dollar, needful, cash, mammon, dough, cabbage, money-like instruments, M, M, sum, amount, balance, balance sheet, sum total, proceeds, currency, circulating medium, specie, coin, piece, hard cash, cold cash, dollar, sterling coin, pounds shillings and pence, Ls, d, pocket, breeches pocket, purse, money in hand, cash at hand, ready money, ready cash, slug, wad wad of bills, wad of money, thick wad of bills, roll of dough, rhino, blunt, dust, mopus, tin, salt, chink, argent comptant, bottom dollar, buzzard dollar, checks, dibs, double eagle, eagle, Federal currency, fractional currency, postal currency, Federal Reserve Note, United States Note, silver certificate, gold certificate, long bit, short bit, moss, nickel, pile, pin money, quarter, red cent, roanoke, rock, seawan, seawant, thousand dollars, grand, single, one-dollar bill, two- dollar bill, five-dollar bill, fiver, fin, Lincoln, ten-dollar bill, sawbuck, twenty-dollar bill, Jackson, double sawbuck, fifty-dollar bill, hundred-dollar bill, C-note, penny, cent, Lincoln cent, indian head penny, copper, two-cent piece three-cent piece, half- dime, nickel, buffalo nickel, V nickel, dime, disme, mercury dime, quarter, two bits, half dollar, dollar, silver dollar, Eisenhower dollar, Susan B, Anthony dollar, precious metals, gold, silver, copper, bullion, ingot, nugget, petty cash, pocket money, change, small change, small coin, doit, stiver, rap, mite, farthing, sou, penny, shilling, tester, groat, guinea, rouleau, wampum, good sum, round sum, lump sum, power of money, plum, lac of rupees, major coin, crown, minor coin, monetarist, monetary theory, numismatics, chrysology, numismatist, paper money, greenback, major denomination, minor denomination, money order, postal money order, Post Office order, bank note, bond, bill, bill of exchange, order, warrant, coupon, debenture, exchequer bill, assignat, blueback, hundi, shinplaster, note, note of hand, promissory note, I O U, draft, check, cheque, back-dated check, negotiable order of withdrawal, NOW, remittance, credit, liability, drawer, drawee, obligor, obligee, moneyer, coiner, false money, bad money, base coin, flash note, slip, kite, fancy stocks, Bank of Elegance, argumentum ad crumenam, letter of credit, circulation, multiplier effect, inflation, double-digit inflation, hyperinflation, erosion of the currency, debasement of the currency, deflation, stagflation, exchange rate, rate of exchange, floating exchange rates, fixed rates, currency counter, currency exchange, bureau de change, gold-backed currency, gold standard, silver standard, bank account, savings account, checking account, money market account, NOW account, time deposit, deposit, demand deposit, super NOW account, certificate of deposit, CD, $, US$, Y, A$, Federal Reserve Bank, central bank, Federal Reserve Board, board of governors of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, Secret Service, mint, bureau of engraving, seigniorage, counterfeit, funny money, bogus money, (falsehood), interest, interest rate, discount rate, monetary, pecuniary, crumenal, fiscal, financial, sumptuary, numismatic, numismatical, sterling, nummary, barbarus ipse placet dummodo sit dives, but the jingling of the guinea helps the hurt that, Gelt regiert die Welt, money rules the world, money makes the world go round, nervos belli pecuniam infinitam, redet Geld so schweigt die Welt, money is the mother's milk of politics, money is the root of all evil, money isn't everything, as phony as a three-dollar bill, don't take any wooden nickels.


VB be white, render white, whiten, bleach, blanch, etiolate, whitewash, silver.


N gray, neutral tint, silver, pepper and salt, chiaroscuro, grisaille, Payne's gray, black, gray, grey, iron-gray, dun, drab, dingy, leaden, livid, somber, sad, pearly, russet, roan, calcareous, limy, favillous, silver, silvery, silvered, ashen, ashy, cinereous, cineritious, grizzly, grizzled, slate-colored, stone-colored, mouse-colored, ash-colored, cool, gray, neutral tint, silver, pepper and salt, chiaroscuro, grisaille, Payne's gray, black, gray, grey, iron-gray, dun, drab, dingy, leaden, livid, somber, sad, pearly, russet, roan, calcareous, limy, favillous, silver, silvery, silvered, ashen, ashy, cinereous, cineritious, grizzly, grizzled, slate-colored, stone-colored, mouse-colored, ash-colored, cool.

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