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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Adjective


Noun signal has 3 senses

Verb signal has 2 senses

Adjective signal has 1 sense


signaln. [F., fr. LL. signale, fr. L. signum. See Sign, n.].
  •  A sign made for the purpose of giving notice to a person of some occurence, command, or danger; also, a sign, event, or watchword, which has been agreed upon as the occasion of concerted action.  [1913 Webster]
    "All obeyed
    The wonted signal and superior voice
    Of this great potentate.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  A token; an indication; a foreshadowing; a sign.  [1913 Webster]
    "The weary sun . . .
    Gives signal of a goodly day to-morrow.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "There was not the least signal of the calamity to be seen."  [1913 Webster]
signala. [From signal, n.: cf. F. signalé.].
  •  Noticeable; distinguished from what is ordinary; eminent; remarkable; memorable; as, a signal exploit; a signal service; a signal act of benevolence.  [1913 Webster]
    "As signal now in low, dejected state
    As erst in highest, behold him where he lies.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Of or pertaining to signals, or the use of signals in conveying information; as, a signal flag or officer.  [1913 Webster]
The signal service, a bureau of the government (in the United States connected with the War Department) organized to collect from the whole country simultaneous raports of local meteorological conditions, upon comparison of which at the central office, predictions concerning the weather are telegraphed to various sections, where they are made known by signals publicly displayed. -- Signal station, the place where a signal is displayed; specifically, an observation office of the signal service.
Syn. -- Eminent; remarkable; memorable; extraordinary; notable; conspicuous.
signalv. t. 
  •  To communicate by signals; as, to signal orders.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To notify by a signals; to make a signal or signals to; as, to signal a fleet to anchor.  M. Arnold.  [1913 Webster]


signal, n. & v.
1 a a usu. prearranged sign conveying information, guidance, etc. esp. at a distance (waved as a signal to begin). b a message made up of such signs (signals made with flags).
2 an immediate occasion or cause of movement, action, etc. (the uprising was a signal for repression).
3 Electr. a an electrical impulse or impulses or radio waves transmitted as a signal. b a sequence of these.
4 a light, semaphore, etc., on a railway giving instructions or warnings to train-drivers etc.
5 Bridge a prearranged mode of bidding or play to convey information to one's partner.
--v. (signalled, signalling; US signaled, signaling)
1 intr. make signals.
2 tr. a (often foll. by to + infin.) make signals to; direct. b transmit (an order, information, etc.) by signal; announce (signalled her agreement; signalled that the town had been taken).

signal-book a list of signals arranged for sending esp. naval and military messages. signal-box Brit. a building beside a railway track from which signals are controlled. signal of distress esp. Naut. an appeal for help, esp. from a ship by firing guns. signal-tower US = signal-box.
signaller n.
signal, adj. remarkably good or bad; noteworthy (a signal victory).

signally adv.
F signal{eacute} f. It. past part. segnalato distinguished f. segnale SIGNAL(1)



ALGOL, COBOL, CRT spot, DM display, Doppler signal, EDP, FORTRAN, IF signal, IM display, RF echoes, Roman candle, Teletype, Wirephoto, aid to navigation, alarm, alert, alphabetic data, alphanumeric code, amber light, angular data, announce, arresting, assembler, astonishing, badge, balefire, banner, beacon, beacon fire, beam, beat signal, beat the drum, beckon, bell, bell buoy, binary digit, binary scale, binary system, bit, blink, blinker, blips, blue peter, bounces, broad hint, broadcast, bug, buoy, byte, caution light, celebrated, channel, character, characteristic, clue, command pulses, commands, communicate, communication, communication explosion, communication theory, communicational, communications, compiler, computer code, computer language, computer program, consequential, conspicuous, control signals, controlled quantity, convey, correcting signals, cue, data, data retrieval, data storage, decoding, device, differentia, dip, dip the ensign, display, disseminate, distinctive, distinguished, double-dot display, dress ship, earmark, echo, echo signal, egregious, electronic data processing, eminent, encoding, entropy, error, error signals, esteemed, estimable, exceptional, exchange colors, extraordinary, fabulous, facsimile, famous, fantastic, feedback pulses, feedback signals, film data, flag, flag down, flare, flash, fog bell, fog signal, fog whistle, foghorn, formidable, gentle hint, gesticulate, gesture, get across, get over, give, give a signal, give the nod, give word, glance, glimmer, glimmering, go light, goad, gong buoy, green light, hail, hail and speak, half-mast, hallmark, hand on, heliograph, hexadecimal system, high sign, hint, hoist a banner, idiosyncrasy, illustrious, image, impart, impetus, implication, important, incitement, incredible, index, indicant, indicate, indication, indicator, individual, information, information explosion, information theory, inkling, innuendo, input data, input quantity, insignia, insinuation, instructions, international alphabet flag, international numeral pennant, intimation, keynote, kick, leave word, leer, local oscillator signal, look, machine language, magnetotelephonic, make a sign, make a signal, make known, mark, marked, marker beacon, marvelous, measure, memorable, message, microtelephonic, momentous, monotelephonic, motion, movement, multiple messages, noble, nod, noise, notable, note, noteworthy, noticeable, notify, nudge, numeric data, octal system, of mark, oscillograph data, output data, output quantity, output signal, outstanding, parachute flare, pass, pass along, pass on, peculiar, peculiarity, phototelegraphic, picture, pilot flag, pips, play, poke, polar data, police whistle, prestigious, prick, prominent, prompt, property, punch-card data, quarantine flag, radar signal, radio, radio beacon, radiotelegraphic, raise a cry, random data, rare, reading, rectangular data, red flag, red light, redundancy, reference quantity, reflection, remarkable, rememberable, render, renowned, report, representation, representative, reputable, return, return signal, rocket, ruly English, sailing aid, salient, salute, scent, seal, semaphore, semaphore flag, semaphore telegraph, send, send word, share, share with, sigil, sign, signal beacon, signal bell, signal display, signal fire, signal flag, signal gong, signal gun, signal lamp, signal light, signal mast, signal post, signal rocket, signal shot, signal siren, signal tower, signalize, signals, signature, significant, significative, single messages, singular, sound an alarm, sound the trumpet, spar buoy, speak, special, spoor, spot, spur, stamp, stimulus, stop light, striking, suggestion, superior, sure sign, suspicion, symptom, target image, telecommunicational, telegraphic, telephonic, telephotographic, tell, telling, telltale, telltale sign, the nod, the wink, thermotelephonic, tocsin, touch, trace, track, traffic light, traffic signal, trait, transfer, transmit, transmitter signal, uncommon, unforgettable, unfurl a flag, unique, unorganized data, unusual, video signal, visible-speech data, watch fire, wave, wave a flag, wave the hand, weighty, whisper, whistle, white flag, wigwag, wigwag flag, wink, wireless, wonderful, yellow flag




N importance, consequence, moment, prominence, consideration, mark, materialness, import, significance, concern, emphasis, interest, greatness, superiority, notability, weight, value, usefulness, gravity, seriousness, solemnity, no joke, no laughing matter, pressure, urgency, stress, matter of life and death, memorabilia, notabilia, great doings, red-letter day, great thing, great point, main chance, the be all and the end all, cardinal point, substance, gist, sum and substance, gravamen, head and front, important part, principal part, prominent part, essential part, half the battle, sine qua non, breath of one's nostrils, cream, salt, core, kernel, heart, nucleus, keynote, keystone, corner stone, trump card, salient points, top sawyer, first fiddle, prima donna, chief, triton among the minnows, 'it', important, of importance, momentous, material, to the point, not to be overlooked, not to be despised, not to be sneezed at, egregious, weighty, of note, notable, prominent, salient, signal, memorable, remarkable, unforgettable, worthy of remark, worthy of notice, never to be forgotten, stirring, eventful, grave, serious, earnest, noble, grand, solemn, impressive, commanding, imposing, urgent, pressing, critical, instant, paramount, essential, vital, all-absorbing, radical, cardinal, chief, main, prime, primary, principal, leading, capital, foremost, overruling, of vital importance in the front rank, first-rate, superior, considerable, marked, rare, significant, telling, trenchant, emphatic, pregnant, tanti, materially, in the main, above all, kat' exochin, par excellence, to crown all, to beat all, expende Hannibalem!.


N greatness, magnitude, size, multitude, immensity, enormity, infinity, might, strength, intensity, fullness, importance, great quantity, quantity, deal, power, sight, pot, volume, world, mass, heap, stock, peck, bushel, load, cargo, cartload, wagonload, shipload, flood, spring tide, abundance, principal part, chief part, main part, greater part, major part, best part, essential part, bulk, mass, great, greater, large, considerable, fair, above par, big, huge, Herculean, cyclopean, ample, abundant, full, intense, strong, sound, passing, heavy, plenary, deep, high, signal, at its height, in the zenith, world-wide, widespread, far-famed, extensive, wholesale, many, goodly, noble, precious, mighty, sad, grave, heavy, serious, far gone, arrant, downright, utter, uttermost, crass, gross, arch, profound, intense, consummate, rank, uninitiated, red-hot, desperate, glaring, flagrant, stark staring, thorough-paced, thoroughgoing, roaring, thumping, extraordinary, important, unsurpassed, complete, august, grand, dignified, sublime, majestic, vast, immense, enormous, extreme, inordinate, excessive, extravagant, exorbitant, outrageous, preposterous, unconscionable, swinging, monstrous, overgrown, towering, stupendous, prodigious, astonishing, incredible, marvelous, unlimited, unapproachable, unutterable, indescribable, ineffable, unspeakable, inexpressible, beyond expression, fabulous, undiminished, unabated, unreduced, unrestricted, absolute, positive, stark, decided, unequivocal, essential, perfect, finished, remarkable, of mark, marked, pointed, veriest, noteworthy, renowned, truly, decidedly, unequivocally, purely, absolutely, seriously, essentially, fundamentally, radically, downright, in all conscience, for the most part, in the main, entirely, abundantly, widely, far and wide, greatly, much, muckle, well, indeed, very, very much, a deal, no end of, most, not a little, pretty, pretty well, enough, in a great measure, richly, to a large extent, to a great extent, to a gigantic extent, on a large scale, so, never so, ever so, ever so dole, scrap, shred, tag, splinter, rag, much, by wholesale, mighty, powerfully, with a witness, ultra, in the extreme, extremely, exceedingly, intensely, exquisitely, acutely, indefinitely, immeasurably, beyond compare, beyond comparison, beyond measure, beyond all bounds, incalculably, infinitely, preeminently, superlatively, immoderately, monstrously, preposterously, inordinately, exorbitantly, excessively, enormously, out of all proportion, with a vengeance, particularly, remarkably, singularly, curiously, uncommonly, unusually, peculiarly, notably, signally, strikingly, pointedly, mainly, chiefly, famously, egregiously, prominently, glaringly, emphatically, kat exochin, strangely, wonderfully, amazingly, surprisingly, astonishingly, incredibly, marvelously, awfully, stupendously, peculiarly, furiously, severely, desperately, tremendously, extravagantly, confoundedly, deucedly, devilishly, with a vengeance, a outrance, a toute outrance, painfully, sadly, grossly, sorely, bitterly, piteously, grievously, miserably, cruelly, woefully, lamentably, shockingly, frightfully, dreadfully, fearfully, terribly, horribly, a maximis ad minima, greatness knows itself, mightiest powers by deepest calms are fed, minimum decet libere cui multum licet, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.


N eventuality, event, occurrence, incident, affair, matter, thing, episode, happening, proceeding, contingency, juncture, experience, fact, matter of fact, naked fact, bare facts, just the facts, phenomenon, advent, business, concern, transaction, dealing, proceeding, circumstance, particular, casualty, accident, adventure, passage, crisis, pass, emergency, contingency, consequence, opportunity (occasion), the world, life, things, doings, affairs in general, things in general, affairs in general, the times, state of affairs, order of the day, course of things, tide of things, stream of things, current of things, run of things, march of things, course of events, ups and downs of life, vicissitudes of life, chapter of accidents, situation, happening, going on, doing, current, in the wind, in the air, afloat, on foot, afoot, on the tapis, at issue, in question, incidental, eventful, stirring, bustling, full of incident, memorable, momentous, signal, eventually, in the event of, in case, just in case, in the course of things, as things, times go, as the world goes, wags, as the tree falls, cat jumps, as it may turn out, happen, that's the way the ball bounces, that's the way the cookie crumbles, you never know what may turn up, you never know what the future will bring, the plot thickens, breasts the blows of circumstance, so runs round of life from hour to hour, sprinkled along the waste of years.


N indication, symbolism, symbolization, semiology, semiotics, semeiology, semeiotics, Zeitgeist, characteristic, diagnostic, lineament, feature, trait, fingerprint, voiceprint, footprint, noseprint, cloven hoof, footfall, recognition (memory), diagnostic, divining rod, detector, sign, symbol, index, indice, indicator, point, pointer, exponent, note, token, symptom, dollar sign, dollar mark, type, figure, emblem, cipher, device, representation, epigraph, motto, posy, gesture, gesticulation, pantomime, wink, glance, leer, nod, shrug, beck, touch, nudge, dactylology, dactylonomy, freemasonry, telegraphy, chirology, byplay, dumb show, cue, hint, clue, clew, key, scent, signal, signal post, rocket, blue light, watch fire, watch tower, telegraph, semaphore, flagstaff, cresset, fiery cross, calumet, heliograph, guidon, headlight, mark, scratch, line, stroke, dash, score, stripe, streak, tick, dot, point, notch, nick, print, imprint, impress, impression, keyboard symbols, printing symbols, red letter, italics, sublineation, underlining, bold font, jotting, note, annotation, reference, blaze, cedilla, guillemets, hachure, quotation marks, ", double quotes, " ", parentheses, "( )", brackets, "", braces, "", left arrow, "<", right arrow, ">", forward slash, "/", backward slash, "\", exclamation point, "!", commercial at, "@", pound sign, "#", percent sign, "%", carat, "", ampersand, "&", asterisk, "*", hyphen, "-", dash, "-", "_", em dash, "--", plus sign, "+", equals sign, "=", question mark, "?", period, ", ", semicolon, ", ", colon, ":", comma, ", ", apostrophe, "'", single quote, "'", tilde, "~", badge, criterion, countercheck, countermark, countersign, counterfoil, duplicate, tally, label, ticket, billet, letter, counter, check, chip, chop, dib, totem, tessera, card, bill, witness, voucher, stamp, cacher, trade mark, Hall mark, signature, mark, autograph, autography, attestation, hand, hand writing, sign manual, cipher, seal, sigil, signet, hand and seal, paraph, brand, superscription, indorsement, endorsement, password, watchword, catchword, security card, pass, passkey, credentials, open sesame, timbrology, mot de passe, mot du guet, pass-parole, shibboleth, title, heading, docket, address card, visiting card, carte de visite, insignia, banner, banneret, bannerol, bandrol, flag, colors, streamer, standard, eagle, labarum, oriflamb, oriflamme, figurehead, ensign, pennon, pennant, pendant, burgee, blue Peter, jack, ancient, gonfalon, union jack, banderole, old glory, quarantine flag, vexillum, yellow-flag, yellow jack, tricolor, stars and stripes, bunting, heraldry, crest, coat of arms, arms, armorial bearings, hatchment, escutcheon, scutcheon, shield, supporters, livery, uniform, cockade, epaulet, chevron, garland, love knot, favor, beacon, cairn, post, staff, flagstaff, hand, pointer, vane, cock, weathercock, guidepost, handpost, fingerpost, directing post, signpost, pillars of Hercules, pharos, bale-fire, beacon-fire, l'etoile du Nord, landmark, seamark, lighthouse, balize, polestar, loadstar, lodestar, cynosure, guide, address, direction, name, sign, signboard, warning, omen, prefigurement, trace, record, warning &c, alarm, scepter, trophy, gauge, milestone, milepost, brand, fool's cap, check, telltale, test, mileage ticket, milliary, notification, advertisement, word of command, call, bugle call, trumpet call, bell, alarum, cry, battle cry, rallying cry, angelus, reveille, sacring bell, sanctus bell, exposition &c (explanation), proof, pattern, indicating, indicative, indicatory, denotative, connotative, diacritical, representative, typical, symbolic, pantomimic, pathognomonic, symptomatic, characteristic, demonstrative, diagnostic, exponential, emblematic, armorial, individual, known by, recognizable by, indicated, pointed, marked, denotable, indelible, in token of, symbolically, in dumb show, ecce signum, ex ungue leonem, ex pede Herculem, vide ut supra, vultus ariete fortior.

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