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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Noun reply has 2 senses

Verb reply has 1 sense


replyv. i. [OE. replien, OF. replier, F. répliquer, fr. L. replicare to fold back, make a reply; pref. re- re- + plicare to fold. See Ply, and cf. Replica.].
  •  To make a return in words or writing; to respond; to answer.  [1913 Webster]
    "O man, who art thou that repliest against God?"  [1913 Webster]
  •  To answer a defendant's plea.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Figuratively, to do something in return for something done; as, to reply to a signal; to reply to the fire of a battery.  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To answer; respond; rejoin.
replyv. t. 
     To return for an answer.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]
    "Lords, vouchsafe
    To give me hearing what I shall reply.
    "  [1913 Webster]
replyn. [See Reply, v. i., and cf. Replica.].
     That which is said, written, or done in answer to what is said, written, or done by another; an answer; a response.  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- Answer; rejoinder; response.


reply, v. & n.
--v. (-ies, -ied)
1 intr. (often foll. by to) make an answer, respond in word or action.
2 tr. say in answer (he replied, 'Please yourself').
--n. (pl. -ies)
1 the act of replying (what did they say in reply?).
2 what is replied; a response.

reply coupon a coupon exchangeable for stamps in any country for prepaying the reply to a letter. reply paid
1 hist. (of a telegram) with the cost of a reply prepaid by the sender.
2 (of an envelope etc.) for which the addressee undertakes to pay postage.
replier n.
ME f. OF replier f. L (as REPLICATE)



ESP, acknowledge, acknowledgment, action and reaction, advocate, allege in support, answer, answer back, answering, antiphon, approach, argue for, argument, assert, automatic reaction, autonomic reaction, back answer, back talk, backchat, billet, boomerang, bounceback, business letter, champion, chit, come back, come back at, come in, comeback, commerce, communicate with, communication, communion, congress, connection, contact, contend for, conversation, converse, correspond, correspondence, counter, counterblast, counterblow, counterstatement, counterstroke, dealing, dealings, defend, defense, demurrer, denial, dispatch, echo, epistle, espouse, establish connection, evasive reply, exception, exchange, favor, flash back, get to, give acknowledgment, give answer, give-and-take, information, interaction, interchange, intercommunication, intercommunion, intercourse, interplay, interrogate, letter, line, linguistic intercourse, maintain, maintain connection, make a plea, make advances, make contact with, make overtures, make up to, message, missive, note, objection, plea, plead for, pleading, predictable response, question, raise, reach, react, reaction, ready reply, rebut, rebuttal, receipt, reciprocation, recoil, reecho, reflection, reflex, reflex action, refluence, reflux, refutation, refute, rejoin, rejoinder, relate to, repartee, replication, reply to, repost, rescript, rescription, respond, respond to, respondence, response, responsion, responsory, retaliation, retort, retroaction, return, return answer, return for answer, reverberate, reverberation, revulsion, riposte, rise, say, say in defense, say in reply, shoot back, short answer, snap back, snappy comeback, social intercourse, speak for, speak up for, speaking, special demurrer, special pleading, speech, speech circuit, speech situation, stand up for, statement of defense, stick up for, support, sustain, take the bait, talk back, talking, telepathy, touch, traffic, truck, two-way communication, unthinking response, uphold, urge reasons for, witty reply, witty retort, yes-and-no answer




N lawsuit, suit, action, cause, litigation, suit in law, dispute, citation, arraignment, prosecution, impeachment, accusation, presentment, true bill, indictment, apprehension, arrest, committal, imprisonment, writ, summons, subpoena, latitat, nisi prius, venire, venire facias pleadings, declaration, bill, claim, proces verbal, bill of right, information, corpus delicti, affidavit, state of facts, answer, reply, replication, plea, demurrer, rebutter, rejoinder, surrebutter, surrejoinder, suitor, party to a suit, plaintiff, defendant, litigant, hearing, trial, verdict, appeal, appeal motion, writ of error, certiorari, case, decision, precedent, decided case, reports (legal reference works, see reference books), litigious, qui tam, coram judice, sub judice, pendente lite, adhuc sub judice lis est, accedas ad curiam, transeat in exemplum.


N vindication, justification, warrant, exoneration, exculpation, acquittal, whitewashing, extenuation, palliation, palliative, softening, mitigation, reply, defense, recrimination, apology, gloss, varnish, plea, salvo, excuse, extenuating circumstances, allowance, allowance to be made, locus paenitentiae, apologist, vindicator, justifier, defendant, justifiable charge, true bill, v, justify, warrant, be an excuse for, lend a color, furnish a handle, vindicate, exculpate, disculpate, acquit, clear, set right, exonerate, whitewash, clear the skirts of, extenuate, palliate, excuse, soften, apologize, varnish, slur, gloze, put a gloss, put a good face upon, mince, gloss over, bolster up, help a lame dog over a stile, advocate, defend, plead one's cause, stand up for, stick up for, speak up for, contend for, speak for, bear out, keep in countenance, support, plead, say in defense, plead ignorance, confess and avoid, propugn, put in a good word for, take the will for the deed, make allowance for, give credit for, do justice to, give one his due, give the Devil his due, make good, prove the truth of, prove one's case, be justified by the event, vindicated, vindicating, exculpatory, apologetic, excusable, defensible, pardonable, venial, veniable, specious, plausible, justifiable, honi sot qui mal y pense, good wine needs no bush.


N answer, response, reply, replication, riposte, rejoinder, surrejoinder, rebutter, surrebutter, retort, repartee, rescript, rescription, antiphon, antiphony, acknowledgment, password, echo, counter statement, discovery, solution, rationale, clue, Oedipus, oracle, return, answering, responsive, respondent, conclusive, because, on the scent, on the right scent, Int, eureka!.

VB answer, respond, reply, rebut, retort, rejoin, give for answer, return for answer, acknowledge, echo, explain, solve, discover, fathom, hunt out, satisfy, set at rest, determine.

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