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Noun, Verb (transitive)


Noun mention has 3 senses

Verb mention has 3 senses


mentionn. [OE. mencioun, F. mention, L. mentio, from the root of meminisse to remember. See Mind.].
     A speaking or notice of anything, -- usually in a brief or cursory manner. Used especially in the phrase to make mention of.  [1913 Webster]
    "I will make mention of thy righteousness."  [1913 Webster]
    "And sleep in dull, cold marble, where no mention
    Of me more must be heard of.
    "  [1913 Webster]
mentionv. t. [Cf. F. mentionner.].
     To make mention of; to speak briefly of; to name.  [1913 Webster]
    "I will mention the loving-kindnesses of the Lord."  [1913 Webster]


mention, v. & n.
1 refer to briefly.
2 specify by name.
3 reveal or disclose (do not mention this to anyone).
4 (in dispatches) award (a person) a minor honour for meritorious, usu. gallant, military service.
1 a reference, esp. by name, to a person or thing.
2 (in dispatches) a military honour awarded for outstanding conduct.

don't mention it said in polite dismissal of an apology or thanks. make mention (or no mention) of refer (or not refer) to. not to mention introducing a fact or thing of secondary or (as a rhetorical device) of primary importance.
mentionable adj.
OF f. L mentio -onis f. the root of mens mind



Parthian shot, accolade, account, acknowledge, acquaint, acquaintance, address, address to, adduce, advert, advertise, advertise of, advise, affirmation, allegation, allude, allude to, allusion, animadvert on, announcement, answer, apostrophe, apprise, assertion, assign, averment, blue book, blurt, blurt out, brief, briefing, bring in, bring to attention, bring to notice, bring up, bring word, broach, bulletin, call attention to, citation, cite, comment, communicate, communication, communique, crack, data, datum, declaration, denominate, designate, detail, determine, dictum, direct attention to, direct to, directory, disclose, dispatch, divulge, enlighten, enlightenment, eulogy, evidence, exclaim, exclamation, expression, facts, factual information, familiarization, familiarize, fix, focus on, gen, general information, give notice, give the facts, give word, greeting, guidebook, handout, hard information, hint at, honorable mention, impart, imply, incidental information, indicate, info, inform, information, insinuate, instance, instruct, instruction, intelligence, interject, interjection, intimate, introduce, knowledge, kudos, leave word, let drop, let fall, let know, light, make known, make reference to, mark, mention to, mentioning, message, muse, name, naming, note, notice, notification, notify, observation, observe, opine, phrase, pick out, pin down, point at, point out, point to, position, praise, presentation, promotional material, pronouncement, proof, publication, publicity, question, quote, recognition, refer, refer to, reference, referral, reflect, reflection, release, remark, report, reveal, say, saying, select, send word, sentence, serve notice, set, sidelight, signify, slight, speak, specialize, specify, state, statement, stipulate, subjoinder, suggest, tell, the dope, the goods, the know, the scoop, thought, touch on, touch upon, transmission, tribute, utterance, verse, white book, white paper, word




N information, enlightenment, acquaintance, knowledge, publicity, data, communication, intimation, notice, notification, enunciation, annunciation, announcement, communiqu_e, representation, round robin, presentment, case, estimate, specification, report, advice, monition, news, return, account, statement, mention, acquainting, instruction, outpouring, intercommunication, communicativeness, informant, authority, teller, intelligencer, reporter, exponent, mouthpiece, informer, eavesdropper, delator, detective, sleuth, mouchard, spy, newsmonger, messenger, amicus curiae, valet de place, cicerone, pilot, guide, guidebook, handbook, vade mecum, manual, map, plan, chart, gazetteer, itinerary, hint, suggestion, innuendo, inkling, whisper, passing word, word in the ear, subaudition, cue, byplay, gesture, gentle hint, broad hint, verbum sapienti, a word to the wise, insinuation, information theory, bit, byte, word, doubleword, quad word, paragraph, segment, magnetic media, paper medium, optical media, random access memory, RAM, read-only memory, ROM, write once read mostly memory, WORM, informed, communique, reported, published, expressive, explicit plain spoken, (artless), nuncupative, nuncupatory, declaratory, expository, enunciative, communicative, communicatory, from information received, a little bird told me, I heard it through the grapevine.

VB tell, inform, inform of, acquaint, acquaint with, impart, impart to, make acquaintance with, apprise, advise, enlighten, awaken, transmit, let fall, mention, express, intimate, represent, communicate, make known, publish, notify, signify, specify, convey the knowledge of, let one know, have one to know, give one to understand, give notice, set before, lay before, put before, point out, put into one's head, put one in possession of, instruct, direct the attention to, announce, annunciate, report, report progress, bringword, send word, leave word, write word, telegraph, telephone, wire, retail, render an account, give an account, state, let slip, blurt out, spill the beans, unburden oneself of, let off one's chest, disclose, show cause, explain, hint, given an inkling of, give a hint, drop a hint, throw out a hint, insinuate, allude to, make allusion to, glance at, tip the wink, suggest, prompt, give the cue, breathe, whisper, whisper in the ear, give a bit of one's mind, tell one plainly, tell once for all, speak volumes, undeceive, unbeguile, set right, correct, open the eyes of, disabuse, disillusion one of, be informed of, know, learn, get scent of, get wind of, gather from, awaken to, open one's eyes to, become alive, become awake to, hear, overhear, understand, come to one's ears, come to one's knowledge, reach one's ears.

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