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Noun, Verb (transitive)


Noun scroll has 2 senses

Verb scroll has 1 sense


scrolln. [A dim. of OE. scroue, scrowe (whence E. escrow), OF. escroe, escroue, F. écrou entry in the jail book, LL. scroa scroll, probably of Teutonic origin; cf. OD. schroode a strip, shred, slip of paper, akin to E. shred. Cf. Shred, Escrow.].
  •  A roll of paper or parchment; a writing formed into a roll; a schedule; a list.  [1913 Webster]
    "The heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll."  [1913 Webster]
    "Here is the scroll of every man's name."  [1913 Webster]
  •  An ornament formed of undulations giving off spirals or sprays, usually suggestive of plant form. Roman architectural ornament is largely of some scroll pattern.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A mark or flourish added to a person's signature, intended to represent a seal, and in some States allowed as a substitute for a seal.  Burrill.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Same as Skew surface. See under Skew.  [1913 Webster]
Linen scroll (Arch.) See under Linen. -- Scroll chuck (Mach.), an adjustable chuck, applicable to a lathe spindle, for centering and holding work, in which the jaws are adjusted and tightened simultaneously by turning a disk having in its face a spiral groove which is entered by teeth on the backs of the jaws. -- Scroll saw. See under Saw.


scroll, n. & v.
1 a roll of parchment or paper esp. with writing on it.
2 a book in the ancient roll form.
3 an ornamental design or carving imitating a roll of parchment.
1 tr. (often foll. by down, up) move (a display on a VDU screen) in order to view new material.
2 tr. inscribe in or like a scroll.
3 intr. curl up like paper.

scroll saw a saw for cutting along curved lines in ornamental work.
ME scrowle alt. f. rowle ROLL, perh. after scrow (in the same sense), formed as ESCROW



A string, Aldine, Aldine book, Amati, Cremona, D string, E string, Elzevir, Elzevir book, G string, Strad, Stradivari, Stradivarius, account, agenda, annals, article, autograph, bass, bass viol, beadroll, blank, bow, brainchild, bridge, bull fiddle, cadastre, calendar, catalog, cello, census, census report, checklist, checkroll, chirograph, chronicle, cirrus, codex, coil, composition, computer printout, contrabass, copy, copy out, corkscrew, correspondence, cradle book, crowd, curl, curlicue, docket, document, documentation, dossier, double bass, draft, dramatis personae, draw up, early edition, edit, edited version, enface, engross, engrossment, essay, evolute, fair copy, fiction, fiddle, fiddlebow, fiddlestick, file, final draft, fingerboard, finished version, first draft, first edition, flimsy, form, gyre, head count, helix, history, holograph, honor roll, incunabulum, inscribe, instrument, inventory, involute, jury list, jury panel, kink, kit, kit fiddle, kit violin, legal document, legal instrument, legal paper, letter, letters, lineup, list, literae scriptae, literary artefact, literary production, literature, lucubration, make a recension, make out, manuscript, matter, memorial, muster, muster roll, nonfiction, nose count, official document, opus, order of business, original, palimpsest, paper, papers, papyrus, parchment, pen, pencil, penscript, personal file, piece, piece of writing, pipe roll, play, poem, poll, printed matter, printout, production, program, property roll, push the pen, put in writing, questionnaire, rare book, reading matter, recense, recension, record, recording, register, registry, relic, remains, returns, revise, rewrite, ringlet, roll, roll call, rolls, roster, rota, screed, screw, scribe, scrip, script, scrive, second draft, soundboard, spill ink, spiral, spoil paper, string, superscribe, swirl, table, tax roll, tendril, tenor violin, the written word, token, trace, transcribe, transcript, transcription, tuning peg, twirl, twist, type, typescript, version, vestige, viola, violin, violinette, violoncello, violoncello piccolo, violone, violotta, volute, volution, vortex, whirl, whorl, work, writ, write, write down, write out, writing




N record, trace, vestige, relic, remains, scar, cicatrix, footstep, footmark, footprint, pug, track mark, wake, trail, scent, piste, monument, hatchment, slab, tablet, trophy, achievement, obelisk, pillar, column, monolith, memorial, memento, testimonial, medal, commemoration, record, note, minute, register, registry, roll, cartulary, diptych, Domesday book, catalogue raisonne, entry, memorandum, indorsement, inscription, copy, duplicate, docket, notch, muniment, deed, document, deposition, proces verbal, affidavit, certificate, notebook, memorandum book, memo book, pocketbook, commonplace book, portfolio, pigeonholes, excerpta, adversaria, jottings, dottings, gazette, gazetteer, newspaper, daily, magazine, almanac, almanack, calendar, ephemeris, diary, log, journal, daybook, ledger, cashbook, petty cashbook, professional journal, scientific literature, the literature, primary literature, secondary literature, article, review article, archive, scroll, state paper, return, blue book, statistics, compte rendu, Acts of, Transactions of, Proceedings of, Hansard's Debates, chronicle, annals, legend, history, biography, Congressional Records, registration, registry, enrollment, inrollment, tabulation, entry, booking, signature, recorder, journalism, recording, tape recording, videotape, compact disk, floppy disk, diskette, hard disk, Winchester disk, read-only memory, ROM, write once read mostly memory, WORM, on record, exegi monumentum aere perennium, read their history in a nation's eyes, records that defy the tooth of time.

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