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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Noun print has 7 senses

Verb print has 4 senses


printv. t. [Abbrev. fr. imprint. See Imprint, and Press to squeeze.].
  •  To fix or impress, as a stamp, mark, character, idea, etc., into or upon something.  [1913 Webster]
    "A look will print a thought that never may remove."  [1913 Webster]
    "Upon his breastplate he beholds a dint,
    Which in that field young Edward's sword did print.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "Perhaps some footsteps printed in the clay."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To stamp something in or upon; to make an impression or mark upon by pressure, or as by pressure.  [1913 Webster]
    "Forth on his fiery steed betimes he rode,
    That scarcely prints the turf on which he trod.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To strike off an impression or impressions of, from type, or from stereotype, electrotype, or engraved plates, or the like; in a wider sense, to do the typesetting, presswork, etc., of (a book or other publication); as, to print books, newspapers, pictures; to print an edition of a book.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To stamp or impress with colored figures or patterns; as, to print calico.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To take (a copy, a positive picture, etc.), from a negative, a transparent drawing, or the like, by the action of light upon a sensitized surface.  [1913 Webster]
Printed goods, textile fabrics printed in patterns, especially cotton cloths, or calicoes.
printv. i. 
  •  To use or practice the art of typography; to take impressions of letters, figures, or electrotypes, engraved plates, or the like.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To publish a book or an article.  [1913 Webster]
    "From the moment he prints, he must except to hear no more truth."  [1913 Webster]
printn. [See Print, v., Imprint, n.].
  •  A mark made by impression; a line, character, figure, or indentation, made by the pressure of one thing on another; as, the print of teeth or nails in flesh; the print of the foot in sand or snow.  [1913 Webster]
    "Where print of human feet was never seen."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A stamp or die for molding or impressing an ornamental design upon an object; as, a butter print.  [1913 Webster]
  •  That which receives an impression, as from a stamp or mold; as, a print of butter.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Printed letters; the impression taken from type, as to excellence, form, size, etc.; as, small print; large print; this line is in print.  [1913 Webster]
  •  That which is produced by printing.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A core print. See under Core.  [1913 Webster]
Blue print, a copy in white lines on a blue ground, of a drawing, plan, tracing, etc., or a positive picture in blue and white, from a negative, produced by photographic printing on peculiarly prepared paper.<-- also blueprint. Long used for reproduction of architectural drawings, now also applied to an architectural plan of any color, and thus (Fig.) a plan, or outline of a plan of action; as, blueprint for action --> -- In print. (a) In a printed form; issued from the press; published. Shak. (b) To the letter; with accurateness. “All this I speak in print.” Shak. -- Out of print. See under Out. -- Print works, a factory where cloth, as calico, is printed.


print, n. & v.
1 an indentation or mark on a surface left by the pressure of a thing in contact with it (fingerprint; footprint).
2 a printed lettering or writing (large print). b words in printed form. c a printed publication, esp. a newspaper. d the quantity of a book etc. printed at one time. e the state of being printed.
3 a picture or design printed from a block or plate.
4 Photog. a picture produced on paper from a negative.
5 a printed cotton fabric.
1 a produce or reproduce (a book, picture, etc.) by applying inked types, blocks, or plates, to paper, vellum, etc. b (of an author, publisher, or editor) cause (a book or manuscript etc.) to be produced or reproduced in this way.
2 express or publish in print.
3 a (often foll. by on, in) impress or stamp (a mark or figure on a surface). b (often foll. by with) impress or stamp (a soft surface, e.g. of butter or wax, with a seal, die, etc.).
4 (often absol.) write (words or letters) without joining, in imitation of typography.
5 (often foll. by off, out) Photog. produce (a picture) by the transmission of light through a negative.
6 (usu. foll. by out) (of a computer etc.) produce output in printed form.
7 mark (a textile fabric) with a decorative design in colours.
8 (foll. by on) impress (an idea, scene, etc. on the mind or memory).
9 transfer (a coloured or plain design) from paper etc. to the unglazed or glazed surface of ceramic ware.

appear in print have one's work published. in print
1 (of a book etc.) available from the publisher.
2 in printed form. out of print no longer available from the publisher. printed circuit an electric circuit with thin strips of conductor on a flat insulating sheet, usu. made by a process like printing.
printable adj. printability n. printless adj. (in sense 1 of n.).
ME f. OF priente, preinte, fem. past part. of preindre press f. L premere



Ditto copy, Photostat, Xerox, Xerox copy, abstract, abstraction, altarpiece, alveolation, alveolus, aquatint, ascender, autolithograph, back, backlash, backwash, bastard type, be a printmaker, beard, bed, belly, bevel, black and white, black letter, blaze, blaze a trail, blemish, block, block print, blotch, blow up, blowup, blueprint, body, boss, brand, bring out, bump, cap, capital, carve, case, catch a likeness, chalk, chalk up, character, characterize, chart, check, check off, chisel, choice of words, chromolithograph, cicatrize, clout, collage, colophon, color print, concavity, confirm, contact print, contact printing, convexity, copperplate, copperplate print, copy, counter, crayon engraving, crease, cribble, crosshatch, cut, cyanotype, cyclorama, dactylogram, dactylograph, dapple, dash, daub, deep-dye, define, delimit, delineate, demarcate, dent, descender, develop, diagram, dimple, dint, diptych, discolor, dot, draw, em, embed, embossment, en, enchase, engraft, engrave, engravement, engraving, enlarge, enlargement, entrench, establish, etch, etching, excrescence, face, facsimile, fat-faced type, fix, fleck, font, footmark, footprint, footstep, force, fossil footprint, found, freckle, fresco, furrow, gash, get out, glossy, gouge, graphotype, grave, groove, ground, hatch, hectograph, hectograph copy, hit off, hologram, honeycomb, ichnite, ichnolite, icon, illumination, illustration, image, impact, implant, impress, impression, imprint, incise, indent, indentation, indention, indenture, infix, ingrain, inscribe, issue, italic, jam, language, lantern slide, letter, letterpress, ligature, likeness, limn, line, linoleum-block print, lithograph, lodge, logotype, lower case, lump, mackle, majuscule, make a mark, make prints, map, mark, mark off, mark out, matte, mezzotint, microcopy, microprint, mimeograph, mimeograph copy, miniature, minuscule, montage, mosaic, mottle, multigraph, mural, negative, nick, notate, notch, offcut, offprint, offset, overprint, pack, pad, paint, panorama, paw print, pawmark, pencil, pepper, photo, photocopy, photograph, photogravure, photostatic copy, phrasing, pi, pic, pica, picture, picturize, pimple, pit, pix, plant, pock, pockmark, point, portray, positive, prick, printed matter, process, projection printing, proof, prove, publish, pug, pugmark, pull, pull a proof, punch, punctuate, puncture, put out, put to bed, put to press, reaction, recoil, reflex, register, reissue, render, repercussion, replica, represent, representation, reprint, reproduction, response, riddle, roman, root, rotogravure, rub, rubber-block print, run, run off, sans serif, scar, scarify, schematize, score, scotch, scrape, scratch, script, sculpture, seal, seam, seat, semi-matte, set, set in, setoff, settle, shank, shoulder, sigil, signet, slide, small cap, small capital, speck, speckle, splotch, spot, stain, stained glass window, stamp, stat, steel, stem, stencil, step, stereotype, stigmatize, still life, stipple, streak, striate, strike, stripe, stud, sunken part, symbolize, tableau, take a rubbing, tapestry, tattoo, text, thumbmark, thumbprint, tick, tick off, tool, trace, trace out, trace over, transparency, triptych, type, type body, type class, type lice, typecase, typeface, typefounders, typefoundry, underline, underscore, upper case, vestige, vignette, wall painting, wedge, wood engraving, woodblock, woodcut, woodprint, wording, write, writing, xylograph




N printing, block printing, type-printing, plate printing, (engraving), the press, composition, print, letterpress, text, context, note, page, column, typography, stereotype, electrotype, aprotype, type, black letter, font, fount, pi, pie, capitals, brevier, bourgeois, pica boldface, capitals, caps, catchword, composing-frame, composing room, composing rule, composing stand, composing stick, italics, justification, linotype, live matter, logotype, lower case, upper case, make-up, matrix, matter, monotype, 4-1/2 point, 5 point, 5-1/2 point, 6 point, 7 point, 8 point, press room, press work, reglet, roman, running head, running title, scale, serif, shank, sheet work, shoulder, signature, slug, underlay, folio, copy, impression, pull, proof, revise, author's proof, galley proof, press proof, press revise, printer, compositor, reader, printer's devil copyholder, printed, in type, typographical, solid in galleys.

VB print, compose, put to press, go to press, pass through the press, see through the press, publish, bring out, appear in print, rush into print, distribute, makeup, mortise, offset, overrun, rout.


N indication, symbolism, symbolization, semiology, semiotics, semeiology, semeiotics, Zeitgeist, characteristic, diagnostic, lineament, feature, trait, fingerprint, voiceprint, footprint, noseprint, cloven hoof, footfall, recognition (memory), diagnostic, divining rod, detector, sign, symbol, index, indice, indicator, point, pointer, exponent, note, token, symptom, dollar sign, dollar mark, type, figure, emblem, cipher, device, representation, epigraph, motto, posy, gesture, gesticulation, pantomime, wink, glance, leer, nod, shrug, beck, touch, nudge, dactylology, dactylonomy, freemasonry, telegraphy, chirology, byplay, dumb show, cue, hint, clue, clew, key, scent, signal, signal post, rocket, blue light, watch fire, watch tower, telegraph, semaphore, flagstaff, cresset, fiery cross, calumet, heliograph, guidon, headlight, mark, scratch, line, stroke, dash, score, stripe, streak, tick, dot, point, notch, nick, print, imprint, impress, impression, keyboard symbols, printing symbols, red letter, italics, sublineation, underlining, bold font, jotting, note, annotation, reference, blaze, cedilla, guillemets, hachure, quotation marks, ", double quotes, " ", parentheses, "( )", brackets, "", braces, "", left arrow, "<", right arrow, ">", forward slash, "/", backward slash, "\", exclamation point, "!", commercial at, "@", pound sign, "#", percent sign, "%", carat, "", ampersand, "&", asterisk, "*", hyphen, "-", dash, "-", "_", em dash, "--", plus sign, "+", equals sign, "=", question mark, "?", period, ", ", semicolon, ", ", colon, ":", comma, ", ", apostrophe, "'", single quote, "'", tilde, "~", badge, criterion, countercheck, countermark, countersign, counterfoil, duplicate, tally, label, ticket, billet, letter, counter, check, chip, chop, dib, totem, tessera, card, bill, witness, voucher, stamp, cacher, trade mark, Hall mark, signature, mark, autograph, autography, attestation, hand, hand writing, sign manual, cipher, seal, sigil, signet, hand and seal, paraph, brand, superscription, indorsement, endorsement, password, watchword, catchword, security card, pass, passkey, credentials, open sesame, timbrology, mot de passe, mot du guet, pass-parole, shibboleth, title, heading, docket, address card, visiting card, carte de visite, insignia, banner, banneret, bannerol, bandrol, flag, colors, streamer, standard, eagle, labarum, oriflamb, oriflamme, figurehead, ensign, pennon, pennant, pendant, burgee, blue Peter, jack, ancient, gonfalon, union jack, banderole, old glory, quarantine flag, vexillum, yellow-flag, yellow jack, tricolor, stars and stripes, bunting, heraldry, crest, coat of arms, arms, armorial bearings, hatchment, escutcheon, scutcheon, shield, supporters, livery, uniform, cockade, epaulet, chevron, garland, love knot, favor, beacon, cairn, post, staff, flagstaff, hand, pointer, vane, cock, weathercock, guidepost, handpost, fingerpost, directing post, signpost, pillars of Hercules, pharos, bale-fire, beacon-fire, l'etoile du Nord, landmark, seamark, lighthouse, balize, polestar, loadstar, lodestar, cynosure, guide, address, direction, name, sign, signboard, warning, omen, prefigurement, trace, record, warning &c, alarm, scepter, trophy, gauge, milestone, milepost, brand, fool's cap, check, telltale, test, mileage ticket, milliary, notification, advertisement, word of command, call, bugle call, trumpet call, bell, alarum, cry, battle cry, rallying cry, angelus, reveille, sacring bell, sanctus bell, exposition &c (explanation), proof, pattern, indicating, indicative, indicatory, denotative, connotative, diacritical, representative, typical, symbolic, pantomimic, pathognomonic, symptomatic, characteristic, demonstrative, diagnostic, exponential, emblematic, armorial, individual, known by, recognizable by, indicated, pointed, marked, denotable, indelible, in token of, symbolically, in dumb show, ecce signum, ex ungue leonem, ex pede Herculem, vide ut supra, vultus ariete fortior.

VB indicate, be the sign, of, denote, betoken, argue, testify, bear the impress, of, connote, connotate, represent, stand for, typify, symbolize, put an indication, put a mark, note, mark, stamp, earmark, blaze, label, ticket, docket, dot, spot, score, dash, trace, chalk, print, imprint, impress, engrave, stereotype, make a sign, signalize, underscore, give a signal, hang out a signal, beckon, nod, wink, glance, leer, nudge, shrug, tip the wink, gesticulate, raise the finger, hold up the finger, raise the hand, hold up the hand, saw the air, suit the action to the word, wave a banner, unfurl a banner, hoist a banner, hang out a banner, wave the hand, wave a kerchief, give the cue, show one's colors, give an alarm, sound an alarm, beat the drum, sound the trumpets, raise a cry, sign, seal, attest, underline, call attention to, give notice.


N painting, depicting, drawing, design, perspective, sciagraphy, skiagraphy, chiaroscuro, composition, treatment, historical painting, portrait painting, miniature painting, landscape painting, marine painting, still life, flower painting, scene painting, scenography, school, style, the grand style, high art, genre, portraiture, ornamental art, monochrome, polychrome, grisaille, pallet, palette, easel, brush, pencil, stump, black lead, charcoal, crayons, chalk, pastel, paint, watercolor, body color, oil color, oils, oil paint, varnish, priming, gouache, tempera, distemper, fresco, water glass, enamel, encaustic painting, mosaic, tapestry, photography, heliography, color photography, sun painting, graphics, computer graphics, picture, painting, piece, tableau, canvas, oil painting, fresco, cartoon, easel picture, cabinet picture, draught, draft, pencil drawing, water color drawing, etching, charcoal, pen-and-ink, sketch, outline, study, photograph, color photograph, black-and-white photograph, holograph, heliograph, daguerreotype, talbotype, calotype, heliotype, negative, positive, print, glossy print, matte print, enlargement, reduction, life-size print, instant photo, Polaroid photo, technicolor, Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Polaroid, portrait, whole length, full length, half length, kitcat, head, miniature, shade, silhouette, profile, landscape, seapiece, view, scene, prospect, panorama, diorama, still life, picture gallery, exhibit, studio, atelier, pinacotheca, painted, pictorial, graphic, picturesque, pencil, oil, in pencil, fecit, delineavit, mutum est pictura poema.


N engraving, chalcography, line engraving, mezzotint engraving, stipple engraving, chalk engraving, dry point, bur, etching, aquatinta, chiseling, plate engraving, copperplate engraving, steel engraving, wood engraving, xylography, lignography, glyptography, cerography, lithography, chromolithography, photolithography, zincography, glyphography, xylograph, lignograph, glyptograph, cerograph, lithograph, chromolithograph, photolithograph, zincograph, glyphograph, holograph, impression, print, engraving, plate, steelplate, copperplate, etching, mezzotint, aquatint, lithotint, cut, woodcut, stereotype, graphotype, autotype, heliotype, graver, burin, etching point, style, plate, stone, wood block, negative, die, punch, stamp, printing, plate printing, copperplate printing, anastatic printing, color printing, lithographic printing, type printing, three-color process, illustration, illumination, half tone, photogravure, vignette, initial letter, cul de lampe, tailpiece, lapidary, lapidarian, insculptured, engraved, lapidary, sculpsit, imprimit.

VB engrave, grave, stipple, scrape, etch, bite, bite in, lithograph, print.

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