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Adjective, Noun


Noun memorial has 3 senses


memoriala. [F. mémorial, L. memorialis, fr. memoria. See Memory.].
  •  Serving to preserve remembrance; commemorative; as, a memorial building.  [1913 Webster]
    "There high in air, memorial of my name,
    Fix the smooth oar, and bid me live to fame.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Contained in memory; as, a memorial possession.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Mnemonic; assisting the memory.  [1913 Webster]
    "This succession of Aspirate, Soft, and Hard, may be expressed by the memorial word ASH."  [1913 Webster]
Memorial Day. See Memorial Day in the vocabulary. Also called Decoration Day. [U.S.]
memorialn. [Cf. F. mémorial.].
  •  Anything intended to preserve the memory of a person or event; something which serves to keep something else in remembrance; a monument.  Macaulay.  [1913 Webster]
    "Churches have names; some as memorials of peace, some of wisdom, some in memory of the Trinity itself."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A memorandum; a record.  Hayward.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A written representation of facts, addressed to the government, or to some branch of it, or to a society, etc., -- often accompanied with a petition.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Memory; remembrance.  [1913 Webster]
    "Precious is the memorial of the just."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A species of informal state paper, much used in negotiation.  [1913 Webster]


memorial, n. & adj.
1 an object, institution, or custom established in memory of a person or event (the Albert Memorial).
2 (often in pl.) hist. a statement of facts as the basis of a petition etc.; a record; an informal diplomatic paper.
--adj. intending to commemorate a person or thing (memorial service).

Memorial Day US a day on which those who died on active service are remembered, usu. the last Monday in May.
memorialist n.
ME f. OF memorial or L memorialis (as MEMORY)



Clio, Muse of history, account, adventures, adversaria, aide-memoire, annals, annotation, arch, autobiography, barrow, biographical sketch, biography, boundary stone, brass, bust, cairn, case history, catalog, celebrating, celebrative, cenotaph, chronicle, chronicles, chronology, column, commemorating, commemoration, commemorative, confessions, correspondence, cromlech, cross, cup, curriculum vitae, cyclolith, diary, docket, documentation, dolmen, entry, experiences, favor, footnote, footstone, fortunes, grave, gravestone, hagiography, hagiology, headstone, historiography, history, hoarstone, inscription, inventory, item, jotting, journal, keepsake, legend, letters, life, life and letters, life story, list, marginal note, marginalia, marker, martyrology, mausoleum, megalith, memento, memento mori, memo, memoir, memoirs, memorabilia, memorandum, memorial arch, memorial column, memorial statue, memorial stone, memorials, memories, menhir, minutes, monolith, monument, mound, necrology, notation, note, obelisk, obituary, photobiography, pillar, pipe roll, plaque, prize, profile, pyramid, record, recording, register, registry, relic, reliquary, remains, remembrance, remembrancer, reminder, resume, ribbon, roll, rolls, roster, rostral column, rota, scholia, scholium, scroll, shaft, shrine, solemn, souvenir, statue, stela, stone, story, stupa, table, tablet, testimonial, theory of history, token, token of remembrance, tomb, tombstone, tope, trace, trophy, vestige




N memory, remembrance, retention, retentiveness, tenacity, veteris vestigia flammae, tablets of the memory, readiness, reminiscence, recognition, recollection, rememoration, recurrence, flashback, retrospect, retrospection, afterthought, post script, PS, suggestion, prompting, hint, reminder, remembrancer, flapper, memorial, commemoration, note, memo, memorandum, things to be remembered, token of remembrance, memento, souvenir, keepsake, relic, memorabilia, art of memory, artificial memory, memoria technica, mnemonics, mnemotechnics, phrenotypics, Mnemosyne, prompt-book, crib sheet, cheat sheet, retentive memory, tenacious memory, photographic memory, green memory, trustworthy memory, capacious memory, faithful memory, correct memory, exact memory, ready memory, prompt memory, accurate recollection, perfect memory, total recall, celebrity, fame, renown, reputation, remembering, remembered, mindful, reminiscential, retained in the memory, pent up in one's memory, fresh, green, green in remembrance, unforgotten, present to the mind, within one's memory, indelible, uppermost in one's thoughts, memorable, by heart, by rote, without book, memoriter, in memory of, in memoriam, memoria in aeterna, suggestive, manet alta mente repostum, forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit, absens haeres non erit, beatae memoriae, briefly thyself remember, mendacem memorem esse oportet, memory the warder of the brain, parsque est meminisse doloris, to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die, vox audita peril littera scripta manet, out of sight, out of mind.


N record, trace, vestige, relic, remains, scar, cicatrix, footstep, footmark, footprint, pug, track mark, wake, trail, scent, piste, monument, hatchment, slab, tablet, trophy, achievement, obelisk, pillar, column, monolith, memorial, memento, testimonial, medal, commemoration, record, note, minute, register, registry, roll, cartulary, diptych, Domesday book, catalogue raisonne, entry, memorandum, indorsement, inscription, copy, duplicate, docket, notch, muniment, deed, document, deposition, proces verbal, affidavit, certificate, notebook, memorandum book, memo book, pocketbook, commonplace book, portfolio, pigeonholes, excerpta, adversaria, jottings, dottings, gazette, gazetteer, newspaper, daily, magazine, almanac, almanack, calendar, ephemeris, diary, log, journal, daybook, ledger, cashbook, petty cashbook, professional journal, scientific literature, the literature, primary literature, secondary literature, article, review article, archive, scroll, state paper, return, blue book, statistics, compte rendu, Acts of, Transactions of, Proceedings of, Hansard's Debates, chronicle, annals, legend, history, biography, Congressional Records, registration, registry, enrollment, inrollment, tabulation, entry, booking, signature, recorder, journalism, recording, tape recording, videotape, compact disk, floppy disk, diskette, hard disk, Winchester disk, read-only memory, ROM, write once read mostly memory, WORM, on record, exegi monumentum aere perennium, read their history in a nation's eyes, records that defy the tooth of time.

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