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Adjective, Noun


Noun resident has 2 senses

Adjective resident has 2 senses


residenta. [F. résident, L. residens, -entis, p. pr. of residere. See Reside.].
  •  Dwelling, or having an abode, in a place for a continued length of time; residing on one's own estate; -- opposed to nonresident; as, resident in the city or in the country.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Fixed; stable; certain.  Jer. TAylor.  [1913 Webster]
    "One there still resident as day and night."  [1913 Webster]
  •  One who resides or dwells in a place for some time.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A diplomatic representative who resides at a foreign court; -- a term usualy applied to ministers of a rank inferior to that of ambassadors. See the Note under Minister, 4.  [1913 Webster]


resident, n. & adj.
1 (often foll. by of) a a permanent inhabitant (of a town or neighbourhood). b a bird belonging to a species that does not migrate.
2 a guest in a hotel etc. staying overnight.
3 hist. a British government agent in any semi-independent State, esp. the Governor-General's agent at an Indian native court.
4 US a medical graduate engaged in specialized practice under supervision in a hospital.
5 an intelligence agent in a foreign country.
1 residing; in residence.
2 a having quarters on the premises of one's work etc. (resident housekeeper; resident doctor). b working regularly in a particular place.
3 located in; inherent (powers of feeling are resident in the nerves).
4 (of birds etc.) non-migratory.

residentship n. (in sense 3 of n.).
ME f. OF resident or L: see RESIDE



adj. Unable to leave.



Doctor of Medicine, GP, MD, abiding, addressee, allopath, allopathist, ambassador, ambassadress, apostolic delegate, artist-in-residence, attache, attending physician, benefice-holder, beneficiary, career diplomat, chancellor, charge, citizen, commercial attache, commorant, consul, consul general, consular agent, coroner, country doctor, croaker, deep-seated, denizen, diplomat, diplomatic, diplomatic agent, diplomatist, district, doc, doctor, dweller, dwelling, emissary, envoy, envoy extraordinary, esoteric, family doctor, foreign service officer, general practitioner, habitant, hirer, homesteader, house detective, house physician, householder, immanent, implanted, implicit, in residence, inalienable, incumbent, indwelling, infixed, ingrained, inhabitant, inhabiter, inherent, inmate, inner, inpatient, intern, internal, internuncio, intrinsic, inward, inwrought, irreducible, leaseholder, leech, legate, lessee, live-in maid, liver, living, living in, local, locum tenens, lodger, lodging, medical attendant, medical examiner, medical man, medical practitioner, medico, military attache, minister, minister plenipotentiary, minister resident, nuncio, occupant, occupier, paying guest, physician, physician in ordinary, plenipotentiary, private, regional, remaining, renter, residencer, resident physician, residentiary, resider, residing, roomer, sawbones, secret, secretary of legation, sojourner, squatter, staying, subjective, sublessee, subtenant, tenant, tenant at sufferance, tenant for life, unalienable, unchallengeable, underlessee, unquestionable, vice-consul, vice-legate




N consignee, trustee, nominee, committee, agent, delegate, commissary, commissioner, emissary, envoy, commissionaire, messenger, diplomatist, diplomat, diplomate, corps diplomatique, embassy, ambassador, embassador, representative, resident, consul, legate, nuncio, internuncio, charge d'affaires, attache, vicegerent, plenipotentiary, functionary, placeman, curator, treasurer, factor, bailiff, clerk, secretary, attorney, advocate, solicitor, proctor, broker, underwriter, commission agent, auctioneer, one's man of business, factotum, caretaker, dalal, dubash, garnishee, gomashta, negotiator, go-between, middleman, under agent, employe, servant, referee, arbitrator, traveler, bagman, commis-voyageur, touter, commercial traveler, drummer, traveling man, newspaper correspondent, own correspondent, special correspondent.


N presence, occupancy, occupation, attendance, whereness, permeation, pervasion, diffusion, ubiety, ubiquity, ubiquitariness, omnipresence, bystander, present, occupying, inhabiting, moored, resiant, resident, residentiary, domiciled, ubiquitous, ubiquitary, omnipresent, universally present, peopled, populous, full of people, inhabited, here, there, where, everywhere, aboard, on board, at home, afield, here there and everywhere, in presence of, before, under the eyes of, under the nose of, in the face of, in propria persona, on the spot, in person, in the flesh, nusquam est qui ubique est.


N inhabitant, resident, residentiary, dweller, indweller, addressee, occupier, occupant, householder, lodger, inmate, tenant, incumbent, sojourner, locum tenens, commorant, settler, squatter, backwoodsman, colonist, islander, denizen, citizen, burgher, oppidan, cockney, cit, townsman, burgess, villager, cottager, cottier, cotter, compatriot, backsettler, boarder, hotel keeper, innkeeper, habitant, paying guest, planter, native, indigene, aborigines, autochthones, Englishman, John Bull, newcomer, aboriginal, American, Caledonian, Cambrian, Canadian, Canuck, downeaster, Scot, Scotchman, Hibernian, Irishman, Welshman, Uncle Sam, Yankee, Brother Jonathan, garrison, crew, population, people, colony, settlement, household, mir, indigenous, native, natal, autochthonal, autochthonous, British, English, American, Canadian, Irish, Scotch, Scottish, Welsh, domestic, domiciliated, domiciled, naturalized, vernacular, domesticated, domiciliary, in the occupation of, garrisoned by, occupied by.


N learner, scholar, student, pupil, apprentice, prentice, journeyman, articled clerk, beginner, tyro, amateur, rank amateur, abecedarian, alphabetarian, alumnus, eleve, recruit, raw recruit, novice, neophyte, inceptor, catechumen, probationer, seminarian, chela, fellow-commoner, debutant, intern, resident, schoolboy, fresh, freshman, frosh, junior soph, junior, senior soph, senior, sophister, sophomore, questionist, undergraduate, graduate student, law student, medical student, pre-med, post-doctoral student, post-doc, matriculated student, part-time student, night student, auditor, class, grade, seminar, form, remove, pupilage, disciple, follower, apostle, proselyte, fellow-student, condisciple, school, in statu pupillari, in leading strings, practise makes perfect.

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