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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Noun salve has 2 senses

Verb salve has 2 senses


salveinterj. [L., hail, God save you, imperat. of salvere to be well. Cf. Salvo a volley.].
     Hail!  [1913 Webster]
salvev. t. 
     To say “Salve” to; to greet; to salute.  [1913 Webster]
    "By this that stranger knight in presence came,
    And goodly salved them.
    "  [1913 Webster]
salven. [AS. sealf ointment; akin to LG. salwe, D. zalve, zalf, OHG. salba, Dan. salve, Sw. salfva, Goth. salb to anoint, and probably to Gr. (Hesychius) oil, butter, Skr. sarpis clarified butter.
  •  An adhesive composition or substance to be applied to wounds or sores; a healing ointment.  Chaucer.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A soothing remedy or antidote.  [1913 Webster]
    "Counsel or consolation we may bring.
    Salve to thy sores.
    "  [1913 Webster]
Salve bug (Zoöl.), a large, stout isopod crustacean (Æga psora), parasitic on the halibut and codfish, -- used by fishermen in the preparation of a salve. It becomes about two inches in length.
salvev. t. [AS. sealfian to anoint. See Salve, n.].
  •  To heal by applications or medicaments; to cure by remedial treatment; to apply salve to; as, to salve a wound.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To heal; to remedy; to cure; to make good; to soothe, as with an ointment, especially by some device, trick, or quibble; to gloss over.  [1913 Webster]
    "But Ebranck salved both their infamies
    With noble deeds.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "What may we do, then, to salve this seeming inconsistence?"  [1913 Webster]
salvev. t. & i. [See Salvage].
     To save, as a ship or goods, from the perils of the sea.  [1913 Webster]


salve, n. & v.
1 a healing ointment.
2 (often foll. by for) a thing that is soothing or consoling for wounded feelings, an uneasy conscience, etc.
3 archaic a thing that explains away a discrepancy or palliates a fault.
1 soothe (pride, self-love, conscience, etc.).
2 archaic anoint (a wound etc.).
3 archaic smooth over, make good, vindicate, harmonize, etc.

salve, v.tr.
1 save (a ship or its cargo) from loss at sea.
2 save (property) from fire.

salvable adj.
back-form. f. SALVAGE



Trinkgeld, abate, aid, allay, alleviate, alleviative, alleviator, anesthetize, anodyne, anoint, appease, assuage, assuagement, assuager, balm, balsam, beeswax, benumb, bonus, bounty, bribe, brilliantine, calmative, cerate, chrism, cold cream, collyrium, comfort, consideration, counterirritant, cream, cushion, daub, deaden, deaden the pain, demulcent, diminish, dolorifuge, donative, dope, dose, double time, dress, dressing, drug, dull, ease, ease matters, embrocate, embrocation, emollient, eye-lotion, eyewash, eyewater, face cream, fee, foment, give relief, glycerolate, gratuity, gravy, grease, grease the wheels, hand lotion, honorarium, incentive pay, inducement, inunction, inunctum, lagniappe, lanolin, lard, largess, lay, lenitive, lessen, liberality, liniment, lotion, lubricant, lubricate, lull, medicate, mitigate, mitigator, moderator, modulator, mollifier, mollify, narcotic, nard, numb, oil, ointment, opiate, pacificator, pacifier, pad, palliate, palliative, palm oil, peacemaker, perks, perquisite, pomade, pomatum, poultice, pour balm into, pour oil on, pourboire, premium, reduce, relief, relieve, remedy, restraining hand, salvage, sedative, shock absorber, slacken, slake, slick, slick on, smear, smooth the way, soap the ways, soften, something extra, soothe, soother, soothing syrup, spikenard, sportula, stabilizer, stupe, subdue, sweetener, temperer, tip, tranquilizer, unction, unguent, unguentum, vulnerary, wax, wiser head




N remedy, help, cure, redress, medicine, medicament, diagnosis, medical examination, medical treatment, surgery, preventive medicine, clinical thermometer, stethoscope, X-ray machine, anthelmintic, antidote, antifebrile, antipoison, counterpoison, antitoxin, antispasmodic, bracer, faith cure, placebo, helminthagogue, lithagogue, pick-meup, stimulant, tonic, vermifuge, prophylactic, corrective, restorative, sedative, palliative, febrifuge, alterant, alterative, specific, antiseptic, emetic, analgesic, pain-killer, antitussive, antiinflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, carminative, Nepenthe, Mithridate, cure, treatment, regimen, radical cure, perfect cure, certain cure, sovereign remedy, examination, diagnosis, diagnostics, analysis, urinalysis, biopsy, radiology, medicine, physic, Galenicals, simples, drug, pharmaceutical, prescription, potion, draught, dose, pill, bolus, injection, infusion, drip, suppository, electuary, linctus, lincture, medicament, pharmacon, nostrum, receipt, recipe, prescription, catholicon, panacea, elixir, elixir vitae, philosopher's stone, balm, balsam, cordial, theriac, ptisan, agueweed, arnica, benzoin, bitartrate of potash, boneset, calomel, catnip, cinchona, cream of tartar, Epsom salts, feverroot, feverwort, friar's balsam, Indian sage, ipecac, ipecacuanha, jonquil, mercurous chloride, Peruvian bark, quinine, quinquina, sassafras, yarrow, salve, ointment, cerate, oil, lenitive, lotion, cosmetic, plaster, epithem, embrocation, liniment, cataplasm, sinapism, arquebusade, traumatic, vulnerary, pepastic, poultice, collyrium, depilatory, emplastrum, eyewater, vesicant, vesicatory, compress, pledget, bandage, treatment, medical treatment, regimen, dietary, dietetics, vis medicatrix, vis medicatrix naturae, medecine expectante, bloodletting, bleeding, venesection, phlebotomy, cupping, sanguisae, leeches, operation, surgical operation, transfusion, infusion, intravenous infusion, catheter, feeding tube, prevention, preventative medicine, immunization, inoculation, vaccination, vaccine, shot, booster, gamma globulin, pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmacopoeia, formulary, acology, Materia Medica, therapeutics, posology, homeopathy, allopathy, heteropathy, osteopathy, hydropathy, cold water cure, dietetics, surgery, chirurgery, chirurgy, healing art, leechcraft, orthopedics, orthopedy, orthopraxy, pediatrics, dentistry, midwifery, obstetrics, gynecology, tocology, sarcology, hospital, infirmary, pesthouse, lazarhouse, lazaretto, lock hospital, maison de sante, ambulance, dispensary, dispensatory, drug store, pharmacy, apothecary, druggist, chemist, Hotel des Invalides, sanatorium, spa, pump room, well, hospice, Red Cross, doctor, physician, surgeon, medical practitioner, general practitioner, specialist, medical attendant, apothecary, druggist, leech, osteopath, osteopathist, optometrist, ophthalmologist, internist, oncologist, gastroenterologist, epidemiologist, public health specialist, dermatologist, podiatrist, witch doctor, shaman, faith healer, quack, exorcist, Aesculapius, Hippocrates, Galen, accoucheur, accoucheuse, midwife, oculist, aurist, operator, nurse, registered nurse, practical nurse, monthly nurse, sister, nurse's aide, candystriper, dresser, bonesetter, pharmaceutist, pharmacist, druggist, chemist, pharmacopolist, remedial, restorative, corrective, palliative, healing, sanatory, sanative, prophylactic, preventative, immunizing, salutiferous, medical, medicinal, therapeutic, chirurgical, epulotic, paregoric, tonic, corroborant, analeptic, balsamic, anodyne, hypnotic, neurotic, narcotic, sedative, lenitive, demulcent, emollient, depuratory, detersive, detergent, abstersive, disinfectant, febrifugal, alterative, traumatic, vulnerary, allopathic, heteropathic, homeopathic, hydropathic, anthelmintic, antifebrile, antiluetic, aperient, chalybeate, deobstruent, depurative, laxative, roborant, dietetic, alimentary, nutritious, nutritive, peptic, alexipharmic, alexiteric, remediable, curable, aux grands maux les grands remedes, Dios que da la llaga da la medicina, para todo hay remedio sino para la muerte, temporis ars medicina fere est, the remedy is worse than the disease, throw physic to the dogs, I'll none of it.


VB relieve, ease, alleviate, mitigate, palliate, soothe, salve, soften, soften down, foment, stupe, poultice, assuage, allay, cheer, comfort, console, enliven, encourage, bear up, pat on the back, give comfort, set at ease, gladden the heart, cheer the heart, inspirit, invigorate, remedy, cure, refresh, pour balm into, pour oil on, smooth the ruffled brow of care, temper the wind to the shorn lamb, lay the flattering unction to one's soul, disburden, take a load off one's chest, get a load off one's chest, take off a load of care, be relieved, breathe more freely, draw a long breath, take comfort, dry the tears, dry the eyes, wipe the tears, wipe the eyes.

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