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Adjective, Noun


Noun preliminary has 2 senses

Adjective preliminary has 1 sense


preliminarya. [Pref. pre + L. liminaris belonging to a threshold, fr. limen, liminis, threshold, entrance: cf. F. préliminaire. Cf. Limit.].
     Introductory; previous; preceding the main discourse or business; prefatory; as, preliminary observations to a discourse or book; preliminary articles to a treaty; preliminary measures; preliminary examinations.  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- Introductory; preparatory; prefatory; proemial; previous; prior; precedent; antecedent.
     That which precedes the main discourse, work, design, or business; something introductory or preparatory; as, the preliminaries to a negotiation or duel; to take one's preliminaries the year before entering college.  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- Introduction; preface; prelude.


preliminary, adj., n., & adv.
--adj. introductory, preparatory.
--n. (pl. -ies) (usu. in pl.)
1 a preliminary action or arrangement (dispense with the preliminaries).
2 a preliminary trial or contest.
--adv. (foll. by to) preparatory to; in advance of (was completed preliminary to the main event).

preliminarily adv.
mod.L praeliminaris or F pr{eacute}liminaire (as PRE-, L limen liminis threshold)



advance, advanced, antecedent, anterior, arrangement, avant-garde, avant-propos, basic training, beginning, breakthrough, briefing, chief, clearing the decks, coming out, curtain raiser, debut, embarkation, embarkment, equipment, exordial, exordium, exploratory, familiarization, first, first appearance, fixing, floating, flotation, foremost, forerunning, foreword, foundation, front matter, frontispiece, groundwork, headmost, inaugural, inaugural address, inauguration, induction, initial, initiation, initiatory, innovation, installation, installment, introduction, introductory, launching, leading, leap, maiden speech, makeready, making ready, manufacture, mobilization, opener, opening, original, overture, planning, postulate, preamble, prearrangement, precedence, precedent, preceding, precessional, precursory, preface, prefatory, prefix, prefixed, prefixture, preliminaries, preliminary act, preliminary step, prelude, preludial, prelusive, premise, premonitory, prep, preparation, preparatory, preparatory study, preparing, prepositive, prepping, prerequisite, presupposition, pretreatment, prevenient, prior, processing, prodromal, prodrome, prodromic, proem, proemial, prolegomena, prolegomenon, prolepsis, prologue, propaedeutic, protasis, provision, readying, spadework, training, treatment, trial, tryout, unveiling, verse, voluntary, warm-up




N preparation, providing, provision, providence, anticipation, precaution, preconcertation, predisposition, forecast, rehearsal, note of preparation, arrangement, clearance, adjustment, tuning, equipment, outfit, accouterment, armament, array, ripening, maturation, evolution, elaboration, concoction, digestion, gestation, batching, incubation, sitting, groundwork, first stone, cradle, stepping-stone, foundation, scaffold, scaffolding, echafaudage, training, inurement, novitiate, cooking, cookery, brewing, culinary art, tilling, plowing sowing, semination, cultivation, preparedness, readiness, ripeness, mellowness, maturity, un impromptu fait a loisir, preparer, trainer, pioneer, trailblazer, avant-courrier, avant-coureur, voortrekker, sappers and miners, pavior, navvy, packer, stevedore, warming pan, preparing, in preparation, in course of preparation, in agitation, in embryo, in hand, in train, afoot, afloat, on foot, on the stocks, on the anvil, under consideration, brewing, batching, forthcoming, brooding, in store for, in reserve, precautionary, provident, preparative, preparatory, provisional, inchoate, under revision, preliminary, prepared, in readiness, ready, ready to one's band, ready made, ready cut and dried: made to one's hand, handy, on the table, in gear, in working order, in working gear, snug, in practice, ripe, mature, mellow, pukka, practiced, labored, elaborate, highly-wrought, smelling of the lamp, worked up, in full feather, in best bib and tucker, in harness, at harness, in the saddle, in arms, in battle array, in war paint, up in arms, armed at all points, armed to the teeth, armed cap a pie, sword in hand, booted and spurred, in utrumque paratus, semper paratus, on the alert, at one's post, in preparation, in anticipation of, against, for, abroach, a bove majori discit arare minor, looking before and after, si vis pacem para bellum.


N precedence, coming before, the lead, le pas, superiority, importance, antecedence, antecedency, anteriority, precursor, priority, precession, anteposition, epacme, preference, preceding, precedent, antecedent, anterior, prior, before, former, foregoing, beforementioned, abovementioned, aforementioned, aforesaid, said, precursory, precursive, prevenient, preliminary, prefatory, introductory, prelusive, prelusory, proemial, preparatory, before, in advance, seniores priores, prior tempore prior jure.


N precursor, antecedent, precedent, predecessor, forerunner, vancourier, avant-coureur, pioneer, prodrome, prodromos, prodromus, outrider, leader, bellwether, herald, harbinger, foreboding, dawn, avant-courier, avant-garde, bellmare, forelooper, foreloper, stalking-horse, voorlooper, voortrekker, prelude, preamble, preface, prologue, foreword, avant-propos, protasis, proemium, prolusion, proem, prolepsis, prolegomena, prefix, introduction, heading, frontispiece, groundwork, preparation, overture, exordium, symphony, premises, prefigurement, omen, precursory, prelusive, prelusory, preludious, proemial, introductory, prefatory, prodromous, inaugural, preliminary, precedent, a precedent embalms a principle.

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